Patient Comments: Domestic Violence - Prevention


In what ways have you helped prevent domestic abuse, either personally or for a friend or relative? Submit Your Comment

Comment from: Cromwell, 19-24 Female (Caregiver) Published: October 29

I am the mother of a domestic violence murder victim. My daughter was abused for a while. She would hide it or tell us something else happened to her. I did tell her one day I knew the real truth. I also let him know I knew and if I ever saw him put his hands on my daughter or granddaughter I would kill him. Instead on October 1, 2013 he went to my daughter's work and stabbed her. She was only 21, weighed 86 pounds, and was only 4 foot 7 inches tall. He was 31 over 6 foot and weighed at least 200 pounds or better. She was at work and not one person in that place, very busy on that day, tried to help her. She also had a daughter that had just turned 2 the end of August. He hung himself in jail that same night. So now I tell my daughter's story and hope that it will help someone else. So please get out you are being abused in any way. Once the person who says they love you puts their hands on you or talks to you like you are nothing they will do it again. Yes, they will say I am sorry and treat you like gold until they decide to do it again. It will be worse each and every time.

Comment from: Blessed by God, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: April 07

I have been in an emotionally sick relationship for 15 years. Through the help of wonderful professionals and great coworkers I have left this sick life behind forever. I have a young boy whose main interest for me was to have him grow up to be a fine young man. I left for myself, my son and my pets. People, domestic Violence is not love. Please save yourself, children and pets. I did it at 54 years of age and am thankful every day my whole life was not ruined.


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