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Comment from: Forrest123, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: June 11

I have night terrors and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). As a teenager I boxed as an amateur welterweight undefeated. In a freak boxing accident I knocked my opponent out in 9 seconds and he collapsed to the canvas with blood coming from his ears, nose and mouth. He was taken to the hospital where he died later that night. It was hard enough for me just being a teenager but now I had a mountain of guilt on top of all the changes a teenager goes through. My grades dropped, I became totally isolated, I got into a lot of trouble and just had a very hard time with my day to day life. I never boxed again. I started having nightmares that were just too terrifying to talk to anyone about. Not to mention as a young teenager I didn't even know the names of the feelings I had. Eventually those nightmares got worse. I would wake up screaming. It would take several hours to calm down. I am so fortunate I've had an understanding wife all these years who held me close through those nightmares. I would stay awake for several days because I was afraid to go to sleep due to the nightmares. I went to a psychiatrist who told me they were called night terrors. Eventually I was diagnosed with PTSD. The medications they prescribed did not work for me. They only made it harder for me to get up as I was having a night terror. My night terrors seemed so real it was as if there was no separation between the night terror and the reality of being awake. It was as if the night terrors kept on going, living themselves out through my life the following day. Eventually I was able to talk about the boxing accident without breaking down into tears. Then came the thing that has helped. About 5 years ago I was talking with a Vietnam Vet who shared with me the way a natural herb stopped his night terrors. It is called valerian root. I take it before I go to bed and in the past 5 years I've only had 3 nightmares. Those constant night terrors of fear, terror and bewilderment are gone. Today I talk with teens in my neighborhood who I discourage from getting into boxing. I try to steer them toward the spiritual side of life and staying fit. They come to me with their problems and we talk them out. This is my success story of how I trudged a rough and rocky road of PTSD and night terrors.

Comment from: Seeking help, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: May 03

I have suffered from nightmares in the very early morning for about 7 years. Nine years ago I tried to do a career change. The economy was bad, and as many different industries I tried, and didn't have success. I tried 1 mg of prazosin but it didn't work. Though my psychiatrist was leery due to me needed blood pressure medication for a year, I started taking 2 mg. It helped about 5 days a week, like the reviews say, but now is slowly stopping and I have severe nightmares about 4 days a week. Nothing traumatic had happened to me other than losing my financial independence and the days being long and isolating. I have looked for anything to do without an income but have not had luck. Now I am seeking a hospital to help me with the nightmares as I can't go on like this.

Comment from: minyhaha, 65-74 Female Published: November 05

I suffered from nightmares for 50 or more years. I found the mineral selenium stops them. Personally I never found any help anywhere and just found this by accident. I suffered terribly waking up in horror.


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