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Comment from: Aussie sufferer , 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: October 08

Think of the worst pain you have ever had, then triple it. I am currently in a bath hoping this is over quickly. My fourth kidney stone. Begins as if I need to go to the bathroom for a sit in and it slowly escalates over 30 seconds or so. Excruciating pain below ribs on either side down to my groin and around the back. Normally it lasts about an hour for me but last week it went to 4 hours and I had to call an ambulance. My specialist appointment is 2 days away.

Comment from: Chris C., 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: April 24

My symptoms of kidney stone is a sharp, excruciating pain in the lower right abdomen that starts from the back and radiates to the groin and hip region. It is definitely the worst pain in my life. I have blood in urine as well.

Comment from: Me, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: February 26

I woke up in the middle of the night with extreme pain on my lower right side, with nausea. By 8:00 AM the pain was unbearable. I drove myself to the hospital. CT scan showed kidney stone. I left the hospital with pain killers. I had no pain for the following 24 hours. Then I had excruciating pain again. Pain killers didn’t help. I was back in the emergency room, this time running a fever and high WBC. I was admitted to the hospital. I spent three days in the hospital and finally had surgery to remove the stone.

Comment from: pops, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: December 07

The doctor first said I was suffering muscle pain, I wanted to call him a quack. I’ve had muscle pain, it never hurt like this pain from kidney stone. I had gone to sleep one night, woke up about 6 hours later and my left side hurt so bad I was almost immediately in tears. Four Aleve tablets would make some of the pain bearable but not all of it. This was on my left side, cough, sneeze, stand, sit, or lay down, blow my nose, squat, bend down, stoop, anything at all that would put even the slightest bit of pressure on my side would make me cry.

Comment from: Bomac, 75 or over Male (Patient) Published: November 26

Burning with a small amount of blood in the urine was my symptom of kidney stone.

Comment from: handyandy, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: January 29

I've had 28 kidney stones over the last four years and I have just one kidney. I have just got some more stones and one is stuck in my urethra so I have had a stent put in. That was two weeks ago and I'm in more pain now than I was before I had the stent put in. If I leave it I am worried if it can damage my kidney, my remaining kidney.

Comment from: Nokia 2 , 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: September 19

Pain in lower left abdomen, no appetite, constipation, nausea and urine in the blood were my symptoms of kidney stone.

Comment from: David008, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: August 06

It started two weeks back when I felt a small pinch type effect at my lower back and that wasn't the end. Pain which started from a pinch grew gradually and within an hour it was so intense and severe I couldn't even stand or walk because pain started beating inside like something was eating up inside my lower back, but I then knew it was a kidney stone because I did get this type of pain 4 years back but this time it was way different.

Comment from: Strong woman , 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: June 19

This is the second kidney stone I have passed. I had lower right side back pain and in the lumbar region. Change of position did not help. The first time the pain was so severe that I was treated in the emergency room with Dilaudid. The second time I self-medicated with 800 mg of ibuprofen. That took the edge off. Both stones passed on their own.

Comment from: Norma, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: April 26

There are stones in both my kidneys. But, there is a large cluster of stones in my right kidney. Perhaps that could be the reason I have pain radiating down my right leg. It is very painful.

Comment from: Ellen, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: April 25

I have episodes of dull, achy pain in my back and side. I do have a kidney stone in one of my kidneys, I already know that. Along with the dull pain, I have nausea, complete loss of appetite, and just generally feel badly with no energy. Then, after a point, it lets up and leaves me with a soreness in my flank area about the waist. I wonder if this could happen when a stone moves around within the kidney.


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Comment from: Ashley m, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: April 24

I am 29 years old and this was the first time I have ever experienced having kidney stones. I started getting bad pain on my right side and back all I could do was lie down and cry from so much pain. I went to the emergency room (ER) and they told me I had 3 kidney stones but they were small and also a urinary tract infection. They sent me home with medicine. Two days later I started having fevers and chills. I went back to the ER to spend 3 days in the hospital. They wouldn’t let me eat because I had an infection in my kidney. They then inserted a tube in my back to drain out the urine in my kidney. I had the tube in my back for about a week. I had to get surgery to see if the stones were on my right side but they were gone; I had passed them. I still have one more kidney stone left on my right side I was hoping I don’t need surgery for, and I passed that one too. I am so scared and I hope I never go through this again.

Comment from: caroline, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: November 10

I have had 7 bouts with kidney stones. They are not fun. But every time I get them it is in the right flank. I have one in the bottom of my kidney that the doctor said could be there forever or if it decides to move it will. These are not fun. Mine are caused from calcium and caffeine. So I have none of these items with this stuff in it.

Comment from: Suzyq, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: August 29

When I had kidney stone I had intermittent pain in the center of my back. When I had the pain, it would be so intense that it would take my breath away. It felt like what I would imagine being stabbed with a knife would feel like. Very severe, sharp pain in my back. I also had pain in my left abdomen. I also had blood in my urine almost daily for several days and my urine had a different smell. I felt really tired and didn't have my normal energy.

Comment from: Dan G, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: May 13

This was my second kidney stone. The thing that threw me off is that there was not nearly the same amount of severe pain that I experienced the first time. I felt a slight ache just to the left of my groin area. I thought maybe it was the beginning of a hernia. I went to a local urgent care and explained my symptoms and they wrote it off as a urinary tract infection. I was given Bactrim and that's it. Two days later the pain was not getting any better so went to the emergency room. They found a large 6.5 mm X 4.5 mm stone close to the entrance to the bladder. I went to the urologist. Ten days later it still did not pass and a ureteroscopy with laser finally broke up the stone. Lithotripsy was tried but did not work. It was impacted with tissue and was not going anywhere. Do not ignore any pain if you have had stones in the past. It's not worth it, better to be on the safe side.

Comment from: Charlotte, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: February 11

I hope I never again get kidney stones. The pain began on the left side all around the kidney area. I knew this wasn't a pain I had experienced before. It wasn't long before the pain became horrendous. I was violently sick and was also experiencing tummy cramps. TO cut a long story short the pain was excruciating, I couldn't walk, stand sit or lie, I just wanted to die. An ambulance was called, and after having some wonderful nitrous oxide I was able to get to the sofa. I have given birth naturally twice and this was right up there on the agony scale. The CT scan showed that the stone was at the junction of the bladder and urethra. This happened yesterday 9th February, but I still haven't passed it. All I can say is thank goodness for gas and air, morphine and rectal Voltarol suppositories.

Comment from: Kole123, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: January 28

This is January 26, 2016. On July 20, 2015 I started having pains in right lower side and thought I had appendicitis. I went to the emergency room. It wasn't. Side and back are still killing me. I did have 2 small stones in my kidneys. They have done test and can't find anything. They did do exploratory surgery and found colon stuck to bladder, and scar tissue. Every morning I get up, I go urinate and start carrying fever and chills. I am at my wits’ end. It's been so long I just wondering if stones can go this long. Pains seem to be getting worse.

Comment from: Aki, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: July 08

I was awakened by pain under the left side of my ribcage. It was a steady ache, about a level 3, with jolts of stabbing pain whenever I'd move the wrong way, or when the bus hit a bump on the way to the hospital. I had no urinary symptoms or fever, so I thought it was just trapped gas until it kept me up through 6 am. I'm glad I went to the emergency room; they gave me oxycodone and the first kidney stone passed relatively painlessly. They wrote me a prescription for oxycodone, and sent me home, where I'm waiting to pass the second one. Longest day ever.

Comment from: Ruba, Female (Patient) Published: February 19

I did suffer from kidney stone six years back. It is worse than the labor pain. This is my second experience. It is excruciating. With vomiting and pain I was with a hot water bottle on my lower back and was rushed to the emergency room. The doctors and nurses treated and helped me to recover from the pain. CT scan was taken. They found the stone in my left kidney. My thanks to the doctors and nurses.


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Comment from: Mdavis2, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: January 27

The first time I ever experienced a kidney stone I thought it was just your average cramping due to my 'time of month.' After being sent home from class, I started to experience extreme aching of my back. When I got up to grab a glass of water, a sharp cramp shot from the bottom of my back to my abdominal area. It got to the point where it was so severe and I couldn't handle the pain. Soon when my mother had gotten home, we finally went to the hospital. Unfortunately, mine was larger than normal so during the next week I had to deal with the pain. I give so much respect to people who have dealt and passed these things. Those five days I had a nice bed made for me in the bathroom due to excessive vomiting and night sweats. I've broken bones before, and this by far was still the worst pain I've ever experienced. My tip to you, once you know you're beginning to experience one, get it checked out right away before it gets out of hand like mine did. Good luck!

Comment from: Gurlinpain, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: December 10

I had my first kidney stone problem while I was pregnant with my daughter. At first I thought she had gotten herself in a really awful position and was killing my lower right side of my back and under my right rib cage. Then through the night the pain got worse and caused me to sit upright only in a chair. After nothing taking the pain away I ended up at the hospital not knowing what was wrong, there they confirmed it was kidney stones, gave me some medicines and sent me home to pass them. Last week I started getting low back pain but just figured it was due to me being in a walking boot after hurting my Achilles tendon. The next day I woke up to a pain in my pelvic area like I had a UTI (urinary tract infection) starting. I drink a gallon of water a day so I was absolutely confused as to how that could happen so I got some cranberry juice and continued to flush myself. By night time I was in excruciating pain and couldn't sleep. I could only sit up, so I went to the local urgent care the next morning and after ultrasound found stones in my right side. We tried to catch my stone but after 48 hours no stone and the pain had subsided so I thought we missed it. Today not even a week later I am up again due to major pain and hoping that I can get some sleep tonight so I can take care of my kiddos tomorrow and not be sleep deprived. The pain is awful, probably I will be going back to the doctor tomorrow. I would rather give birth naturally than to have kidney stones again.

Comment from: iowaguy, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: June 05

I'm currently going through my second kidney stone passing. The first time, I didn't have any idea what hit me, just sudden, excruciating pain in my lower back, some nausea, and I went to the emergency room. This time, I've noticed a dull ache in the kidney area for about the last week to ten days and thought I was getting ready to go through the pain again. This morning I woke up, went to the bathroom, and was immediately hit with the familiar agony of a kidney stone leaving the kidney. The pain was intense, but after a couple hours and a couple of aspirins, it dulled to the point I could move and function. My third urination of the day brought about the first urine that showed signs of discoloring. It was an orangish color, not the brown/red of last time, so I'm hoping this stone is smaller than the 7 mm stone I passed last time. Outside of aspirin and water, I'm going to attempt to pass this without any medical intervention or prescription painkillers, more due to budget than willpower to tell the truth. Will update this later in the week after I expel it and let everyone know the rough size, how long it took to pass, and whether I was able to withstand it without medication.

Comment from: Jamacapier, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: May 30

I"ve not experienced labor pains but with this 1st kidney stone yesterday, I sure can sympathize with mothers! In the ambulance I kept thinking I was experiencing appendix pain. After 7 hours in the hospital and an MRI and CT scan, I was told that I was the bearer of a 4 mm or 1/8th inch kidney stone! The attending physician discharged me with a suppository (indomethacin 100 mg) which includes morphine. You must hold it in for 30 minutes minimum. It was amazing how quickly the excruciating pain disappeared! The stone passed soon after because of the inflammation being toned down by the suppository.

Comment from: Katie, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: June 19

I don’t know if what I have is kidney stone but for the past 2 weeks I have been getting pains in my stomach and back and my ribs, but now it is mostly my right side that hurts. The pain lasts for hours. I can’t sleep, it hurts to lie down, sit up, or even walk, and every time I get this pain I throw up brown stuff. I only get the pain early morning like at 1 am or 6 am, anytime in between as well, and the pain hurts really badly I cry.

Comment from: cartina H., 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: June 18

I am currently in hospital with pancreatitis. I woke up with a strong urge to urinate but only little came out with a bleach type order and I began experiencing severe pain in my sides that wrapped around and met in center lower back. It was sharp throbbing pain like labor pain. I am very nauseated and vomited few times. I wonder if I have kidney stones.

Comment from: Phil, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: June 04

I have a kidney stone and all I can say is the pain is bad. I have had broken bones, concussions, even been blown up, but never felt pain like that. I wanted to know if it hurts more coming down to the bladder or urinating it out.

Comment from: Tony stanley , 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: May 09

It burns and hurt real bad, and the symptoms of kidney stone is off and on. My lower rib cage hurts my lower right side.

Comment from: Johnny, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: April 26

My kidney stone travelled down from the kidney and got stuck at the entrance to the bladder. It would not pass. I had to have it removed. I woke up from the surgery with a catheter and a stent in my ureter. The catheter was removed after 2 days in the hospital. Stent remained for a week. The stent is uncomfortable and a little painful. I always have blood in urine, which I didn't have when the stone was stuck. After a week stent was removed, a brief minute of pain which soon passed. It was done with local anesthetic. First urination after that there was blood in urine then no more blood. After 2 hours absolutely no pain. I am now free of pain, stone and stent. Everything is now back to normal.

Comment from: Doxylady, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: January 05

I've had upper right back and flank pain for about 2 years now. CAT scan showed a couple of small lesions on the liver which they tell me should not be giving me pain. Right before Christmas it became excruciating and wrapped around to the front and down to the abdomen. I was having chills and nausea as well. I've had two children that were easier to bear than this! I'm suspecting kidney stones passing (after two doctor's visits I still don't know!) but don't know for sure. I'm wondering how long it will take them to figure this out. This is really 'eating my lunch'!

Comment from: Pinky, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: December 17

I've had two kidney stones. The first one was treated with lithotripsy. The second one, about a year ago, did not cause pain, but there was blood in my urine. The urologist decided to watch it, to see if it would pass. The result was that I became extremely ill and developed septicemia. I was in the ICU for eight days, and in the hospital for three weeks. I also got C. difficile in the hospital, and lost 20 pounds. Now I think I have another one and am scared.

Comment from: Beatrice, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: November 26

I have back pain below back rib cage. I was suggested that it is muscle problem but physiotherapy has not helped. Sometimes pain is excruciating and a TENS machine doesn't always work. Sometimes pacing or moving around, pain is so bad. Sometimes there is an increase in urgency to urinate. I think these may be symptoms of a kidney stone.

Comment from: kidney stones hurt, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: February 18

I had kidneys stones when I was younger, it felt worse than child birth. This was my second time and I felt like someone was taking my insides out. Plus with the vomiting and the pain I wanted to die.

Comment from: IKES48, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: October 28

I've had kidney stones 5 times. Twice I had been told there was no stone (after CT scan and x-rays). Both of these times I went home in pain and about a week later I passed a stone at home. The last one was 3/8th of an inch. How they missed these stones is beyond me. The urologist had put his hands in the air and told me he didn't know why there was blood in my urine or why I was in pain and sent me home. I lived on Norco for days. I now take water pills and Rapaflo to help prevent them.

Comment from: Music Teacher, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: October 24

My symptoms of kidney stones were backwards. I woke up one morning with nausea, vomiting, and a fever and just assumed that I had the flu. Throughout the day I noticed a burning sensation in my pelvic area, so I thought I had a urinary tract infection. I went to the doctor and they confirmed infection. I started taking an antibiotic but there was no improvement after 4 doses. I was still nauseous and vomiting. I went back to the doctor and got another antibiotic. I started to feel better, but then it got extremely painful with an urgent sensation to urinate along with back pain and chills. Within minutes, I had excruciating pain in my right lower back. A CT scan in the emergency room confirmed a kidney stone size 5.2 mm.

Comment from: Sycamore Gal, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: October 06

I felt a sharp pain in my lower left back, usually after eating. I assumed it was due to fecal matter as I have had problems with constipation for years. Milk of Magnesia and elimination worked for about a week, and then nothing worked. The pain not only stabbed me in the back at intervals, but my entire waistline area, front and back, became extremely painful to any pressure. I also had some chest pains, which really scared me. A CT scan and labs at the doctor office showed nothing. My doctor advised I go to the local emergency hospital. Finally, on a ultrasound, the stones showed up. Apparently I have a bunch of small stones that are still in the kidney. I was told to "flood" them out with water and cranberry juice, as much as I could handle. I have had not nausea and 600 mg of Advil seems to help the pain somewhat. At night I am also took a pain pill with codeine so I could sleep. So far, no stones, but it is just one day. Will keep urinating into the strainer and hope this is over soon.

Comment from: Bandet999, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: June 05

I have a sharp pain on the left side of my stomach and it is constant. Pain pills help a little. I don’t have gallbladder, I wonder if it is a kidney stone.

Comment from: Pratik kundu, 19-24 Male (Patient) Published: May 11

My penis is paining when I am go to pass urine. I think it might be a kidney stone.

Comment from: Kslh1210, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: April 24

I had kidney stone removal surgery one week after having a urinary tract infection. One week after surgery I had the stent taken out. In a couple days I was pretty much back to normal until exactly one week from stent removal, when I started having infection symptoms of burning on urinating. I don’t know what could be causing this.

Comment from: Brendie69, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: February 22

I started having pain in my lower abdomen all the way across. I had an x-ray that showed kidney stones but they had passed into my bladder. The doctor said they might not cause any problems unless they got infected. He said I could have them suctioned out. I then had an ultrasound to look at my gallbladder and I have a big gallstone. He said he didn’t like the way it looked, but before I had it removed he said he would run another test to see how it was functioning. He said then if it wasn’t he would advise me to get it laparoscopically removed.

Comment from: Art, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: November 03

I suddenly started having pain under my left rib cage. Then the pain moved to my lower back. Now it is mostly on the left side, similar to a dull nagging toothache. I never had a kidney stone before; this is 3rd day. I first thought it was a pulled muscle, but I am still not sure. Usually I would have had relief by now. My friend drank lemon juice for about three days and got much relief and soon passed a small stone. He drinks lemon juice regularly as a preventive measure.

Comment from: Jt, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: January 14

I have back and abdominal pain because of kidney stones.

Comment from: Tessa, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: October 24

I never knew I had kidney stones until I saw blood in my urine and went to see a doctor. They confirmed by ultrasound that my right kidney had 2 large stones and a cluster of small ones. They couldn't understand why I didn't have pain, but thinking back I did have dull aching pain in lower back round to the front, I had put it down to stitch after exercise that went back to when I was a child!

Comment from: stoner, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: January 31

I have had kidney stones four times in my life. The best treatment is lipotripsy.I felt sore afterwards, but was able to go to work the next day. My urologist did not use a stent.

Comment from: ca, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: September 25

Two and a half years ago I had sudden cramping pain in left lower abdomen. Within a half- hour was extreme pain requiring pain relief injection and a kidney stone was suspected. It took three months, three trips to accident and emergency, including two hospital admissions before the stone was found to be stuck and causing back pressure on my kidney. It was broken under anesthetic and a stent put in. The stent had to be removed a week later as it was too long and only irritated bladder more. I was really ill for about four months in total and lost around 20 pounds as I could not eat and was very weak. You are advised to drink loads, but that is not possible when you are constantly vomiting because of the pain. Child birth is easier (and faster). I now have another stone and have suffered recurring urinary tract and kidney infections every few months since the first stone.

Comment from: Greg, 19-24 Male (Patient) Published: September 25

I have had a kidney stone on my left side for two years now. On night about a month ago I went to the emergency room in pain, yet again. I had a CT scan to see where my stone was. Three weeks later I had an appointment with a doctor to get a ureteroscopy. Turns out I had passed my kidney stone in between visit. Now I just have to deal with the pain from the procedure and the pain of peeing.

Comment from: Cheryl, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: August 12

To make my long story short, I had a kidney stone about four years ago, and I passed it. I had another one about two months ago and had to have ESWL done as well as a stent put in. The urologist did not prepare me well for the after affects. I had to go to my doctor for that. He told me it would take six to eight weeks to feel better. It has been eight weeks and I still have fragments to pass, and I still feel awful.

Published: July 25

My kidney stones happened in 1979 when I was 19 (male). I was scared to death when the stabbing pain hit. I was at work and thought somebody had stabbed me, and ironically I had just been in a major argument with a co-worker. (I had pain in my lower right side.) I was in the hospital for a week. I finally passed it hours before they were to insert a tube into the penis: Nothing like the fear of surgery! I was very weak and exhausted for days afterward. In 2002, this time it was the left side, but the emergency room doctor prescribed Oxycontin with other narcotics, told me it was small and to drink gallons of fluids, which I did. After four trips to the ER (the narcotics never worked; I had to have IVs), a week at home and this time running a low grade fever, I finally passed it. I had an instant recovery this time and went to work that evening.

Published: July 01

I have passed over a dozen stones many were not terribly painful throbbing back ache for a few hours a day over a few days or so, followed by bladder "fullness" a few days later then the stone finally passed. Some, on the other hand, were excruciating pain like I have NEVER felt before resulting in vomiting and on one occasion I even passed out. I gave birth to twins, naturally, and kidney stones take the cake! In my opinion...they are more painful than childbirth!

Published: June 25

I was 24, and unhealthy living in Grad school. Never drank water. Woke up. Hopped in the shower. Something didn't feel right. In 5 minutes or less, I was in unimaginable, incomprehensible, excruciating pain. Called cab, told driver to get me to the hospital because I actually thought I was dying. No clue what was wrong, but actually thought death surely must follow from pain like this. So odd - passed it about 8 hours later, and the pain went away just as quickly. For 24 years I lived in terror, sheer terror, of another. Drank water first thing, and last thing of every day. Stupid me, worked out in hot sun all day today, not enough water, suddenly the pain is there and I know what's coming. Pray hard you never get one.

Published: June 16

Four and a half years ago, I was at work when a sudden, stabbing pain started in my left lower back, right above the hip. At the emergency room, my urine was the color of tea. They diagnosed me with kidney stones. A few days later I had a follow- up with a urologist, but the pain was gone by then. I may or may not have passed the stone. Since then, the pain will come and go in my back. The last several months, when I urinate, it feels like something is moving along my urinary tract. I'm still not sure I ever passed the stone. I don't believe I did.

Published: June 16

I’m only 16 years old and I just got my first kidney stone. It runs in my family and I drink a lot of iced tea. The pain started while I was at work. It was a slight pain in my lower right back. Then it got to a point where I couldn’t sit, walk, or even stand. It especially hurt when I lifted my right leg or put pressure on my right leg. After 4 hours in the ER, my first IV, and my first cat scan, I found out I had a 3-mm kidney stone.

Published: June 11

With my first stone I had right flank pain, especially after a lot of physical activity. My doctor ordered an IVP and the report that came back was two pages long! I had a HUGE stone that required two rounds of lithotripsy to break it up. That was back in the good old days when they put you down into a tub of water to do it! The stint was the worst part!Since then, I have had four more lithotripsies and one laser surgery. I am a kidney stone factory! I have learned A LOT since that first stone and my golden rule that I tell everyone is -JUST SAY NO to the stint! (Unless ABSOLUTELY necessary !!!) My other symptoms are frequent urination , blood in the urine, transient nausea and pressure in the urinary tract.

Published: June 03

I had a 7mm stone and had to have surgery I was sick for 2 weeks before it was decided that I had a stone. Then again I started passing another stone and this time the stone was a little smaller but the bad part was it only took one stone to start a domino affect. I was in very bad pain in my lover back. Not only did I pass one stone, but every two weeks after. I ended up passing 5 or 6 stones with in the 1 month and 2 week time frame. I’ve had a metabolic work up and nothing they say I'm just a stone maker. But one other thing, In Set 07 I had a CT for a stone and it was found that I have a total of 5 stones in each kidney along the way another CT was done and I had gone from 5 stones in each kidney to 3 in one 7 in the other and this last one was done after I passed my last stone. I was also put on Flowmax a mans medicine for an enlarged prostate (and I am a woman ) and it did help to pass 2 stones a little easier. If that isn’t hard to believe. I've tried the oil and grapefruit and oil and lime and some other stuff and well that stuff doesn’t help me for some reason. I also have colitis and I know that plays agents me as well here in this field. But the doc now says I have kidney disease, so I'm guessing that is another strike against me but for now all is good so far.

Published: June 02

I had a back ache at first. Within a few minutes, it became the most intense, excruciating pain I have ever felt in my life. One minute felt like an eternity. Words cannot describe what that pain is like. Only people who have experienced a kidney stone can relate.

Published: May 29

I have experienced severe pain in the left side of the lower abdomen. An ultrasound scan revealed a 7 mm kidney stone.

Published: May 23

After experiencing discomfort for about three weeks, I was diagnosed with a 10 mm kidney stone. I treated it with a mixture of olive oil and fresh lime juice twice a day for about two weeks and the kidney went down to 8.3 mm. I'm now taking Jin Qian Cao Stone tablets to help more reduction; because the oil is hard on my stomach. I have not experienced pain. I will have another ultrasound to monitor the size.

Comment from: Ouch, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: October 11

I'm (hopefully) near the end of my kidney stone episode as I type this. For two days, I had some blood in my urine. I could feel about where the stone was. When the first stone was stuck in the front half of my torso, a second stone entered 'the tube'. Probable cause was taking out carbs and eating protein to lose weight (Atkins'). If you're on Atkins', drink a lot!

Comment from: ashley, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: October 11

I have had multiple 4-5 mm stones in both kidneys As usual, they told me the stones were not big enough for lithotripsy and asked me to drink lots of water. After a few days I had an ultrasound, and the stones in one kidney were gone. But now for a few months, I have been having dull aches in my lower back on the side where I have stones. It increases in standing and decreases if I do some movement.

Comment from: Roselyne, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: October 06

On Sunday the day started peacefully. My daughter was with my husband gone for the day.11:30 am when to the toilet from then it started without warning. The pain was so severe I became violently sick (Vomiting). Having panic attacks could not breathe the pain was atrocious. Five minutes after it all started a friend arrived, she found me in such distress that she called the emergency doctor, which in turn called an ambulance. I receive some low dosages of Morphine, it took the edge off of the pain slightly. I arrive in the emergency room at 3pm. After spending 4 hours of intense pain I got finally treatment at 19:00. I woke up at 23:00 in a hospital ward.

Comment from: believer, 35-44 Female (Caregiver) Published: October 06

I started with back pains fever and vomiting. I ended up in hospital with both an infection and stone in kidney. It was the most painful experience I had. Now I have a stent on and I am awaiting further treatment and surgery from my doctor. My advice please drink more water it helps in the long run.

Comment from: 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: October 06

I had a kidney stone for about two and a half weeks before I had surgery, and a stint put in my bladder. It's been six days after the surgery and three days after I’ve gotten the stint out. I’m still experiencing pain as if I still have a kidney stone. I'm starting to wonder if the doctor forgot or missed one. The only thing helping when the pain comes is sitting in a tub with hot water.

Comment from: diane, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: September 10

I went to the ER yesterday with unbearable pain on my right side and back. I had kidney stones last year, so I knew the symptoms. I was told it was 5.8ml in size and I was sent home with pain medicine and Flomax and was told to strain my urine, it has been 24 hours now and still have not passed anything. I have not had any pain since last night. I have an appointment with the urologist on Friday. Last year my kidney stone was 8 mL. and was blocking my kidney, so I ended up having lithotripsy. I don't understand why I keep getting stones.

Comment from: soldbylarry, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: September 10

I am 61 years old. I had my first kidney stone approximately 1 year ago. I had no pain or discomfort but did have renal trauma about 3 years ago. The stone developed on the bad kidney side and the only reason I suspected a problem was I would piss blood after heavy physical activity. The doctor did a CT scan and found it. I had the sound wave procedure and had no problem or peeing blood until just recently. The doctor did an ultrasound with no result so he did another CT scan. The scan found it easily. He also had an X-ray done before the new procedure and the X-ray also saw the stone. It's cheaper to do the x-ray.

Comment from: ggrosey, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: September 10

I had excruciating lower abdominal pain and frequent urge to urinate. The pain is similar if not worse than the height of labor delivering a child. Avoid kidney stones if at all possible.

Comment from: Female Published: August 12

I have had kidney stone problems since I was 14. It was in the most painful experience in my life. I was rushed to the emergency room holding on to my right side and given Demerol. When I was able to talk and regain normal functions, they gave me a CT scan. Sure enough, I had two kidney stones. About three years later, after not having any further problems, I was pregnant with my daughter when I got kidney stones again. I got my medications and was sent on my way. Well, about two weeks ago, I got kidney stones again. This time the symptoms of the pain included vomiting and shaking. I couldn’t even speak. This time, in addition to kidney stones, I had a urinary tract infection.

Published: July 28

I have increased sensation of need to urinate past a few weeks. Blood pressure increased from 140/82 avg to 165/96 average. Emotional changes - wound up, wired, quick to change moods, experience occasional flushing, and sweats. This AM sudden pain in lower left back, unaffected by cold/heat, dry heaves, flush, and unsettled stomach - diarrhea type feeling

Published: July 09

I experienced pain in my left groin and the doctor thought that I had a hernia. A CT scan showed two small stones in my left groin and testicle. I’ve started treatment and am better now.

Comment from: Truly, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: October 11

This is my second kidney stone. The first one was misdiagnosed for four months before I passed out at my front door about four years ago. One week of additional testing and I almost ended up with surgery for a suspected twisted bowel. Luckily, that time I asked the doctors to reconsider. A CT scan confirmed kidney stones on both sides. Only the left one hurt (words can't begin to describe the pain). Now I have a 4 mm stone on the left, while the right is at 10mm. Again—more pain, although nothing is showing up in my urine or blood work. My doctor wants me to just go home and drink lots of fluids. I've been suffering for months: what do you think the odds are of passing this one?

Comment from: MsGranberg, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: October 11

In 2012 I woke up one morning with back pain and nausea. My boyfriend at the time took me to the emergency room, where they discovered I had a stone 5mm in size. They decided to keep me and treat my condition. I did pass the stone in about 48 hours, but also contracted sepsis. I thought I was about to die. I ended up staying in the hospital for about a week and was on antibiotics for about a month. I now get afraid when my back hurts. Stones are no joke.