Patient Comments: Sleep Paralysis - Management


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Comment from: Leajay, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: August 13

I fell heavily on my chest and within a few days there was a strange sensation under my rib cage. It went. The next day it returned. My doctor hasn't a clue. It feels like a tight belt which tightens more after I eat. It's with me all of the time. There is no pain just tightness. I didn't have an x-ray. It is similar to the multiple sclerosis (MS) hug but without the MS.

Comment from: Kjeh, Female (Patient) Published: January 22

I've had sleep paralysis since I was young and when it got worse as a teenager I started a dream/sleep diary. If I'm overtired, sleeping on my back, dehydrated, stressed, eat pork, or it's a full moon I will have auditory hallucinations (loud voices), facial spasms (several times I thought I was having an epileptic fit), ringing in my ears, panic, the feeling that something or someone (evil) is near, and sometimes I feel pressure on the bed, feel cold and feel someone sliding the sheets off me. I'll wake up momentarily and fall right back into the paralysis. I also have flying dreams. As a kid I could just barely get away from whatever was chasing me in my dream, now am a very skilled flyer. When I can't shake myself awake during the paralysis I say (sometimes aloud) 'Fly' and I dream I'm flying and this stops the paralysis and the panic. It works every time.


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