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Comment from: 55tbird, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: December 15

I had my first major hip surgery at age 11. I was to be absolutely non-weight bearing for a year, and used crutches. My mother made me walk a mile to and from school every day even though I told her it was impossible to go all day without putting weight on my leg. As the doctor had warned, after one year the 2nd surgery was necessary. Much later in life and 4 total hip replacements later, my mother kept me isolated from my family by fabricating stories about my being paranoid schizophrenic and delusional. None of my siblings has spoken to me for 35 years, so I didn't know what was being said about me but I had a suspicion. Recently my sister let it slip that she knew I was delusional and paranoid schizophrenic because mother had told her. Mother died 2 years ago. She had Munchausen syndrome by proxy. She was always one to need to dominate others and in conversation with others, no one dared interrupt her. She seemed to need an excessive amount of sympathy, and thrived on being admired for her great strength in spite of deep emotional suffering in silence. Or so she could imagine. She was never very silent about it. My siblings were her enablers and to this day, they hate me for what they believe I did to poor old mom. Interestingly, today they are all substance abusers, mostly alcoholics, and I am not. My friend thinks they went along with it and enabled her because for them it replaced having to take self-inventory, and clean their houses, so to speak.

Comment from: steve g, 45-54 Male (Caregiver) Published: September 08

I had a quick first-hand experience with Munchausen syndrome by proxy. My stepmother, who I now know has passive-aggressive personality disorder has done it to two, probably three animals at least. She fed Panadol to a dog, causing anaphylaxis and made a great fuss attempting to save it. She was a nurse, she knew what she was doing. I witnessed this. Ten minutes after it died she asked me to dispose of it at the local shopping mall, she was smiling. So, it gets to animals too. She told me she 'accidentally' stabbed a cat also.

Comment from: helpme_idontknow, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: July 13

I need help. My mom has my entire family convinced that I have a mental illness and gave me the ultimatum of either being committed into a treatment facility or cut off from all contact and family support. She is an alcoholic/drug attic (sober now), and currently being treated for clinical depression and clinical anxiety. I think she has Munchausen syndrome by proxy.

Comment from: Eileen, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: December 16

I'm wondering if my mother had Munchausen syndrome by proxy. She knew how ill I was with various illnesses, yet refused me any prompt treatment. Until I went to a physician on my own, there was no treatment.

Comment from: Concerned grandma, 7-12 Female (Caregiver) Published: March 03

I wonder if it is possible that facilitating an extreme vegan diet by mother on her two grade school aged children with allergies, who miss almost as many school days as they attend, could be Munchausen syndrome by proxy. This mother also has an unusual, almost incestuous, relationship with her own father. Further, the mother has never allowed others to take care of her children; has never left them with others (other than teachers at school). Their ages are 8 and 10.


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