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Comment from: Dave, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: January 14

My mother had tinnitus for forty years and I was able to recognize it when it came on to me this morning quite suddenly while relaxing in bed before arising. I have had temporary tinnitus which starts slowly and fades after a short time, many times when younger. I also have a rheumatism tinnitus which I can stop at will by altering my head position. This latest tinnitus was strong and clear and I knew this was not stoppable. While shaving only half an hour later, I held the base of my battery powered shaver against my temple and circled it around my right ear (I am deaf in my left) pressing it firmly against the boney parts of my skull so that I could feel and hear the very fast vibrations. After a minute I switched it off and noticed that the tinnitus was about half the intensity as before. I did it again for only another minute. Now the tinnitus was about one tenth of what it had been. I left it at that fearing to push my luck too far. Now 16 hours later, it has remained at that lower manageable level. I wanted to share this remarkable relief with all you fellow sufferers, I hope it works for you too.

Comment from: bill, 75 or over Male Published: August 23

Swimming can stop it for a long time, if water gets inside the ear.


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