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Comment from: 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: June 17

I had rheumatic fever at age 7 in 1964. It came on following strep throat. I was bed-ridden for 9 weeks and had to be carried. I had weekly penicillin injections and blood was drawn for testing. Then for the next 14 years (until age 21) I took penicillin daily as prescribed by the American Heart Association. While in college I had severe gut problems (constipation and digestive disorders). A few years after college I was hospitalized with an intestinal blockage. I changed my diet to mostly brown rice and vegetables for the next few years to get that under control. From age 22 to 45 the dentists insisted on a course of 3 days of antibiotics prior to dental cleaning 2 times a year. I went along fine for a number of years, then after having two children, at the age of 30 and 34, my joints began breaking down. I have had 7 orthopedic surgeries for various joints (foot joint fusion, neck fusion, shoulder, elbow, high hamstring at the sit bone and hip surgery). I don't have any heart problems that I am aware of. At age 58 now, I continue to have gut and digestive issues and am seeing a nutritionist to learn how to heal my gut. I attribute my joint and gut issues to the 14 plus years of daily antibiotic use and the additional 20 plus years of bi-annual antibiotic use.

Comment from: margie Mig, 65-74 (Patient) Published: December 23

I was about 4 or 5 years old when I held my arms up to my mother and told her I was too big to walk any more, I was hurting. I started getting low grade fevers in the late afternoons and I would get very tired. Soon after that my mother took me to the doctor (an army doctor). They said I had rheumatic fever and a heart murmur. The doctor prescribed penicillin every 4 hours and bed rest. A doctor came to the house all the time. I had to eat liver every day. This went on for about 6 months. The doctor said I could return to school. I was a tomboy. They could not hold me down. Next episode I was about 11 years old. I ended up in an army hospital this time. I was back on penicillin every 4 hours. Again no liver this time. I was there for 3 or 4 months. I am 74 years old and I still play tennis 3 to 4 times a week and go to the trainer 3 times a week. I have had 2 back operations, open heart surgery of the aorta valve. The only real pain I have is behind my knee. The doctors want to replace my knees. No way. I do the dentist thing and travel with a Z-Pak.

Comment from: christine, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: March 21

I had rheumatic fever at ages 6, 8, and 9. I lived at the children's Hospital in Brisbane for months at a time. I now have feet problems and require ongoing antibiotic cover for many medical issues. I also have heart valve concerns and effects from three types of tick bites. Muscular problems are frequent and worse during the flu season. I also have digestive concerns probably from years of medication. There appear to be many people much worse off than I am or so it seems. I heard on the TV some years ago that my hospital doctor had found a vaccine for the condition. He would have been about 75 at the time. Activity does help a fair bit.


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