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Comment from: Sweetwm, 55-64 Female (Caregiver) Published: September 02

My wife had a botched microwave ablation, causing her liver cancer to shatter and spread. You can feel two cancerous tumors on her stomach, she can't eat and she's gone from promising to hospice care. Now though the doctors say she won't live, if lucky, to Christmas. Well, we are not giving up, but the burned areas are bad and has an open wound bigger than a 50 cent piece all the way through her liver. So she is nauseated terribly, and can't keep food down right now. What things can she do with cancer around the stomach plus discoloration of body, and leaking from her side wound! It is 5 months now, and heartburn is worse when they used a pump. We can't accept this. The plastic surgeon cut out the burned areas mistake number 2, and now she's 98 lb but was able to get around, now just throwing up etc. They say they cut out burnt insides in 2 or 3 ribs, replaced muscle with back muscle. They really messed up. She's tough. After 2 years of chemotherapy she handled well but the doctor felt so bad, he called her at home, checked her PET scan ordered by the cancer doctor, and I believe plastic surgeon did make it worse. The nurses love helping my wife and fortunate to have a great hospice nurse.

Comment from: Mark, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: March 31

I was diagnosed with stomach cancer in November 2015 in the upper part of my stomach. It was classified as stage 2 and no spread. I underwent chemotherapy treatment already. The cancer shrunk in half after chemotherapy and I wonder why doctors wants to remove the whole stomach and not a part. I found it difficult to accept to live without a stomach. I have read about the side effects after surgery. The doctors said that this is a preventive procedure but I am not satisfied with the answer. I will check second opinion with other surgeons. What worries me is how fast the cancer is growing. They want to operate as soon as possible but I am not in a hurry, I would rather check other opinions first. Again I don't want to defer the treatment too long, to be on the safe side.

Comment from: A,Gurule, 35-44 Female (Caregiver) Published: March 20

Back in November, 2013 my younger brother was having stomach pains. He went to his doctor to get checked. The only test they did was a blood test. They told him that he just had an ulcer and treated him for an ulcer. December and January went by, he had lost weight but we didn"t think anything of it, because he was trying to lose weight. February 5, 2014 he lost sight in his left eye. They took him to the hospital and they thought he had a stroke. They sent him to one of the main hospitals in our state. They ran more tests and found that he had a tumor in his brain. They did some test and he started feeling a little better, he got his vision back and started talking better and eating. They still didn"t know what kind of tumor it was or where it originated. They did more test and found out later that it was stage 4 stomach cancer. They set up treatments of radiation and chemotherapy to try and prolong his life. They sent him home over the weekend. His first night home he took a turn for the worse. They took him up for his first radiation treatment and the doctor decided to double his treatments. By his third treatment he was up talking and was drinking and eating a little. His first week he would go two steps forward and then ten steps back. It went the same for his second week, until his poor body went into shock from the treatment and he passed away on February 26, 2014. We found out that day that they should have never doubled his radiation, and that was the reason his body went into shock. I want to get his story out, because he was diagnosed with helicobacter pylori and if they would have done an endoscopy of his stomach in November they would have caught the cancer in time. He was only 36 and was never sick. He was the healthiest person I knew. He never drank, never did any drugs and never smoked. We also found out later that our great grandma had stomach cancer and our aunt had stomach cancer when she passed away last year. If you have stomach problems please get checked. This cancer is ranked 2 in the United States.

Comment from: desy, 13-18 Male (Caregiver) Published: January 08

My son was just 16 years old when we went to find out why he couldn't keep food down. Every time he had something to eat he would struggle to swallow it and ended up being sick, he couldn't eat. The doctor gave him some antacid pills for a couple of weeks, then we went back to him. He sent him for tests and it was found he had stomach cancer. He was told he would be suitable to have his stomach removed but he must have chemotherapy first. All was going well when on the last session of chemotherapy something went wrong the doctors had another look inside of him and told us there was nothing they could do. He died just 2 months later; he wasted away, his little heart was broken after he went through so much and yet they couldn't save him. If you get stomach cancer demand to have an operation before chemotherapy and get the cancer cut out before it's too late. If they had operated on my son when they could have, he might still be here today minus a stomach. Christmas has just gone and it's heartbreaking to place a present on my son's grave.

Comment from: paddy, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: December 30

I had stomach cancer in 2010, I had a total gastrectomy, then chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Three years on and I am still here, but, although the doctors say there is no sign of cancer, I struggle on a daily basis with eating which causes pain shooting through my back and I am sick almost daily after or during eating. Eating small and often does no difference to me as I still suffer with these symptoms. The doctors have done all sorts of tests and can find nothing!

Comment from: Rebecca, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: May 21

I am 36. For a year and a half now I have been having symptoms like food hurting as it is going down, sour stomach, heartburn, pain in my stomach, and some weight loss. My gastrointestinal doctor did a CAT scan and it showed that my stomach was thickening and I had a piece of my small intestine thickening as well. I go next week for a barium follow through and next month for an endoscopy and colonoscopy. I am scared. I have faith that this isn't stomach cancer, but I know the possibilities. I have 7 small children to live for. I am mentally trying to prepare myself in case that is the diagnosis. I am not sure why the stomach thickening and small intestines thickening. The spots are not near each other.


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Comment from: mav, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: June 14

I had non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2001, stage 3 and in 2008 stomach cancer with 2 thirds removed. I now have a strange sensation of a lump to the left of my belly button which without examination have been told it is probably diverticular disease. I am concerned as the sensation (feeling) is there most of the time.

Comment from: Loulun, 45-54 Male (Caregiver) Published: February 23

My dad is dying from stomach cancer. He was in the hospital today and he had a confused look like he doesn't know who we are. I think this is his last weekend with us.

Comment from: blessed, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: October 15

My vision was getting bad so I went to have my glasses renewed. They said I had a stroke in my right eye, so there had to be an underlying problem that caused the stroke. All the tests showed negative. I explained to my doctor that I threw up 3 times in the past month due to my food stopping at my chest. They went down my throat said I had large ulcer with inflammation around it. They did a biopsy, and came back as stomach cancer. This cancer causes blood clots, so that is what caused the stroke in my eye. They did surgery, saw a spot in another place, so they did not take my stomach out. Instead they placed a feeding tube in my stomach, and put a port for chemotherapy in my upper chest/shoulder. In 2 days I was eating real food through my mouth, it stayed down and it did not make me sick. They were/are amazed that I was eating and holding it down. I started chemo 3 weeks after surgery. I was losing 4-5 pounds every other week. The feeding tube that I never used fell out and I refused to have it put back in. My weight stabilized, and I have gained 7.5 pounds in the last month. They categorized me as Stage 4. But my surgeon said about 6 weeks ago that they are amazed at how well I am doing, and they think they might have misdiagnosed me. It has been a rough, interesting journey for the last 4 months.

Comment from: Catherine, 75 or over Female (Caregiver) Published: October 24

My mum showed no signs of stomach cancer. The only thing I was concerned about was shortness of breath on short walks. When she collapsed at home, I brought her into hospital; they sent her for a gastroscopy test (OGD, or endoscopy - camera into the tummy). They discovered a large tumor in the stomach that had gone through the stomach wall and into the glands. She is on palliative care as she didn't want the surgery because of her age (84 at the time). That was September 2012. It is now nearly a year since she was diagnosed, thankfully she is still with us and still independent. I know cancer moves slowly when you're old, maybe that is working in her favor.

Published: July 15

Prior to May, my father had lost weight, felt full after eating very little and began vomiting. Years before these episodes, he was from the old school of "when you have a stomach ache, mix come baking soda w/ water." We called it his cocktail and he would feel better. God only knows how long he had stomach cancer, but was officially diagnosed in May the tumor was huge and then spread to his esophagus, bones and lungs. My daddy passed away. He was a strong man and an athlete all his life and this happened so fast and he was gone even faster. All I can say is there were really no symptoms, except for a belly ache once in awhile after eating, (we've all had that) but the big things happened when it was all to late to cure. Please, everyone, get check-ups, to for an endoscopy every few years and bloodwork. He lasted 10 months from diagnosis and the ending was not nice, I'm thankful my family was with him as he totally wasted away. He never had pain, but just lost so much weight from not eating. I wish there was more testing for this horrible form of cancer.

Comment from: Connie, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: July 15

I had surgery for stomach cancer in September and 1/2 of my stomach was removed. Also, after surgery I had 3 blood clots pass through my heart and also had MERSA. It was all very painful and scary; but, even though my oncologist jokes that they tried to kill me 3 times, he shakes his head and can only say I caught it in time while I was still healthy. I am now on Gleevic which is supposed to help with stomach tumors and Warfarin for my thick blood. I have had no bad affects from either. I originally went to the doctor because I was very tired and my blood tests showed that my red blood cells were disappearing fast. They did the gastro tests showing an ulcer and another mass. Even a scan could not identify what it was, therefore, the surgery. I can only believe that God has a reason for keeping me here. Today, at 67 I am retired but still work 12 hours a week at the college I am affiliated with and only once in a while feel tired. The doctor is amazed because I am eating just about everything.

Comment from: belfast, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: June 16

I was diagnosed with stomach cancer when I was 41 years old. I didn't smoke or drink. My surgeon told me to forget about 2008, and I did. I went through intense chemo before my surgery, and then I had my full stomach removed along with part of my bowel. It was a six-hour surgery. My chemo started three months after surgery. It was tough for me, my husband and three teenage children, but my family and faith got me through this ordeal. I got the all clear before Christmas, and what a Christmas present that was! I have returned to work after a full year out. I still get tired every day and feel like a pensioner some days, but I'm alive and kicking and will hope and pray I never have to go down that road ever again. I found the hardest thing throughout all this was learning to eat again, but I now know to eat small and often. Think positive and take all the help you can to get through this. Sleep plenty and think positive.


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Comment from: very worried, 75 or over Female (Caregiver) Published: June 02

My grandfather was taken to hospital last night, before this he started with diarrhea. He hadn't opened his bowels for the past two weeks and wasn't eating properly and was vomiting after not being able to eat much. He has lost a bit of weight due to these symptoms, while at the hospital they have found that his bowels were blocked, they did some test and finally came back with results tonight. His liver and kidneys are fine, but he has a lump on the left side of his stomach they said it can't be cancer because it would have spread to his liver. They are going to find out tomorrow what the lump is and how big and also if it has anything to do with any sort of cancer or anything that may be bad. They said it may be an early stage and if so they would be able to treat it. My grandfather is 77 years old and is a Pacific Islander. He doesn't drink or smoke and doesn't have any weight problems. He is a very active man in life. I have questions to ask about the food he did like salt and has eaten a good dose of fatty foods. It is just a cultural thing really, but has never gained massive weight he always kept fit. I just don't understand these things that are happening to him from what I've read about all the symptoms of stomach cancer I feel this is what he could have and if he is in the early stages of it I really hope that the doctor's at the hospital can help him in whatever this is that he is going threw right now.

Comment from: Susan, 75 or over Male (Caregiver) Published: May 17

My dear friend began feeling ill and lost his appetite. He just wasn't hungry. He began to burp a good deal and pass gas. He felt bloated and his stomach began to swell. The blood work didn't show anything. They did a sonogram which showed nothing. A CT scan was taken, which raised questions. Finally, to the shock of the doctor, he was diagnosed as having a 5 pound tumor in his stomach. The cancer has traveled to his liver and many lymph nodes. The doctor believes the tumor has been growing for about a year. The doctors only give him three months. However, one should never, ever give up or in. Keep fighting. There are so many stories of miracles.

Comment from: RMJ, 55-64 Female (Caregiver) Published: March 31

In August of 2008, my sister began vomiting every day. At first, it was thought she might have gall bladder problems. A CAT scan revealed nothing. Finally, a gastroscopy revealed stomach cancer. Most of her stomach was removed. The cancer had spilled over into her lymph nodes. She was next treated with chemo 24 hours a day and radiation five days a week. She was scheduled for another operation at the end of January. She was opened and closed back up. It was explained that the cancer was sprinkled like sand and inoperable. Thee next step was an aggressive combination of three types of chemo. This proved too much as she became very sick. She is now building up her strength again before another chemo treatment.

Comment from: Veronica, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: December 17

Five years ago, I was diagnosed with stomach cancer. My doctor thought that I had bleeding ulcers, and it turned out to be cancer. My surgery consisted of two-thirds of my stomach being taken out. Thank God and the doctors that they found it. I went through chemo and radiation. Now, I am good. My last appointment with my doctor is in December of 2008.

Comment from: Bryan, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: August 01

By chance due to a stuck pillcam i was diagnosed with small intestinal cancer Stage 3. The growth out of the side wall of the intestine floated 7.5 inches along the intestine. I was extremely lucky in that the intestine wall was not breached and that this floating sausage was free of the intestinal walls. A 2ft section of intestine was cut out and no lymph nodes were were infected. So two months later i seem to be doing fine just have to have test every 6mths to make sure none of the cancer escaped. On the good side I am eating anything and everything and that i have not been able to do for many years. I pray that anybody else with this rare form of cancer is a luck as me.

Comment from: ann, 45-54 Male (Caregiver) Published: June 07

My brother was told 3 mos ago that he has stomach cancer and is in stage 4 and it has spread to other parts of his body. My brother is only 47 and he as well as our family is scared and lost, this has changed all our lives. Please if anyone has any advice for us it would be greatly appreciated!

Comment from: Annetjie, 65-74 Male (Caregiver) Published: June 16

My father-in-law was diagnosed with stomach cancer three weeks ago after losing a lot of weight and could not eat. After a second opinion a week later, the results showed stage 2. Last week, they found the cancer had spread to other organs. The doctors informed us that there is nothing else they can do but put in a stent from his esophagus into his stomach to make life a little easier.

Comment from: mele, 55-64 Female (Caregiver) Published: May 17

My mom just went through surgery to remove more than half of her stomach because of cancer that was found. She has been home for about a month now, but she is constantly throwing up and being taken back and forth to the hospitals because of dehydration. I am really worried about her. She dry-heaves about every 30 to 45 minutes.

Comment from: fighting cancer, 55-64 Male (Caregiver) Published: March 05

My husband was suffering with stomach problems. He couldn't digest his food; it would stay and lie in his stomach until he had to throw up, but the unusual thing was it wasn't food. It was large quantities of a brown color liquid with a foul smell. Doctors tried many endoscopies and scans and said that where his stomach connected to his small intestine was closed. So after trying to open it up and injecting Botox and taking pills to make stomach work and reduce heartburn; etc; nothing helped. Eventually, he was back to square one and had to go to the emergency room. The next day, we found out that he had stomach cancer. It had spread to his intestines and part of his liver. I am so devastated about the news and hope and pray his body can stand chemotherapy.

Comment from: kit, 75 or over Female (Caregiver) Published: March 05

My mother was diagnosed with stage IV stomach cancer. She had a full physical exam every year. She had all the symptoms, looking back. She had protein in her urine, but they kept checking her kidneys. She had indigestion and nausea. She lost weight and finally could not eat. She was very anemic even though she got B12 shots every two weeks. This is a very evil disease. It doesn't get much press, but it is out there. Surgery and chemo did not help; it was too late for her. We believe that her mother died of it in 1950. I have met many people, all ages and nationalities, that have it and died.

Comment from: 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: November 11

I had stage 2 stomach cancer. I was treated with surgery to remove 85% to 90% of my stomach. I had aggressive chemo and radiation. I had one symptom and that was anemia. My fifth year has passed, and I am doing well. The path is hell, but there is light ahead. I am currently doing well.

Comment from: glenda, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: September 25

When I eat the food doesn't go down anymore. It just sits there. If I lay down, I wake suddenly, like I am about to throw up. I also have heartburn like you wouldn't believe. It is awful.

Published: May 22

When I was diagnosed with stomach cancer, I had a partial gasectromy, chemotherapy and radiation. I lost 75 lbs and my hair. It was a long and difficult road but I'm feeling better every day! There is light at the end of the tunnel if you fight for it. My two year anniversary is in July and I'm thankful for everything that I have. I received the love and support of friends and family that made it worth while. You can do it too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment from: NitaW16, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: July 15

I was diagnosed with stomach cancer in June. I had surgery (July) to remove 2/3 of my stomach, chemotherapy started August and continued through the end of January. I remained cancer-free until February when I had a recurrence (a very tiny spot was found at the place of origin) and was treated with a new regiment of chemo. I am a fighter, with family and friends and my faith I continue to be positive and always look on the bright side of things. I am still here and I feel great and believe that a cure will be found one day. I still continue to receive different medications and have always been able to tolerate everything that has been given to me. Life is great!

Comment from: Susan, 65-74 Male Published: June 08

I just died from Stomach Cancer (Stage 4). He was from Mexico and came to this country in 1953. He loved the United States and passed away on Memorial Day. He found out that he had cancer 7 months ago and received Chemotherapy. He didn't live long enough for the 2nd round of Chemotherapy. He was only given 3 months to live. This was a tough fight for him. We have since learned that his father had it as well. We were told to be tested for the H pylori bacteria because we are now at risk. So far one of my sisters has tested positive.

Comment from: gary from sydney, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: May 29

My father and uncle died of stomach cancer my GP had me checked for the past ten years I was diagnosed feb this year with cancer of the mucosa 5th march I had a total Gastrectomy the cancer had not spread after 11 weeks I am playing golf tennis. I am male 69 years old. I suffer dumping when I eat foods containing sugar. I did not require chemotherapy or radiation.

Comment from: Lisa, 55-64 Female (Caregiver) Published: May 29

My Mother had indigestion for a long time, but was very active and looked great for 65. She had an ultrasound and nothing showed up. After several years of this she started getting very dizzy and after passing out several times she agreed to go to the ER. Within 2 hours she had been diagnosed with stomach cancer. 2 weeks later she had surgery and they removed her stomach totally. In another 5 days she was gone from us, this is a horrible disease and as much pain as she was in she never once cried in front of us, I never realized how strong she was.

Comment from: Patti, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: May 01

I have severe Barrettes, of the esophagus and stomach I have gone by ambulance several times, after dry heaves, because I cannot vomit (had a fundoplication) 3 years ago. It does suffocate me when this happens. I have to take medication of Phenergan, and a Phenergan suppository and it still does not stop.

Comment from: Texas, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: May 01

I have recently been diagnosed with stomach cancer I was told that I would need to have my entire stomach removed how do you cope with this type of news. I am 41 and scarred please if there are any encouraging words from some survivors out there that can help me cope and maybe just chat with please reply.

Comment from: a.arrick, 55-64 Female (Caregiver) Published: April 23

My experience with stomach cancer was very painful. Actually, my father had it and unfortunately he was not a survivor from it. It took his life. It happened so fast, but I'm just writing to let people with stomach cancer lift there heads and rejoice because life is tooo short. Live your life, love your life and always have faith

Comment from: kobeno, 25-34 (Patient) Published: October 13

I had stage 3 stomach cancer. I had 80 percent of my stomach removed and 90 days of continuous chemo (before and after surgery). I'm doing great now. I lost about 50 pounds. I cannot live without my PH balance tablets which helps me digest food.

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