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Comment from: Judybug, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: January 03

I have a male terrier and he was eating his dinner when all of a sudden he acted like he was having a seizure. I was panicking and was trying to help him and he bit me out of fright on my right point finger next to my thumb. This was last night, today my finger is so swollen and throbbing it feels like it is going to explode any minute. He bit me in my knuckle and at the end of my finger. I read these posts, I am scared and I am going to the emergency room this morning.

Comment from: Momofeaclih98, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: February 02

I was out for a walk in town, I passed a homeowner outside with 4 dogs. I should have listened to the inner voice that said cross over. But I felt I was safe because he made no move to put up the dogs. After speaking with him as I walked down the street, the pit bull who never barked and was at the back of the house, came up from behind me when I could no longer see the man or the dogs and bit my left inner leg about 6 inches above my ankle. No sooner did I question in my head what was happening, did he let go and bite my other leg. I had 3 stitches on each side. I ended up with a total of 3 infections to my major wound on my left leg. I was in the hospital from day 10 to 15 on 3 IV antibiotics and also had surgery which opened my small wound to 3 cm X 2.8 and a full cm deep. I had a wound VAC (vacuum assisted closure) put on, and 6 months later my leg is starting to ache. I am seeing the doctor next week.

Comment from: MiniPenny, 19-24 Male (Patient) Published: October 31

Recently my dog was in our backyard, we have had problems with the aggressive neighbor’s dogs, and I have to break up conflicts through the fence often. However this time I heard crying while I was outside. I ran to him, thinking his paw was stuck in the fence, when I tried to pull him out I noticed that the other dog had a hold of his foot. My dog panicked and bit me. I had two puncture marks in my right arm, near the wrist. Luckily they weren’t too deep, but I did have to pry his mouth off of my arm, and then I proceeded to get him back safely. I'm still healing, but besides just a little tenderness, I’m fine.

Comment from: mamamia, 3-6 Male (Caregiver) Published: October 28

We had visited relatives with an old small dog, for lunch. The dog had played peacefully with our kids, and after lunch was left briefly unattended in the kitchen with our little one. We don't know what exactly happened, we assume our son tried to pat the dog from behind or made a sudden movement, but we heard screaming from the kitchen, and our son ran out. He'd been bitten twice in the arm through his shirt. The first bite immediately left a dark bruise, but the skin wasn't broken, the second bite, at the elbow joint, had broken the skin in one place. I reckon we're lucky the dog was old, its teeth aren't what they used to be. We had all our rabies and tetanus shots recently as we travel frequently, so our son is up-to-date but we called the emergency room at the Children's Hospital, and they said to bring him in right away, so we did.

Comment from: aej, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: July 07

I have a 15 year old mix I was trying to give a pill. He bit me by accident. It went almost all the way through finger. I am taking care of it at home.

Comment from: venkat, 19-24 Male (Patient) Published: April 25

A dog licked my leg, there is no wound but I am feeling pain.

Comment from: Jan, 7-12 Female (Caregiver) Published: February 07

My 10 year old was bitten on the cheek by a very small, 6 to 8 month old dog. This was on a Saturday, on Sunday night she was sick at her stomach, vomited and had diarrhea. I cleaned the puncture and put antiseptic ointment on it, I wonder if the stomach situation could be from the bite or just a coincidental stomach virus.

Comment from: toddwn, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: August 01

My 6-year-old bulldog, Dante, was vigorously defending a toy, which I tried to grab away from him by mistake. He lunged at my hand, and before I could move, I had his large canines firmly sunk into my right thumb. This occurred in the evening, and I couldn't seek care until the following morning. By then, my thumb was swollen, red, and painful. I went to an urgent care clinic, where the wound was irrigated, wrapped with adhesive, and I was given a prescription for Augmentin XR. The wound continues to weep three days later, but the swelling and redness have subsided.

Comment from: Walker Girl, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: September 13

I was walking for exercise and saw two dogs ahead. They were loose domesticated dogs with collars and turns out were not from the same owners. The smaller dog of the two kept yapping at me (I would say a medium-small dog). I ignored it and kept walking. It wouldn't leave me alone and got very nippy around my ankles. I avoided eye contact and kept walking. The hair on its back stood up like a mohawk right before it made its lunge at me. It actually bit me as I was walking, sinking its teeth into my right inner calf muscle. I was so surprised! I saw the blood and started to yell at it to go home and it took a lunge at my left calf (minor scrape). The owner's watched the whole thing from the (fenced) house right beside the attack. Finally the dog went into the fenced property and the person closed the gate. The larger dog never touched me except to sniff at me. I am probably going to see the doctor tomorrow because although the worst of the four puncture wounds didn't look so bad, it bled for 4 hours and now my calf muscle is super sore. I am pursuing a resolution with the owner to ensure it doesn't happen again (the police have already spoken to her) and if I don't feel satisfied, I'm going to contact Animal Control. If this happens again I'm going to stop walking ("like a tree", and if that doesn't work, yell more, and fight back.


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