Patient Comments: Herpes of the Eye - Experience


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Comment from: RT, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: May 18

On 11/7/15 I went to the emergency room for what I thought was a migraine. They did a CAT scan, found nothing and were ready to send me home till the doctor looked at me and asked how long that had been on my eyebrow. I said, 'since I've been here'. He did a test and it was positive for shingles. Over the next couple of days herpes spread into my eye and on the cornea. It also spread up and over my head to the middle of my head. The pain became incredible! The doctors had to keep increasing my medication up to morphine. I was seeing an ophthalmologist, neurologist and my regular doctor every week for several months. It has been over 6 months and the vision in my eye is still not back correctly. I still have nerve pain across the top of my head every day.

Comment from: Dancer, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: October 15

I am 68 years old. I had shingles on the side of my nose about 20 years ago. A dermatologist diagnosed and I was referred to ophthalmologist. Herpes seemed quite easily resolved, no pain, and no visual issues. I was again diagnosed with herpes zoster 6 months ago. Lesions over my eyebrow, then above the inner corner of my eye. I noticed the first spot Wednesday evening, by Sunday I was on the antiviral. No pain, and lesions resolved easily. I was referred to an ophthalmologist, and I saw him within 1 week of seeing first lesion. He prescribed an antibiotic eye ointment. Ophthalmologist followed me, I was not aware of any further problem, visual or otherwise. I saw him today for 6 month follow up. He cautioned me that it could return. That is when I started reading about ophthalmic herpes online. Prior to spring outbreak I had a mild viral infection like a cold. I had the shingles shot when it was first available several years ago. I was diagnosed with a stage 1 breast cancer a month after the 2nd shingles outbreak. I had lumpectomy, inter operative radiation followed by aromatase inhibitor for next 5 years, but no chemotherapy.

Comment from: Lizzy, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: June 15

I got shingles that went to the eye. I got on anti-viral drug right away. Then I put on steroid eye drops to bring swelling down in the eye. It's been almost 5 years to get off steroid drops. I've had to change my diet to Paleo to handle stomach issues. I'm down to one drop every 6th day and will slowly continue to get off steroid drop.


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