Patient Comments: Neck Lift - Patient Experience


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Comment from: scott, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: June 23

I thought it was a good idea with a couple of bands showing up in the front, but I looked and felt great. Then I made the stupid move and had a neck lift. I would much rather have my pre-surgery neck back. What the surgeons are not saying is what I wish everyone had told me. It takes way longer than two weeks and no one will want to go back to work despite the constant replies from surgeons. You will still have swelling, bruising, and that’s not to mention the side effects that didn't go right.

Comment from: Pookie, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: December 01

I just had a deep plane face and neck lift. I'm not satisfied with what my triple board certified plastic surgeon did. I really don't know what he did but I don't think he did a deep plane face and neck lift. I don't look much different than before the surgery. He also did fat grafting and put it under my eyes and cheek and that's not where he was supposed to. We discussed putting the fat in my nebula lines and frown lines. When I asked why he didn't put the fat where we discussed he said it was free and he thought it would be better to put it under my eyes and cheeks. At first I looked really tight but after 2 weeks and the swelling went down some I could see very little difference than before the surgery. Now that it's been six weeks my lower neck looks tight but under my neck I look like I have two small balls under my chin and can see the bands again. I am so disappointed in what my surgeon did. Now I don't really know what to do. I thought I did my research and went to 3 different plastic surgeons and checked references. I just picked the wrong one. When having plastic surgery check and make sure of who you pick and if he or she will be able to what he or she says they can do. I'm lost as to what to do.


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