Patient Comments: Reflux Laryngitis - Experience


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Comment from: RW, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: June 12

Fortunately my reflux laryngitis has always been short-lived and has only happened when I have thrown up due to food poisoning (twice ever). Each time I’ve had that, I didn’t throw up for long; just enough to empty my stomach, but I guess even just a little is enough to cause the irritation or swelling and laryngitis.

Comment from: MM1999, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: September 04

With reflux laryngitis I had 3 years hoarse voice, now almost no voice. It feels like food sticks in my throat sometimes. I have constant pain/burning in chest, throat spasms, nausea in the morning, stomach pain/burning frequently, heart burn daily and bad taste in the mouth. I wake up choking and coughing multiple times a week. I have tried every over the counter medicine. I stopped eating any hot/spicy foods and acidic foods; nothing helps. I've always been healthy. This started about 3 years ago and it is ruining my life.

Comment from: Allen, 75 or over Male (Patient) Published: March 11

I awoke in 1992 with severe pain, which was diagnosed as hiatal hernia, and have contended with reflux laryngitis since then. I use a large foam wedge to sleep, sleeping pills, and your range of OTC medicines. One rare event was regurgitation of a bag of popcorn. I only medicate when pain occurs. Other health factors prevent any regular medications. I find sereneness, quiet, and regular sleep more help than anything. Food does not matter. In fact, diets can be dangerous. I also find most doctors are ignorant of the condition, and have maltreated me several times, in hospitals. Once, I was treated in hospital, with an agitating drug, that caused me to leave his treatment, in pain. OTC medications relieved the pain in one hour.

Comment from: anil india, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: October 29

I am suffering from acute throat problem since last 9 years. During laryngoscopy test it was said that there was swelling in vocal cord. I am sensitive to dust, diesel, petrol, and frying/roasting of articles in oil. I have continued coughing and choking of throat. I am a teacher and my voice gets choked during teaching. I am taking causticum, belladona, and hepar sulphur, but no relief. I am sensitive to air conditioner and change of season.


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