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Comment from: Titel, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: May 27

I was diagnosed with stage 4 chronic kidney disease following a stroke. My creatinine level was normal prior to the ischemic attack. The strength of the medicines prescribed were then reduced. But lately, I experienced a series of sharp, shooting pain in my left lower back which lasted for about 20 seconds.

Comment from: B.Bhushan, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: April 16

I am 49 years old, pure vegetarian, and don’t drink tea, alcohol, etc., and never no smoked in my life. But I feel kidney pain in the back and upper side of the abdomen. I don't feel thirst and my urine color is yellow.

Comment from: wicket, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: December 11

I have right side, lower back pain where the kidney is; it hurts to lie down on that side, and just hurts standing. I can do everything, but it just hurts. Taking Tylenol for pain helps, but doesn't go away. I am 72 year old, and I do exercise at a gym, 3 days a week.

Comment from: Steve53, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: November 04

I have mild pain under the bottom left rib (kidney area) when I urinate - slightly sharp at start, then dull/less but a 'sense' of the area remains for an hour or more. Passed a kidney stone a year ago and after that is when this started. I had ultrasound and MRI of both kidneys a few weeks after and all looked fine, I'm told. I am 67 with an enlarged prostate, so I urinate frequently but usually not in great volume. Often, the larger the volume, the more the pain though still mild. Not sensitive to touch.

Comment from: Daz, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: October 09

I have severe pain in my kidney and bladder area. Urinating fine and clear. I am having to stay in bed as sitting or standing hurts. It is also painful when I sneeze or cough.

Comment from: Kholnu, 35-44 Female (Caregiver) Published: June 10

I have a burning sensation from kidney pain, and have trouble sleeping. I also have back pain.

Comment from: Bob, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: November 07

I am feeling a sharp pain on my left bottom back, where the kidney is.

Comment from: Stephen A, 25-34 Male (Caregiver) Published: September 19

I have burning sensation in my left and right side of my kidneys, but the test result has proof that I have no problem with them.

Comment from: Don, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: April 09

My right kidney tightens up. My only relief from the kidney pain is lying down.

Comment from: Billybakes, 75 or over (Patient) Published: March 19

I fell on my side five days ago. My right kidney still aches when I move. I wonder if I have bruised the kidney.

Comment from: Sting , 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: February 26

I am 42 and I am feeling a dull pain on my left side of lower back under the last rib area and it is chronic. I feel the kidney pain more when I hold my urine. Sometimes I have urgency in passing urine but only few drops come. I have no fever, no vomiting or nausea. And no blood in urine.

Comment from: Crystal, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: January 23

My right kidney has been hurting the past few months when I urinate. I have been barely urinating. My body feels hot and now I am having stomach pain. I have a history of kidney stones and sponge kidneys.

Comment from: Ryan, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: January 02

I have pain near my kidney area. But it only hurts when I wake up at night. And then I can't get back to sleep. I keep turning from side to side. But it doesn't work. The pain is at ten. Then it goes all day. I don’t know what to do.


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Comment from: Slindsay, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: October 17

My kidney pain feels like someone has taken a very long screwdriver and shoved it through my lower back and into my right hip! I can't get comfortable. I have put ice and heat on my lower back.

Comment from: jennifer , 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: September 07

I woke up feeling dizzy, couldn't walk straight, my stomach started cramping a lot, and then my back started feeling like someone was kicking me. The pain in the back is horrible, my kidney pain is always so bad that I have to go to the hospital because without the medicines I'm in horrible pain. It is day 3 and I'm still having pretty bad back pain.

Comment from: Lydia, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: August 01

I donated my left kidney to my niece in 2016. A few months after the transplant I started experiencing a sharp pain at the left side of my back, it goes and comes. But these days I am also experiencing pain on the right side and I have lost a lot of weight. I can't keep up with my back anymore.

Comment from: Jodes, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: July 20

I woke up unable to catch my breath properly as the pain while breathing in was excruciating. I was taken to the doctors who checked me over and said the location of my pain was flank pain and usually a sigh of kidney related problem. I was then transported by ambulance to the hospital, given a CT, checked for stones, and also for appendicitis. All tests were clear, also blood tests were fine. I still have the chronic pain in my flank and now need to go back to the local doctors in the morning.

Comment from: Threaders, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: July 20

I can’t get comfortable, my movement is often highly restricted due to severe pain in my right side. I've also had groin pain for over a year and have now read this can also be radiated kidney pain.

Comment from: Gina, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: May 10

I have pain in my lower back and can't bend over. It is so much that I feel pain around and above my right kidney down my flanks and leg.

Comment from: Wendy, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: July 14

I am having steady pain in my back, and I believe it is in my right kidney. I cannot position myself in any way that will cause it to stop. I have been using ibuprofen for two days.

Comment from: scared me, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: July 11

I have kidney pain, back pain, frequent urination, continuous headache, abdominal pain and at times my legs and hands shakes. I have gone for a CT scan which shows I have kidney disease.

Comment from: SCARED ME, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: June 05

I went to the doctor and test revealed my kidneys were at a low function. The doctor told me to get back on my metformin and I would just be okay. I started feeling kidney pain but since I have been taking my medicines the pain is starting to go away. I wonder how long it takes to return to normal, today I feel weak.

Comment from: Me, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: December 21

I am experiencing pain in the left flank. I had CT scan, ultrasound and blood tests yesterday (trace of blood and protein). Scans showed nothing. Doctors said I may be passed kidney stones. I still have kidney pain today, it is stinging when I'm passing urine with spot of blood. I wonder if this a urinary tract infection.

Comment from: anna, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: June 15

I have had kidney stones before and this pain is now just like the kidney pain when I had them before. It has been a year now, and at first it was now and then so I thought just let it pass on its own. Now it is every day and some of the pain is getting to hard to handle. It quits or lowers in pain a good deal. Now it has added the constant feeling of having to urinate. I passed blood also only a couple of times and it was light. I wonder if there is something else that could be causing this or if it is possible for a stone to hang on this long.


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Comment from: Concerned male, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: June 09

I have kidney pains on both sides. I cannot urinate and have symptoms of flu and joint pains. I have also not had a bowel movement in the last 2 days.

Comment from: Steve, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: April 12

I'm in kidney failure with 40 percent function. I started having dull and persistent kidney pain about 8 months ago. The pain has worsened of late and is even disrupting my sleep. Doctor doesn't seem overly bothered by this. I on the other hand feel this is portent of further kidney damage.

Comment from: FBW, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: March 15

I recently experienced passing kidney stones, and a raging bladder infection with blood in my urine. I have been taking alendronate for osteoporosis for many years and was wondering if this medication could have aggravated this situation.

Comment from: Susan, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: March 14

I am having right flank pain and upper abdominal pain since months. My blood tests are normal except for a very low iron levels and my ultrasound showed 2 small fibroids and a noncancerous cyst on the liver. Since few days I am having pain on the left flank too specially when I sleep. But, the right side flank pain is there constantly and when I bend or turn it is worse like something is twisting from the inside. If it were a muscle pain I wouldn't be having it when I sleep, right! If the scan reports are normal then I wonder if I will be having a kidney problem.

Comment from: unimomma, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: March 02

In June my journey with abdominal pain began. I had 3 episodes in 5 days, and required several tests and medicines. Some were cancelled, but I found out I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). I was set to have a CT scan but the doctor who came on in the morning had a different opinion about the good old appendix and figured if it was on the ultrasound it was still good. Then I started having awful pains in my right kidney in September, it was stones, and an infection. I passed them. They are gone. Then end of October I lost my appendix because I had acute appendicitis. The pain came back a few weeks ago, and I thought I was going crazy. True story was I had ovarian cysts that burst. At that time they did ultrasounds and found out that I had medullary sponge kidney on the right side, a non-cancerous growth on my liver and two cysts on my right ovary. Anyway on here again because my left side came on suddenly tonight so bad that I puked. I just took some left over pain medicines, but will have to go in again if it is still there in the morning. I have been sick almost all year, who knew getting older could be like this! I am in my early thirties, non-smoker, obese (not hiding that), low blood pressure, but have several chronic conditions that started since my kids. I have hypothyroidism too and that is awful, and PCOS that’s awful too. I know if I lose weight it will be better for my body, I just need to work at it every day. I have been and I lost 4 lb. in 2 weeks, just by changing eating habits. Now if only the body listened.

Comment from: Louise, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: November 17

The hospital said I had a urinary tract infection when I went to them for excruciating back and flank pain with chills. I am on antibiotics and still have intermittent kidney pain and I am getting the chills right now. It hurts a lot.

Comment from: nelly, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: August 18

My left kidney bothers me so much, the pain I get is sometimes unbearable. My doctor said I had kidney infection and gave me medication. Now my medicines are finished the pain is back. Even when I sleep I can feel the pain, I see a bump like as if it is swollen.

Comment from: DGuffy, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: August 14

I had pains that felt like a kidney stone last week. I've had them before so I recognized the pain. But the last few days I've had a very achy feeling, almost like a pulled muscle feeling around my kidney on the right side.

Comment from: TEDDY BEN, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: July 21

I really don’t know what is happening, I am a high blood pressure patient since 2010 and my doctor prescribed Concor 2.5 mg and Amvasc 5 mg for me. Beside that I am taking Pantozol 40 mg for gastritis problem. I don’t drink and all of a sudden I started to have pain in my left kidney. I went to the doctor and after the blood test and x-ray the doctor said I have 5 percent kidney damage. My main food is spinach and semolina.

Comment from: Jason, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: July 14

I have big lumps in both kidneys that started small and then over years got bigger. I have ignored them but now they are giving me bad pain in the last couple of weeks.


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Comment from: linda, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: July 13

I had blood in my urine. When tested by doctor, paper test one month ago, and I had a CT scan, nothing showed. Consultant thinks I may have passed a kidney stone. Again 1 week ago the doctor tested my urine, again she says there is blood and sent my urine to be examined, it came back ok, but now I have a dull ache in my right kidney area. I have had thyroid cancer, and now got pernicious anemia, follicular cancer and had hemithyroidectomy. I am on levothyroxine now and also iron tablets as my platelets were low.

Comment from: travel gal, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: April 21

I have kidney pain on the left side of my back when I need to urinate. Pain worsens the longer I wait to go. Once I void the pain subsides. Ultra sound came back negative and my lab tests all seem normal.

Comment from: isreal, 25-34 (Patient) Published: April 16

I have pain on my right kidney and sometimes feel it going up and to lower back. I did a scan and the kidney looked alright therefore I don’t know why the pain.

Comment from: bear338, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: April 07

I am having shooting pain when I turn the right side. I feel as if my kidneys are forcing their way into my rib cage and have had back pain for the last few days. I felt nauseous a day ago, but it passed.

Comment from: Patsy6, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: March 17

My kidney pain started this morning much like a back ache but on one side (right side). I have just finished a prescription for urinary tract infection (UTI) about a week ago. This was the first UTI I have ever had.

Comment from: Qmark, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: February 17

I have severe kidney pain, feels like cramping. I have to hold my breath each time, it's like a pulsating constant pain, and I have to lie down and usually it goes after 10 minutes.

Comment from: Aelois, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: February 09

My kidneys have been in a constant numbing pain for a year or two now. I usually just ignore it, but sometimes it is pretty bad. I had a kidney infection about 6 months ago. Mainly, I just feel like they're always throbbing. At first I thought it was my lower back, but on the inside. It turns out it was my kidneys, when I went to get treatment for my kidney infection. I didn't get any further help as I didn't have insurance. I know there are a lot of possibilities, I just wonder what the most likely one is and if I need to go to the hospital as soon as possible. I still don't have insurance so I don't want to go on a false alarm, but I know something is wrong with them and have for a while.

Comment from: kidrock, 19-24 Male (Caregiver) Published: January 26

The pain hits near the pubic area, and some of the hard pains that happen a lot in me are on the back right next to my right hip and they're hard pain that happens maybe once or twice a day. But most of the time kidney pains that hit me every day and every second happens around my pubic area. Sometimes when I'm about to urinate that’s where pains occur. And what confused me the most is I experienced pain even in my testes. I don't know well but I feel like my ureter too does get these pains.

Comment from: blueeyes, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: January 06

I am a type 1 diabetic. I have had diabetes for 24 years. For over a year now I get sharp pains in the lower back side on the right, and I use the bathroom all the time, especially at night a lot. Doctors have done urine test and said kidneys are fine but am still hurting and urinating like crazy. Even when my sugar is not high I constantly use the bathroom.

Comment from: Kholmes, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: January 06

My kidney pain is very sharp, probably worst pain I've had. Moving (walking, sitting, etc.) makes it so much worse. I have pain on my left flank. No other urinary symptom, maybe decrease in output. I've had my left adrenal gland removed several years ago. My blood pressure was 164/99 normally it is 114/80.

Comment from: LEO B., 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: January 06

I have had stones more than once but today I am having symptoms that are pains shooting across my lower back. It hurts when I bend and when I move the wrong way. I have been urinating fine, no pain. It is just the pain in my back and kidney area. Well, I think it is my kidney area.

Comment from: tomdat7, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: December 31

I have type 2 diabetes high blood pressure, high cholesterol, neuropathy, retinopathy, and various other problems associated with my diabetes but also work related. I have tinnitus and 95 percent deaf in my right ear, spondylitis in my neck, flaking and degeneration of the cervical discs, plus other stuff, too much to list really. Recently, though I have been getting pains in what I think is my kidney area, and the pain is so severe it drops me to my knees, and I can’t stand or straighten up, it takes me a long time to slowly stand, but the pain is still there, and I struggle to walk; sitting for a while seems to ease it.

Comment from: dporter31953, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: December 29

I was recently diagnosed with stage II chronic kidney disease (CKD). What I would like to know if sharp back pain goes along with CKD. I have had horrible pain for 4 days straight, my ultrasound was normal, and recent blood work came back better than the last time. What I don't understand is why my doctor wants to wait 4 months to do more bloodwork and see me in the office. Four months seems like a long time.

Comment from: dporter, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: December 26

I was recently diagnosed with stage II kidney failure. I have also had really bad back pain from mid back to right buttock area, a very sharp pain. I don't know if it is from the kidney failure or from the back surgery I had 7 months ago. The pain has been severe for about 2 months. My orthopedic doctor has taken 2 sets of x-rays and says from his standpoint everything is fine, so it has to be kidney related. I'm already on pain medicines that don't work, i.e., Percocet and Flexeril. It doesn't touch me.

Comment from: Minnie, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: November 18

About 5 years ago I had to go to the hospital due to extreme abdominal pain. They did not find the cause. Recently I had an unrelated procedure but the doctor asked me about the episode. He said the kidney had been swollen and then reduced to about a third of normal. I now am in stage three kidney disease. I would still like to know what caused it. (It was not a kidney stone.)

Comment from: Nanoman727, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: November 18

I had kidney stones about 15 years ago and I was told I have the type that I can expect to happen again! It was sharp, sudden and awful pain that when I entered the emergency room (ER) they knew what it was in 2 seconds! I was in hospital for 3 days, they kept waiting for them to pass and they didn't, so they went in and got them! The next day I was released and was better. A woman who had three children was in the ER when I was there and she had kidneys stones as well! She said the pain was much worse than child birth!

Comment from: doughgirl, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: October 10

I have sharp kidney pain and at times nausea. I also have side effects from having hepatitis C which causes nausea and flu like symptoms, joint pain, and exhaustion.

Comment from: cheri, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: October 03

At first I had sharp abdominal pain on the left flank going through to the back, diagnosed and treated as a urinary tract infection (UTI). As the acute symptoms subsided I kept having a dull ache in both kidney areas (mid-lower back) and frequent urination but not a lot of production when voiding. I also had low fever (99-100 F). I am on second round of Levaquin (I’m allergic to Cipro) and have 1 dose left. It seems the ache is worse. Being an insulin-dependent diabetic, sometimes I do not feel the pain as quickly as I normally would. I never had urinary tract infection symptoms until the first sharp flank pain. I am very tired of feeling sick and am at my wits end.

Comment from: DLR01, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: September 17

I am having a constant pain on my left kidney. It feels like something is poking it with a needle of some sort causing my lower left backside and front left side to hurt. I tried taking Tylenol to help the pain but it seemed to make it worse.

Comment from: 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: August 26

I have had kidney/back pain for 15 years. It started when I slipped over a waterfall and landed tailbone first on rocks about 12 foot drop. This destroyed 2 back discs and herniated the bottom disc. I have had severe back pain and pain from the kidney area. Doctors always called it back pain but I am now being treated for stage 4 chronic kidney disease. It is so difficult to get my doctors to consider the kidney pain and they say it is from my spine.

Comment from: laylay15, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: August 20

I have constant kidney pain every time I drink, no matter if it's water, juice, or soda (I don't drink a lot of soda just for your information). It's always on the right side. I absolutely can't afford health insurance, there is just no way I can, even with the job I have. It's not painful but it just constantly throbs. I’ve tried heating pads, pain medications, and drinking water all day, and it still throbs.

Comment from: wc, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: August 18

It all started with urinary tract infection (UTI) symptoms and frequent urination couple of months ago. Occasionally I have shooting pain radiate from the kidney area to the testicle region. I’m also experiencing some mild back pain. So my primary test was for blood in the urine. My doctor ordered x-ray and CT scan. Both came out negative. I also tested for kidney function, everything is normal. I went to see urologist, he also check out the urinary tract and bladder with a camera. Everything is negative. Urologist is suspecting a small kidney stone. However, the pain still persists and some days are worse than others. I am also experiencing some nausea sometimes.

Comment from: merrymary, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: August 12

It began with symptoms of a bladder infection, but soon I had sharp pain in the upper abdomen and kidney area. I feel tired and weak. Now I have a constant aching pain in upper left abdomen and left kidney area. I am diabetic. I have low grade fever.

Comment from: Alan, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: September 26

I am experiencing severe kidney pain in my right-side lower back. I am type1 diabetic with poorly controlled blood sugar. I have received an appointment to have a Fibroscan to detect if there are any problems with my liver and kidneys. I have had diabetes for 20 years.

Comment from: Kerhieno , 55-64 Male (Caregiver) Published: July 08

My dad's both kidneys have failed and he is facing pain in his abdominal part. I am looking for home remedies to help him.

Comment from: Tim K, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: May 29

I am having sporadic sharp stabbing pains in the right kidney area that are crippling.

Comment from: Dar, 55-64 (Patient) Published: November 20

My 100 plus lb. dog made a running jump at me. I weigh 105 lb. I landed flat on my back and hit my head also. This happened about 28 hours ago. I have not gone to the hospital yet. I have chronic back pain and take 90 mg of morphine twice a day. This is doing nothing for my pain. I wondering if I hurt my kidneys really bad.

Comment from: Needhelp84, 35-44 Female (Caregiver) Published: October 23

My daughter has had a lot of problem, she had a blood clot go through her heart and into her lung. She now takes blood thinners and her heart is very weak on the right side. She’s been in and out of hospital. Then she got cellulitis in her stomach and has had lots of problems. But today she went to the emergency room because now she can't use the bathroom and has kidney pain. All tests came back ok but the heart valves are inflamed and now her liver is enlarged. She has so much fluid on her belly and it hurts.

Comment from: Ms sabrina, 45-54 (Patient) Published: September 13

Three months ago I just had surgery for kidney stones and this morning I went to bend down and couldn't get back up. I don't know if it is my kidneys or not but I'm in so much pain I can't even walk.

Comment from: Robbe, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: September 10

I have a sharp pain in my back on the right side all the time, 24/7. I think it is the kidney. Also at times it feels like I'm having a severe muscle cramp.

Comment from: ruanchef, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: August 27

I have pain in my left kidney and every now and then tingling on the left side of my head.

Comment from: James, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: August 21

I have low back pain on the left side, mostly aching. Kidney pain has been going on for about 5 days.

Comment from: Shona, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: August 16

My right kidney shrunk and I’m currently having pain in my right side and back.

Comment from: Alexa, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: July 26

I have had a few urinary tract infections due to holding it in until I can’t anymore. I even had abdominal cramps once. I now use the bathroom every hour and I am not drinking fluids all the time. But lately I seem to get a pain on the left side at the bottom of my ribs occasionally, but it comes and goes. I am worried if it is the kidney.

Comment from: Renee, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: July 19

I have lower abdominal pain, pain on the right side, and back pain on the right side; I wonder if it is my kidney.

Comment from: Catlady, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: July 17

I have pain in my lower right back, and also right abdomen. It’s been 2 days. Pain is constant, sometimes sharp especially after using the bathroom. I have never felt this kind of pain before. I wonder if it is the kidney.

Comment from: Jackie brumley, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: July 10

In the right side of my bottom by my privates, a small knot appeared, and I have a burning feeling. It stuck out in a ball and now I am hurting in my back, I wonder if it is the kidney.

Comment from: Devendra kaushik, 75 or over Male (Patient) Published: July 03

I don’t know whether it is kidney pain but it is in that region on both sides. It subsides on lying down and feels relieved on keeping a round pillow under the back. After taking Combiflam the feeling of weight remains. Tight clothing around that region appears to aggravate it.

Comment from: J. ortiz, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: June 14

I had suffered from kidney stones which passed or dissolved. During a traumatic experience I strained my side flank. It’s been 6 months or so and I can feel a throbbing pain in my left side when I cough or inhale deeply. I am worried and don’t want to go through this again. Yes, I do take medicines. I am hurting and concerned. Prefer natural maintenance.

Comment from: Mrs.Ann, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: May 30

I had severe pain under my left rib and the emergency room said it was my kidney. I drank water and took medicines, and it stopped but started back. I don't what to do.

Comment from: Becks, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: May 30

Both my kidneys hurt (I think) especially when I make sudden movements. It can cause me to cry out in pain. The pain is on both sides of my upper back. My last kidney test (2 weeks ago) was normal 0.87mg/dl and I have no known kidney disease but do have primary biliary cirrhosis.

Comment from: Pain, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: May 29

I have pain from under the right side of my stomach all the way to the right side lower part of my back. It hurts so bad I can't really sleep on my right side, and it hurts to turn to the other side. I am worried if it is kidney pain.

Comment from: Sav, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: May 24

All of a sudden at work I had a sharp pain in the middle of my back. It hurts every time I take a breath or a deep breath. Wondering what is causing this. Just started drinking a lot of water and hope to flush out whatever it may be. I read a little bit about kidney pain and thought about it as I have not been drinking a lot of water.

Comment from: Sammy , 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: May 11

My lower back hurts when I take a deep breath, also the pain is a 9 out of 10 for 2 days now. I can't walk too much or straighten up too much, I wonder if it is kidney pain.

Comment from: Ell, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: May 08

I have a very sharp pain coming from my kidney after I have lain down or sit for a long time and stand up. It is sharp in my left side.

Comment from: Maloney Northeast, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: May 08

I get a sharp intermittent pain in my left kidney area. It is not debilitating and has been going on, much less persistently than today, for about six months.

Comment from: Debbie, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: April 25

I've been having kidney pain on the right side. Last night there was some blood in my urine. This morning my urine was dark (similar to cider). I wonder what this could be.

Comment from: JOHN, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: January 03

I have extreme pain on both sides of the body. I can’t bend over because of the kidney pain.

Comment from: JOHN, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: January 03

I was walking down the street and kidney pain suddenly affected me. I felt a stabbing sensation on both sides above the hips.

Comment from: Sudipto Maity, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: December 27

Past few weeks, I have been suffering back pain in the upper back section. This back pain started from 6 am to 8 am. I can't sleep at that time. I don't know how to control it. I have a lot of working pressure. I wonder if this working pressure caused the back pain. I am worried about this kidney pain.

Comment from: Gregjo, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: October 04

When I am sleeping on my right side then go to roll over to my left side I get sharp pains in the area where my kidney is located. I wonder if that could be my kidney. It has been happening for about a month now. I did see my doctor on October 18th, but not for that.

Comment from: Fkint, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: January 03

I had a severe pain in my left side which subsided somewhat when I ceased taking my newly prescribed medication on Saturday. I will see my doctor today. I think it is my kidney and may have been from other medications I stopped taking when I left the hospital on Thursday. Perhaps the pain was masked by pain medication that wore off shortly after I got home. The doctor may have me wait then resume my medication at a lower dose. It could be a kidney stone. I'll post again when I learn what the problem is/was.

Comment from: Donna, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: November 17

My pain feels like I have been kidney punched, and a sharp needle pain when taking in a deep breath. The pain is in my right kidney.

Comment from: polly decesere, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: October 25

I have a sharp stabbing pain on my left back side. I just had it 7 days ago because I had gall stones so I had my gall bladder out. But a while back they said they found a cyst on my kidney. I just had a CAT scan and ultra sound, and they mentioned the cyst so I wonder what they will do to get rid of it. Because it is very, very painful if I move a certain way, it's a stabbing or feels like someone punched me. I just want to know what they do to solve this without surgery.

Comment from: Domino, 75 or over (Patient) Published: September 29

I have constant pain lower left side of back. I have 2 kidney stones that have been there many years.

Comment from: Sue, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: February 23

I am getting pain on the left side of my back, I am not sure how to describe the kidney pain other than if feels like a continuous ache.

Comment from: maria, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: December 18

I have random shooting kidney pain in the lower back left side. My left side, arm and leg also feel numb and are more firm to touch. I also have a headache.

Comment from: dniatopsky, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: November 13

In Jan 2015 I was diagnosed with kidney stones. I am unsure if that diagnosis was correct, because I never actually passed a stone. The past couple cycles I had, I have experienced moderate pain in my right flank area. Yesterday I started spotting dark brown blood and I had an immense amount of pain in my right flank area. Then after twenty minutes it was gone. Tonight as I am writing this, I am now bleeding heavier, so I am assuming that I have my cycle. Some of the blood is red, the rest is dark brown. The pain is pretty back in the right flank area. Perhaps it is possible that I have kidney stones again. I had a fever a couple times this week but I also have bronchitis and a sinus infection currently.

Comment from: zaheero, 19-24 Male (Patient) Published: September 23

I'm a recovering heroin addict and been clean almost 8 months now. My entire pelvis and abdomen have had pain for 48 hours, and today I woke up and all that pain is now lying on my left kidney. I can barely sit on a couch or lie for too long, then it pains extremely badly. I can't afford the doctor right now.

Comment from: m, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: September 23

I have lower back pain mostly on the right side, occasional funny feeling while urinating.

Comment from: maryq, 75 or over Female (Patient) Published: September 22

I have constant kidney pain which seems to feel worse at times. Usually when I sleep I get 6 to 8 hours of rest. I still have a good appetite.

Comment from: Varun Bhardwaj, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: September 10

I am suffering from kidney pain when I sit on my chair it starts paining up and down on upper left kidney.

Comment from: Kazza, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: August 24

I have kidney pain both left and right sides in back area and behind rib cage, sometimes sharp or other times constant, dull, intense pain.

Comment from: birdy, 75 or over Male (Patient) Published: August 04

I have constant pain over my left kidney, sometimes moderate, and sometimes varying in severity.

Comment from: milliemlljns, 55-64 Female (Caregiver) Published: August 04

My wife has pains in her left side, she has multiple myeloma cancer and her kidney number is 4.1. She has this pain for about four days and the level of pain she said is a 5. She has not had a bowel movement since July 30, 2015. The kidney pain started when she has taken ferrous sulfate 325 mg. Her doctor has her on ferrous and I wonder if the dosage is too high.

Comment from: Stacey, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: July 09

I have had pain in my lower right side and back for a while. When I push real hard on where the pain is, sometimes it feels like its muscle strain, but other times it's a sharp pain, like kidney pain. It's a constant pain, never goes away though.