Patient Comments: Post-traumatic Stress Disorder - Coping


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Comment from: Robogirl, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: March 03

I am female, 51. I have tried anti-depressants and did not like the side effects. I treat my PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) as a wrestling match. I try to be the healthiest I can be, so when I have anxiety or depression, my physical body doesn’t fail me. I am very strict on my diet, low carbs, high protein eating and a salad every day, I exercise every day, and I keep regular eat/sleep times. Eight glasses of water, no sugar, and I try to eat fruit when I want something sweet. Yoga is extremely beneficial at helping calm your mind and hot yoga has really helped me. It’s good to have a number of activities to prevent boredom: biking, swimming, running, walking, hiking, or joining a team sport. City recreation centers are very affordable. Absolutely no alcohol, ever, and I even switched my mouth rinse to a non-alcohol. I don’t have television in my home. Finding a good therapist is important but difficult. It’s good to have an activity you can get lost in, to give your mind a rest. I find it calming to work calculus problems because you can only think of the problem at hand; but you need something that you always enjoy doing, like gardening. When feeling depressed, keep your same routine getting up early, showering. When melancholy sets in, I mail a funny card to someone, clean the house, get some sunshine if possible, and understand that this feeling will pass. I have had problems with addiction and I think no medications is the best way to go but you have to be able to calm your mind and sometimes the medications are the only way to get a calm mind but I would avoid all pain medications if possible. And realize the benefits of having PTSD, you probably have an excellent memory and this can serve you well in life.


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