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If known, what was the cause of your premature menopause? Submit Your Comment

Comment from: Lynn, 35-44 (Patient) Published: October 05

My story is a frustrating one. My first symptoms of premature menopause began when I was 31 years of age. All through my 20s, I was like clockwork with my periods; every 30 days I was having one. When I turned 31, they started jumping all over the place. At the age of 34, I started to experience the extremely annoying cycle length of 21 days. I was having a period every 3 weeks, so it felt like I was barely stopping my last one before the next would start. About a year later, I missed my first period, or at least, I did not have a regular period. My cycle length had gone back to normal for me, and the day before I was due to start, I did a little spotting. My period never took off though, I spotted for 2 days and then nothing. The following month, I had no period at all. The worst part of this is, since I'm only 35, my doctor does not believe that I am experiencing premature menopause, and therefore does not take me seriously. I have had several perimenopause symptoms: hot flashes and night sweats, vaginal dryness/pain after intercourse, cycle length irregularities, mood swings, mild depression, weight gain around the middle (despite the fact that I am exercising now more than I ever have as an adult), 'old' blood at the end of my periods, incontinence when sneezing/coughing hard, and severe irritability (thankfully that symptom does seem to be diminishing, finally). I wish family doctors were taught to recognize this a lot better rather than just writing off their patients' concerns since they aren't old enough to experience it. I know my body; I have lived in it for 35 years, and I can tell when something is different or not right. My biggest fear is that since premature menopause can cause some other issues, like osteoporosis and colon cancer (among other things), I'm in major trouble for those 2 particular issues, since both run heavily in my family. I wish I could convince my doctor that I am indeed experiencing premature menopause and we could take steps to monitor colon cancer or osteoporosis earlier.

Comment from: Juliet, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: April 17

No more periods, yeah! I am glad I got premature menopause.


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