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Comment from: Mike, 19-24 Male (Patient) Published: November 13

My strep throat feels like someone ran a knife down my throat. I have white patches all over my throat and pus pockets. And I can't keep no food down at all. Thankfully the high fevers have slowed down tremendously. The doctor prescribed me 500 mg amoxicillin.

Comment from: JDug, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: July 05

When I had strep throat this year besides the throat discomfort I had a bad stomach ache and heart palpitations that made it really hard to sleep.

Comment from: Beejo7, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: May 14

I had strep a few times when I was younger and was also prone to ear infections. Now in my 20s, I can officially say the pain from strep is worse now than it ever was. It started off with ear pain and a sore throat. No big deal. I went to the doctor to have it checked and she said the strep test came back negative. Two days later I was in so much pain I was literally in tears, so I went to an Urgent Care (UC). My tonsils were so swollen that it felt as if my throat was entirely closed off. It hurt to breathe, talk, eat, drink; everything. Sleeping was a joke. Tylenol had to be taken every 4 to 6 hours. Soup broth was the only thing I could semi-comfortably take down, even then it was a struggle. Hot showers were a must. Gargling warm salt water helped for mere minutes. I’m currently on day 3 of my antibiotic regimen and I still have the massively swollen tonsils, and day 7 of constant throat pain. If nothing improves tomorrow I plan to go back to UC, but we shall see. Hoping no one ever gets strep in general, nonetheless this severe. It’s the most excruciating thing I’ve ever experienced, hands down.

Comment from: Arrgggh my throat..., 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: June 28

I found myself without any medication with a strep throat so bad it made me google a solution and here I am. Everything hurt, like a wire cutting my neck and someone had punched my voice box. I could barely speak and had a fever. I had tried ice, salt, eating honey, and nothing helped. Then someone made me a ginger tea and left me to fend for myself for the day. The ginger was so strong my lips tingled and tongue burnt. It hurt to drink it. Basically about an inch or 2 of ginger root chopped up into 1/4 inch lumps with boiling water on and a spoon of honey/sugar whatever. If it doesn't highly burn tongue, add more. The pain was bad on my throat, I could only drink half, but five minutes later the bite of the throat pain had gone. This allowed be to cough and untangle the phlegm off my voice box without squealing like a pig. I bought a bag of painkillers and sprays and lozenges today, still went back to burningly spicy ginger tea. Pain was gone so I could sleep two hours. Try it, you will thank me, one of the few things that actually works. It won't work for kids as they can't swallow it; burns tongue and lips a bit for a few minutes.

Comment from: CC, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: April 28

I experienced sore throat, headache, upset stomach, and fever. All of which were listed as symptoms of strep throat.

Comment from: Bennettbop, 55-64 (Patient) Published: May 09

I am 64. I used to get a sore throat and a cold once or twice a year. I have been on a plant based diet for the past 6 years with my wife. I never get them anymore, nor does my wife. I suspect that this strep throat has something to do with the lack of consumption of dairy products. In addition to the large consumption of vegetables, grains, fruit and beans, we eat a huge salad every evening.

Comment from: enr92, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: January 21

This is my first time with strep throat, and let me just say I would not wish this on my worst enemy. I started having sore muscles Sunday night, and brushed it off because I had worked out two days before. I woke up the next morning with the muscles sore, fatigue, and a very sore throat. It hurt to even swallow my saliva. I developed a low-grade fever on Tuesday. Symptoms seemed to get worse as the day progressed. I went to the doctor this morning (Wednesday). He tested me for strep which actually came back negative, but the doctor was still certain I had strep due to the occasional inaccuracy of the test and the fact that I showed all the classic symptoms of strep. He started me on 10-day amoxicillin. I took one pill already but the doctor said that sometimes it takes a couple days for symptoms to start improving. Looks like I'll be out of work longer than I thought. Super.

Comment from: PowerOn, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: November 04

This is my second time getting strep throat in two years. I am 44 years old. I have low-grade fever 101.5. I also started getting the chills and elevated heart rate of 100 to 104 just sitting doing nothing. I went to the doctor who did strep throat test, which came back positive. It was the last thing in the world I thought. For the second day I am on penicillin and still have elevated temperature and sweating, still have elevated heart rate just sitting in chair and temperature is 100. Well, I am at the doctor’s to get elevated heart rate checked before EKG just to be safe.


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Comment from: Jgrip89, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: May 21

I am on day 4 with strep throat and so far this is the worst. I felt symptoms Thursday, went to the doctor Friday and started antibiotics immediately. Today I began having a very runny nose and tonight my throat feels extremely dry (despite drinking tons of water) and feels like I"m being stabbed, making me cough quite often. Cough drops and hot tea have been my saving graces so far. I tried ibuprofen and it made me nauseous.

Comment from: 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: October 22

I was half way through work on Tuesday when the stabbing pain while swallowing started. I woke up on Wednesday feverish, exhausted and mute. I went to the doctor that day. He did a quick test for strep throat and came back positive. I was his 4th adult case that day. He prescribed 875 mg of amoxicillin, 2 per day and ibuprofen for pain and fever reduction. Ibuprofen was ineffective at best. 3 days on the amoxicillin and there is no change. It takes 3 to 5 days for it to kick in, I was told. I have tried everything to reduce the swallowing pain. No luck, I am miserable!

Comment from: Mark, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: October 15

I started getting chills and fever on Friday. My throat got sore on Saturday and by Sunday I was in pain. I went to see the doctor on Sunday and he prescribed an antibiotic (Amoxicillin) 3 times a day for 14 days. I have never experienced this kind of throat pain before. Just to swallow my own saliva is so painful that I look forward to sleeping so that I am unaware of the pain. No pain killer was prescribed but I have been taking Tylenol 3 but it doesn't seem to be working. Interesting that as you get older the pain and soreness lasts longer and is more intense. Nothing helps, not honey, not any kind of throat lozenges (that would just burn) tea, cold drink, nothing alleviates the pain. Doctor tells me to drink warm liquids but even that hurts.

Comment from: andrewscore, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: October 15

I began having a sore throat on the right side three days ago. Each day, the pain got worse and then started waking me up at night. It extended to the left side. I then began to feel feverish. I went to an urgent care clinic and the doctor immediately agreed that I almost certainly had strep. He prescribed Zithromax and also asked me to use Advil for the pain. It's been about 30 hours since my first dose. I don't have a fever anymore, but I still have plenty of throat pain.

Comment from: Jon, 19-24 Male (Patient) Published: October 15

I currently have strep throat. I was diagnosed with it yesterday, but my throat began hurting 3 days ago. I just started Azithromycin yesterday and so far, I have had no relief. My symptoms include swollen tonsils and throat, difficulty swallowing, severe headache, chills and muscle aches. The only thing helping me out is staying on a constant dose of 800mg of Motrin. Then my headache subsides. I have had to take Motrin for 4 days now, and can't wait until I start recovering.

Comment from: Mitch, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: January 16

I went to the doctor for a sinus infection on January 5, returned for pinkeye on January 9, and got Bactrim for the sinus and eye drops for the pink eye. The Bactrim dose was over on January 12, and the eye drops go one more day. All of my symptoms (congestion, post nasal drip, headache, aching cheeks, and cough) have gone away except a sore throat. The soreness is minimal when I rise, and increases during the day. I have been taking Advil for the soreness. This is a new experience, and I may go back to the doctor if the soreness persists, in spite of no other strep throat symptoms. I wonder if it is possible Bactrim side effect.

Comment from: 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: November 04

This is the most painful experience I have ever had to endure. The pain is frightening. It started on Friday with what felt like a regular sore throat but nothing I tried offered any relief. By Saturday night, the pain was so intense I was considering the emergency room. Sunday morning, a family doctor diagnosed strep throat and prescribed antibiotics and Tylenol 3. The Tylenol has had very little effect. I did get some relief at one point thanks to four extra strength Advil; I'd rather not take that many painkillers however. Web searches suggest honey, salt water and the like ... nothing works!

Comment from: Male (Patient) Published: November 04

I currently have strep throat. I was diagnosed with it yesterday, but my throat began hurting 3 days ago. I just started Azithromycin yesterday and so far, I have had no relief. My symptoms include swollen tonsils and throat, difficulty swallowing, severe headache, chills and muscle aches. The only thing helping me out is staying on a constant dose of 800mg of Motrin. Then my headache subsides. I have had to take Motrin for 4 days now, and can't wait until I start recovering.

Comment from: lisa, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: November 04

My body started to ache on a Thursday evening. That night, I did not sleep at all because of a high fever. On Friday, I was in bed all day with a fever and all-over aches (my throat did not hurt yet). On Saturday, I still had a 102 fever, and I woke up that day and could not swallow anything. I felt miserable. I had a lot of nausea too. On Saturday, Sunday and Monday, I had the worst pain in my throat ever. Strep is one of the worst things to get. Nothing helps; it's a constant burning sensation that makes you want to scream. I've been taking amoxicillin for three days.


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Comment from: Gary123, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: August 20

I am in California and I started getting a sore throat. I developed a high fever, chills, a headache and severe throat pain. I went to an urgent care facility and they only did a quick swab test. The doctor on staff said it was negative. She wasn't too receptive to my skepticism since I remarked about the white splotches in the back of my throat and have had strep about 100 times in my life but not for many years. I usually get a spring sinus infection but not this year. I was in no condition to argue, so I took her script of Amox/500 mg. and ran.

Comment from: mb20and151, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: September 15

I have had strep twice within the last six weeks. As a 24-year-old, both times were the times I have been most sick in my adult life. I used to get strep as a child regularly. I remember enjoying it; I didn't feel that sick, got the day off of school, ate some ice cream. Now when I get it, I can't talk, can't eat, can't drink, run fevers up to 104 and pass out if I stand for more than a few minutes. It’s miserable! The most recent bout of it is ongoing. So far, it has been four full days of illness and two full days of antibiotics.

Comment from: bassincore, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: August 19

Well, it appears that I have this condition called strep throat. It started on Thursday when my throat started feeling scratchy. Then, I became weak, body aches and headache. Wow, this really sucks. It has been 6 dys now and I want to die. The pain is so great and nothing seems to help decrease the pain besides being asleep. I went back to work today because I was needed in Court. My body still feels very weak and I become dizzy at times. I am hoping that the medication the doctor prescribed will kick in and help with the symptoms. This is the worst feeling I have had in a long time. Still waiting for the culture to come back.

Comment from: sick mom, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: August 19

My husband rushed me to the ER this week when I had a 103.4 fever and horrible body aches. My throat hurt, but the ER doctor put me down for a sinus infection (probably due to the head pain) and a bladder infection. I asked him to look at my throat, and he did briefly said the throat was fine. Well, at my follow-up appointment the next afternoon, my regular doctor asked if I had seen my tonsils. It is classic strep now I’m stuck using a super-antibiotic the ER gave me for a bladder infection, and hoping it covers strep as well. Thank goodness for a second opinion!

Published: July 25

I'm 30 years old and had strep throat a couple of months ago. I had a positive strep test the day after my throat started hurting and got an injection of antibiotic and steroid, followed by 10 days of oral antibiotics. My throat felt better the next day, but I also had a respiratory infection that took forever to go away. I recommend the shot: They hurt really bad, but they work fast.

Published: July 14

I have strep now and it started on Thursday it is now Sunday. My tonsils are still swollen and red, but better than on Friday. My pain was so bad. I couldn’t speak or even swallow my own saliva. I was so close to calling an ambulance. I seriously wanted to rip my tonsils out. I heard the C. pepper work to relieve the pain. The only thing I want is to cure it for good. I am thinking of surgery but we'll see. The older you get the more severe they become and it is much harder to recuperate. My doctor said if you get more than 6 strep infections in a year. Time to get them out. I'm on my 2nd and it is July.

Published: July 14

I have step throat now it is very hard to swallow and I feel like my throat was deprived of water for days. The only relief is from these ice chips my 8 year old son gave me and a frozen slushy. It is easy to speak with something very cold.

Published: June 24

I'm having excruciating pain with my Strep (day 3). Be sure to see a doctor (I did yesterday) and ask for a penicillin and steroid shot to speed the healing. My doctor also prescribed pain medication along with the antibiotics. (Ibuprofen has been no help to me) Warmer drinks and soups help.

Published: June 24

As a kid who often had strep throat, I recall the symptoms disappearing within a couple of days (while taking penicillin). However, as a 35-yr-old adult who just recovered from a severe case of it, it was a much different experience. I had a very intense sore throat (unable to speak or swallow) for a full four days (while on penicillin). My tonsils and uvula swelled to several times their normal size (nearly closing my airway), making it difficult to breathe, especially while sleeping. On the fifth day, I began to notice some relief. By the sixth day, I was able to eat solid foods and no longer had a sore throat. Also, as a child, I recall having a high fever with the illness, but as an adult, there was less fever, but more dizziness and some nausea. I'm glad it's finally over!


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Published: June 16

I have strep throat right now and what helps with the pain a lot is ibuprofen. I was told by my doctor that it was safe to take with the prescription. It really helps!

Published: May 23

As a near-40 adult, I knew I had strep but waited over the weekend to see a doctor and he start antibiotics. On day five of antibiotics my sore throat was still very uncomfortable but less 'sharp' than it was before. My best relief has come from warm tea and Excedrin.

Comment from: demoneditor, 35-44 Male (Caregiver) Published: August 19

All I know is it I felt like I got stabbed in the throat. I drooled, moaned and was in excruciating pain for a week or so. Ibuprofen saved my butt, with a remedy of Slurpees and soup. Get on strong antibiotics fast and it will kill the infection.

Comment from: kdjfdkf, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: August 05

I had a sore throat for three days and swollen lymph glands until I went to doctor. They did a quick test and said I had strep throat. Ice cream helped most during the sore throat phase, even more than throat spray.

Comment from: 13-18 Male (Patient) Published: October 10

I began to develop a sore throat last Friday, Aug. 8th while vacationing in Germany. I could feel the tingling sensation beginning. By Monday (3 days later), the pain had intensified to the pain a bad sore throat usually brings, so that was nothing new to me just some pain. On Tuesday Aug 12th, I left the city I was in to go to Hamburg and upon arrival I could tell this was much more than a bad sore throat. The pain was getting to the point of something I never had experienced. The symptoms all pointed to strep. I consumed lots and lots of tea with honey and lemon to help which did a bit. Avoid chocolate or acidic drinks. Even that still hurts and now its August 17th. I went to seek medical attention (August 15th), a week after everything started, and was prescribed Amoxicillin to remove the bacteria (1 week dosage) as well as strong lozenges to soothe. Everything is about 50% better now and it is exactly 9 days later since it all started. I'm sure by Friday my throat should be back to 100% meaning 2 weeks from start to finish. Never had strep. Never want it again. Self-diagnosis is easy: You don't have a runny nose or cough yet you experience intense pain in the throat, intense pain when swallowing even own saliva, a bit of fever. The doctor could also do a blood test and within ten minutes check the bacteria levels in your blood rather than a strep test which can take a day to receive results.