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Comment from: Valerie Jackson, 75 or over Female (Patient) Published: November 19

I am just wondering if I had or have whiplash. Ten years ago I had right thyroid removed and annually get ultrasound and x-rays of the whole front of my neck to check the area and size of the nodules on the left side. I was lying down and half way was told to pull head up and back with chin up for the rest of the x-rays. A few weeks later the back of my neck area started hurting and now weeks later it is almost unbearable but it wasn’t until today I thought if the pain could be from quickly moving my head back and pressure applied.

Comment from: blade, 65-74 (Patient) Published: January 21

I had a cycling accident on New Year’s Eve when a pedal on my cycle snapped off, threw me off balance and onto the road. Initially I just felt embarrassed and sore. Fortunately I always wear a helmet which I reckon saved me from serious head injury. The day after the incident I was feeling very sore and stiff so went to the emergency room (ER) for a checkup. Nothing broken or badly bruised and I was released without a follow up. Over two weeks have passed and I am still suffering from pains in my neck, back and shoulders. A visit to my general physician resulted in a diagnosis of whiplash and symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, numbness and disorientation are symptomatic with that type of injury. I am exercising 4 times a day as instructed by ER and most of my shoulder and neck pain have eased. Sleeping is a problem as I am awoken at 3 am each morning with headaches and have to take 2 co-codamol to ease the pain. At present I am taking 6 of these tablets per day which takes the edge off the pain but the dizzy spells and headaches remain. Hope it will pass over before too long. I have been forwarded to physiotherapy by my doctor.

Comment from: Raleigh, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: January 21

I was in an accident that involved me hitting a flatbed trailer head on. He didn't have lights on it and I never saw it. Since then I experienced headaches, my right ear sometimes feels like it is draining and a warm sensation. In my right jaw though the pain never goes away. It hurts to chew on that side, to yawn, and even when I have to rinse my mouth. It is really bad in the morning. This has been since about Dec 13th, two days after the accident.

Comment from: Marty, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: January 20

I was rear ended at a low speed winter conditions as another driver slid into me and there was whiplash. My first observation was that my jaw hurt. I am a taxi driver and was working at the time and had no passengers. I felt okay at first, went back to work and worked for three days after that. By the third day my lower back was spasming and it was hard to stand for long periods of time; my right hand goes numb while I sleep which keeps me up during the night. I went to the EMRG (Emergency Medical Response Group) where the doctor said I had bruising on my lower back and spine and neck pain. I got a week off of work, my employer does not believe I am unwell. After my week off I am afraid to go back to work as I know I will be scrutinized. My stomach muscles hurt, I cannot walk or stand too long. I get headaches. People do not believe you.

Comment from: 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: April 22

I fell backwards at work almost five years ago. I fractured both my wrists. Since then I’ve experienced sharp pains in them both along with migrating numbness and pain that goes up my arms. My balance has been messed up since the fall and I've experienced headaches, shoulder and neck aches, and loss of strength in both hands. Now I'm losing strength in my legs and I'm stuttering. I have to push to urinate and have bowel movements. I didn't experience these symptoms until my fall and they have since discovered I have a herniated disk in my neck to the point of the disc is pushing against my cord & cutting off the fluid to the spinal column. They didn't investigate the disc until late in 2011. I've been told my gate and speech have nothing to do with the injury, and because the disc wasn't found for such a long period of time after my fall it doesn't have anything to do with my initial injury. I've been experiencing most of these problems since the fall but they're getting worse. I've been to two neurologists, three orthopedic doctors, and had three nerve conduction tests, along with physical therapy. Nobody can say the disc was the fault of the fall, and one 1 neurologist said it takes 5-7 years sometimes for the effects of a whiplash to show up. I'm beside myself as far as what to do next or where to turn.


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