Patient Comments: Pinkeye - Transmission Prevention


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Comment from: MJP, 0-2 Female (Caregiver) Published: January 06

I'm a mother whose 2 year old got it from school. I had her and her 5 year old sister at home for 4 days for a holiday, so we stayed at home. During that time, I changed their pillowcases (and mine, in case she laid on my bed) as soon as their heads left them after nap and bedtime, and washed any laundry item either of them touched immediately. I pretty much had the washer going straight for a couple of hours each day. I disinfected the toys they played with at the end of the day, washed the stuffed favorites, and made them wash their hands multiple times (every time they were near the sink or anything). It was a lot of work, but nobody else caught it.


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