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Comment from: DTAgirl, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: July 16

My symptoms of trichomoniasis are abdominal pain, abundant amounts of fish-like smelling discharge, dark urine, occasional painful sensation when urinating and I have a severe flu. I literally never sweat but now apparently, I'm making it rain another way shaking my head.

Comment from: Ana, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: September 24

Foul odor and discharge are my symptoms of trichomoniasis. The odor was the worst and people around you can smell it because it is extremely foul.

Comment from: Candy, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: August 15

Itching between the thighs and vaginal area, and burning when urinating were my symptoms of trichomoniasis.

Comment from: Full Time RVer, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: July 27

I have always suffered from altitude sickness. I grew up and lived at sea level and even a trip to the mountains at about 5,000 ft would be hard for the first couple of days. My symptoms have always been shortness of breath, queasy stomach and anxiousness. Most times I would get a migraine. (I suffer from migraines anyway and altitude migraines are bad!) After retiring we started travelling full-time, and in the summer of 2016 we were in Colorado, Pikes Peak at 14,115 ft and the Rocky Mountain National Park at over 12,000 ft. Ugh! Travelling around in Colorado meant going over mountain passes at 11,000 ft and above, and the first couple of times I felt real bad. I told my husband if I threw up or passed out to just leave me alone and get us over the mountain! I read up on altitude sickness and heard of one study that reported that sumatriptan (a migraine medicine) helped with it. Well, I have a supply of sumatriptan so I took one when we went to Pikes Peak and when we went to the Rocky Mountain National Park I took one. It really helped! I could enjoy the ride and the scenery with just a little light-headedness! Please note sumatriptan must be prescribed by a doctor; you can't just purchase one or more at a pharmacy.

Comment from: David, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: October 29

Eight years ago I was getting terrible pain in my left leg and spasms in my lower back. My doctor suggested physiotherapy and epidural injections, which I did. About 5 years ago the pain in my left buttock and thigh was so bad that I could not walk more than 10 minutes without excruciating pain in these areas. I tried epidural injections again and they lasted about 6 months. I talked to my back surgeon about relief from lumbar laminectomy surgery and he said I should receive at least 70 percent improvement from the pain. It has been one week since he operated on L 2 through the sacrum and I took my first walk outside about one mile without a cane or walker and I had 0 percent pain. I don`t know if this is still too soon to be optimistic yet, but it feels great to be pain-free!

Comment from: Michael, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: January 12

My wife has been complaining about lower abdomen pain and after 3 months she told me about a smelly discharge. She won't tell her doctor and she gets defensive whenever I ask her to do so. I don't have an infection. We haven't had sex for more than 6 months and I haven't been unfaithful. She hasn't been totally honest and faithful with me in the past and I suspect it has happened again and she has contracted trichomoniasis.

Comment from: Lesson learned, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: May 11

My partner noticed a fishy smell during sex. Only issues of trichomoniasis I had was excessive thirst and frequent need to urinate. Be careful ladies, men normally have no signs of this.

Comment from: mikel, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: November 25

I think I may have this trichomoniasis thing, I have not been to a doctor yet it seems to be the signs of it. About some week now I notice whenever I have sex with my partner it has an abnormal smell and there is this watery greenish yellowish thing in my underwear. I have tummy pain with this high smell.

Comment from: Kaye, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: January 13

I found out today I have trichomoniasis. I haven't had sex with anyone for many years. My symptom was pain in the abdomen and I have a bladder infection. But, I have no idea how I got this thing.

Comment from: sophia, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: May 09

Symptoms of trichomoniasis started after intercourse, with a wet watery feeling that would not go away.


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Comment from: rosa, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: November 01

It burns while having sex with my partner and the burning continues.

Comment from: queen, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: September 08

My symptoms started with a strong foul odor then I had a yellow greenish discharge that would not go away. I would itch and burn so badly.

Comment from: Yolanda, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: August 31

I had an fishy/ammonia like odor to my vagina. I also had a grayish-yellowish discharge. I thought my urine was cloudy, but it was the discharge in the toilet. I got treated with metronidazole for my trichomoniasis.

Comment from: stunny, 35-44 Female (Caregiver) Published: March 29

My trichomoniasis symptoms started with vaginal itching for three days and slight yellow discharge and a foul odor.


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