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Comment from: Twisti, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: July 09

I suffered from a heat stroke years ago, even passing out and recovered okay. Well, now that I am much older and have multi health issues I don’t recover too well. Yesterday (7/7/15) I was cleaning out my apartment and moving things to storage and started feeling horrible. I’d stopped sweating and my face and arms became very red, I was feeling weak, tired, dizzy and shaky, feeling like my blood sugar was low (diabetic) kind of feeling. Then I started getting chills in my arms. The temperature was 98 with heat index of 104. I crept from my storage unit back to the car, turned air on full blast and sat there hoping that I would start feeling a bit better so I would feel safe to drive to the closest fast food place to order an ice water! Well, I made it. I really should have called 911 but I am stubborn I guess. Today I am still feeling weak and shaky and light headed but I am staying inside in air conditioning and drinking water all day. Please have someone take you to the closest hospital or call 911! Heat Stroke can kill you, although this time it didn’t. I am very lucky with my health being like it is (heart problems, diabetes, blood clotting disorder and more, and all the medicines I am on). I am going to make sure to be way more careful in the future.


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