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Comment from: Shirley, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: September 01

I have pain at the sides of my knee, bruising behind my knee, and throbbing pain from torn meniscus.

Comment from: Lillie, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: July 28

I have had an ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) repair on my right leg and a meniscus operation on my left knee. I am 51 and had both operations in the same year, 3 years ago. I have more pain, stiffness and throbbing from my meniscus and working as a field officer and on my feet all day didn't help, making it much worse. I would come home from work to throbbing pain, not able to bend my knee, and the only relief was pain medication (Panadol) and stretching. I stopped working and find there is less stress on my knees but physical therapy doesn't help much.

Comment from: Marisol, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: March 20

I am 55 years old. I have both medial and lateral meniscus tear. I have constant burning sensation on my left knee, and it hurts when I walk or stand long period of time. Well, I am supposed to go for surgery. But due to my heart it's postponed, I have low heartbeat. And still my doctor laughs in my face and asks what prevents me from working.

Comment from: Deborah , 55-64 Female (Caregiver) Published: December 05

I had none of the symptoms of a torn meniscus that are described in any of these diagnoses. I can extend, bend, twist, climb, run, walk, and sit, but after hours on my feet I begin to notice some pain on the side and the pain shoots down my leg to my ankle, calf, shin, top of my foot, etc.

Comment from: RA, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: November 05

With torn meniscus, kneeling down on the affected knee for more than about 1 minute would cause the knee to lock in bent position and also cause pain. Bending the knee more than 90 degrees would also do this.

Comment from: Tammy, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: September 11

I am 37 days post operation for a torn meniscus. I am going to therapy 3 times a week and still have pain and stiffness every day. I have severe pain in my lower leg by the shin and the side of the shin. I have not stopped icing, elevating, and taking anti-inflammatory medication daily, with no relief. I am concerned there may be more going on.

Comment from: Danni, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: August 20

I am 27 have a lateral meniscal tear in my left knee. My knee always used to lock up, especially walking downstairs. If I walk for long periods my knee seizes and feels hot. I actually can’t bend it at all, I have to sit down with my leg raised. When driving it causes pain as I’m changing gear all the time. I get constant pain, and it feels swollen and tight. I have had it for almost a year and it’s got worse over time.

Comment from: Lg2390, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: August 13

I am currently 28 years old and experiencing my 11th (yes, that’s right, eleventh) Bartholin gland cyst. I have had two marsupializations, one on each side, and they continue to recur. When I google Bartholin cyst, the explanations that show up mention that they are fairly painless. I have had 11 and all of them have gotten to the point of being so incredibly excruciating that I cannot walk, sit, or even lie. Phoebe’s remedy saved me, but it’s not working currently and I don’t know what to do.

Comment from: KMKen420, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: August 13

I have degenerative oral bone disease. I am in a lot of pain as my teeth fall out of my skull. I live on ibuprofen and Orajel for my toothache but what also helps is a hot cup of tea if you can stand it. The heat draws the infection out and helps take away the pain.

Comment from: silvia4ecu, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: December 03

I am a 48 year old female recreational runner. I developed pain in my right calf. MRI shows torn lateral meniscus. I had partial removal on 8/15/18 and still have some pain. On 11/07/18 I had fluoroscopic guided injection in fibula and tibia joint and had no pain. On 11/10/18 I did a slow run and had a sudden pain. My 11/25/18 MRI shows new radial tear a posterior root with new grade 4 chondral defect with two chondral fragments at intercondylar notch. Surgeon say no more running. May be able to do OATS procedure and remove partial lateral meniscus that is torn. It is 87 days post and tear again, I don’t understand how!


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Comment from: Ingolf, 75 or over Male (Patient) Published: October 15

I had a sharp pain in the left knee inside below the knee cap. MRI showed a meniscal tear. I am wearing for 5 days a knee rubber brace now, swelling is back and a little pain. I keep my foot up and at night a pillow between the knees. No over the counter medication did bring any relief. I am taking Arthrexin 2 capsules when needed. In 20 minutes, all quiet; me too!

Comment from: jdcrowe75, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: June 19

Playing soccer I made a sharp turn. Something popped in my knee and I went down. I iced it and rested a week. Then lifting some heavy plants doing yard work it popped and I collapsed again. A few days later wearing a knee wrap I was playing pickleball and it popped and I fell again. I went to the orthopedic doctor and was advised I have a torn meniscus. I had an MRI and I go back for results tomorrow. He's probably going to recommend surgery and I suppose I'll go forward with it because I want to get back in the game again. However, in the future I'm going to be visiting the gym regularly and focusing on knee strengthening.

Comment from: Dynamo, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: June 11

My symptoms of torn meniscus were stiffness and pain with prolonged standing, and when wearing higher heeled shoes.

Comment from: Laney61, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: May 08

It came up on MRI that I have a tear in my meniscus plus a fragment of cartilage there too. I was booked in for surgery but the quickest and fastest is up to 10 week wait. My 20 year old daughter has this repair to meniscus and healed lovely, although before at times she obviously put more weight on the good knee, and that’s started playing up too now. Now the consultant says with me where I’m older at 57 there’s more wear and tear and says it’s possible mine may not be as successful. Also I’ve had 3 back surgeries within a year and a half, one decompression, a fusion on L 4 and L 5, then third operation was because screws had come loose from fusion so were removed as suspected cause of my extra pain. I also have to go to have a pudendal nerve block every so often because of hip pain. So a lot going on for me. Now I’m thinking I’m not getting any younger and there’s more cropping up. I can’t walk far without suffering horrible pain in my bad knee after, which seems to be starting in the left one too now. Although that maybe because I’m relying on the left knee to take pressure off the right one. Now I am getting down as I feel I can’t enjoy a lot what I used to any more. And the outcome looks bleak. I take strong pain relief but it is not doing much anymore.

Comment from: Supportn, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: May 11

I have been battling an infestation of head lice for over a month now. The first symptoms that drew my attention was an itchy rash on my wrist. While this is not 'prime lice real estate' it made me aware that that is where my son sometimes rests his head. I checked his head, and yes, he had them. He did not have any symptoms, but apparently I experience contact dermatitis from this condition. I cut both our hair very short and washed everything, but they are still around. I see the feces around my bathroom sink, and now has escalated to the point of depression (which brings me to write of this here). My skin is now really sensitive, as is my patience, itchy. I am fatigued, emotionally drained, and I may be having anxiety attacks. I feel traumatized because now I don't even want to go outside. I had no idea that an experience of this nature would have so many adverse effects on my life. I went to a clinic, and the doctor asked if I had mental health issues. If I didn't then, I guess I do now. I am now depressed by having these bugs dominating my time and attention. It has been more than 2 months and we are still dealing with this condition.

Comment from: Petunia2, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: February 09

I don't know yet what causes my cold hands and feet. It is different in that my feet and hands get extremely cold sensation and I can be sitting in my warm house. Sometimes they are cold in the warmer months as well. I am not diabetic, I believe I have some underlying vascular disorder. I have noticed some changes in my nails, nail color and nail shape.

Comment from: JNH77, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: February 08

I recently had a car accident and due pain, stiffness and swelling I had an MRI done. I learned I have a tear in my right knee lateral meniscus with a parameniscal cyst. My knees are swollen, I have effusions in both knee. It's painful to climb or go down stairs. My knee buckles at times and deep squats are painful and my leg trembles. I'm in physiotherapy but therapist says if I don't feel better within six weeks I will be referred to an orthopedic doctor. I am afraid of needles and hope I won't have to be stuck. A family member says to avoid surgery as long as possible.

Comment from: Cathy, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: October 02

It all started with a sore throat that didn't go away over a few days. Then I had a swollen gland on the left side of my neck. Left ear felt strange, but no pain. I saw the doctor and we both thought it was an ear infection. I went home with antibiotics. Next day I had fever with chills and was throwing up (nausea). This lasted two days. I knew something was really wrong when I had trouble walking the next morning. I walked like I was highly intoxicated but I didn't have anything to drink. It is called vertigo. I went back to my doctor with the aid of my neighbor and the nurse. He looked in my ear and saw the sores and rash. Perplexed (he's a PA, physician's assistant), he brought in the regular doctor. He tested me for nerve damage, looked at my ear and said I have shingles, and to go to the emergency room at the local hospital. They gave me mega doses of anti-viral medicines for three days and two nights. An MRI showed that it wasn't in my brain or my eye. It is called Ramsay Hunt syndrome. I still have a slight vertigo but I am in physical therapy for that. I got a hefty hospital bill. Three months later and my ear still itches. Massive rash and sores never developed. Thank you doctors and nurses.


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Comment from: Lilspark, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: July 10

I was squatting down to take laundry out of the washer when something snapped in my knee, it knocked me flat out on my back and everything went black for what felt like just under a minute. I remember screaming in pain when I felt the snap. It took almost an hour for the pain to go down to be able to walk with it. The next day it felt shaky and then over the next several days I started to get sharp pain, aches, giving out of my leg etc. I went for an x-ray and nothing showed up. I also had an ultrasound and am awaiting the results. The physiotherapist did several tests and has diagnosed torn meniscus and possible torn MCL (medial collateral ligament). I'm working on conservative treatment 3 times a week until I can get an MRI which could be months.

Comment from: fredi250, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: December 12

Fifteen years ago I shattered my left leg just avoiding amputation, and since that time due to chronic pain I have favored my right leg. Three months ago I had an arthrodesis of the left ankle and until the leg was weight bearing I had to use the right to take all my weight when rising from chairs getting out of bed and began to experience some pain. Given the okay to start using my left leg (no pain after 15 years) and within hours my right knee was absolute agony; multiple tears in meniscus, surgeon has now put me to top of his list for knee replacement, the only real option at my age.

Comment from: Tobin Frost, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: November 05

I experienced severe onset of pain in the back of my left knee. Pain lasted 36 hours straight, with swelling and inability to walk without a major limp. I went to the doctor, he ordered an MRI, and results showed significant medial meniscus tear and cartilage damage. I had outpatient surgery 4 days ago. Pain levels reduced significantly. I went for physiotherapy yesterday, increasing my range of motion and strengthening my knee joint. No pain medicines or crutches today. Stairs are still tough, but I am starting to get my life back. I am glad I had the surgery.

Comment from: Dale, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: October 07

I have put on some weight the past several years but have still remained active. About 2 years ago my feet started to be very painful after jogging or hiking. A year ago a visit to the doctor diagnosed the problem as plantar fasciitis. He said that doing the 'toes on the step-lower your heels' exercises would cure me in 30 days. I was 3 weeks into it and feeling pretty good when I had an excruciating pain during the exercises that turned out to be a torn meniscus. Saw another doctor who said I could leave it alone to see if it heals, or have surgery. A year later after numerous re-injuries I'm planning on surgery and hope that it helps. I have been told that the meniscus simply wears out as you get older, so here's hoping the surgery helps. With a torn meniscus I can walk forward, up and down hills for miles and even jog but if I twist the leg the least bit while standing still or raise it up on to a stool while sitting down the result can be severe with swelling, bruising, and incapacitation.

Comment from: Nomorepain, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: April 11

I had severe pain in my left knee back in 2010. I could hardly walk or do my job at a daycare. MRI revealed I had a torn meniscus. I had surgery to repair it at an outpatient service. I walked out a 1/2 hour after surgery with no pain. I did have severe knee spasm after 3 days along with swelling. However this was brought on by not resting and elevating my leg as I was taking care of my husband who was just diagnosed with cancer. The doctor gave me medicines for the spasm and said I may need knee replacement in 6 months to a year. That was four years this June and I"m still good.

Comment from: FED UP, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: December 30

I started to have knee problems in January 2013, in May I had an x-ray and there was nothing abnormal. I saw a surgeon and a surgery date was set for mid-May. I returned to work in June. I started physiotherapy two weeks after surgery. I was unable to straighten my leg and physiotherapist wondered if I had another meniscus tear. I had an MRI done and there was another tear (not as large). I had surgery in August. I am still unable to straighten leg. Physiotherapist, after massaging, was able to straighten it but once I started to walk it would bend again. My knee started to swell and I was in the hospital with pain. I saw my surgeon 3 weeks after surgery. He took some fluid to test to see if it was septic. There was high white cell count but not septic. Now I am going for another MRI. I think the meniscus is torn again. I feel unstable and have pain all of the time. I am unable to walk up the stairs with bad leg first. What happens if there is another tear! I haven't been able to straighten my leg since April. I asked after last surgery if they should put my leg in some sort of cast so it at least starts out straight.

Comment from: Sarah, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: November 27

I'm 43 years old and consider myself athletic. I started running a few years ago but quit because of what I thought was a problem with my sciatica. I started cross fit about 8 months ago and hurt myself over time. My calves and hamstring became really tight and my leg just wouldn't really respond to any stretches. Going down the stairs was hurting my knee. Suddenly my knee felt really tight and became a little stiff. I was limping but the knee didn't get swollen. I would wake up at night when I was turning in my sleep. The symptoms went away a few days later and after a week of rest I did cross fit again. Immediately I was in pain again and I decided to see a doctor. It turned out that I have a weak core which weakens my hip (that's where my "sciatica" problem came from). As a result my knee didn't get enough support and I eventually hurt myself. I tore my meniscus but didn't need surgery since I responded well to physical therapy. After 4 weeks of rest I went back to cross fit. I modify a lot of exercises and use lesser weights. I would say that I'm about 80% two months after my injury.

Comment from: SC golf, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: November 27

I first suspected torn meniscus in February 2013, the day after playing pickup hoops for 3 hours. I couldn't get out of the car or out of chair without pain. I iced it and rested it for 2 to 3 months and it got better. I played hoops again in September 13, and same thing happened, only worse the next day. I got it checked with MRI and confirmed torn meniscus. The doctor couldn't do surgery for 2.5 weeks due to his schedule. I am now recovering 3 weeks later, and doing leg lifts with no weight, leg curls with no weight and a range of motion exercises. I walk with a limp. It's not a pleasant injury, I definitely don't want to play hoops anymore and risk this again. Slow and slightly painful recovery and surgery and I'm very healthy and active.

Comment from: mik, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: October 22

I fell on my knee going up my outside concrete steps. I hit so hard on the concrete I thought I cracked my knee cap. I was diagnosed with a torn meniscus, a high grade partial tear, and stress fracture of the upper tibia under the knee cap. It’s been almost three months and I have a scheduled surgery for meniscus and ligament tears. It is very painful to walk, especially steps and just walking far. The pain is on the left side of the knee, and goes down to my ankle and into my thigh a bit. I can't bend my knee past 45 degrees or extend it out without pain. Sleeping is painful. I have had 3 previous knee surgeries for meniscus and the pain was not like this.

Comment from: cking925, 13-18 Male (Patient) Published: December 20

First off I'd like to say thank you to MedicineNet for this great article on torn meniscus, because I play sports and wanted to know how fast could I get back in practice. Anyways, I tore mine in a football game. I'm a 15 year old athlete. I didn't feel it tear, but going back to the sideline right after that play, I knew something was wrong though. It felt like I needed to pop my knee, but it wouldn't pop. Too make a long story short, my mom never made the M.D. appointment so I played on it for another month and half before I finally went. My symptoms were swelling, popping, and constant pain. At first it was felt like I needed to pop it. After a few weeks, I couldn't bend or straighten it fully without it hurting. After another week, it started popping when I walked. Go to the doctor immediately, learn from me!

Comment from: Disappointed , 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: April 26

I had surgery 4 months ago for meniscus tear in my knee, and I still have swelling and terrible pain. I can hardly walk, and these medications do not work at all. The doctor changed my medication 4 times, and is now talking about platelet rich plasma (PRP) injection. I am doing therapy, and the doctor gave injection which also does not help me. I can't even sleep at nights because of pain.

Comment from: Katrina, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: December 06

I had a moderate tear in my medial meniscus, stage 3 and 4 arthritis and a very painful Baker's cyst. I had surgery 7 weeks ago. I am in more pain than I was before the surgery, have not been able to return to work and I have a terrible time sleeping at night because of the pain. I have burning, crunching and tightness. I go back to the surgeon in another week and I am so worried. He just told me to keep on going to physical therapy the first time I saw him post-operation and seemed a little annoyed. I hurt so badly.

Comment from: Bless17, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: February 11

After meniscus tear, I wonder how long it takes for your knee to heal. I’m still having some pain and swelling.

Comment from: Selena, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: November 18

I am a mid-life active woman who fell 1 month ago. I had an MRI 1 week ago which confirmed a meniscus tear medially of left knee. I don't have much pain, just clicking in the knee. I am very holistic so I did some research on taking homeopathic remedies; Ruta for sprain and tendonitis and Symphytum for bone knitting. I did see a difference within 1 day. I will be going for an evaluation with an orthopedic specialist in 3 weeks and going to opt out of surgery as long as I can. My chiropractor put me back on icing and heat alternating and it has been fantastic for the healing process. He also said no repetitive exercises, like knee bends. I am doing leg lifts and stretching and a lot of resting. Each day it gets stronger.

Comment from: DG, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: April 11

I suffered from torn of meniscus. I was running with my friends just for fun, and abruptly felt pain in my knee. However, I was able to walk, run, and sit. Only the pain was the problem. However, no doctor told me that only pain doesn"t mean you need surgery. I mean, every surgery has its defects. Cutting torn meniscus is just cutting them off. Nothing but a short term measurement. During 1 year just after surgery, I was fine. However, I feel pain again and doctors tell me that I"m now with degenerative arthritis. I"m just 26. I"m doomed... So I hope that you should seriously think about surgery or non-surgery. Very important for torn meniscus patients that estimating after-surgery life. Actually I think it is useless especially for younger patients. And it is my personal opinion.

Comment from: dennis, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: December 16

Basically all I felt with torn meniscus was stiffness. I thought I had arthritis but after the MRI it showed damaged meniscus. I got a shot of cortisone 6 months ago that helped tremendously. I am going to get the surgery within the next month as the shot is slowly wearing off.

Comment from: Danaesppl, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: November 27

I noticed that I had pain just to the left and below my right knee. When I walked on it, it was slightly painful. One day, a few weeks after this, I went on a hike with my young niece. There were a ton of stairs as you came out of the mountain, which I did carrying my small niece. As we "bounced" down the stairs I started to notice my knee getting more painful with every step. By the time we got to the bottom I could hardly move my knee it was very painful (left side below my knee).

Comment from: m. Deal, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: October 22

I would like to share my experience with my meniscus tear. About two years ago I was running full speed on uneven ground when I stepped in a small hole that caused my knee to hyper-extend and after about a week or so I felt tenderness in my right knee joint area. I went to see a doctor and I got an ex-ray and they told me my knee was fine. So for the next two years I continued to work in construction. Back in January I was walking up and down the stair case constantly for about 2 months at a four story building we were working on and suddenly my tender knee started to ache more and more. So I made an appointment with the orthopedic doctor and they did an MRI scan back in August of this year and they found significant tear of my anterior meniscus. The orthopedic doctor made an immediate schedule for my surgery and my surgery was in September. I am glad that I had my torn meniscus fixed because it caused my knee to lock up while I was sleeping at night.

Comment from: chiefgsa, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: October 18

I started having knee pain at 10 AM. Around 1:30PM I went to walk down the stairs and my left knee gave out. I went and had an x-ray and they manipulated it and the doctor said I probably have a torn meniscus. I go for an MRI in 3 days. I have been using a knee immobilizer for 2 days and it feels better.

Comment from: susan, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: October 08

I am 60 and have a torn meniscus in my right knee. I injured my knee in a weight lifting class that had recently added jumping. The next night at bedtime was the first initial pain. I knew after five weeks I was not getting better. I was in constant pain with limping and difficulty going downstairs or downhill. After 3 visits to an orthopedic surgeon and an MRI, I will have to have surgery. Presently, I am not in pain all day long but there is never a day that I am not reminded that I have this injury.

Comment from: Muaythai injury, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: October 08

I have had a popping knee for sometime from my torn meniscus. I was squatting to play with my son and the knee locked in excruciating pain and I can’t straighten it.

Comment from: skidz, 13-18 Female (Patient) Published: May 14

I am 18 and about two months ago I jumped off the back of a truck, and when I landed, my knee popped and gave out on me, and for the next few hours, it popped a couple dozen times, after which my knee locked up and I could barely walk for weeks. I’ve had x-rays done, but I still kept popping it. Each time it pops it takes me longer to get back up. My doctor is certain that I have a torn meniscus, and had me have an MRI now I am waiting to hear back about whether I will have to have surgery or not.

Comment from: Kim, 55-64 Female Published: May 03

I don’t know when I tore my meniscus but believe I have had it for a long time, but was undiagnosed until recently. I coped, with the assistance of anti-inflammatory meds which were the cure all for everything. I am on BP medication and was advised to cease anti-inflammatory medication and take paracetamol as the alternate. My condition is now more pronounced and debilitating. I experience severe burning in the side of my knee, swelling, clicking, locking, unable to walk long distances, limping, inability to twist and turn, unable to go up and down stairs without pain, and a feeling the joint may give way. At night when I am asleep, the pain can wake me. Swimming and using an exercise bike for knee rotation helps relieve symptoms but doesn't cure the condition. I have a referral for arthroscopy and waiting for a hospital booking.

Comment from: brotherlea, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: April 04

I'm a 60 year old male and believe that walking fast two days in a row while overweight (220 pounds) caused a torn meniscus. I continued walking during the days that followed, but because I favored the painful knee, probably caused injury to the other knee from overuse. Both of my knees became so painful that I was essentially house bound for a month. I did some research and found that mega doses of vitamin C helps strengthen connective tissue, and mega doses of vitamin B3 (niacin) and niacinamide can reduce and reverse arthritis. I had nothing to lose and after a month, both knees had recovered enough that I returned to walking for exercise. I don't favor having tissue removed from my body over helping a body to repair itself.

Comment from: Jan, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: December 27

About eighteen months ago I was on my haunches when I heard a loud crack and at the same time, intense pain in my right knee. A scan showed a torn meniscus and it was treated conservatively with the only result that my knee clicked less often and less painfully. About 2 months ago, I ruptured the Achilles tendon on my left heel, requiring surgery to repair it. I'm on crutches, being unable to use my left foot and that has put major strain on my right knee. I am now at the stage that every time I straighten my knee, it clicks. I also have to make sure I click it before I get up, otherwise it doesn't click back and I collapse. Wish I'd had surgery at the time. I'm sure I need it now.

Comment from: geniusdart, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: December 12

I was diagnosed with a torn meniscus and a small cyst in the same area. I can walk for miles and go about my daily routine with no pain whatsoever, nor have I had any swelling. The only time I am bothered is when I stoop down to the ground as in pulling weeds or a similar activity. I have intense pain in my knee trying to stand up using that leg. I have to use my arms to help myself get back up. I am having surgery today and I sure hope it helps. I will let everyone know the results.

Comment from: LTully, Female (Patient) Published: October 14

This is my second arthroscopy. My knee area would swell, if I moved in a way that allowed a piece of meniscus to float between the joint - THAT would cause some serious pain. All activity stopped till that piece moved away. The surgeon said the meniscus was in shreds, some cartilage worn away - some bone on bone. I'm only 56, I want to move, walk, hike. I wish I had read this article on Web MD sooner; I would have worked on muscle strength more before yesterday’s surgery.

Comment from: Angelistic, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: October 05

My knee would often feel like it has to crack, but most times it doesn’t. When I’m getting up from squatting, or going to go up stairs it feels like it’s going to give way. Feels tight at the back of the knee, at the muscles/tendons.

Comment from: zippymenyc, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: September 08

When I tore my meniscus I heard a loud pop and experience tenderness to the touch on the medial side of the knee joint (similar to the way a bruise feels).

Comment from: seaski, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: August 23

Just got diagnosed with torn meniscus. My leg felt tight around my knee (like I had an ace bandage on it) and I thought it was tight muscles. Over did the walking, running and lifting. One slight turn and I had major pain. Hopefully RICE and physical therapy will help.

Comment from: Torn Up, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: April 29

I was bending down doing some gardening, came up and twisted my knee – felt immediate pain. I could hardly walk. When I put pressure on my leg, my knee hurt. That was almost three weeks ago. I found out I have a torn meniscus and need surgery. It still hurts, and I can't bend my knee very well without it hurting. I can walk OK if I keep my one leg straight, but I am walking funny so my back hurts now. I was told I could go on vacation and do surgery when I get back, but I think it might get worse.

Comment from: GJH, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: September 05

Recently I had arthroscopic surgery on my left knee to fix a meniscal tear but twisted the same knee one night while asleep and am now experiencing moderate pain from the same knee joint.

Comment from: Torn Menicus, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: June 26

I had my meniscus repaired March 1 and now I have stiffness very bad behind my right calf and pain on the right side of my leg and the back of my thigh. I can hardly walk in the morning.

Comment from: Santhi, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: May 01

I have thick white gel-like discharge and bleeding, I don’t know what the problem is.

Comment from: pmillerphoto, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: March 10

I had a meniscus repair December 12th, 2015 and am regretting it. I fell out of a land rover in Africa which was the final blow for a knee that would give me trouble at times. I was running and walking 4 to 5 miles 5 times a week prior to fall. Now 3 months after surgery I have trouble walking around at the block. I thought this was going to make it better. I would tell anyone who asked do physiotherapy until you cannot walk, before this surgery.

Comment from: gladys, 75 or over Female (Patient) Published: August 26

My knee was scoped in October 13. I have had single shots and one for a week, for three weeks. I am still hopping around.

Comment from: Raels, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: November 25

After taking a fall 6 weeks ago initial swelling has gone down but still unable to straighten and bend knee. MRI showed torn medial meniscus and partial tear to ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) and MCL (medial collateral ligament). I will be having arthroscopic surgery in a week.

Comment from: gwapa50, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: October 31

A month ago my left knee just popped and clicked and I couldn't walk for 3 days. I had to drag my legs to walk. My doctor diagnosed that I have a torn cartilage meniscus and thinks I need a surgery.

Comment from: Limpy, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: August 01

I had mine repaired Wednesday. By Friday I really could have returned to work. My doc said I would walk out after surgery, but not so. You get taken out by wheelchair. Pop the pain pills the first day... You won't really need them after that. And don't, absolutely don't eat anything after midnight the night before! Even a cup of coffee might have them cancel you!

Comment from: majicjeani, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: June 10

I had a sharp pain in back of the knee.

Comment from: Jb65, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: April 23

I am 65 years old. Three weeks ago, I stepped off a platform about 24 inches high and my left knee gave out. No pain; I just could not put my full weight on my leg. The same thing happened 32 years ago. I believe originally I had a torn meniscus, but never had surgery. The first time my knee was swollen (had to have blood drained). Now the pain is a 2 on a scale of 1-10. I see my doctor next week.

Comment from: gailc, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: April 11

My meniscus tear occurred at work when I was crouched under some shelving and was trying to get out. I knew right away that I had done something. I was unable to put my foot to the ground and when a work mate tried to help, the pain was severe and I thought I was going to pass out. I am still in the middle of getting treatment and waiting to see a specialist. So, I’m not quite sure at this stage if I need surgery.

Comment from: lanelocust48, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: February 01

My symptoms are: clicking when I bend my knee, inability to put weight on my knee, not able to straighten out my knee without having pain, painful to climb stairs, not able to walk much, when walking sometimes the knee just gives out. I have had the MRI. The MRI did show that I have a meniscus torn in two different places, so therefore, the arthoscopy is definitive. The orthopedic doctor told me that he has to clip off the meniscus that due to where the injuries are at, they will not heal due to the lack of blood supply. There is no option for me. I waited for several months before I consulted with the orthopedic doctor thinking the injury would heal on it's own.

Comment from: rikidog, 13-18 Female (Patient) Published: October 17

I tore my meniscus in karate class. I can barely walk because it hurts. I can't straighten my knee all the wall either. I've been on crutches for almost two weeks now and am having surgery next Friday. I don't want to have surgery, but it stinks to have to wait that long, hobbling around school on crutches with a backpack that ways some 30 pounds. I just turned fifteen so the doctor says the repair should heal well, and the tear is on the outside where there's a good blood supply. I think he said he's not going to actually cut any of the meniscus off. I really with I hadn't done so much research. I'm freaked out now.

Comment from: Malyra, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: September 24

About 2 months ago as I was going to dinner with my husband when my left knee popped and gave way. It took a week before I was able to start walking well again with limitations. This past Friday I had the arthroscope done to repair the tears, and the first night was quite painful, but I woke up Saturday morning with very little pain and can walk better than before I had surgery, even though I still uses crutches for stability. If your orthopedist says it needs to be repaired surgically I strongly suggest having it done!

Comment from: Hillbillie, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: September 24

I had surgery a week and a day ago. I have been walking on the leg since the day of surgery, as the surgeon told me, as tolerated, for the walking. My knee, thigh and calf are still swollen and very painful with black bruises. Looks like someone beat my leg with a two by four. I am concerned because of all the muscle pain and bruises. I was trying to find a web site that actually walked me thru the surgery, so I would know what was done to me.

Comment from: tom wilde, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: August 02

When I was 22 I used my leg to slow me down while roller-blading. I heard a loud pop and my knee continued to swell for several days. I didn’t have insurance so I did nothing. Twenty years later I was 70 pounds overweight, and took up jogging. The pain is ok if I skip every other day. I run 20-30 miles a week now. I have lost 60 pounds, and that helps all over pain, but my knee is still quite painful.

Comment from: bestdaever, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: August 02

I fell down the stairs about three months ago and hurt my left knee. Since then I have slipped and twisted it 4 or 5 times. The pain is severe and I can hardly walk. There is severe burning and swelling is bad. I had an MRI and the doctor is sure it's a tear. I see him again on Tuesday. This interferes with every bit of life.

Comment from: brazilicus, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: July 12

About 15 years ago, I was running with my toddler son in an open field and stepped in a hole, twisting my knee. Severe pain immediately followed. I thought I had just twisted it. The pain eventually went away after a week, but it would flare-up after that. When it flared, I was unable to bend my knee without intense pain and my knee felt tight. There was also a very palpable spot medially that would topple me if pressed. But the flare-up always disappeared after a few days. The flare-ups began to increase in their severity, so I consulted an orthopedic surgeon I worked with. X-rays were inconclusive but an MRI found a significant medial meniscus tear. I had a ‘scope-n-scrape’ and returned to work missing just one day. The knee felt fine for over a year. But the flare-ups returned. I dealt with it for years until the severity reached an unbearable level. I had another MRI and another tear was discovered. I had another 'scope-scrape.' I am not an athletic person nor am I an obese person. But after fifteen years I am now scheduled for a fourth 'scope-n-scrape.' They relieve the situation for a year or two but tears keep appearing. Hopefully this one will be the last.

Comment from: donnyg, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: April 18

I first felt knee pain when running three years ago. I never had any knee problems before. My MRI showed moderate arthritis and tears to both medial and lateral meniscus. Pain, swelling, and mobility got increasingly worse, with locking, popping, and instability. I tried Glucosamine, Physio, Synvisc and Cortisone injections, to no avail. I have a surgical consultation next week. I just want to get back to the sports I love -- golf, tennis, squash, badminton, table tennis. At 53, I can't play any of them now. I hope the surgery works.

Comment from: Pam, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: October 27

My MRI results today said I have a torn meniscus and a partial tear in my ACL. Don't even know what I did...I'm a female mail carrier...About ten days ago my knee started to swell, now swelling is gone, but don't have a lot of pain. Just have to watch going up and down hills and steps.

Comment from: 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: June 09

With my torn meniscus, I have pain, swelling, clicking, locking, unable to walk long distances, limping, inability to twist and turn, unable to go up and down stairs without pain, and a feeling the joint may give way. I am booked in for arthroscopy, which takes place on Monday.

Comment from: joe, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: April 05

For my torn meniscus, I had knee pain, popping, tightness and trouble getting it to straighten after sitting. Also, I had a feeling that my knee was unstable.

Comment from: none, 65-74 Female (Caregiver) Published: March 28

I hyper-extended my knee when a patient tried to stab me in the face with a pen. When I flexed my knee, it was OK, but as I straightened it, the back of the knee hurt. I also had pain if there was pressure on the back of my thigh when I was sitting. I had surgery, which helped the first symptom, but the other pain persists.

Comment from: Dario, 19-24 Male (Patient) Published: July 12

I am 23 years old. The first injury I had to my knee was a year ago where my foot hit the floor quite hard causing my knee to buckle inwards, I remember feeling a pop sensation in my knee. There was immediate pain and swelling for a few days which went down. My MCL was injured and I should have gone for an MRI because I think I also tore my meniscus. I have had problems with my knee feeling like it will give way during sports and recently it was 'locking' so that i could not extend it fully, until it clicked back. Today it locked and was not clicking back into place. I had a very warm bath to make my legs more flexible, then after moving my foot around my knee in a circular motion a heard a few bumps and now I can straighten my knee. I don’t know if this is what you're supposed to do but it worked for me.

Comment from: fuciamoon, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: June 18

I am on week four after meniscus knee surgery. I hurt it at work squatting to pick up a product. I was told I have big time arthritis in both knees. This confuses me as I have not had any pain. Truthfully, this set back is the only one I have ever had (I am 64), and it really annoys me.

Comment from: Dana, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: February 10

I am going in for surgery next week for a torn medial meniscus. I felt a pop when I was twisting while exercising. That was eight months ago and since then I feel like me knee will pop out if I fully straighten my leg; so I don't. I also cannot squat without literally having to pull my body up using pretty much only my arms. I will let you know how the surgery helps.

Comment from: AKV, 35-44 Male Published: January 12

My MRI shows medial meniscus tear after a sports accident happened around 3 months back. Initial Pain subsided after few medicines. Now I do not have any locking of knee or POP sound. However, my concern is that I have pain stretching from the buttocks through the calf of the left leg. There is no pain in the Knee though and it gives a feeling of a muscle pain. Sharing any advice/experience would be helpful.

Comment from: captain tony, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: December 12

Just found out I have a torn meniscus. Needs surgery to repair. It started a month ago and I thought it was sciatic nerve with pain stretching from the buttocks through the calf of the left leg. Doc said torn meniscus can mimic sciatic. He was right. It will take about 3 weeks after operation before I can return to work.

Comment from: Army Specialist, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: November 30

I injured my knee 9 months ago during convoy duty in southern Afghanistan. The truck hit a 3ft deep ditch going about 20MPH. My worst injury was from being "pulled" into the truck and hitting my knee. I have just been told last week it is a Meniscus tear. The Physical therapy and cortisone shot have not helped. At this point I may have to return to the doctor for more options. This article has been very helpful. Now to see what this does to my military career.

Comment from: claris, 19-24 (Patient) Published: November 21

My knee was locking for over a year, where I couldn’t straighten it, someone would have to straighten it for me and it would pop and be very painful. Finally I had an operation after 3 MRI scans that didn’t show anything! I had a lateral torn meniscus. I’ve had my surgery done nearly 2 years ago now and my knee's still not good, can’t bend it past 90 degrees, or kneel back on it and I get random pains still. I'm only 19 and very sporty and can’t do all the things in training due to my knee!

Comment from: midnight, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: November 16

I fell 10 months ago on black ice knee pain started the next day, felt a pop. Went through physical therapy nothing helped constant pain. Had knee surgery for torn meniscus 100 percent better after surgery can't believe it.

Comment from: ccricks, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: October 14

I was in a car accident and right after that, I experienced severe burning in the side of my left knee, I noticed pain and swelling the next day and then it seem like my knee was not stable and I had a hard time with my balance like my knee would give away. I have also not been able to straighten it out.

Comment from: Garzaviv, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: June 02

I have a torn meniscus and suffer with sharp pain in a specific spot on my knee. Caused limping due to pain. Used to walk 4 miles/day - 6 days/week - it's been at least a year since I've been able to walk that far. Just went through arthroscopic knee surgery and have great expectations - so far, dong great!

Comment from: olin, 65-74 Male Published: May 20

Developed soreness in right knee over a long period of time when doing swing exercises for golf. Maybe from injury 30 years ago from basketball. I did leg strengthening for my knee and had not had any problems until recently. I have full range of motion, but most pain is when inactive. It is worse at night when I am asleep. Pain is deep and wakens me from deep sleep.

Comment from: snazzy, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: May 03

I have torn my meniscus cartilage in both knees a couple of times. It feels like a pop and I feel immediate pain. I have also had one where my knee would lock at 90 degrees and couldn't be moved sometimes for up to 24hrs (extremely painful).

Comment from: what next, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: March 29

With my torn meniscus I hear a loud pop, no swelling, but pain on the inside of the knee since hearing the pop.

Comment from: glfadict, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: October 31

I have a torn meniscus (inner right knee), it kept swelling up and I had it drained four times. I am going to have surgery in a few weeks to repair it. I am keeping my fingers crossed as I am an avid golfer, and hope to continue playing.

Comment from: halfmarathoner7, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: May 07

My symptoms of a torn meniscus were pain and swelling after running long distances. The pain would subside if I stopped running only to return. I've been unable to hyper-flex or squat for quite a while now with pain and a stuffy feeling in the knee. I also developed a "clicking" or "popping" feeling when walking. I had a partial meniscal and lateral meniscectomy two weeks ago and am extremely pleased with the results. I am able to walk pain free and am back to the elliptical for my cardio workouts. I will be able to return to running in approximately 3 to 4 more weeks.

Comment from: Tee, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: April 18

I had my surgery yesterday for a torn medial meniscus with resulting degeneration and a small globular cyst. I suspect I injured this knee about 8 years ago and it just never bothered me much since. It's only if I turn the wrong way, that the pain is so sharp it stops me dead in my tracks. I hope the surgery worked. I am a bit skeptical. I was on my crutches and putting gentle weight on it, but I happened to turn the wrong way and oh man it was painful … far more painful that I have ever felt. If it's repaired, I'm really curious how that's going to heal...

Comment from: Abby, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: March 26

I stepped off a high chair and tore my meniscus. I had surgery done in about six months ago and I still have lots of trouble with it. It feels like it is swelled all the time and hurts when I walk. I can hardly walk on grass or uneven surfaces. I always have pain in it that goes down my leg. I am not happy with the surgery. I even had an injection and it still hurts.

Comment from: Mert, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: March 21

I had a sore knee for 3 weeks. Then I went golfing and when I swung the club, my knee made a loud crack and buckled. I could not put any weight on it for 3 days. It has been one week now, and I am still quite weak and sore. It is most painful behind my knee. I control the swelling with ice. I was diagnosed the first day with a torn meniscus.