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Comment from: Honest1inVA, 45-54 Female (Caregiver) Published: March 01

My mother aged 70 also had knee replacement and developed severe staph/MRSA infection. They moved her to a rehabilitation facility and had a PICC line IV in her neck with antibiotics for six weeks. It did not help! They said they had given her so many, strong antibiotics that they had to take her off of everything and give her kidneys a chance to recoup and then try a different course of antibiotics. My poor mother was so depressed and sick, she contemplated taking her life. It was months before she finally came home. They managed to get it under control but she has a lot of medical issues. I feel awful for the other commenter who lost her mother after knee replacement surgery. The hospital told my mother that the first knee they put in was infected with MRSA. They had to remove it and put a spacer in her knee until it healed and then give her a second knee replacement in that same knee. Given the fact that my mother has had numerous surgeries for DDD (degenerative disc disease), and had her entire back fused twice since 1977, the experience was horrible not being able to move or lie in a hospital bed. I am thankful my mother survived and I worry about her every day. Hospitals are freaking petri dishes. I want no part of them. I also have DDD in my neck and lower back. I was supposed to have my C5, C6 and C7 removed and replaced with artificial discs back in 2008 but I refused. I have nothing left in my neck and my symptoms are getting worse but I still am more terrified of dying from a stupid infection from the unclean hospitals. I'd rather put myself down than deal with that or the risk of being paralyzed by some error. Nope, I'm going to live out my years like they did 100 years ago. Just be until it's my time.

Comment from: Kk66, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: May 20

I just found out today I have MRSA. I have a bad abscess on top of my buttock crack. I went to the doctor on Monday and they did a culture. They gave me two prescriptions. It is very painful and is draining constantly. I've been soaking in Epsom salt nightly. Hope it clears up soon. I am also take Enbrel for psoriasis and wonder if this attributed to my infection. I also work in healthcare facility and I am often around patients with MRSA.

Comment from: d floyd, 55-64 Female (Caregiver) Published: March 10

My mother had knee replacement surgery and developed an MRSA staph infection as a result. They took the artificial knee out and replaced it with a (from what I understand) a cement block containing antibiotics. She also received intravenous antibiotics. After a horrible 6 weeks they gave her a new knee replacement and said she was ok. After that she suffered from confusion and wasn't able to maintain everyday function. A year later she got very sick, couldn't breathe or think straight. I took her to the emergency room and they put her in ICU and ended up with a tube in her throat. They never diagnosed her with ammonia but suggested it. They put her in a rehabilitation hospital. Two weeks later they called me at 6 am and told me she was dead. Since then, I have heard that many patients with severe MRSA die within a year or two of this condition. I was wondering if this is actually the case. They told me she was doing great, getting better every second and all of a sudden she was gone. I got no answers from the rehab center. They said if I wanted an autopsy I would have to pay for it. Just wondered if anyone else has been through or heard of anything like this.

Comment from: d, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: May 23

I had a staph infection in my throat and got my tonsils out. The infection went to my hip when I was 16; that was in 1971. I was in the hospital and very sick with high fever and pain. They didn't clean out the joint, then I got another staph that went up my butt. Doctors cut it out. I always had nail infections and developed MRSA in my eye. I cut my toe on a wire and got it in my toe. I was unable to walk at age 40 and on a cane and in a wheel chair. I had severe neck and back pain. I had a hip replacement, neck surgery and back surgery. I had thumb surgery for arthritis. My body was twisted. I got severe vertigo. I went to a dermatologist who put me on doxycycline for something unrelated. My body became straight and my arthritis conditions improved. Most importantly I am able to walk without assistance. I am currently back on my exercise program. I am still in some pain but nothing like before.

Comment from: viplounger, 19-24 Female (Caregiver) Published: March 18

My daughter is 22. Over the last year she has had 5 operations to drain the MRSA infections; she has had 2 on the front of her vaginal region and the other three under her arms. I don"t know how she got it. I just wish it would go away. She is in hospital today, she has multiple infections under her arm. It’s impossible to move her arm upwards due to the intense pain. She went to the hospital on Saturday and this new surgeon turned her away and told her they would go away with antibiotics. I knew they wouldn"t. But she is in there today I’m sure they won’t turn her away today. I wish that everyone who has this will one day be totally cured. Good luck people.

Comment from: helloflowers, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: July 06

I have had a staph infection over a year. I have been to 2 dermatologist and my family doctor. I have had antibiotic after another, nothing is helping. There has to be a cure for MRSA.

Comment from: Ccmrsahealed, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: February 26

I have been battling MRSA for 7 months. I have been on various antibiotics to include 3 rounds of outpatient IV treatments, with clearing of original sites but continued new sores. Appearance of infection are jaw, ear, chin and forehead. I"ve had CT Scans and MRIs, both showing clear of infection or underlying cause, but have continued to have pain, swelling and drainage. The MRSA has caused damage to my inner ear (vestibular tubes) which maintain balance and send signals of movement to the brain. I"m now also undergoing vestibular physical therapy to help with severe vertigo caused by the damage. I believe that the infection is finally getting some better. I"m feeling better, still exhausted and in pain, but the sores are improving and with the drainage I have experienced lately, it feels like it is leaving. Proactive cleanser and sulfur mask have helped as much or more than any antibiotic treatment.


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Comment from: blondietwostep, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: February 14

I was diagnosed with MRSA in my nasal cavity five years ago. I have seen an infectious disease specialist, an ENT, and now back to another infectious disease specialist. None have successfully helped me thus far. I am beginning to get migraines, dizziness, high blood pressure, pus and dark green discharge from my right side of nose. My jaw aches, my right ear hurts and my temples hurt. I also have neck pain. I have had neck x-rays that didn"t show anything. I have been on over 12 different antibiotics over the last five years, and nothing has helped me get rid of this infection. I am at my wit’s end, and getting scared that it has spread to my brain and other parts of my head and neck. I am presently taking Cipro, which I have taken in the past, and it cleared up for two weeks, and came back to haunt me. I have requested an MRI be taken and for some odd reason the doctor rather doses me with more antibiotics, even though none has helped me.

Comment from: loveth, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: March 07

I’ve been suffering from MRSA for over 6 years now. AT first I noticed itching rashes on my private part and around my thighs. In 2012 I started having frequent urination and I went to see my doctor and had undergone a swab test and I was asked to take Augmentin and some other antibiotics. After finishing my treatment my frequent urination stopped but later I started noticing blood on my undies and the rashes are still there.

Comment from: 0-2 Male (Caregiver) Published: November 07

I had my baby and as hours passed he didn't seem to be like my other child. He was 3 days old when I noticed a smell from his cord. On day 5 he got scab then when about 1 week old he developed a pustule in the armpit and groin. Then 3 weeks later we were told he had PVL MRSA and was admitted to the hospital for 2 weeks. He was given 2 lots of antibiotics which took at least 45 mins a time to do; since then he has had a lot of infections and has now developed another boil.

Comment from: deb, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: November 07

I have 102 temperature, shivering, teeth chattering, tongue spasms and blue color to the tongue. I have been sick for 2 days. I am very weak and cannot move due to whole body aching.

Comment from: billeebee, 35-44 Female Published: August 06

Two years ago, I was diagnosed as being in that 2% of healthy adults that is a carrier for MRSA. I was treated with ointment up the nose, my hubby was treated, and the two kids were staph-free. However, the boils are back! It looks like it's time for a new swab testing. Grrr...

Comment from: Worried, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: April 09

For 6 months I have been on medication for staph, with no sign of progress. Medications, including drugs and injections, have been prescribed after tests conducted at a lab and clinic.


MRSA describes a specific type of bacteria that are resistant to certain antibiotics. See Answer