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Comment from: Lynnex122 , 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: June 11

I’ve also suffered hypercalcemia for around 10 years, and 5 years ago I was all set to have it treated, went to the hospital and found a full waiting room. Ehen the surgeon realized what had happened he basically handpicked who he was operating on, and I was turned away that day after being told another appointment would be sent out. It never arrived, I continued to pester my doctor as two weeks later I received a letter discharging me from my endocrinologist. Then my doctor and any other doctors I saw put it down to depression, etc., even after all those years. Just a few months ago a new doctor arrived and he started listening to me and looking back at my file ordered blood tests, with results showing high calcium levels. At last someone was listening to me. I have my nuclear parathyroid scans early next week along with my bone scan and also awaiting CT scan coming through. I have been suffering just as you all have, the pain in my leg is unbearable, I can’t sleep, my joints are so sore, I can’t remember anything, the headaches are blinding, sometimes I can’t even get out of bed, and I am falling over going dizzy; the list is endless. I feel every single of your pain hope you all feel better soon.

Comment from: LoisElaine, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: October 27

An MRI showed a thyroid tumor. As I went under for surgery, my calcium levels were checked and were 15. I had 1 parathyroid removed, 1 biopsy, looked at and tumor not found. Also thyroid was removed. After surgery my levels dropped to the normal range, but I experienced tetany and spent 2 weeks in the hospital until stable. I left the hospital taking Citracal and Rocaltrol (D) in large amounts daily. My blood was tested daily, and as my levels climbed we would drop back on dosage. This went on for a month. Then levels were tested weekly for a couple months, until finally a small dose of calcium and D kept the levels correct. I also took Synthroid. I was about 23 years old. Four years later when I was pregnant the doctor wanted me off all medications. I was scared to death but my levels have been stable since. I'm now 47. I only take Synthroid daily and have had no other issues. Looking back, migraine headaches stopped as soon as the parathyroid adenoma was removed. Also, I was always thirsty. And would get strange blisters under my tongue, like bubbles. I didn't think I felt bad until I felt better.

Comment from: CindyEB, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: April 17

After 5 days in the hospital due to increased levels of calcium, I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis. It"s located around my lungs. I was back in the hospital 3 weeks later with hypercalcemia again. I am trying to keep myself hydrated and listening to my body for warning signs. The first time before being admitted, I was fatigued, my heart raced all the time. This went on for a few days before I went to the doctor, who did blood work and made me go to the hospital as it was at a critical level. The second time it came on all of a sudden. I was at work and then "boom"... my heart was racing, I had shortness of breath. I had to be taken immediately to the hospital.

Comment from: sanjay pawar, 0-2 Male (Caregiver) Published: February 26

My 5 months old son is now hospitalized due to his suffering from high calcium and PTH (parathyroid hormone). He had thyroid surgery when he was 2 months old then also his calcium level is not in control and it is always high. He has had no weight gain from his birth.

Comment from: DEANNCARR, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: June 10

I have high blood calcium and low vitamin d. I do not take calcium or vitamin d, or have a diet high in dairy i get very tired, i am thirsty a lot and have frequent urination. I have always had episodes of joint and bone pain, and stomach pain. No family history of breast cancer and no evident signs if breast cancer. I do have an irregular heart beat. This is the second high blood calcium test result that i have had. It was 10.2 last year this year it is 10.6. My vitamin d level is 26. I have high cholesterol. I do have spells of fogginess and vertigo and nausea. I have no cancer diagnosis at this time and have never been diagnoses with cancer. I have a hyeatal hernia and gerd. I have recently lost weight, but i have increased my exercise and improved my diet.


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