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Comment from: kyles, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: April 25

Lack of calcium in my diet was the cause of my preeclampsia and eclampsia.

Comment from: Janna03, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: January 31

I am 65 years old now but 38 years ago after going into labor a month early with my second daughter, I ended up with eclampsia several hours after delivery. I am curious why I never read anywhere of the excruciating chest pains I was experiencing that obviously go along with blood pressure being through the roof. Then I went into grand mal seizure.

Comment from: crisulo, 55-64 Male (Caregiver) Published: February 10

I have been frustrated in my search for information relative to the effect of preeclampsia on the unborn child. I was diagnosed with the condition; spent two weeks on hospital rest and then a caesarean was done. My son was unresponsive at birth and required special attention. At age of six weeks trephines were done to aspirate fluid on the left side of his brain. He has been diagnosed as developmentally disabled with moderate retardation. His pediatrician said much is known about effects on the mother's health but nothing definitive as to effect on the unborn child.

Comment from: Omo, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: August 30

I am African American and 40 years old. I had swellings in my feet during pregnancy that was even more severe after giving birth. It was only 2 days before I gave birth that the issue of high blood pressure never occurred. On the day of delivery my blood pressure was normal. At my 1st appointment at the clinic after my C-Section I had high blood pressure again and I was given drugs. 8 days after giving birth I found myself gasping for every breath I was taking and not able to sleep except in a sitting position. My husband insisted I go to the hospital and on been wheeled to examine me the full symptoms occurred. I was agitated, restless. They had to put me to sleep to get anything done. My husband said I convulsed, vomited, my BP going to as high as 250:140. After recovering I am dazed at what happened but I am recovering well.

Comment from: Maryjfb, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: February 01

I was pregnant with twins and had gestational diabetes when I was diagnosed with preeclampsia. I didn't have high blood pressure until the week before they delivered, week 32. They put me on magnesium sulfate for delivery in order to prevent seizures. All of us survived and I feel as though we were very lucky.

Comment from: styles, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: December 17

My preeclampsia was a result of my body not being able to properly filter all the extra blood associated with the pregnancy. I had only had high blood pressure when I was on birth control, so it is also associated with the extra hormones from pregnancy. There was nothing that could have been done to prevent the condition and I am on blood pressure medication until after delivery and until after my hormones regulate back to normal.

Comment from: LJsDaddy, 19-24 Male Published: June 22

My fiancée had preeclampsia, which turned into eclampsia before she got pregnant. She had no problems with high blood pressure, and no one in either of our families has had it except my mother possibly; she wasn’t told she had it, but she said she had all the symptoms.

Comment from: ROCHELLE, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: April 05

Pregnancy was the cause of my preeclampsia.


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