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Comment from: Liljenny718 , 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: May 09

Yes, I did have side effects from the pneumonia vaccine. I had the pneumonia vaccine on the suggestion of the nurse when I went to get my flu shot. I agreed. It started out a bit sorer than the other shot but by that night my right arm looked like an Arnie arm. During that night my temperature went up quite a lot. I struggled through the night with pain and temperature. Saturday I was in so much pain and my arm was so swollen, I couldn’t lift my arm or get myself off the bed. My husband kept saying that I needed to go to the hospital but I kept saying it was just side effects! Then my abdomen became incredibly painful and I couldn’t bend my middle. It was only after that I remembered what the feeling felt like. An infection after a caesarean in the wound, navel to pubis. I had another bad day, with Panadol every 4 hours. Probably took too many. Out of my head a bit. I went to the doctor next morning, with a red line down my arm. I was put on strong antibiotics and pain killers, just slept and took pills and was better a few days later. I had developed sepsis which was one of the things the shop was supposed to protect me from. I have to say I do have a lower than normal immunity due to other illnesses. It hit me for 6.

Comment from: Stolen From My Flesh, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: November 27

I had horrible cramps for 3 days and didn't realize I was miscarrying. Now I know everything about it. I was told I had high white T cell counts in my blood test and the doctor failed to prescribe antibiotics for infection. They were supposed to search for the cause of the infection and never did. Before the next appointment which was 2 weeks later, I started feeling like I was cramping. The 3rd day I went to the hospital, 3 hours later my water broke, 1 hour later membrane came gushing out, then they told me I had to deliver my 18 week old baby. So I was scared to death and was in so much pain. The medication they gave me didn't touch the pain I was feeling. Hours later my cramps came back closer and closer. I had a few good pushes and he came falling out. The placenta was delivered shortly after. I am glad he came out natural and he was alive too. He lived for 4 minutes. That was the hardest thing to do, to look at him and hold him. I saw him moving and then he just died in my arms. So sad. I want to know why the doctor didn't prescribe me medication after knowing I had signs of an infection. I think if I had the medication I could have saved him. I never knew bacteria, if that is even what it was, can kill babies like that. They need to spread the word on that so we don't have other women going through this hard situation. Other things happened and I am trying to get a law suit against this office for neglect of not giving proper medication and ignoring signs of infection. I hope we can all get pass this stage in our lives. It is hard but we can support each other and listen to our cries.


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