Patient Comments: Tuberculosis - Experience


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Comment from: Tiff, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: July 09

I am a 40 year old female. I contracted tuberculosis (TB) in the county jail in 1996, from a homeless lady, whose illness the jail refused to treat. I was in a holding cell with her for two days before I was moved. She was coughing up blood, and had a fever the whole time.

Comment from: pc, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: August 28

I would like to share about tuberculosis (TB). Now I am suffering and taking medicine for two weeks. I have no symptoms of TB such as cough, weight loss, fever, or chest pain. Last June 2015 I had medical checkup and through x-ray the impression was calcified granuloma, right mid-lung. On August 2015 I had x-ray again and skin test to find I was positive for TB. I had friend who was infected with TB since 2013. I wonder why there is no symptom in my case.

Comment from: iin, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: December 04

One of my staff was diagnosed TB (tuberculosis) 1 month ago and instantly I went to hospital and checked my lungs as well. I have no TB symptoms but my x-ray result showed I have TB active and I have been infected about 3 months already.

Comment from: MickH, 75 or over Male (Patient) Published: January 21

As a child I had pulmonary TB (tuberculosis) but was resistant to it. Because of my sport diving I had to have a chest x-ray in 1980. The x-ray report said scarring to both lung fields, no active lesions, and heart not enlarged. Thousands were like me, no symptoms and I was super fit. Divers have a partial pressure in the lungs greater than atmospheric pressure. About five years before the x-ray I saw blood in my urine a one off. I had a bladder check (cystoscopy) which was clear so the urologist said it must have been an infection. No checks on culture. In 1990 a gland just above my collar bone swelled and was removed which they said was lymphoma. I had a bit of a tickly cough at the time and saw a small bit of sputum with blood in it. Since around that time I had urinary symptoms with bladder soreness and back ache. Quite a few short culture tests revealed nil. My urinary symptoms stated to bother me in 2010 with getting up in the night and all associated UTI (urinary tract infection) symptoms. After a few months I passed a lot of small stones and after three years I was scanned. I was shocked to hear that there were two large mesenteric lymph nodes enlarged but because they were only 8 percent active, no treatment needed. My hemoglobin is up and down this year as revealed by 3 monthly blood tests. My general physician would not give me an antibiotic so I bought 30 Septrin from the USA which stopped the trace urinary blood and all the associated symptoms of UTI. I will have the QuantiFERON test for TB tomorrow because I have a strong suspicion that 10 doctors here in the UK have missed something. Incidentally my wife was the same as me as a child but her Dad died of TB at 70 years of age because it was not diagnosed soon enough. She was also resistant to the microbe as a child. Her night sweats are blamed on the menopause which it may well be but she does have a cough now and again. TB is apparently hard to detect!

Comment from: duchess, 45-54 Female (Caregiver) Published: March 28

Many years ago my husband, an apartment maintenance man, was sent into an apartment to fix something. Days later he was told that he had entered the apartment of someone with active TB. He tested positive with the tine test immediately. Although he has yet to develop symptoms, he has never had treatment. After reading this information, I'm thinking he should be on a course of antibiotics and will have him talk to his doctor.


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