Patient Comments: Erythropoietin - Clinical Uses


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Comment from: Ron B, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: March 19

I have suffered with anemia for ten years and had many transfusions. My hematologist refuses to consider erythropoietin treatment because I do not suffer from renal failure. Even though I have had 3 bone marrow biopsies that were normal he insists I have myelofibrosis and the bone marrow just can't produce enough red blood cells. I am going to change my hematologist very soon and see if I can get more help. The Veterans Affairs treated me for the first 9 years but only had me have B 12 injections monthly and take massive number of iron, B vitamins and vitamin C and D. Even though my iron count has never been low the hematologist gave me two infusions of iron. I hope I can get help from someone that can see past their own ego to take a real look and help me end this nightmare.


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