Patient Comments: Uterine Cancer - Symptoms


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Comment from: Jacqualina, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: August 06

The first symptom of uterine cancer I had was pain down both legs for 28 months! Of course you would never associate this with womb cancer alone. More recently 4 months ago I started bleeding very lightly. I was fast tracked to the hospital for a scan, then biopsy which revealed I had stage 1 cancer. From diagnosis to surgery was 4 weeks, I am now 3 weeks post operation and feeling really good, no further treatment needed.

Comment from: Col, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: January 14

I’m a bit concerned about uterine cancer! I had a smear and Pap test back in August and it all came back clear, but since then I am experiencing unusual vaginal bleeding! First I thought it was when I passed urine about which I spoke to my gynecologist who said that it was likely spotting from the pill. It’s not stopped and got worse and I have noticed over the past few weeks that when I have a bowel movement I bleed! The blood is when I wipe (sorry for the bluntness) and can vary in the amount there. It is not periods as I don’t have them!

Comment from: Starryeyes, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: March 02

I noticed blood in the toilet after urinating, in November 2015. I thought it was kidney-related due to having had kidney stones in the past. The doctor gave me a thorough exam and could not find anything wrong. I also went to my gynecologist who performed a Pap smear and said she didn't see any bleeding. I had spotting in February 2016 and returned to the gynecologist who then ordered a D and C biopsy. The test results came back positive for uterine cancer. I have an appointment with a specialist this week and am hoping it was caught early enough that additional treatment other than surgery will not be needed. I am 57 so surgery will just remove the spare parts no longer needed. On the bright side, I will not have to worry about ovarian cancer. The diagnosis is very upsetting but it's out of my control. I will do everything I can to stay healthy. Wishes and hugs for all of us.

Comment from: fighting endo cance, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: October 08

Symptoms I experienced with my uterine cancer were occasional vaginal spotting when having a bowel movement, then minor pain in lower back at bottom end of backbone, then constant spotting and light bleeding. My gynecologist kept telling me it was perimenopause. It was uterine cancer. Do NOT accept a Pap smear result if you have abnormal spotting or abnormal bleeding. Ask for a transvaginal ultrasound. If you turn out to have cancer, the difference in a few months of being diagnosed can mean a huge difference in your survival and your treatment. Persist if you do not believe or trust your gynecologist. Go to a teaching hospital's gynecology department and tell them to do every test there is on you to find out why you are bleeding abnormally. Do not believe "it will ease off" or "all women have strange bleeding every once in a while" or "that's what happens when you get older." Persist in getting very thorough tests. It will make a difference in your survival rate.

Comment from: HadNoIdea, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: July 31

I've have been bleeding off and on (mostly on but lightly) for over three years. I was assigned a new OB/GYN "again," and it was time for my every-three-years Pap/exam. My doc saw that I had some fibroids and decided to do a biopsy because there were many. I was never told to be concerned about my bleeding, but yet I've been menopausal for eight years or so. I received a call that I have uterine cancer and must now have a hysterectomy. If you think bleeding is abnormal when you are menopausal, it probably is. Be sure to talk with your doctor as you know your body best. I'm glad that they will remove everything, and I'm hoping nothing has spread.

Comment from: Susan, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: July 22

I am 2 months away from my 61st birthday 09/2019 and I have this unexplainable bleeding from my vagina. I have had it for over 2 years and I have been reading up on the symptoms of uterine cancer. I most definitely am experiencing some of the symptoms, I have no desire to undergo exploration surgery or any form of exposing myself to any medical personnel, but wish I knew, if I do have uterine cancer how long I will live after it takes hold.

Comment from: LivLiv, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: September 19

I am having a green stool for more than a week, and lately also a vaginal bleeding. I am worried if these are symptoms of uterine cancer.

Comment from: 2x cancer patient, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: February 26

I experienced vaginal discharge for about 2months. At first I thought the stain on the tissue paper was from hemorrhoids. I made an appointment for my regular gynecological exam where a tumor was seen in my uterus. A biopsy was done and it resulted in a positive for uterine cancer. I am going on 67 years old and I am also on treatment for breast cancer which has been 3 years now.

Comment from: 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: July 02

I had a pinkish color when I wiped (like when you are at the end of your period, however, I was already past that stage in my life). I went to the doctor and the doctor said I had a urine infection. I made an appointment to see my gynecologist. By the time I got my appointment, it had gone away and she did not examine me. Three days late it came back. I called her and she did the biopsy in her office. I was told I had uterus cancer. For everyone out there, be aware of your body and be persistent. Had I not been persistent, I am sure I would be not be around anymore.


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Comment from: Marigold, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: May 29

I had light vaginal bleeding for three years. I needed to find a new GYN, and when I did, I got a biopsy, which revealed endometrial cancer. I was referred to an oncologist and had a da Vinci Hysterectomy two months later. I was told it was grade 1, stage 1a, and no further treatment is necessary. I will see my oncologist every six months for the next five years.