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Comment from: teen misdiagnosed, 13-18 Female (Caregiver) Published: March 14

My daughter was very ill 3 years ago and we took her to a clinic because she has a history of strep. They said it wasn't strep after the strep test but the nurse practitioner said it was probably mononucleosis. My daughter had a fever, chills and was very weak. The next day her neck lymph nodes swelled to golf ball size. I took her back to the clinic and asked for antibiotics. The nurse practitioner refused. I then started her on a Z-Pak that a family member had. She started to feel better but then her vagina started to look like a bacteria skin eating something was happening the next day. I then took her to urgent care where we showed the doctor a picture of her vagina. She was only 17. Everyone immediately thought it was an STD. This doctor gave her a shot of penicillin without looking at her vagina and said we should see a gynecologist. I took her to the gynecologist (all of this was within 5 days of the first symptoms and I started her on antibiotics the second day on my own) who tested her for every sexually transmitted disease known to mankind and they all came back negative; including mono. Not one doctor or practitioner out of 4 that we saw could diagnose her. I am glad I started her on antibiotics when I did because after reading an article months later about the bubonic plague symptoms, I think she may have had the plague since she and her friends had been hanging out by the Missouri river where she could have been bitten by a flea. Moral of the story is, trust your own instincts because the doctors do not always know what to do. Antibiotics saved her life. If you start a person on antibiotics soon enough this plague is 100 percent curable. Doctors don't have time to care.


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