Patient Comments: Osteoarthritis - Early Intervention


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Comment from: 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: August 13

I found out I had osteoarthritis after I thought I had hurt my ankle gardening. I had a plain x-ray and there were no tears, but I had a lot of swelling around the ankle bone. This is on my right ankle. It seems to get better after doing exercises from the doctor and icing it. Then a couple months later it got much worse and I could hardly walk on it. I had to use a cane to get out of bed. I went to my podiatrist and he did think it was a tendon tear and gave me a series of Cortizone shots which started to help till the third one. The swelling got worse and was hurting all around the ankle up to my Achilles tendon. I got an MRI and found out it is all inflammation from osteoarthritis. Now my left ankle is starting to hurt and swell some and I also have been getting pain in my shoulders and hands. This is rough going, also I have a bad back which I was taking Celebrex for occasionally, but now take every day for the inflammation. I had been taking it twice a day since I hurt my foot but cut back to once in the morning and Tylenol at night for sleep and pain. That seems to be working somewhat. I also tried Mobic, generic, but that didn’t do a thing for me. I'm trying to lose weight now since I am too heavy. Hope that works some, that’s what the doctor says.

Comment from: Faizal Khan, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: March 07

Take Vivian tablet, pain from osteoarthritis should go away in couple hours, continue taking twice a day for couple days and then stop than take as and when required. Pain will go away but you still need to reduce weight, exercise and sleep on 4 inch thick mattress on the floor.


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