Patient Comments: Pacemaker - Risks


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Comment from: TimberFrame52, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: May 09

I am 60 plus years old, currently have a three year old pacemaker with 2 leads. The upper lead was showing high impedance. I was going to change the pacer and wires because the specialist was going to retire soon. Then after thinking about it I canceled the procedure because of the risk factors and the fact that I was told this battery and generator could last another 3 to 4 years with little to no risk of sudden death due to the impedance issue. This would allow me to keep this pacemaker, thus submitting to fewer replacements in the future and no immediate risk while I currently apply for my recently lost life insurance policy. But now, a recent auto accident caused by a distracted driver, involved an impact during the collision that dislodged the lead. Part of the pacemaker is now off, I am waiting for the extraction procedure and replacement of the pacemaker. I am apprehensive having this procedure without life insurance. I am also concerned that my new Affordable Care Act policy with its higher out-of-pocket costs and higher premium does not cover me as well as my prior coverage (I was happy with my prior coverage for over 12 years). I have read all the articles on this web page, but I do not see anything that discusses the level of risk during the extraction of the actual wires already embedded in my heart tissue from the over eleven years in place from the first pacemaker.


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