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Comment from: agnew, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: November 16

Two years ago a sudden pain attack in my stomach turned out to be pancreatitis. Eating or drinking resulted in violent vomiting and I soon became dehydrated. I was taken into hospital and treated over the next 5 days for acute pancreatitis. As soon as I left the hospital I had a quick smoke and the pain put me on the floor. I cut back on smoking and drinking for about 6 months before I fell back into my old routine. Almost 12 months to the day and I'm back in hospital. For anyone who has this due to anything other than gall stones it is a life changer. It will go away in the short term but a real examination of your diet and life long care of yourself is the only way of keeping this from returning. The pain can go from mild to crippling, the vomiting can last days as it did in my case and sleep deprivation is a killer too.

Comment from: jill, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: January 29

I've been in hospital 4 times since November with pancreatitis. They took gall bladder out beginning of January, and 3 days later I was back in hospital with pancreatitis. I spent a week and was discharged and in 1 day I was back in for another week. I am hopefully on the road to recovery although still anxious in case of another attack.

Comment from: Sally, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: August 03

I was taken into hospital December 2010 to have my gallbladder removed, and every day since the pain has been unbearable. I have been in and out of hospital for four years and nobody had any idea what was going on. I even got a discharge letter from the hospital as I am sure they thought it was in my head, until one day I was in so much pain I was taken into hospital and given morphine, which made me worse. They then called in a specialist who diagnosed me with sphincter of Oddi dysfunction stage 2. I have now had an ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangio-pancreatography). This has only been a week and I have been suffering every day with severe upper back pain. I have spoken with the general physician and he is now worried about the pancreas and has advised me to go back into hospital. I have called the consultant and awaiting his call.

Comment from: mr crow, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: July 08

I have been admitted to hospital with pancreatitis 5 separate times in the last 6 years. As I am not a drinker and never have been, it's a bit of a mystery why this keeps happening, but I would like to share a few things. The morphine they give you is not for pain relief, it is used to close the sphincters, stopping any fluids or poisons leaking back into the bowel, etc. The pain relief, of which you will be grateful, will be tramadol (if in the UK). I'm usually put on a saline drip for 4 / 5 days, nil by mouth and when your bowels start working again you are allowed home. The signs to look for, especially if you've had it before are vomiting/diarrhea with stomach ache that won't go away. You may have pains that lead down the lower back. Tell the medic about this, you may have stones that need to be removed. Your body temperature will go through the roof and it feels an awful lot like food poisoning. I tend to go yellow and during a severe attack I lost the ability to see the color blue for half an hour. Go figure. I've had many tests and scans my causes are still unknown. If I were to offer advice it would be don't try to ride it out on your own. It hurts. A lot. Keep the area sturdy with plenty of fiber in your diet, try not to dehydrate and leave the sugar alone. I hope this helps.

Comment from: Ajit N., 65-74 Male (Caregiver) Published: August 20

My father is aged 74 years and he has a pancreatic stone of size 22 mm. Since last 6 months stone size has not increased. Now he is suffering from digestion problem, but no pain. He has diabetes with creatinine (serum) 1.8. He is daily taking insulin, but we have fear for surgery.


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