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Comment from: sunfish, 19-24 Male (Patient) Published: May 12

I am so annoyed with impetigo. I have no idea how I got it, I work in a grocery store but always follow extreme hygiene. I get poison oak often, and had it on my neck a week or two before the impetigo. I seem to be prone to skin issues. I try to take excellent care of myself (food, sleep, cleanliness, etc.) and this is so frustrating. It is always on my lips. I use mupirocin and symptoms are relieved within about two days usually. This is my third time getting it in a month.

Comment from: Miss M, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: June 25

I'm 41 and this is my second time having impetigo in a year’s time. I found that anti itch gel and calamine lotion work the best, and ibuprofen. I shower and put the stuff on and let it dry and then get dressed. All is gone in 2 weeks. I noticed taking any medicines or lotions or ointments or covering it, all made it way worse, big time. Just stay clean and don't scratch. Grab tissue and press on it instead. No scratching!

Comment from: Andrea, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: November 06

My impetigo has still not gone away yet, but 1 drop of grapefruit seed extract mixed with 1 tbsp. of aloe vera gel (I store it in the fridge so it’s cool) has helped relieve the itchiness for me. It burns and stings really bad for about 5 minutes but then feels almost back to normal after that! I am using it 2 or 3 times a day along with prescription creams and oral antibiotics (cephalexin). I am also washing with Hibiclens.

Comment from: El, 55-64 (Patient) Published: July 09

I have had impetigo a few times. This time it came on my arm. My doctor gave me an antibiotic cream. First it helped but then on day 7 it flared up even worse. My whole arm was covered in blisters and the itch was terrible. I bought grape fruit seeds extract and 550 mg Manuka honey. I also strengthened my immune system by eating garlic, turmeric root and ginger most days, and kept absolute hygiene. The relief was quick. The itching stopped within a day or two and now 3 weeks later I am healed, no scars, and feeling great.

Comment from: Green, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: June 12

I have had impetigo since I was little - mainly inside my nose, but then sometimes would progress to underneath my nose. It typically came on when I was overwhelmed, nervous or feeling stressed. During my 20s it went away and I would get the occasional cold sore on my lip, but that is explainable to the average person. Now in my early 40s I have had it 3 times in the past 6 months. Don't know how to prevent it or what causes it. I am obsessive when it comes to washing my hands. It typically starts with a tiny bit of tingling in the area - and always on my face. Sometimes if I catch it I use a cold sore medication Campho-Phenique. It can be itchy and swollen for about 3 or 4 days and then starts to heal. Typically takes about 3 weeks to completely heal. To ease the pain I will take Tylenol, but mine aren't typically painful, more itchy and swollen.

Comment from: DebbraFoutz, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: March 18

I have been given this prescription mupirocin for impetigo from third degree burns on my thigh.

Comment from: Hayley, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: March 20

I am 21, and going through the fun of impetigo for the first time. I have never had anything like this in my life. A few sore bumps began to form 6 days ago on the smile crease right under my cheek where I have been dealing with severely dry skin since moving to Colorado (this year has been especially dry). I knew instantly these bumps were not acne, they felt somewhat similar to cold sores which I occasionally get, but there was not distinct tingling sensation which is associated with cold sores. Anyways, they quickly spread to the same area on my other cheek, up to the bridge of my nose where it was most severe and then to my eyelids, and finally forehead and some of my scalp. The first doctor I went to was really no help, told me I had atopic dermatitis and prescribed me with hydrocortisone cream, which only made things worse. Finally, I went to a great dermatologist who prescribed me with cephalexin and I am healing fairly quickly. This ordeal has been overwhelming, and somewhat humiliating because I still had to go on with life and attend my college classes at a large university, but I am extremely grateful to see this clearing up. To anyone who gets it, moisturize the areas that have not yet been infected if you are prone to dry skin, I am fairly sure this is the one thing I did right in this whole process. It kept the dry flaky parts of my skin healthy not allowing the impetigo to get in there. I believe it spreads to any open wounds, pores, and cracks, whatever. I also have been using little amounts of coconut oil on some areas and it seems to have helped. I also used the blow dryer method, hard to say how much this helped but definitely didn't hurt. Anyone going through this. I know it is difficult but you will get through it, remember to stay grateful it could always be worse. Also, see a dermatologist as soon as possible if it starts to spread so you can get on medications!

Comment from: FemalePerson, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: October 28

I'm 56, having impetigo for the first time. Mine has spread rapidly and itches intensely. I've been on cephalexin for a week and it's a bit better on my face, where it started, but is awful and itchy on my arms. I used the cream but it seems to make it sting and itch worse. Now I want to try natural things like calendula oil or maybe peroxide since others have been helped. Also, am going to try the bleach bath. This is about the worst thing I've ever had! I will always use those wipes at the grocery store from now on. I pick at my fingers and wonder if this is how it entered my system. Another reason to stop that bad habit!


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Comment from: JJ, 55-64 Female (Caregiver) Published: January 26

My son was getting staph infections on his fingers, impetigo and straight up boil like infections. The doctor told me we all carry staph on our bodies but sometimes it crosses the blood barrier and goes systemic. It can be via nose, eye, mouth, as well as through cuts and sores. He said the fingernails are notorious carriers of a dense amount. For those of you who get it frequently I suggest, upon awakening, clean under each nail with a sharp tip then soak fingers in antibacterial soap or gel and rinse. Also clean your tool. It takes about 7 minutes (or less) once you get the habit of it and it has stopped my son’s staph, now 4 years clean with nothing! The nails in truth are probably the germiest things; even if they look clean they are full of microbes. Keep them clean and watch your health improve.

Comment from: April, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: August 03

I have had Impetigo now for a little over what seems like 2 months. I try very hard not to scratch so as not to make it spread but it is very hard when my whole body itches. I have it in my groin area and my bottom, also a spot on my stomach and on my leg. I need to know something to get rid of it fast, as my husband has it on his penis head and in his groin area, probably form me. I am devastated about this because I am tired of scratching like a mad person in public. I am on medications orally and topically. I use Neosporin 2 times a day and take a pill and nothing seems to work; it seems to be spreading.

Comment from: Pearl, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: March 24

I first noticed a sore inside my nose. It felt like an ingrown pimple as I couldn't see it. From touching and trying to blow my nose it transferred to the other nostril, and became a sore. I noticed every day my skin was peeling further away from the center. I ended up getting two sores on my face, one about 1/4 inch big. That particular one scabbed, but upon washing my face gently my skin around the scab was peeling away, and I ended up with a bigger sore. Another one appeared on my neck, and under my eye. I scratched thinking it was a bug bite, but became a red wet sore as well. The impetigo sores itch a lot and also sting from being raw skin. I'd avoid scratching anything by all means. It's scary to know they just appear from touching. I've been treating it with juice from aloe vera plant twice a day, and oral antibiotics. So far it has been a week, and they seem to be healing with the aloe vera. I also wore Band-Aids over them today and it seemed to keep them from spreading, but didn't retain any moisture due to the aloe vera acting as a dry film that your skin soaks up.

Comment from: Charline, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: February 03

My kids (10 and 11) and I got impetigo all at once. My son just started with the rash on his hands and feet with blisters on his arms. Shortly after him my daughter got it but she had high temperatures. Then I got the blisters and spots on my hands and feet. We were given antibiotics and extra medications. I just want to know for how long this is contagious. We've had it now for about a week. Mine looks more under control but we now have infected my husband too.

Comment from: Shawn, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: July 23

I'm a 30 year-old male. I've been getting impetigo since I was around 10. Some years I get it as many as 8 to 10 times, other years I'm luckier and only get it 1 to 3 times. It always forms on or above my top lip. I used to assume it was cold sores but doctors claim impetigo. I had it so badly once as a teen that I now have a scar above my lip and grow no facial hair in that spot. Best solution I have found is to shave my face over the wound, opening it up in the process. Then I put nail polish remover on it a few times. It dries it out very quickly. Then I'll switch to Neosporin. Total healing time is still around a week. I hate it. It makes me miserable. I'm generally a very confident guy but with impetigo I feel like people must think I look disgusting. I'd give just about anything to never get it again.

Comment from: oldgal, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: July 15

I'm in the middle of a bout of impetigo now. I also suffer from shingles. When my general immune system is down, I get one or the other or both. Usually, it takes 2 rounds of antibiotics to get it down. The topical ointment seems to make it worse, so I don't use it. I have found that lidocaine will numb it up enough so that the itching/burning doesn't make me crazy or want to scratch. I was left with permanent red blotches after my first round of impetigo and nothing will make it go away. Try to avoid touching it, wash your hands frequently and if you must touch the area (to apply medicine etc.), use a Q-Tip. Do not dry the area with a towel you use on other parts of your body. I have a dedicated set of cloths I use and disinfect immediately. Staph is no joke. It can go from a small area to a systemic problem in no time whatsoever. Good luck to all of you sufferers. This, too shall pass.

Comment from: alexandrraah, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: May 30

I developed severe impetigo on my face with canker sores on my lips when I was 19. I had 103 degree fevers and the infection spread on my face mainly around my chin. I got it from having no immune system from being an alcoholic. I took antibiotics and in 2 weeks it was gone. I’m 20 now and every few months a blister will pop up in the exact same as spot as before but not spread; just blister and disappear. I don’t understand it. I’m no longer a drinker and have never had acne or cuts on my face.


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Comment from: ReneB, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: May 01

I am currently suffering from impetigo for the 3rd time in 6 months. This time is the worst so far. The first round of antibiotics did nothing. I went to Urgent Care 3 days later because of swelling and was put on an additional antibiotic, prednisone and Bactroban. Now over a week later there’s still no change. It freaking hurts, like pulsing pain right next to my mouth. Every time it crusts over, I open my mouth to eat something and bam, cracks wide open. I have an appointment with a dermatologist tomorrow, so fingers crossed they can figure something out because I am not happy!

Comment from: Lisa, 35-44 Female (Caregiver) Published: January 23

My son is 12 and started with some red spots around his nose, the dermatologist said it is eczema. He told me to just use Aveeno eczema cream. Then we went for a prescription cream. It is almost 6 months of this and now the doctor said it is impetigo. It looks so horrible on my poor boy’s face. We are now giving him 500 mg of Keflex three times a day and Fucidin cream 4 times a day. I so hope this finally works.

Comment from: Eman, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: January 21

My impetigo happens on my fingers and finger tips. It lasts about one week. I use tea tree oil. It works pretty good.

Comment from: Lorie, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: January 09

With impetigo, the key is not to scratch or touch the infected area. I took extra strength Benadryl and left the area open. Covering will only aggravate it.

Comment from: shaemarie, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: December 16

I am 19 years old and I began to get red bumps in August around my nose that then spread to my chin. At first I thought it was acne. Thinking it was acne I did different things to help it clear up but nothing worked. Two and a half months later it became super red and blotchy. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with impetigo. He gave me an ointment with Bactroban. It took almost three days to see any results. I had severe itching and the only thing that helped was washing my face and soaking it in really warm water and then reapplying the ointment. And at the end of two weeks it hasn't really cleared up. My doctor then gave me antibiotics which I take 4 times a day and it seems to be helping. Impetigo is definitely not fun!

Comment from: Annoyed , 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: April 27

I keep breaking out with skin infections on my face. First it was a cold sore the next was a boil and now I have impetigo; when will this end! I keep going on antibiotics every other month and nothing seems to help because it comes back after a few weeks with a new breakout. I get very self-conscious because it’s on my face and I work in a public place.

Comment from: Aex Shea, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: November 07

Growing up, going through high school, university, and starting a successful career, I never thought impetigo would become a concern. I was 32 years old when the Impetigo infection struck. I was covered with dozens of itchy red pus-filled blisters all over the left side of my face, was unable to leave the house, and feeling awful from this dreadful headache and fever that kept me in bed all day. Eventually I found a natural solution and I was back to normal in about 10 days total.

Comment from: Carrot, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: October 21

I'm a 44 year old female. I started getting impetigo at age 30 after getting chapped lips golfing (probably wind burned along with winter sun sensitivity). I used the hotel pool and the doctor thinks that's where I contracted it. I've had it 4 times since. I made it a year or two before getting to golfing again. Now I use Chap Stick with sunblock and it usually doesn't occur when I get chapped lips. Traveling is also stressful so immunity is low. It does occur now when I get sick! Runny noses and wiping my lips constantly is when I get it. This last cold wasn't bad and my lips didn't break out as much since I used Bactroban right away. I thought it was gone within 2 weeks of not so severe symptoms, but then it flared up again but worse. I am getting antibiotics tomorrow. I think licking lips, rubbing, not sanitizing water bottles and toothbrushes and getting rid of all lipsticks made it re-infected. And perhaps I didn't use the ointment long enough. It caused itching so bad it woke me up all night. I think I spread it from scratching my chin, trying to avoid my lips! Smoking or straws will spread it because it’s moving around the contagious area. Rubbing my lips together, while the blisters oozed, moved it from lower to upper lip overnight!

Comment from: Granny, 75 or over Female (Patient) Published: August 05

I had an eruption on my arm that itched and quickly became an open sore. The doctor told me to apply a medicine for itching. A few day later two more itchy sores appeared on my neck. When they were healed three more came on my chin. The itching and stinging of the impetigo were severe. I used Neosporin the first day and then mupirocin the next. It seemed to hurt and itch more so I switched back to Neosporin. They have all healed now but left shiny pink spots on my skin. I live in my own home and have not knowingly been around anyone with sores on them.


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Comment from: Stalin, 19-24 Male (Patient) Published: January 27

I've had impetigo develop a few times. It's a bacterial infection that pops up when open wounds (I.e. acne, bug bites) get scratched or picked at with dirty hands, so frequent camping or generally poor hygiene is the most likely suspect. Only once I've needed it treated with antibiotics, and that was the worst of it. I've gotten it a few times since then and it cleared up after about a week as long as I didn't touch or scratch any of the infected areas. I know that's easier said than done because it itches something fierce, but that's the #1 thing you can do if you don't have access to medical treatment. And trim your nails and wash your hands like a Howard Hughes-level germophobe. Also, do not attempt to treat the sores with alcohol. That'll make them grow like wildfire.

Comment from: John, 19-24 Male (Patient) Published: January 23

I got a crusty blister on and below my nose around December 20. On December 24, I started developing blisters on other parts of my body, and by December 26 they were severe enough that I was in constant, debilitating pain. I had large blisters on my neck, chest, wrists, fingers, arms, butt, groin, genitals, thighs, and left foot. I was evaluated by a dermatologist on December 26, and on December 30 he put me on a medicine to treat autoimmune disease, but it didn't help; on January 2 he told me I had a staph infection and finally prescribed antibiotics. The pain finally went away after a couple of days and the blisters began to heal. Now it is January 19 and I feel very healthy, but I still have red blotches on my skin in most of the places where I formerly had blisters. I don't know how long it will take for these red blotches to go away, but I'm surprised by the persistence. It's been two weeks since my staph infection was killed off by the antibiotics, but red blotches remain.

Comment from: impetigo, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: November 01

I first got impetigo in high school. I was working at a restaurant and dish water splashed in my face. Seconds later I had 3 little bumps on the bottom of my lip and as the night went by it started to drip yellow liquid and crust over. I went to the emergency room and they told me it was impetigo. I am 28 now and I have had it between 2 to 3 times a year since the first occurrence. One time I had it in two different spots on my lip. I currently have it now, this is my first time having it only once in a year. The pain can get to you at times so I take Advil and I clean it every time the crust builds up. I am using mupirocin cream and it dries it up quickly.

Comment from: Daryaantonov, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: October 24

Tea tree oil helped both of my kids, the impetigo was gone in two weeks; I just put tea tree oil on the affected area.

Published: March 13

I got impetigo through a cut on my ear. Getting mono about 5 months ago means I have no immune system so a simple infection turned into impetigo in less than 24 hours. The infection caused my lymph nodes in my neck to swell up making swallowing and moving my head and neck severely painful. After two emergency room visits I was finally given a topical bacterial cream, Vicodin for the pain, and antibiotics (after numerous tests to find the right one, having gone through vomiting and fevers with previous prescribed antibiotics). So far, no change. Keep your fingers crossed. Take everything when you should. Ask your pharmacist what to eat with and what not to eat with, and DO HOT COMPRESSES. I found that cleaning it, then pressing a hot wet washrag to it repeatedly, then applying the cream is the best way. It makes the ache stop a little.

Comment from: Katie, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: March 10

I'm a 21 year old female. I think I got it from a cold sore. It's right in the corner of my mouth. I thought it was just a cold sore but then it started swelling up into my mouth. It was so painful and I knew something was wrong. So I went to the doctor and she said it was the worst she'd seen! She gave me antibiotics, antiinflammatory/painkiller, and topical cream. I am being very careful never touching it and using a new towel every time and changing sheets everyday. It is so gross. I've had it for five days now and got antibiotics and meds about 3 days ago, so it is just clearing up now. It is disgusting and leaking pus. I am so embarrassed of it and I seriously feel for all of you. I've been missing school. Seriously all of us just have BAD LUCK. So I really hope this doesn't come back in 8 months, or whatever. I think for anyone who has it, the most important thing is to not touch it and sanitize everything!

Comment from: Jim, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: March 05

I'm 36 and never had impetigo before. I cut myself shaving near the corner of my mouth, and I believe this is how the bacteria entered. Unfortunately, my symptoms flared up on a trip from the United States to Cancun, and I didn't have access to a doctor. I tried treating by washing and applying Neosporin. At first, it seemed to help, but then it got worse. Upon returning to the United States, I got Bactroban cream, and it is clearing up after only three days. My doctor let me know I aggravated the condition by forming an allergic reaction to over-use of Neosporin, which was the first time I knew one could develop an allergy. From now on, I think I'll travel with over-the-counter triple antibiotic cream, just in case something like this happens in the future.

Comment from: PZeuhl, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: January 22

I got bullous impetigo on my arm last year and went to the hospital where they told me I had ringworm. I was instructed to buy some Monistat-7 and that it would go away. Two weeks later it had pretty much taken over all of my upper arm and when I called the hospital the RN that saw me told me not to go back, to go see a specialist. The dermatologist was able to see me a week later and the impetigo was now all over my arm and side of my chest. Derm Doctor got me squared away on topical and oral antibiotics and it was gone in about a week. I feel for the person who expressed how depressing Impetigo can make you feel, it was a horrible experience. Now a year later, I have the same little burning crusty scabs coming on.

Comment from: Itchy in St. Louis, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: September 25

I have been suffering from bullous impetigo for the last six months on my face, neck and back. It was misdiagnosed by 3 different physicians as acne and/or dermatitis. Finally got the correct diagnosis three weeks ago and have been treating with Bactroban and Bactrim, plus a "bleach bath." Never heard of "bleach bath" before, but it entails adding 1/8 cup of Clorox bleach and soaking for 10 minutes once a day to sterilize the skin. Antibiotics were helping but the bleach bath is the treatment that did the trick.

Comment from: 7-12 Male (Caregiver) Published: August 27

My 11-year-old son has suffered from recurring impetigo on his chin for the last four years. It usually occurs during football season and lasts a week or two. If we don't start Mupirocin and Betadine immediately (at the first sign of the first blister) and continuously, it spreads rapidly and gets deeper in the skin. A few times, he has had to take oral antibiotics.

Published: July 24

My 13 year old daughter had a rash for over a month surrounding her nose/nostrils. I initially thought was a mild case of acne and tried every acne product known to man to cure it, before I finally decided it was time to take her to the doctor/dermatologist. When I told her father of my intentions, he revealed that his step-daughter had had impetigo just a few weeks before our daughters symptoms appeared. Upon hearing this, my son said he also had a rash, but on his neck. We immediately began treating with triple antibiotic, within a few days, the rash was gone and her skin was beginning to heal beautifully.

Comment from: Roy, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: December 19

I was using benzoyl peroxide to treat acne and somehow impetigo still came on. I would have thought the benzoyl would kill the bacteria.

Comment from: N.O. Mom, 45-54 Female (Caregiver) Published: December 19

We tried every cream for my son’s eczema and they did not work. He also was diagnosed with tinea versicolor (a yeast infection) and the prescribed cream did not work. I put him on probiotics and everything cleared up including his acne.

Comment from: Dawn, 25-34 (Patient) Published: May 30

I have suffered from impetigo for many years. I picked it up somehow in my late teens, and every time I feel run down, within a few days my lips start to crack. This will be either during winter or summer, and then I have flu-like symptoms. My temperature goes wild and I have a severe toothache and earache. Believe me – I have tried everything over the years. I wash my hands thoroughly and use alcohol gel; my house is spotlessly clean and I bleach everything. When I feel like this, I feel dirty and depressed. My immune system feels down and I cry quite easily. It’s very sore and itches like mad. A trip to the doctor for a strong dose of antibiotics normally clears it up, though. I feel sorry for anyone who suffers like I do – this infection is not pleasant.

Comment from: Katie, 19-24 Female Published: March 14

I currently have impetigo. I am on my third day of medication. The area is very red and turning hard (on my face (cheek) and near my eye. What does improvement of impetigo look like? Should it be gone soon? I am taking Apo-Sulfatrim.

Comment from: JaneLily, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: March 13

I was really sick last summer and since I didn't have insurance at that time, I thought I could sleep it off. I continued to get worse. Soon enough, I started getting blisters on my arms, legs, mouth, and then spread to my groin area. I went to my gyno first since that was the most miserable area. He said Herpes test was negative, but prescribed Acyclovir anyway. I went through two weeks and two bottles of Acyclovir ($200 a bottle without insurance) and it just got worse. Then he did $1200 worth of autoimmune disease testing which everything came back negative. I finally went to my general doctor. She prescribed me a topical Acyclovir for my mouth. Didn't work. Finally, after more blood work, she called back saying my white blood cell count was through the roof so she put me on an antibiotic. Sure enough, after a total of 5 weeks of suffering (literally couldn't even walk), I was cured within 5 days. Strep throat came back again two weeks later, but was put on a stronger antibiotic. The end result was scarlet fever (also had peeling hands and other symptoms). The impetigo was caused by the Group A Strep running rampant in my body.

Comment from: badluckles, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: March 16

I'm a 20-year-old female. I got impetigo about seven months ago, and it has reappeared! It is so gross! I didn't know I could get it again, until I read up on it when I started to get the irritating little blisters on the bottom of my chin. I am using Bactroban and am soon to be on amoxicillin. I have never had a cold sore or anything of that matter. I'm not sure where I could have picked it up. I really hope I don't get it again for the third time! I guess I just really have bad luck.

Comment from: 0-2 Female (Caregiver) Published: March 11

My toddler has had impetigo for three weeks now. It is no longer infectious but still has some red spots on the area. She had antibiotics by mouth as well as cream.

Comment from: littlefaith, 3-6 Female (Patient) Published: March 05

My child contracted impetigo about eight months ago. It almost went away, then it came back again like a raw spot above her eye. We have tried every antibiotic cream and medicine, and nothing is clearing it up. I took her to the dermatologist, and they said it is eczema, but the cream they have given for it does not work either.

Comment from: wnttblv, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: November 20

I am 32, and have gotten impetigo at least once a year since I was 4 years old. It always appears on my chin, usually after I have been sick or my immune system has been compromised. It lasts one to two weeks, and the only thing that seems to help the itching is a hot washrag applied to the area. Antibiotic creams do seem to help the healing process. However, liquid garlic capsules applied to the area works as well, if not better, and also helps prevent the dry, cracking stage when it scabs over.

Comment from: Annoynamous, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: November 20

I have suffered with impetigo for eight years now. I started off getting it about twice a year, but now I'm lucky if I go three months! I now also suffer from cold sores, which I never used to get before the impetigo. I always get antibiotics, which usually clear it up within one to two weeks, but I still hate it. It feels horrible, and it looks horrible!

Comment from: dealpa, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: October 14

I started getting impetigo when I was 19 and in the 11 years since then, I seem to get it twice a year, usually during spring and fall when I have allergies. I always get it on my face: my nose, my lip, or my chin. It's annoying because it sometimes isn't facilitated by any sneezing; it just appears out of nowhere. I usually start feeling a general sense of malaise a day or so before the impetigo appears and a day or so after, as well. The minute I suspect it's there, however, I begin the Bactroban immediately. This is key so it doesn't get worse. However, it still looks ugly for days afterward. After a day or so of Bactroban, I also apply Neosporin to spur (in my mind, anyway) the healing process. It's more of an annoyance, if anything, and embarrassing to be out in public as its healing. I hate it!

Comment from: Jen, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: October 14

I had impetigo as a baby and then it came back on my face after my appendix was taken out at the age of 13. Since then, I have it at least every year usually around my mouth. I use Mupirocin and the impetigo usually lasts two to three weeks. If I start it right away, it usually goes away faster.

Comment from: RAJ, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: September 25

I suspect my impetigo infection began about three months ago, but was only recently diagnosed two months ago. I have a ping-pong sized scab of it on my left shin but its already spreading. Also my hands and arms have the bulbous type. They burn and blister and four types of tablets and two creams have little effect. I’m seeing the doctor this Friday. This is leaving me depressed. The only good is that my face is untouched.

Comment from: 19-24 Male Published: September 25

I get impetigo every year, but it never lasts longer then 2-3 weeks. I get treatment for it when the first signs of it shows up to prevent it from getting to bad.

Comment from: 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: September 25

I caught impetigo on a camping trip, but just thought that I was having a breakout of pimples on a small area on my face. Within a couple of days, it was all over my forehead and I got a topical cream and oral antibiotics from a family physician. After a few days, it wasn't getting any better and my entire face was puffy and the lesions had crusted over. I went to the hospital and was put on IV antibiotics for the next week. In the end it did clear up eventually.

Published: July 25

First, I started to get small bumps on my face through football conditioning. As days went on, I realized that it started to spread and it gave me a burning feeling. I tried covering it up with some acne treatment, but it wasn’t effective. Then I went to the doctor and found that it was impetigo (skin infection) I was on three antibiotics, and a few days after, my condition has successfully been improving and getting better.

Published: July 08

I have had an impetigo skin infection for two months now and its driving me crazy! Ihave had oral antibiotics and cream for it, but it keeps coming back. The only thing that seems to stop the itching is calamine lotion. I am going back to the doctor yet again this week and hope that finally something can be done.

Comment from: kiki, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: March 18

I am 24 and I had impetigo since I was 3 months. My father has it too, thats where I got it from. So please be careful parents when you kiss you infants because they are more prone to getting the infection. Imagine getting this thing for your whole life. I am still not used to it, it hurts and it's ugly. Now I have two daughters and I am grateful that they don't have to go through this.

Comment from: specialme, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: March 10

How do you actually get rid of this, in just about every case it returns. I've had it for 5 years, and every winter it comes back lasting 9 days, this winter has been the worst, had it about 5 times, always in the same spot, under my nose.

Comment from: 3-6 Female Published: January 22

Impetigo wasn't shocking to hear at all when I was told that my four year old had it today at the doctors. I am a mother of a two year old boy as well and he had continuous outbreaks throughout his first year of life. Although he had it in a totally different area than my daughter it all relates to the same thing, staph infection caused from the same thing dry heat dry skin colds and then here comes impetigo a few doses of the antibiotics and it is all better.

Comment from: becky, 3-6 Female (Caregiver) Published: January 22

My son is 5 yrs old and I got a call him his school that had a rash so I immediately got him from school and brought him to the doctor. They told me he has impetigo and gave me an antibiotic called Sulfatrim and some cream called mupirocin. But he's in kindergarten and I was wondering how long impetigo usually last. I don't want him to miss too much school. I know it’s very contagious and going to school he will spread it.

Comment from: Fran, 13-18 Female (Patient) Published: January 22

I have been getting impetigo for the past 3 years on and off. I first got the infection when I came back from Italy and I have been getting it ever since. It tends to appear on my face around my mouth, I haven't had it anywhere else on my body. I find it a pain because I miss out on school, as they won't allow me in. It's very itchy and irritating; I wish I could stop it from coming back.

Comment from: Rob, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: January 22

I have had impetigo all of my life picked it up when I was kid I get it mostly around my lips on my face the one thing I found that work suggest by a doctor that is over the counter drug is Neosporin antibiotic I apply it several times daily and it is usually gone about 1 week.

Comment from: Danielle, 3-6 Female Published: August 27

I had impetigo when I was in elementary school. I don’t remember too much about it except that is was around my nose. I don’t know where I got it. I went to the doctor for medicine, and it went away. I haven’t had it since.

Published: July 16

I recently suffered with impetigo. It lasted a little over a week after starting antibiotics and topical mupirocin. I suffered with immense itching that was relieved with Benadryl and Ibuprofen.