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Comment from: Raffo, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: October 11

I got my first keloid when I was 16. And I had gotten it almost 3 years after piercings on both my ears. I thought it was an infected cyst or something. I tried steroids but couldn't complete. I did surgery and they grew back within 2 years. Now I'm getting laser and steroid injections every month and clobetasol propionate ointment twice a day. Now I'm finally seeing improvement and hope that this will finally go away. It doesn't hurt or itch anymore and one ear is almost completely healed.

Comment from: Coco, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: September 22

I have several keloids developed on my upper arm and leg due to 2 BCG vaccinations and 1 surgery. I received the injections (a drug made in Germany, 1 ml) when they were 10, 16, and 22 years old. The first treatment cycle made the keloids soft in a few days. The second treatment even made the keloid area concave. But they all came back in a few months. I then got Kenalog which did nothing to them. Later on, I got Kenalog with CO2 laser which was very painful, but in vain.

Comment from: Benganchan , 65-74 (Patient) Published: January 14

I had a 5 inch keloid running vertically down my chest from a heart surgery 14 years ago. Five years ago, I accidentally punctured the keloid and it has been suppurating (oozing pus). It heals for a time and then pus forms and it pops like an acne. The plastic surgeon did surgery to remove the keloid, followed by 3 sessions of radiation therapy within the next 24 hours.

Comment from: Daniela, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: July 27

What worked for me was cortisone injections. I was a little bit nervous because the keloids were under both breasts. I didn't feel anything and I'm glad I did the cortisone.

Comment from: Hppsinc, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: March 01

Following hip replacement surgery and the use of surgical staples I developed a large keloid which enlarged the scar site, itched, burned, caused pain and was significantly inflamed. The scar was treated with laser and Kenalog injections, two treatments of each. It calmed the scar down but still took several years to flatten and during that time the symptoms could still be felt. The resulting scar is not cosmetically optimum.

Comment from: Charles, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: October 22

I have a keloid on my face. It keeps growing and don't have radiation therapy in our country.

Comment from: Phoenix Down, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: October 03

My chest and breasts have several round keloids. I tried everything, tea tree oil plus coconut oil mix, silicone patches, etc. I avoid too much exposure to the sun and it just breaks my heart daily.

Comment from: who?, 19-24 Male (Patient) Published: June 30

I've been getting cortisone injections for my keloid and I've had very positive results. And to be honest, the shots never really hurt, at least to me. I've had horrible acne that left me with raised scar tissue which some consider a keloid. Anyway, I just wanted to add my experience. So many people post negative experiences, I guess it depends on you. All I can say is I'm happy with the treatment.

Comment from: kim, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: May 27

I had four keloids on my earlobes. I tried using triamcinolone ointment but instead they grew bigger. I then tied three of them and they fell off after five days. The fourth one keeps reducing and later on increases, I am yet to tie it.

Comment from: Midsummer, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: April 07

I have had keloids since my teens. My first one was on the shoulder and then they just keep popping up. I now have several on my chest and on my shoulders/upper back. Steroid injections helped reduce them in size and itchiness. One of the bigger ones is now flat but you can still see that a keloid had been there. Because the injections are so expensive, I had to stop them. I do however apply clobetasol propionate ointment on them once a day and it helps keep the keloids from growing. It even reduces them in size to some extent and helps with the itchiness. Hope this helps.

Comment from: Sandra, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: November 18

I had several piercings on both ears since the age of 10 up to 14 years old. It is only when I got 16 years old that my first keloid started to grow. It was on the right upper earlobe. I had my first surgery at 17, it was very painful and it grew back again in less than 2 years. Keloids started to grow all over both ears on each piercing, it was very painful. I had injection on both ears every week which were so painful that I had to stop. I haven't gone through surgery again as it is too painful. I am 23 and they are still here.


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Comment from: Yaw, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: August 21

The best prevention of keloid formation from a wound is to use hot water (about 60-70 degree Celsius, water from central water heating system is okay) on the wound, after about a day of the wound formation. You may use a clean cotton cloth to concentrate the heat or flush the water directly on the wound. One may do it in every three days interval for about five times. The water should be used to the point when you don't feel the hotness of the water again on the wound. After keloid formation, one can use Movate cream on the keloid to prevent the keloid from growing. The cream may be applied at most twice in a day on the keloid. The facts are from personal experience with keloids prevention and management, for I have some keloids on me.

Comment from: Nicklas, Male (Patient) Published: July 31

When you have a form of piercing of skin, including pimples, before the keloid starts apply a mixture of ginger root, turmeric and cortisone cream. You will not get a keloid. The two prevent inflammation which results in a keloid. Cortisone prevents itching. But you have to start in the very beginning before it develops.

Comment from: keyloid sufferer, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: June 23

I have had a raised keloid for years, on my right shoulder, it keeps growing. I finally got injections, it shrunk to an indentation in my skin, and then a few months later started growing back. A year later it was almost as big as it had been after growing for approximately 7 years. I got injections again, it grew back again and faster this time. The injections are very painful, and I don't want to go through it again. There are not many natural cures for keloids that actually helped; I tried a few, a lot of websites have treatment for scars listed under keloids, which definitely are not the same. Anyway I finally tried looking under natural remedies for tumors because keloids seem a lot like tumors to me. I found garlic and clove oil, haven't been applying long enough to know if they shrink, but they sure seem to be helping get my keloid softer and cloves help take away the burning and itching that is caused by the keloid. I put them directly on the keloid and press down hard on the keloid. I am taking them internally too. So if your keloid burns and itches try them, especially clove oil.

Comment from: ANJ75, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: April 11

I came by this site to show my husband what a keloid is and I am saddened by all of the stories I"ve read. I am no way an expert but I have two children that got keloids. My son got one from a chickenpox and my eldest daughter from a nose piercing. I was told by my grandmother to go get 100% tea tree oil and put it on twice a day. I did and both children"s keloids were gone in a few days. That was 15 years ago and many tattoos and piercings ago and they have yet to return. You can get tea tree oil (100%) at Sally"s. I hope it helps someone. Just put it on and it dries them up, smells really bad, but works. Good luck to all.

Comment from: Jay, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: March 04

I first had a keloid develop on my chest, I think it was from an irritated hair follicle. Then grew two others. I started getting steroid injections. However due to the pain, I had to stop. I received 30 shots in each session 10 in each keloid. They have shrunk, but as luck would have it, as a result of the treatment I started developing keloids on my back, sort of in strategic locations, shoulder and lower back, where it is more muscle tissue. I no longer itch like crazy and they have shrunk quite a bit. I am wishing them away.

Comment from: AshRae07, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: December 05

How I developed my keloid is still a mystery. It is located on my left hand underneath my thumb on the palm of my hand. I have been getting steroid injections for over a year now spaced at about 3 months apart. It is very painful but for me, but it has really made a difference. My keloid is probably a third, if not less, the size that it was when I began the injections. I am so thrilled that it is starting to dissipate. It is more than worth the pain to get rid of this thing and my doctor is just wonderful.

Comment from:, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: November 01

I have a keloid on my upper back from a mole removal. I have used vitamin E oil and a silicone patch (worn nightly for several weeks, kit purchased at Walmart) to shrink the keloid. The "lump" is still there, but is definitely much smaller than it used to be.

Comment from: Anjali , 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: October 24

I had my first keloid formation when I was small and had been given BCG injection on my arm. It grew to be a keloid. Later my mother took me for the treatment of getting cortisol injections injected on my keloid and put a tight band for compression, and the injections had side effects on me. After that I quit the treatment and since then had no treatment. In between I went for homeopathy for 3 months and quit that because it did not help. Over the years now I have multiple keloids on my shoulders chest, and my back. They are so ugly. I am 34 now and have been living a very under-confident life. For very long time in life I have been under no treatment. I apply Contractubex gel on my keloids usually at night, and that’s all I do. My keloids are so ugly and I have been dejected all my life because of that. There is a dark skin ring around it like as if it is pigmented badly. The keloids are itchy. I wish to have a normal life.


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Comment from: dee, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: July 06

Today is the 4th of July 2017. On last Wednesday, June 28th, I had my keloid removed by a plastic surgeon. My post operation instructions were not to change the bandages until I see her for my appointment on July 7th, 2017. Well, the bandages are now old, bloody, hard, and it smells so bad. I started smelling the dried up bloody bandage on Sunday July 2nd, 2017, so on Monday I called the plastic surgeon’s office just to be sure this is what I was supposed to be doing. I never got a call back from the doctor herself, only the staff who reassured me that this was the process; to not change the bandages even though it is dried up bloody bandages that smell on me. The office is once again closed today and the smell is so bad it is making me sick. I don’t know if I should go to the emergency room or wait until the office opens tomorrow.

Comment from: Musicianwoman, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: May 05

I've have huge keloids. They've been cut off 8 times but only grew back larger. I've had the injections, also the x-ray treatment. Nothing works. I am looking for a pain medication that will help me feel some relief from the keloid pain, itching and burning.

Comment from: Donna, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: January 14

I have had keloids since I was a little girl. I have one of my 7 on my chest. I have had them removed, I've had injection, and the injection hurt so bad I can't stand the pain. Now I've had a pacemaker put in and now I have a keloid there. I cry because the pain is too much for me. I am just trying to find out what I can do next.

Comment from: Karamel, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: December 03

I have about 10 keloids on my back and 2 on my stomach. The keloids on my back came from pimples and on my stomach from C-section. I've had injections in at least 5 of them on my back and because they grew back double size, I'm afraid to get the others injected. They itch very badly and sometimes they are painful. At this point, I don't know what to do.

Comment from: dame, 19-24 Male (Patient) Published: November 12

I have had surgery on my ears three times, and the last time I had radiation done and the keloids still seem to growing back slowly. My doctor is about to start steroid injection, hope that will help it stop.

Comment from: snarkie, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: October 21

I have a night time mineral solution. When I get an abrasion that I think might turn into a keloid, I apply the solution and it turns dry and eventually goes away leaving maybe a little red spot, but I have freckles and they don't show. I have not had any luck with the ones that are old and have actually puffed up. Mine are on my arms and legs. I had one on the side of my face and I used the solution on that and it is gone.

Comment from: Sharon, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: October 15

I developed a keloid through an injection when I was a child. It wasn't very big, located at the top of my arm. I started using Kelo-Cote silicone gel last year to try and reduce its appearance. It worked great. I still have it, but it's not as noticeable.

Comment from: the Maverick, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: August 25

I got my ears pierced when I was 11 years old, back in 1986. About six months later, I developed a keloid on both ears. I had them removed five times through various techniques. Ten years ago, I had them successfully removed with a flap method, two days of radiation treatments, and a total of six series of steroid injections that were really painful. Although, my right earlobe is very small because of all the surgeries, it looks remarkable compared to how it was. I wear clip-on earrings now, which have come a long way compared to years ago. There is help and treatment out there, you just have to be persistent.

Comment from: Tiffany4816, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: August 04

In 4th grade I got chicken pox from a girl at school and one of the pox in my chest I could not resist to scratch. The end result was a quarter sized keloid in the middle of my chest right above my breast. After months of injections it was flattened but due to scarring you can tell is there. I had my ears pierce when I was in 7th grade. My mom waited so long because my older sister had keloids on both of her ears due to ear piercing. While I was getting treatment for the one in my chest, I began to develop a keloid on my left ear about the size of a peanut. It did not grow at much. The injections to the keloid in my chest were so painful. I refused injections to the keloid on my left ear. I have not worn earrings for over 10years. Of course the hole on my right ear has closed. It is long over due but I want to wear earrings again, but I have been afraid it will grow back bigger as it did with my sister and a lot of others.


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Published: July 16

I have several keloids on my body: one on my chest, formed from a pimple I did not squeeze; three on my left arm, from a BCG vaccine I took several years ago. Of these 3, one has disappeared completely from treatment, one has stopped growing, and one has grown to about 5cm. I also have one on my right thigh, from a small bruise I sustained on the beach. I had the steroid treatment beginning in 2003, with some results, as observed above. The large keloid on my left arm, as well as the ones on my chest and thigh, have started to grow again. I am planning to have some more treatment. My doctor had cautioned me that if I were to have them surgically removed they are likely to grow back bigger. The thing with the steroid treatment is that it has some unwanted effects on the body and my doctor recommended maximum 5 shots, between well-spaced intervals.

Published: July 02

I have a couple keloids, 1 small one on my left shoulder, another good sized one on my right arm, another new one on the inside of my right ankle from a recent surgery, and my most hated is the large one on my left earlobe. It is very large and unsightly and attracts a lot of attention. The small one on my shoulder stopped growing on its own. I have never had treatment for this one. The one on my right arm I had the steroid injections and it stopped growing. I have not tried anything yet for the one on my ankle because I'm kind of waiting to see what it's going to do. The large one on my earlobe is the one that I have done everything possible for. I had an ear piercing when I was in 5th grade and it took a few years to become visible. I have had it surgically removed about 7 or 8 different times along with the steroid injections and also the radiation treatment. None of which have worked. It continues to grow and I am frustrated as to what I should do next.... any suggestions?

Comment from: Christian, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: December 01

I have had keloids since my teenage. I am now 33. I have keloids in my face, both cheeks. I feel terrible because nobody likes me, they think I am a monster. I have tried injections but it hasn’t been useful.

Comment from: chiky1959, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: May 22

I have had keloids since I was 19 and I am now 56. There are lots of keloids all over my back and breasts and two very large ones between the breast bone and they have now joined. I tried cortisone but to no avail. I have been resigned to the fact that they will always be there. And as far as dressing and cleavage I am now at the age that 'oh well' is a part of me. I used to wear camisoles under everything to hide them but that tended to make them itch. That is the worst, if I could find a good anti-itch cream would be heaven as the itching also keeps me awake.

Comment from: Eileen, 0-2 Female (Caregiver) Published: February 06

My grandson developed a keloid on his penis after his circumcision. The doctor actually cut the shaft and he came home with Steri-Strips! I can't imagine giving him shots there! I wonder if it would be safe to try tree tea oil.

Comment from: RR Singh, 75 or over Male (Patient) Published: December 27

I am 75 years old and gone through bye pass surgery in 1996. I got keloids on my chest and they are growing day by day and it causes itching and burns to me. It seems that there is something inside my skin and it is biting by skin day by day. Under my chest there was a small scar of two stiches and now it has grown more than 12 inches and spreading. I consulted many doctor, gone through injections and steroids but all in vain.

Comment from: Jean, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: October 15

I have 2 keloids, one on my neck and one on my chest. I have had about 12 injections and my keloids seem like they get wider every time I get an injection. I don't know what to do anymore. The one on my neck is painful and I can't sleep at night.

Comment from: kazmi, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: August 30

I have keloids under right ear through chin. Cryotherapy for several times but can’t stop and emerge after a month. I can’t even shave. Not a permanent solution. Feeling sad and tense.

Comment from: JoeyJ, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: May 20

I have had several keloids on my back, shoulders, and chest. I have had a number of them treated with surgery, others with Kenalog injections and others by freezing. Over time, all of them have returned and most are larger than before. Recently, I went through the CryoShape procedure and am thrilled to report that none of the keloids treated have returned. It is a wonderful procedure, creating little pain and great results. The worst treatment I ever had was when the doctor used Q tips that he put into liquid nitrogen followed by cortisone shots. What a waste of time and money.

Comment from: Nina, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: September 02

I have had a keloid on my breasts for nearly 15 years and it has been growing slowly. I have tried injections, laser and silicon gel and nothing worked. What worries me is that it has not stopped growing and sometimes it itches and burns. I have been to many doctors, but no one seems to be sure of the results. Some doctors have said that there is no treatment and some have said laser and steroid injection may work.

Comment from: Pramod S, 25-34 Male (Caregiver) Published: September 02

My fiancée has seven keloids on her body. Out of seven, six of the keloids are on her back and one is on her right hand. She’s had the keloids since she was 6 years old. Today, she is 28 years old. She had plastic surgery when she was 13. After that, the keloid formation increased drastically. She is undergoing laser treatment, but my main concern is the itching problem she experiences from it. She says the itchy part is unbearable.

Comment from: Tal, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: September 02

I had three keloids, two on the ears from piercing and one on my chest from chicken pox. I had the ear ones surgically removed, but the one on the left came back. After a few years, I tied a rope around it (you can if it is not flat), and it was painful, but I persevered and it finally dropped off after about two weeks. I had to dab it with surgical spirit daily to avoid an infection, but it was worth it. For the chest one, I used a wart remover, which made it flatter. It was painful, so I waited a couple of weeks to treat it again. This time, it grew instead. I wish I had left it alone after the first time. I have sliced it, poured a drop of boiling oil on it, and still it's still here. The injections are so expensive. Here in London, you have to pay a consultation fee of around £150 before you even start the treatment. So I think I will keep trying to get rid of it myself, with caution of course.

Comment from: CJ, 13-18 Male (Patient) Published: September 02

I'm 17 this year, and I had this keloid at the back of my shoulder from chicken pox when I was 6. At the age of 11, I went for an operation to remove it, but the surgeon did not warn me about cutting twice the size of the original scar. To add on, it was not guaranteed that the scar will not come back. The sad thing is that my scar came back, twice the size.

Comment from: Pops, 13-18 Male (Patient) Published: September 02

Cortisone injections right into the keloid made it completely disappear over a period of time. It's amazing just how well this worked for me.

Comment from: 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: August 25

I had a keloid most likely from a BCG vaccine on my left shoulder. Recently, I went to a surgeon to get it removed, and so far, it has not grown back. The scar seems to heal very well and it is flat. I have been warned that after the surgery the keloid might grow back with vengeance. Steroid shots did not work for me; they shrunk the keloid for a couple of days, and then it went back to normal. That was the only keloid I had, so I think that is why the surgery was successful.

Comment from: Elogee, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: August 25

Keloid formation runs in my family with every member nursing one on some part of their body. I have had keloids since I was a kid. The ones on “bony” areas have reduced over time. The most troublesome one is on my breast and has required special attention. At one time, I used steroid injections, but it came back with a vengeance. Shea butter has worked for my brother, but not for me.

Comment from: jj, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: August 21

I have a massive keloid on my chest, one on my left shoulder and another on my back. The keloid on my chest has defied all forms of treatment (injections, surgery, name it). It measures 12cm x 9cm and is still growing (started as 2 acnes). I also have to deal with recurring abscesses on this same keloid and it is such an irritating feeling. I'd be the happiest person on planet earth to know of some definitive cure for keloid scars.

Comment from: mcurl2873, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: August 21

I recently had a piercing on the upper part of my ear, they call it an "industrial" piercing. I have had 9 other piecing on my body and never with a problem. With this one, I have had for about 2 months now, and it is still not completely healed, but I can take it out to clean the bar and my ear. I noticed on the curved part closest to the head, on the lip (underneath) what looks like a bump. It is white, like a pimple, but there is no fluid or anything inside it. I am not sure if it is because it rubs/rests on the bar and this is why, or if I have a keloid forming. I will go to a doctor, but I am hesitant at judgement because of my piercings.

Published: July 14

I have 3 scars total on my chest area. the top one is about 3cm long, and the one underneath it is about 1.8cm long, then there is one to the left (my left) is like a small dot. I've had injections on the biggest one and it worked for awhile then it grew back again. I really need help to make it disappear. Please tell me what to do. I've tried silicone tape and injections.

Published: July 09

I have a round hard bump on my inner left leg, about three inches below the knee. Believe it might be a Keloid; and may have started as a zit, which I pinched. It does itch occasionally, especially in very dry atmospheres. A few years ago, a doctor looked at it, and simply sliced off the bump. Within a few months, the bump grew back. It appears to be same size as before.

Published: June 24

I have 6 small keloid scars on my shoulders, and so far I've had no success. I've had laser treatment and cortisone injections. The injections worked for a few weeks, but the keloids came back. I suppose I would get the injections again, but more for special occasions to avoid having the scars for a little while.

Published: June 19

To the one that said they tied a string around it, that don't sound like a keloid. The only thing that worked for me was the injections and that only worked on some.

Published: June 17

I sustained a keloid to my left shoulder after a motorcycle wreck. I was told by one dermatologist to use some scar removal and another doctor injected me with cortisone shots twice. I actually saw a change with the shots, and I never went back for more, but I think I will in the future.

Published: June 13

The only thing that works for me are steroid injections. I had them surgically removed but came back even larger.

Published: June 13

I had a keloid about the size of a peanut at my back when I was 13 years old. It disappeared due to the pressure from the bra's strip. I also had one on my lower abdomen and one day I tied it, at its base area, with a sewing thread firmly. It also disappeared after sometimes. I was fortunate because the one at my back was along the bra's strip position and the one on my abdomen, because of it's shape, I was able to tie the thread around it.

Published: August 21

I have keloids on both sides of my neck just along my jawline. I have only tried injections and I find they do not work at all only causing pain. And as other people commented anyone I’ve seen about them told me if I tried to remove them they could come back larger. Not a chance I am willing to take because of the cost ($1,500 per scar) Anyone recommend any thing else like the cryotherapy or laser?

Comment from: ladyredd, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: August 12

I have three keloids. One from chicken pox and two from having my ears pierced. I have been getting the injections in my ear. The one on the left side has gone down a lot, but the one on the right is still kind of big and it has developed a cyst. I want to get them removed but I'm scared it will come back bigger.

Comment from: toomurch, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: August 04

I had a keloid form after an accident in the garden which resulted in a large cut above my nose. Initial injection of cortisone by my Dermatologist resulted in some improvement. Then it appeared the scar was starting to "shine" again so I went back for 2 more injections spaced about 9 weeks apart. Now you can barely see the scar and it has been about a year since I had my last injection.

Published: July 22

I have a two-inch keloid on both sides of my chest. It's from a tattoo. The tattoo was done back in 1994. I had shots injected into the keloids, and it hurt so bad that I had to stop the treatments.