Patient Comments: Varicose Veins - Surgery Experience


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Comment from: Hiking_Girl, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: December 01

I had EVLT (endovenous laser treatment) on the greater saphenous vein in the upper half of my leg 6 days ago. From the literature I was given, I was under the impression that this procedure for varicose veins was virtually painless. It was not! They have to nick your skin for the insertion of the catheter and I would swear I was not numbed for that. It was almost unbearably painful. From there, a series of what seemed like never-ending numbing injections up the length of my inner thigh almost had me kicking the doctor and jumping off the table. I feel I have a pretty high threshold for pain and when told 'you'll feel a pinch and a little sting', I didn't think anything of it. Each one of those sticks felt like a snake bite and then liquid fire being injected into your skin. Well, I managed to survive this 'minimally invasive and virtually painless' procedure. The next few days were awful as well! My leg swelled from my knee to my groin. I had a very large area around my inner knee that was bright red, swollen, burning hot and extremely painful to the touch. I was told I could only take Tylenol (which is a joke) for the pain. My doctor would not let me take any Ibuprofen for the swelling. After being told 2 days later I could use a heating pad on this area, the swelling and nastiness subsided. I am currently 6 days post procedure and just now feeling a bit normal. They also tell you that you can return to work the same day. Unless you are a superwoman and heal instantly, you will not want to even think about that. By the way, I have to go back in about 7 days and do this all over again on my lower leg. I'm hoping it's all worth it!

Comment from: Collins o, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: June 19

I had an operation on varicose veins in 2012, in my left leg. Early 2015 the right leg started swelling at a point where I had an injury. I was into construction then, and was required to wear safety boots. I quit the job in December 2015. Now the leg is swollen black, then I started a medication which scaled the leg to almost the same thing as with the other leg. I started using my vehicle for Uber, after 2 months I noticed it swells every day, and now the pain is too much to bear.


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