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Comment from: Blake d, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: July 02

Right now I'm dealing with another brown recluse spider bite. I was bit late October on my right outside forearm and created a hole with pus. I cleaned it out, put antiseptic or iodine on it, and then a drawing salve. Then a little later I got all the pus out and it healed. Now I'm bit again on the outside of my left knee. I knew what it was again right away, also knew it hurt more outside my knee. I just started antibiotics today. Two in one year. Bites can come back too usually after a year.

Comment from: Moin, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: August 07

I have recently developed tinnitus (continuous hissing sound as if ear is flowing) in my left ear after exposure to repeated thunders. I had partial hearing loss in that ear with balance problem. My ear was initially damaged due to hearing high volume earphone sounds, as I suspect. It may be due to medication applied when I suffered from legionnaire’s disease (atypical pneumonia). Medications include rifampicin, quinine sulphate, clarithromycin, meropenem injections, azithromycin, doxycycline, etc.

Comment from: AlMoore87, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: October 27

Tinnitus varies greatly from person to person, so what works for one might not work for the other. But, until you find something that truly does work for you, I would highly suggest trying various options. The biggest thing though is giving things enough time to actually work to their full effect. I began using Lipo-Flavonoid about 6 months ago, and I almost gave up on using it after a month because I saw absolutely no change. But I kept going with it and noticed significant results after about 60 days. My symptoms are worse at night, so I use the Lipo-Flavonoid day/night kit. The supplements have definitely helped alleviate my symptoms, the ringing in my ears was practically unbearable before.

Comment from: ConstantlyAnnoying, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: October 19

I have had the sound of a hammer drill (which is about a 114 on the dBA scale) going off in my head for about seven years now. I have waited for a cure and tried many different alternative like supplements and hearing aids and haven't had that much success with it. The ringing in the ear really never went away or got any better. Many doctors just told me to deal with it and that this was going to be my life now. I ended up trying a products and supplement again called Lipo-Flavonoid. This tinnitus treatment took forever to work (like, I mean 2 months) and had some horrible side effects which included an even higher buzzing in ear sound (to almost as high as a 140 on the dBA scale, I checked), but it finally worked. After about two tough months, my tinnitus went down to the sound of a floor fan, which is about a 50 on the dBA scale. For people that don't know the dBA scale, it dropped about half in volume, but increased about 25 percent during the two months. So, it depends if you are willing to suffer a little bit to get results. To me it was worth it to get tinnitus relief, and I know many people with tinnitus are desperately looking for a solution or cure, but this just helps, doesn't cure it. Better than the alternative of just dealing with it. I hope this helped.

Comment from: Richard R., 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: April 18

For several weeks I experienced sporadic clicking in my right ear. It was very annoying and disturbed my sleep. I finally put warm hydrogen peroxide (HP) in my ear via an ear bulb and let the HP work for about 3 minutes (it tickles when it bubbles). I tilted my head and let it drain and repeated. Then I rinsed with warm water. That was 3 weeks ago and I have not experienced tinnitus since the rinse.

Comment from: Mark, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: August 27

I am a traumatic brain injury survivor. I had severe brain bleed. I was in such a bad shape I didn't know I had tinnitus until the 6th month of rehabilitation. It's been 1 1/2 years now and it sounds like a jet engine in my head. It's depressing and I can't hear people very good anymore. I wonder if there is any hope.

Comment from: melanie, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: July 02

I have fainted twice, and both times were exactly the same. It started with feeling a debilitating fatigue that would reach a point where I felt so weak I could cry. Both times I started to feel a pain in my stomach that built in intensity. I started to feel very hot, followed by feeling as though my arms were going to sleep. Next followed a feeling of the lights going out. I never remember the fall, just waking and couldn't talk or move well, and feeling a heaviness.

Comment from: Bob, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: December 13

I have had loud ringing in both ears for as long as I can remember. I am 61 now. Probably got tinnitus from loud music when younger. It is getting louder. I am almost at the point of blowing my brains out. I have constant ringing and now headaches. I don’t know what to do to get some relief! I have tried a few things, none worked.


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Comment from: EdwinR, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: July 08

I started getting a soft ringing in my ears 3 months ago that won't go away. It has gotten louder and with different tones including the pulse. I have been to 2 great ENT surgeons. They have both checked me and said that this tinnitus can go the same way it came but it can also be around for a long time. My personal doctor just doesn't understand this tinnitus at all. Well, I did a little research in order to stay away from Xanax and came up with 2 non habit forming natural remedies that help me sleep. First is Calms Forte and the second is Coffea Cruda; they sure help me sleep at night. I hope this information can help someone. It is very difficult to live with tinnitus but you cannot give up. One of the doctors that saw me 2 months ago along several doctors in the USA are conducting a special research treatment for tinnitus. Let's hope this will help us in the future.

Comment from: Carl, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: February 07

I tried a hundred different remedies for tinnitus and just about gave up hope. Here's my rundown of some of the better known treatments: Quietus is useless! It provided no relief and made me nauseous. Lipo-Flavonoid did seem to provide some relief but wasn't enough to justify the purchase. Tinniticil works well and makes my tinnitus very manageable. Arches works well enough but it requires you take too many pills.

Comment from: GareauRA, 25-34 (Patient) Published: September 18

I was in the military and worked on aircrafts. At the time, using hearing protection just seemed silly. Now, I regret it. I have had tinnitus for about five years now. When I first was introduced to it, I let it consume my life, losing sleep, having anxiety attacks, and becoming depressed over it. It was because it was all I thought about for months on end. I will say this, thinking about it and dwelling on it does in some strange way seem to intensify it. After my first encounter, I struggled to cope with it. Then, one day, I came across an article where the author provided helpful tips to live with tinnitus. He said, “If you’re concerned with the volume of your tinnitus, then try a simple test. Go to your bathroom or kitchen and turn on the faucet. If when the water is running you can’t hear the ringing, your condition is weak in regard to someone who experiences dangerous volumes of tinnitus.” So I tried it. Much to my amazement, the water masked the ringing. That was my “light at the end of the tunnel.” I knew then that it wasn’t something that would control my life. After that, it only got easier for me to live with it. And much to my surprise, for years after that, I noticed my self-awareness of it was minimal. I only heard it if I stopped and “listened” for it, and even then, sometimes I did not hear anything. But four years later, I have picked it back up and find myself lost in its trance. I'll get past this again because it’s what we victims of tinnitus have to do to live. If you’re new to the condition and find yourself lost, try the water test to see if it works for you. The water test won’t cure your tinnitus, but it might just be what you need to get past the shock and learn to live with it.

Comment from: discouraged, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: September 07

I am a 63 year old patient who is over 250 pounds, and feel that my weight is a reason why doctors do not take my tinnitus symptoms as serious. I had open heart surgery in April 2017 and experienced 8 hours of atrial fibrillation. The atrial fibrillation reoccurred three months later. I was put in ICU and my oxygen level set off an alarm every time I fell asleep. Within 10 hours medication controlled the heart rate and atrial fibrillation was gone. When I was put in a regular room they ordered oxygen, which seemed to help. However, no alarm was monitored in the regular hospital room. When I was released they just told me to follow-up with cardiologist and pulmonary doctor. I did and they suggested to eventually get a sleep study. Since then I started getting pulsatile tinnitus which sometimes happens along with gasping for breath. Last night I had a complicated migraine and pounding headache along with tinnitus. Doctors don't seem to be concerned, because I visited the emergency room (ER) another time and they just said to follow up with your doctor. I did not go to ER last night because it takes 7 hours, and don't get any help. I believe I have sleep apnea and carotid artery stenosis. I cannot go to sleep without some of the symptoms. I have requested an MRI and MRA, but both doctors do not feel I need it. None of the doctors seem to even respond to why I get oxygen levels so low when resting or sleeping.

Comment from: afrooza, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: January 26

I am suffering with tinnitus problem since two years when I was taking medicines for fast heart beating and high blood pressure, for about more than 5 years. Then I consulted the ENT where my hearing test was good and finally I took an MRI Scan where conclusion was as under; vascular loops are seen over 8th nerve, however show no ectasia and indentation. Now last 10 days I am not able to sleep due to feeling of noise of machines in my right ear. I am taking tablet Vertex for that and there is swelling of eyebrow with pain.

Comment from: Mikkel, 19-24 Male (Patient) Published: June 02

I have had tinnitus for about a month and I found out that the noise increases whenever I think about tinnitus, and lowers when I don’t think about it at all. Also I found listening to relaxing sounds with headphones such as water streaming down or the wind blowing helps me think clear and makes the noise almost not even noticeable.

Comment from: Tiffany, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: September 02

I have a very bad case of tinnitus where I hear both high and low pitched sounds simultaneously. The intensity of the sounds determine how my hearing is effected on that side... it fluctuates. I have been to 3 ENTs, plus audiologists and have learned there is little relief available. I was talked into a hearing aid with sounds, which isn't the greatest. I'm now on diuretics which have seemed sometimes to moderate the intensity of the head pressure. Other than that, it has been a very expensive trip and am still suffering daily. Also, my symptoms are lessened some when outside versus indoors. I think it's the indoor pressure bouncing off the walls. Hope this helps you.


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Comment from: sokhop, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: May 30

I had horrible noise and some pain for over 2 1/2 years. After 5 MRIs, 4 CAT scans and 31 doctors, nothing was found. Doctor 32 had me get an angiogram. Doctor 33 found I had a serious problem. Arteriovenous fistulae. I would think all of you would now go get an angiogram.

Published: July 30

I've suffered from tinnitus for many years and it has gotten progressively worse as I've aged. A couple of weeks ago, the high pitched sound grew worse in my right ear. By chance, I arrived at this web site and read one of the comments about the individual who was taking vitamin E and how it worsened his tinnitus. I have been taking 400 I.U. of vitamin E for years (makes me look younger), so I didn't believe my increased problem might be due to my vitamin E intake. Coincidentally, I ran out of the 400 I.U. soft gells and by accident bought the 200 I.U. kind. A day or two after I took my first dose of the 200 I.U., the ringing stopped. Coincidence? I don't know, but I'll find out later when I increase my dosage again to 400 I.U. I bought a bottle of it the other day not knowing that it could possibly be my problem. So, if you're taking vitamin E and you suffer from tinnitus, you might want to consider reducing or eliminating your dosage. It might help. By the way, I still have my original tinnitus, it hasn't gone away. But the much increased ringing that occurred in my right ear is gone.

Published: July 22

About 4 months ago, I started getting extreme noise/ringing in my ears. I went to the doctor and he said that I was clenching my jaw at night because of stress which may be a factor in the tinnitus. I also thought I would go crazy. I started wearing a mouth guard to ease the clenching which has helped my jaws feel better, but didn't do a thing for the tinnitus. Time has helped me to get used to it. I am also in the throes of menopause and wonder if hormones may have something to do with it. I am going to try the multi vitamin that someone else suggested. Good luck to all of us, and if anyone finds a "cure", please share it with us!

Published: July 15

I had an attack of vertigo 6-8 months ago, the doctor prescribed me some medicine, the room was spinning, I felt sick it was terrible, the high pitched noise in my ears has got worse in the last few weeks, in the day I don’t notice the noise because of the radio, TV set, and everyday noises mask it, but at night when its quiet that’s the worst, it does not keep me awake at the moment I sleep OK, listening to the birds singing in the morning, and the wind, is peaceful, I eat as much fresh veggies and fruit as I can, I don’t smoke, I drink a glass of Perry occasionally.

Comment from: https://www.hearings, 3-6 Male (Caregiver) Published: March 19

At the present time tinnitus or ringing in the ear is very common. With tinnitus problem, our hearing capability is totally reduced. If you want to recover then use hearing aids or you can also do a cochlear implant surgery.

Comment from: Debi, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: January 23

I met with a road accident five years back and got head injury. CT scan and other findings were found normal. But the day after the accident I started hearing a loud ringing sound in my right ear. A few days after, I started having an echo in my right ear which really makes me upset. Then I met ENT doctors and they gave me some medicine which stopped the echo but ringing sound is still as it is. I then took some homeopathic medicine which makes the sound milder. Now I am ignoring this sound as per the doctor’s advice and feeling better now.

Comment from: LarryG, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: August 26

In the Navy I worked around aircraft and flew six years on a flight crew, this was long ago and we didn't use ear/hearing protection. I have had loud noise for 10-15 years. A couple of years ago I started to "hear" noise on top of noise ie. a high pitched ring with clocks ticking on top of that (it wakes me up). I read somewhere that gabapentin (Neurotin) would help and it does take care of the top level of noise ie. the clock ticking sound. I take 300mg twice a day, check with your doctor.

Comment from: Jasmine, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: August 14

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Over the past few months I began noticing a ringing in my ears that was getting louder and louder, even waking me up at night. I came to this web site last night and saw the comments about vitamin E which I had also started taking recently. I did not take one this morning and by mid-day the ringing had stopped. Needless to say... I am thrilled. Not sure if I'll try the 200 IUs -- I'm enjoying the quiet too much.

Published: July 09

I've been bothered by tinnitus for 25years and noticed that my tinnitus flares up the most after using vitamin E especially the one man made. I read quite a bit about this problem but never heard anybody mentioning E vitamin. If you have tinnitus and use E vitamin in any form try to stay away from it for few days and you'll see a great difference. Vitamin E manufacturers might not like it, but it's worth trying.

Published: July 09

Hi, I have suffered from tinnitus for the last 3 years, last year I started on a product called Centrum, it is a multi-vitamin supplement, it appeared to lower the level of the ringing in my ears. Thinking it did nothing, I stopped taking the tablet, much to my horror the loud ringing had returned, it became very uncomfortable. I have started to take these tablets again and it has lowered the level of ringing to a good level again. It is worth trying as it has helped me a lot, but it may not work for everyone.

Published: June 03

As a musician, episodes of tinnitus are a professional and personal disaster. I have found that a regimen of 40mg prednisone for two days relieves the symptoms within that time - then follows the necessary backing down off the predinisome - 35-30-25-20-15-10-5 (i.e. the next 7 days). This is not a permanent fix, however, since the underlying cause of the auditory nerve inflammation which I suspect is the root cause has not itself been addressed. It would appear that tinnitus is effectively an inflammation of the auditory nerves that causes improper interpretation or corruption of the electrical signal passed by that part of the nervous system to the brain. I generally experience as hearing pitches in one ear a half step lower than in the other - or, in more extreme cases, when both ears are effected, the effect of sum and difference tones in addition to the primary frequency of the sounds being "heard." In music, of course, that is since we hear single primary frequencies and the not the usual mixture of virtual white noise, the "distortion" or simultaneity of pitches is even more, indeed catastrophically disturbing.

Published: June 03

I have had this problem hearing for the last two years, I was so worried and I went to the doctors and they said nothing wrong and this could be tinnitus and there is no cure and I have to get use to it, for the first two to three weeks I was so upset and I was reading so many articles on the internet, it was usefull. What I didn’t was in the day time I stop thinking about it and just took it so easy and now in the day time I never notice this sound but I know it is there, in the night I can hear the sound but I got use to it because I use a ceiling fan very fast and the sound of the fan fades this sound in my ear, now I am use to this and I have no problem at all, this sound in the morning is, less by evening it increases. One ayurvedic doctor told me that people who keep there mouth busy all the time its like people who eat gums all the time and hard stuff like nuts all the time everyday for months years will have this problem. I don’t know still nobody knows why this happens, but I eat gum a lot all the time when he said this I was upset because he never new I was eating this and addicted to gums.

Published: May 27

For the last past year I have been hearing this sound in my ears or (brain) it is like I went to attend a loudly band playing music at night, and when I go to bed that sound still resound in my ears, it is like a vacuum working that comes and go. The same sound it's increasing loudly as the days go by, I haven't visit an ear doctor yet thinking that was normal to be like that, but it's something that started to worried me a lot.

Published: October 06

I just noticed last night that I was having a ringing in my right ear, a fairly high-pitched sound, but fairly faint as well. I can recall having a ringing in an ear that would suddenly start, but then would subside very quickly, but this is the first time that I've ever had it start where it hasn't gone away. I notice that if I clench my jaw, it seems to get a little bit louder. Based on the comments I've seen here, it's something I may just need to get used to. I'll call my doctor about it, but I'm not sure if there’s anything to be done.

Comment from: Margaret, Female Published: October 06

Two weeks ago I got new hearing aids installed. Yesterday I had lunch with a person who was talking extremely loudly. I didn't notice anything until I took out my hearing aids and went to bed. I was awake for 2 hours because of the loud buzzing in my left ear. I had to take a sleeping aid to get to sleep. I believe the hearing aids, set at the wrong volume, caused this. I dread trying to sleep tonight.

Comment from: cathpe, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: October 06

I have indeed noticed that the sound of running water is very effective in masking the noise. But there are times where I feel as though I will lose my sanity. I have noticed that times of high stress seem to make the volume intensify but I am not getting any peace ever. The ENT I go to wants a CT and MRI but what if that does not tell me anything. This is not normal I mean are we really doomed to live like this? Please help me.

Comment from: smoss, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: September 26

I was born with holes in both ear drums. I have had reconstructive surgery of the tympanic membrane twice in one ear and once on the other. I have had tinnitus for since I can remember. I notice it more when I am just about to fall asleep. I have lived with it for so long that I am able to mostly ignore it, but it seems to be getting louder as I get older.

Comment from: SteveR, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: September 26

I recently had tubes put into both my ears because of fluid buildup that would not drain properly, and when the surgery was over I noticed this ringing in my one ear. It’s really driving me insane! It seems to get worse as the day goes on. Is there anything I can do to fix this problem?

Comment from: Ringer40, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: September 23

I have had tinnitus for about 25 years now. It comes with different pitches of rings, muffles, etc. I have found sleeping with a sound machine helps to block it out when I am trying to sleep. I use the "white noise" sound. I went to the doctor at the age of 13, and they said there was nothing they could do at the time. I also grind my teeth. It wakes me up. My left jaw is still hurting from a couple of weeks ago from doing that. Also, when my allergies act up, the ringing gets worse and I get very light-headed for about a week.

Published: August 26

I had Bells Palsy many years ago that affected left side of my face. It went away with medication in about 2 months. Now, I have developed Tinnitus in my left ear about a month ago. The high pitched noise is now chronic. Wondering if Bells Palsy and Tinnitus are any way connected be it so many years apart?

Comment from: Iva, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: August 12

I've had tinnitus for many years, but when it got so bad that I could not hear normal speech I went to my doctor and I got several shots of vitamin B12 and it worked!

Comment from: jay, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: August 05

I have had constant tinnitus for the last six months and will for life based on what others who get it say. It is always there: High pitched, sometimes low, shifting from mostly my left ear and sometimes the right. I have noticed soft music, white noise or driving with the car windows down can trick your brain for a few moments where you sort of forget the buzzing, but then your mind picks it up again. I avoid caffeine; it aggravates my tinnitus.

Published: July 31

My tinnitus started when I was around 30. I am now 57 and the noise in my ears is sometimes unbearable. I experience many of the sounds mentioned in this website. I blame it on my "Rock & Roll" days. I was in a band and the guitar and drums would literally drown me out most performances. Anyway, I find that "not thinking about it" is the best cure right now. I have learned to live with my demon. One thing though, I do agree that the jaw is related to this condition as when I do a pronounced yawn, the sound gets softer. I should stop writing as this because it is making me think about my "condition".

Published: July 29

The low dose of Klonopin that I take daily helps with the tinnitus. A friend of mine takes Valium for his tinnitus. These medications help, but do not cure the disease. I make it a habit to ignore the condition as dwelling on it gives the disease mastery over you.

Published: June 30

I was diagnosed with tinnitus four years ago. The Locust sound I hear is very loud, and it’s hard to baffle it out. The only time I get a little relief is when I take my sinus medication.

Published: June 30

I worked 20 years at Telstra with a headset. We would get idiots ringing in doing things like blowing a whistle or screaming down the phone plus the screeches as they were called technical faults. I am sure this is what caused the tinnitus as I am getting older now, 62. I feel I’m going crazy with it. At night I have to sleep with the radio or TV on otherwise I would get no sleep at all. I have visited many specialists and have been told there is no cure. I have had hearing aids fitted recently. The doctor said it might help, but as of yet, it hasn’t.