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Comment from: Shocked, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: January 08

One recent evening, I woke up in the hospital, after having gone earlier that day to the emergency room (ER). I was horrified when I woke, screaming ‘no, no, no!’ when told I was given a colonoscopy. I had spent the last 12 days asking the Veterans Affairs why my back hurt, thinking it was a herniated disk. They would not do a CT scan until I completed a course of physical therapy, lasting weeks. They failed to diagnose me. My predominant diagnosis was anxiety, or PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder). I had acute diverticulitis due to lack of treatment.

Comment from: Tammy, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: April 21

Just after lying down in bed one evening, I experienced a pressure like pain and a dull ache/discomfort that began in the epigastric region, accompanied by lots of belching. By the next morning the pain was more generalized... moving around various sites of the abdomen. I experienced fever and chills within 12 hours, along with very bad lower back pain. By the time I made it to the emergency room (at about 16 hours from the onset) my pain was worst in the LLQ (lower left quadrant). CT scan showed diverticulitis.

Comment from: Swiscot, 75 or over Male (Patient) Published: March 25

On 26-1-2020 I had extreme pains in the lower right quadrant. I went to the Emergency Room, and was given IV drip with painkillers. I had ultrasound and then CT scan which showed diverticulitis. I spent 4 nights in the hospital with IV painkillers and antibiotics, plus put on a diet. I was released with Flagyl and Co-amoxiclav for 2 days which gave me awful indigestion. Due for a colonoscopy in 6 weeks, i.e., mid-March which has not happened due to the coronavirus. The diverticulitis has returned because of bending, but is manageable apart from very loose stools.

Comment from: DH, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: October 24

I developed stool incontinence with very soft stool and abdominal tenderness. Incontinence persisted for approximately 4 months prior to seeing the doctor to discuss, and I had abdominal x-ray showing dilated small bowel. This prompted the provider to order CT scan which showed the diverticulitis. I am being currently treated with Cipro and Flagyl. Very strange presentation.

Comment from: Freddy D., 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: November 26

My first diverticula attack was a few years ago and it was very much like appendicitis, except this included severe groin pain. My general physician said I should have gone to the emergency instead of waiting to see him the next day. A CAT scan confirmed his diagnosis, specifically, 'uncomplicated diverticulitis of the ascending colon.' So I have the more rare right-sided attacks and have since discovered heavy lifting almost guarantees a recurrence. No constipation. No specific foods seem to matter for me, just lifting.

Comment from: Aussie, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: July 09

Something got stuck in my throat one evening while eating. I took a few mouthfuls of fluid and it went down. Next day I felt a short sharp twinge in my lower right abdomen which was very unusual. During the next 9 days, symptoms grew to bloating, feeling heaviness across the lower abdomen with dull pain in the center above the navel. Even though hungry, eating was unpleasant. I felt like my bowel movements were looser. I stopped eating on day 11 for 2.5 days. Still feel the same at day 15. I wonder if these are diverticula symptoms.

Comment from: Jine, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: November 06

I had left abdomen pain starting with a single spot of pain that evolved into a sharp pain which was not able to be stopped by taking painkiller. The pain is not bearable upon pressing on it. Mild fever started 2 to 3 days after the diverticula pain kick started. Oral antibiotics didn't settle down the fever however reduced the bloated tummy.

Comment from: Cmb , 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: September 11

My diverticula attack started with terrible indigestion. I was taking Gaviscon for 5 days straight after every meal. Then a slight pain started on my right side which I left for a couple of days as I thought it was constipation. I went my general physician who prescribed Movicol. I asked if constipation could cause such pain and was told yes. That night the pain became so bad I went the emergency room and was hospitalized for 4 days with the diagnosis of diverticulitis.

Comment from: elle, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: July 05

My diverticula attacks started with lower back pain and I was thinking it was my mattress. Then in a couple of days the lower left quadrant pain started and the ill feeling. I felt weak, nauseous, clammy, and very sore in the abdomen. I had an attack before and went to the doctor who gave me Cipro only. It had cleared it up in a few days then, so I thought this time it would work. It helped at first, but now 1 month later, back pain is bad when I lie down. I am waiting to see my gastroenterologist and get a colonoscopy.


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Comment from: sheltiemom, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: January 22

I had my first diverticulitis attack six years ago and was put on the standard medications. I healed so easily that I really did not think anything of it. Well, I have now been battling for I think two months. Same medicines, Cipro and Flagyl. I felt okay for about three days after the first round and now it is acting up again; very bad. I hope it is actually diverticulitis. This is scary. I have severe back pain, lower left quadrant pain but it also moves to the right, burping with GERD symptoms and just general malaise. I have a doctor appointment next Thursday but have talked to the nurse several times. I am a healthy woman who works out two days a week, walks three miles five days a week, and I eat what I thought was a healthy diet. I am now on applesauce, Jell-O, and pudding after two days of broth. Still in pain. I know one thing - I never ate grits before and I tried them and it started round two I think. Any response would be appreciated.

Comment from: Hanasmom, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: December 12

My first diverticulitis attack put me in the hospital 4 weeks ago. CT scan showed no abscess. I had 4 days of IV antibiotics, 2 days no food, and then 2 days liquid diet. Now 4 weeks later I’m back on Augmentin and the GERD is killing me. To the point where my chest is in constant pain. I have had bouts of explosive diarrhea and cramping. No fever, no vomiting. I eat applesauce, Jell-O, cooked carrots, white toast, an occasional banana (seeds cored out) a rare scrambled egg or slice of cheese. I’ve lost 22 pounds in 4 weeks. I am seeing the doctor tomorrow.

Comment from: Marty, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: March 09

I have diverticulosis with pain traveling to the back (lung area).

Comment from: Shweta, 65-74 Male (Caregiver) Published: September 07

My father has been suffering from multiple diverticula and sigmoid obstruction 10 cm since 3 years. He had few attacks earlier and was advised to go for resection which we avoided. Right now he is going through a low grade fever going up to 100.5, since 2 months. He got hospitalized and put on IV liquid diet and antibiotics but to no avail. Now since 2 days he is having high temperature in spite of antibiotics like Taxim, levofloxacin, Metrogyl, Rifagut, Augmentin, Cipro, everything. Doctors are confused as CT scan showed an intramural abscess but they are saying it should have dried by now, and a colocolic fistula too. I can’t understand why the fever is increasing without any abdominal pain whatsoever without nausea etc., just fever reaching 103.

Comment from: Rob C., 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: June 09

I suffered from my first bout of diverticulitis when I was 30. I was admitted to the hospital for a few days having been unable to pass stools due to stabbing pains in my lower abdomen and groin area. After scans and then a colonoscopy I was diagnosed with (some) diverticula. A year or two later, I had a minor flare-up, and was treated with metronidazole. Then, on the 18/05/16, I had my most serious flare up. The worrying thing was, my warning was a gassy feeling on the Monday with mildly loose stools, tiredness and fever on the Tuesday and then pain (escalating to 'I'm dying' levels) on the Wednesday. Ambulance came and I was rushed into surgery for a laparoscopic lavage. After that, I spent 10 days in hospital with drains, tubes, 3 antibiotics (gentamicin/trimethoprim/metronidazole), and ketamine for pain. It was literally a nightmare. I was discharged after 10 days. I spent a week at home, eating what I thought I should (vegetables, lean meat, no chemicals, etc.), to then suffer another fever, etc., a week later. I ended up by in Accident and Emergency and admitted for 2 more days. Blood work showed infection again and inflammation markers, and heart rate (resting) of 105 bpm. I just left with metronidazole and Cipro tablets for 10 days; also advice to eat 'low residue' which feels unhealthy but I'm doing it (white bread, meat, white pasta, 10 g fiber per day). Fingers crossed I get over this bout, otherwise I'm back for some intestine removal and a stoma. Once healed, I'm cutting all processed food, seeds, artificial sweeteners, fizzy drinks and junk from my diet. I've clearly abused myself in the past and need to wake up before it is too late. Bacon, sausages, snack bars, processed package foods and maybe a liter of diet Pepsi a day have taken their toll and I wish I could go back in time now and change my behavior. I also believe lifting is a factor. I can match flare ups to go-karting endurance races and before my serious bout recently, I'd move 5 tons of topsoil and stone for my garden by hand (on my own).

Comment from: PJ, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: May 20

I have had IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) since I was a child and developed diverticulitis that went untreated for years because I was so young. I have been hospitalized once and have also endured numerous attacks without hospitalization. There are symptoms leading up to intestinal distress for me: severe esophageal spasms, GERD, bladder incontinence and frequency, severe bloating, very severe lower back, hip and pelvic pain and pain in the left and right sides. The only relief I have ever found has been in doing a gut cleanse. I stop eating and make beef bone broth. I take nothing but this broth until all pain and symptoms are gone, 150 billion Mcg of probiotics daily, and a lifetime diet change are in order as well. Aloe vera juice helps. Do a food elimination diet to determine which foods irritate you, and then limit or eliminate them altogether.

Comment from: Tina, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: February 19

I have been in the emergency room 3 times with diverticula attacks. I am suffering right now. When this happens I go to the doctor and get Cipro, take a dose of milk of magnesia and a dose of Miralax. I stay close to the toilet for 2 days at most. Then ah, relief. If it hurts up my left side with cold and sweats I go to the emergency room. If you wait too long you may end up with a colostomy, so be careful. The lady in emergency room next to me did.


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Comment from: Barby, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: February 11

I was diagnosed around 4 years ago, I suffer constantly with diverticula attacks. It is not unusual to go to the toilet around 6 or 7 times a day. I can't walk far without needing to go so am reluctant to go out for days. It does not seem to make any difference if I am careful about what I eat or not, although I do know some foods make it worse.

Comment from: jkvt265, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: February 09

This is my second round with diverticulitis, the first being 12 years ago and very mild. This one is very bad. I have had cold symptoms for weeks, then I became very fatigued, low back pain, no will to do anything but go to work and then home to just sit. I had some diarrhea but thought it as from the junk food I had eaten. Then I treated myself to a chocolate shake. That evening I had lower left pain, I thought it was gas, by the next day the pain was creeping up my left side. By dinner time I was in the emergency room. After a CT scan I was sent home with Cipro and Flagyl, but no one told me to go low fiber! In fact I had a bowl of shredded wheat before dinner! I did my research today and decided on a mostly liquid diet for a few days then will gradually reintroduce solid foods. Hopefully I don’t get another bout again.

Comment from: Dolores, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: January 26

I have had diverticulitis for about four years and have been hospitalized twice. I have just had an attack that lasted for a week. I felt sick, pains and loose bowel movements, it has left me feeling a little weak.

Comment from: Just like mom, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: January 07

My first symptom of diverticula attack was terrible pain during a bowel movement. I had to do Lamaze breathing. Then I sweated profusely. I then blacked out. My mother who is 90 blacks out at times too, but she is smart enough to lie on the floor (not me; fell and hit my head, and back).

Comment from: Diverticulitis, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: November 16

With diverticula attack I get pain in my lower back almost to the butt, pain on the left side, diarrhea and 101 temperature.

Comment from: sarahv.51, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: October 16

On Saturday afternoon my brother said to me 'You are getting a huge boil under your arm pit.' I had no idea until he said that and about an hour later it started to hurt a little. By Sunday morning I was in so much pain but my boyfriend thought I was just being a baby! Sunday night my arm was hurting so bad, I knew I was going to have trouble sleeping and so I did. I woke up at 2 am sweating and had the chills. My armpit was in so much pain I really couldn’t move it without wanting to cry. I was running a fever so I took an Advil to take the fever down (and it did) but I told my boyfriend I am going to the emergency room (ER). At the ER they did an ultrasound and blood tests and told me that it was cellulitis. They gave me Tylenol for the pain and antibiotics, which I was directed to take 3 times a day 3 at a time for ten days and to go back to the ER in 48 hours for them to check it out and see if it has gotten worse.

Comment from: Giddy, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: August 24

Diverticula attack gave me a pain worse than labor. It felt like my whole body was in some type of shock and if you touched me I would break into pieces.

Comment from: phoneguy, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: August 24

I just had my first and hopefully last bout with diverticulitis. I thought it was muscular abdomen pains or side effects of a BCG treatment and numbed it with Advil, but it came back. By the third day I went to my urologist and he sent me straight to the emergency room. I had a contrast CT scan of the abdomen done and was diagnosed. Within 12 hours of taking Cipro and Flagyl, the pain stopped. I am to take the medicines for the next 14 days.

Comment from: Mike, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: August 04

I am 34. The diverticula attacks started when I was about 30. Once a year I would get severe spasms (minutes apart), run a fever, and lie in bed for 2 days, and then it would pass. Now I'm a couple years older, it is lasting like 4 to 6 days at a time, around every 3 months. It seems to be triggered when I overeat, drink a lot of soda, or eat fast food; and yeah, I trigger it and bring it on myself, which I am trying not to do anymore. I was diagnosed with it in the emergency room (ER) through CAT scan. I never went and saw a specialist after. I don’t throw up, even though I am nauseated sometimes, but it always passes and the one time I went to the ER, they didn’t keep me because all my bloodwork was fine. It’s awful, but I am pretty sure a lot of my suffering is from being overweight, with my stomach pulling down on my abdomen all the time; and my diet. If I fixed these things, it would probably happen less. My bowels have never been normal my whole life.


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Comment from: paul, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: April 28

In my early 50s I was told I had diverticulosis. I had several small flare-ups over the next few years, usually when I got off my strict fiber diet. Last summer I had a full blown attack with extreme pain in my left side just below my ribs. I went to the emergency room and they confirmed diverticulitis and put me on Cipro and Flagyl. This helped and in a few days I felt great. Problem was that 2 weeks after the medicines it came back again and again and again. I have now been fighting this up and down routine for 9 months; on medicines, off medicines and back on medicines. I never had diarrhea or constipation. I always had regular daily bowel movements (BMs), I still have regular BMs but they are smaller and do not seem to be as much as before. I have lost over 20 lb. during this battle and much of my muscle tone has gone despite the fact that I constantly work out. I don’t want to take the medicines anymore as I am very concerned about the muscle and ligament damage that can result. I am taking probiotics daily now and will fast the next few days to clear it up. I just hope it doesnt flare up again.

Comment from: Warran, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: January 28

I had a pretty bad cold, was not feeling well at all, and fatigued. I started to feel a dull central pain in my abdomen and tried Gas-X, a laxative, but nothing worked after five days of the dull pain. I went to my doctor, was diagnosed with diverticulitis, and did the Cipro and Flagyl. I'm on my second day of the medicines and it is getting better, much better than the pain I felt for two or three days. It just amazes me how you have a really good diet, fruits and vegetables every day, with physically demanding job and this still hits you. By everything I've read I need to increase fiber.

Comment from: susanne, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: October 30

I think I have diverticulitis. I had a colonoscopy in August, 2014 because I was bleeding from the back passage; they did find these pockets and I was told I had diverticulitis. The only real symptoms I suffer with is a burning sensation from my back passage and my stool is not sausage like but more like soft stone like in shape, and I do have anxiety and was told people with anxiety are more prone to this problem. I am really over this and I wish I could find which foods can trigger a flare up, I think I have flare ups at least two times a week.

Comment from: SusieQ, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: October 07

For the last 7 years, I have experienced diverticulitis attacks frequently. I originally thought I must have developed an allergy to seedless watermelon. Then I learned it wasn't the watermelon but the tiny seedless seeds. Okra has brought it on, as has almonds. I keep a food diary, but they have told me it is okay to eat nuts, but no more. I love seeds and nuts. It usually starts with a bout of diarrhea and then the next week, the cramps on my left side and fever with chills. After it gets going, every bit of me hurts and I do think the cramps are similar to childbirth. I have now been on antibiotics for a week with a no food/soft food diet. Not much improvement. After the attacks started, I had a colonoscopy and during attacks they keep ultra-sounding my colon. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. Tomorrow I am returning to my doctor to discuss a resectioning.

Comment from: Saklarian, 19-24 Male (Patient) Published: August 28

The pain of diverticulosis is the worst pain I've ever been through. About 3 months ago I woke up with the worst pain on my lower left side of my abdomen. Just like many others, I also thought it was gas. I took a trip to the emergency room (ER) and was taken to be given a CT scan. At 19 years old I was diagnosed with diverticulosis. I took the antibiotics and all is now well. Sometimes I still feel pain there, but not as much as I did those 2 days.

Comment from: TinaMarie, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: May 09

I"ve had irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and diverticulosis for many years and just this week I really, literally thought I was dying. The pain of the diverticulitis was so severe that I passed out. Usually, if the pain gets that severe I also vomit, just can"t handle the pain at this point. But, one thing I have noticed this time was that the week before I had a medical procedure done that required full sedation, and lots of Vicodin the following days to get over the pain. Two days later my lower back went out and I went into major muscle spasms, which resulted in a trip by ambulance to the emergency room (ER). Again, Vicodin to help through the pain for 1 more day. That"s when the diverticulitis started, and I"m convinced the Vicodin was the culprit, in this case. My intestines seem not to handle this high potent pain medication too well, and that"s what started the diverticulitis.

Comment from: Viqui, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: April 11

I was woken up very early last Sunday morning with severe spasms in my upper abdomen, they lasted about 10 seconds each time. My husband went out and got me an antispasmodic which helped marginally, but first thing on Monday I went to see my general physician who sent me straight to hospital to see a surgeon. I didn"t have a temperature but my white blood cell count was up. I have just been diagnosed with diverticulitis, am on antibiotics, and am having a colonoscopy next week. I am an active 49 year old woman who eats well and exercises regularly. I am glad I caught it in time!

Comment from: ncaaron, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: February 26

I am a 46 year old male, 4 months ago I had severe pain in my right and lower left quadrant abdomen, pain like I had never felt. I admitted myself to the hospital that day and had a CT scan and exam and was told I had diverticulitis. I spent 4 days in the hospital with a 103 to 104 degree temperature, extreme pain, and nausea. The worst 4 days ever, so I thought. I was released from the hospital yesterday after 3 days with diverticulitis again. This time it was only in my lower left quadrant but the pain was twice as worse as last time (and that is saying something, I felt like I was being cut open with a knife) that I had to call an ambulance because there was no way I could drive myself this time. This time I also had extreme gas and bloating which I did not experience the first time. I also did not experience such a high fever as last time. Diverticulitis is a miserable disease to have, now I have to just watch what I eat better, drink more water, and stay away from popcorn, and nuts which I love. I have a feeling this disease will rear its ugly head again no matter what my diet is. I will be getting a colonoscopy next week so I will see what the future brings. I understand all your pains, I wish you all the best with this disease.

Comment from: Daniel, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: November 26

Two years ago I suddenly developed stiffness in my lower abdomen followed two days later by a 104 degree fever that would not break with Tylenol. I made a trip to the emergency room that night and was discharged a week later after having a resection. It was a perforation in my sigmoid section of my colon. I experienced no pain what so ever, just the stiffness and fever. I started feeling abdominal pain again just over 30 days ago. I am taking Cipro and Flagyl now, hopefully it will clear up without another surgery. I have eaten a high fiber diet (20 to 30 gram of fiber daily) for the last two years. After this bout I have been kind of connecting the dots. There are some similarity of symptoms that I now see were precursors to both episodes. Both times I experienced slight pain in my groin that at the time I wrote off to waiting too long to urinate. These pains started both times at least 2 to 3 weeks before any other symptoms.

Published: May 27

I had an all over abdominal discomfort, but not actual pain. Frankly, I thought I had a bad case of gas. But the things I normally do to relieve gas (obviously) didn't help. I could not isolate the pain to one area. I was just bloated. I took some Alka seltzer and had a small amount of relief - not enough that the discomfort went away totally, just enough to fool me into thinking I was right about the gas. And then the rupture. The pain became VERY localized - it was like someone was stabbing me in one spot (lower left) with a very hot knife. It was excruciating! Worst pain EVER - made delivering my son naturally seem like a stubbed toe. And because I was young - only 36 - they went "exploring" my abdomen. I had NO history of any trouble at all. I lost nearly 3 inches of my sigmoid and had a colostomy due to the peritonitis. Fortunately for me, 6 weeks later I was able to be "put back together." I haven't had any recurring problems, but I am pretty good about taking fiber twice a day and trying not to strain to go to the bathroom. I also avoid white breads and try to get plenty of whole grains. It's been 8 years (wow - that is so hard to believe!) and I am fine.

Comment from: Sheila, 55-64 Female (Caregiver) Published: July 30

I don’t know why my stool has lots of particles that look like corn, I don't eat corn or peanuts. I cramp really bad in my back and lower left quadrant area, and I get really nauseated and break out in chills while I'm in 97 degree temperature outside. I'm going for colonoscopy to check if it is a diverticula attack.

Comment from: Mary L., 75 or over Female (Patient) Published: February 02

I suffer with diverticulitis and have done for many years. After I have my bowel movement it starts off a flare up and I am unwell for the day or could be days. It is just the act of moving my bowel causing me problems. I just had a scan which showed marked diverticulitis.

Comment from: painfulpat, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: August 14

I have had lower left quadrant pain for 6 weeks off and on, along with bloating, gas and lower back pain. My doctor ordered blood work, stool sample and pelvic ultrasound. So far everything has come back fine. I don't see my doctor until next week. Now the pain is also felt in my lower left side of my back. I feel very strongly that it is diverticulitis. I am getting nervous about waiting another week to see my doctor.

Comment from: Phil, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: April 06

I always remember suffering stomach cramps around the time of a bowel movement and never gave it a second thought. Last year, my first ever colonoscopy, revealed quite severe multiple diverticula in my sigmoid colon. I am convinced that symptoms are intensified when I eat oily (as in fried) food and also when I consume alcohol.

Comment from: jean626, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: November 18

Mine all started about 2 weeks ago having extreme pain in my left lower side. For approximately 10 days I had urinary problems also, up 4 to 5 times a night. I went to my doctor and she thought it was possibly a kidney store or bladder infections. I had sonogram and urinalysis. Both came back clear. Three days ago, I started to have severe pain lower left side and heavy pressure across my bladder. I was scheduled for a colonoscopy the following Tuesday. I called my gastroenterologist with my symptoms who then cancelled my colonoscopy and immediately put me on the 2 antibiotics for the problem. I am still not feeling very good, but pain has subsided somewhat from what it was. I will have colonoscopy as soon as I recover.

Comment from: MISTER WAIT, 65-74 Male Published: May 13

Do not play the wait-and-see-what-happens game. I suffered for weeks with great pain. When I gave up and went to the emergency room after several tests, I had a very bad case of diverticulitis. It was two days after Christmas that I went to the hospital, as we had family stay over and I did not want to take the chance of being admitted. (I will never do that again!) They were ready to do surgery on me, but I bounced back and stayed in the hospital for four days. The doctor told me how lucky I was and that if it broke open I would have had only a half hour or so to get to the hospital and be operated on. I am 65 years old and will never wait again as I did with this incident. I lost more than 10 pounds in just the four days I was in the hospital. That was five months ago, and now I walk each day and eat smart. The doctor told me he would see me again in the future as I know it will never go away. Do whatever you must to and at least try your best and NEVER, EVER WAIT as I did. Take care, and stay healthy.

Comment from: kat x x x, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: January 27

I have been diagnosed since 2oo5. If I lift anything heavy or stretch too far I get another bout. Fiber in diet stops bouts caused by constipation. Corn on the cob is a no for me. Sometimes the pain is terrible, worse than labor pains, but when you get used to it you know how to get over a bout asap.

Published: May 27

I had a dull pain in my lower left abdomen for a couple of days, then I started to get chills (hot then cold). I began to run a fever. This lasted a couple of hours, then it was over. The next day when I went to see the doctor, most of the prior nights symptoms where gone except the pain in my lower left abdomen. After consult my family doctor, I had an MRI done and it was confirmed that I had Diverticulosis with a perforation.

Comment from: Gtowndeadman, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: September 19

I need help. I've been doing crystalized street drugs for two weeks all day every day and I haven’t slept but about 10 hours and I woke my wife up this morning. I went to the bathroom but couldn't do anything other than urinate. My urine is nothing but blood and my penis has got all the skin falling off and it is so painful I can't do anything. My rectum feels like I've been stabbed in it but nothing's happened. I can barely walk and feel like I'm dying. I wonder if it is a diverticula attack.

Comment from: JuJu37221, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: January 03

I have just returned home from a 4 day hospital stay and am recovering from a particularly bad diverticulitis episode. I learn something new with each episode. Mine is triggered by my uncomplicated IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and stress. They are all tied in together. Mine is not diet induced. This is not a “one size fits all condition” as far as what works and what doesn’t. I have learned to keep everything moving thereby allowing the IBS to not trigger something worse. I also got back to my exercise routine too quickly this time resulting in strained abdomen and a re-traumatized colon. Just listen to your body and don’t assume that what works for someone else may work for you. The term “the stomach is the second brain” certainly holds true, so listen to your gut! I am encouraged and optimistic about my future in dealing with this condition. Everybody is different. Educate yourself and know your personal triggers. Best of luck to all in the New Year!

Comment from: Dealing with it, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: November 23

I have diverticulitis and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) with a prolapse. I am not sure what gives me flairs as I watch what I eat all the time. They say more fiber but this makes it difficult to have a BM (bowel movement). I am learning to listen to my body and try not to stress. When life is crazy I seem to get sick right after. Best to all who deal with this.

Comment from: trendy nanny, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: December 12

I had my first flare up of diverticulitis in November 2013. I was treated at home with Cipro and Flagyl. I had a flare up in October 2014 and was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with acute diverticulitis with paracolic abscess and given IV fluids and antibiotics. I was so ill. I was discharged after five days. Six weeks on I think I am experiencing another flare up, albeit mild. I have been prescribed Cipro, am now terrified of being hospitalized again and the thought of surgery.

Comment from: shadow, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: November 12

I am a 54 year old woman and was diagnosed with diverticulitis about a year ago. Since then I have had two hospital stays, 3 emergency room visits and six attacks at home with countless antibiotics and lots of pain. I am off to see the surgeon next week. This is a horrible condition. I don't wish this on anyone!

Comment from: Alan, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: September 11

I am a 50 year old male. I can remember I was at the age of about 14 years old when I first had a diverticula attack. I did not have another attack until I was in my early twenties, I was diagnosed as having IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) until I had another attack. It was then when I had a colonoscopy, I was the diagnosed as having diverticulitis. Nice to know but I have never felt pain so much. I did read in an article that a female sufferer said that the pain was just like having her children. I am overweight so I suspect that this does not help. I do manage it with diet. I wish all other sufferers the best.

Comment from: drmx123, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: August 14

My diverticulosis was found through a colonoscopy and graded severe. I was vaguely aware of something going on, but the procedure made the condition much worse. I was recently carrying 40 lb. bags of topsoil from my vehicle to a project site and that really triggered a painful flare up. Be careful with heavy lifting.

Comment from: kara g, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: October 08

I have diverticulosis. It took 3 CT scans to find them and they are as big as light bulbs. The openings are not visible on colonoscopy either. I have had frequent bouts of pain relieved with flagyl. I cannot eat nuts, which I love. I started on a new heart medication which I need but which has upset my bowel and my reflux. I can't win but am not constipated now.

Comment from: Jan, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: August 20

A year ago I was having severe pain, such as cramping in my lower left side of my abdomen, mucus in my bowel movements and some bleeding. I ended up having a colonoscopy to find out I had 13 cysts that had to be removed and that I had diverticulitis.

Comment from: arlissa, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: July 17

in November I had a full stomach an bloating, when I pressed on my upper left side I could feel something. a trip to the er an a ct scan found a lump on my pancreas a enlarged spleen an gallstone in the neck of my gall bladder,and diverticullits. i have had on surgery for the spleenectomy an distail pancrectomy. i just had a colon scope an they plan to remove about a a foot of my intestines and colon it is bad on inside and out..iv always been a bit heavy, but usually in good health after 40 it all goes..good luck to any one who needs help dealing with any condition ,it is so mentally draining

Comment from: NiniG, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: July 11

Don't wait to make matters worse! My experience started with pain in my abdomen that seemed to get more intense over a 3 day period, I had recently started a new job and was at work when the pain became so intense it felt as though I was about to give birth. After going to restroom and finding blood in my urine, I immediately left work to run to Emergency room, there I was told I was being admitted after a CT scan for Diverticulitis. I waited 2 full days to have a drain placed in the soft tissue above my buttocks that during procedure the Doctor mistakenly pierced a pocket and the abscess he was attempting to drain then leaked into my body. I laid in recovery with chills and hospital staff at that time thought I was just cold, later to find I was going septic. I blacked out and when I came to, I was in ICU, with a brief moment of memory loss, I did not recognize my family standing before me or how I even arrived at the hospital. I was in hospital for 2 and a half weeks, had to have a blood transfusion, renal failure, and lost 23lbs in 1 week. Kidney's are better now, no more anemia, I was told that if I did not have a PICC line in my arm during procedure when I went septic I would have probably died. Now almost 2 years and 4 episodes later I am able to get up enough courage to have the surgery to remove the portion of the colon that is diseased. I will have my surgery end of this month, hoping all goes well.

Comment from: silverado, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: June 17

I have been plagued with attacks for more than ten years. Initially I believe they were caused by eating anything that contained small seeds like tomatoes, buns with sesame seeds or poppy seeds, cucumbers, etc. I also found that corn and tomato soup seemed to bother me. I have been able to avoid a bowel resection -so far ,but after a week in the hospital and nothing to eat but ice chips, I have learned to not let it get out of hand. Sometimes just not eating for a few days will help the bowel fix itself. It is not caused by what you ate yesterday, but rather by what you ate last week. My symptoms usually start with excess gas and with what seems to be gas pains, then in a day or two or even a week to diarrhea at which point you better quit eating and see a doctor. Cipro and flagyl (metronidazole) seem to work for me - but of late I have to take some gravol a half hour or so before the flagyl to slow down the nausea. I also separate the two by four hours . After a few days and I get off the jello diet, the nausea lessens. Even though I am very careful about what I eat, I believe that lifting and straining or riding in a rough vehicle are not good for this condition. I have already broken the tendon that holds the foot up on my left leg, so take that side affect for cipro -seriously- and don't over-extend any part of your body. -cheers!

Comment from: michael, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: May 28

Yesterday I suffered a rectal bleed that was quite severe and carried on over several hours. I suffered something like this four years ago, and after being examined was told I have diverticulitis. I have not had another attack since then until yesterday.

Comment from: DeeDee, 45-54 (Patient) Published: May 01

I was just diagnosed with diverticulitis, and I have been in bad pain on my right side, like something was stuck. I thought it was gas, so went to the doctor, who did an ultrasound, MRI, and X-Ray – they found nothing. I gave myself an enema, and whatever was lodged, moved to my left side. I took another enema – and bingo – no more pain. That was back in November of 2012.

Comment from: Rosa, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: May 05

Beginning in 1997 I started having "food poisoning" every few months. There'd be chills, vomiting, loose BMs, and cramps not unlike labor pains. In 2002 ended up in ER diagnosed with appendicitis. Awoke from emergency surgery being told part of my colon and ileum had been removed as it had ruptured. Dr. said I was lucky because of my young age (47) that he was able to reconstruct my bowel and wouldn't need colostomy bag. But I have multiple pockets with "severe twisting" on my remaining left side colon that causes flare ups that range from mini-flu symptoms to major pain. These bad bouts feel like a bear is squeezing me around my ribcage. Got to skip the gummy candy, popcorn, pop, junk food. Drink plenty of water and herbal teas. Peppermint and Chamomile teas are best. It's easier on your system to eat frequent, smaller meals/snacks than heavy meals. Herbal supplements help. Do your homework re which are effective. This is a lifelong battle like a tightrope walk.

Comment from: profj, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: March 16

I was quite a heavy drinker with 5 or more glasses of wine per evening and I stopped January 1st with the help of my doctor prescribing Antabuse. I experienced no adverse side effects or cravings. I have been perspiring a lot but I am also in menopause. I did change my diet in January to include homemade tropical salad to make up for the sweetness of the wine. Other than that I was really taken aback at the severity of the pain, was hospitalized for 2 nights. I’m fine now but I’m terrified of another attack.

Comment from: Cmerolr2, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: January 24

My symptoms of diverticulitis was pain on right side near my pelvic area. Discovered what it was finally through a CT Scan. I have been plagued with this on and off for eight years. Now I can focus on a sound recovery knowing my diagnosis now.

Comment from: wake up call, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: December 30

I was having pain on the left side, bloating and cramping. I didn’t really know what was wrong. I just thought it was digestive issues. Then I experienced blood in my stool and went for a colonoscopy. That is when I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis. I am overweight, inactive and I don’t drink anywhere near the amount of fluid I should. My diet is not so great either. Unfortunately this is permanent condition I believe and now I need to try and manage it better. This is a wake-up call. I am only 46. Time for a lifestyle change....

Comment from: DAWN, 45-54 Female (Caregiver) Published: December 30

I usually experience diverticular attacks at three to five month intervals.

Published: June 24

I was just diagnosed with diverticulosis. I have pain across upper abdomen, which also radiates to lower back and right side. Originally thought to be gallbladder. When ultrasound ruled that out, I had CT scan which showed diverticulosis. Also have diarrhea which alternates at times with having trouble going. Have a lot of bloating and gas, as well.

Published: June 24

For some years, I had been prone to bouts of constipation, but I did increase fibre intake, etc. Eventually, I started getting bad pain in my left side, just under rib cage. My doctor arranged for me to have bowel enema, and it was the discovered, that I had Diverticular disease.

Published: June 24

Severe gas cramps were the beginning. I thought it was a stomach virus so I didn't go to doctor until I became very sick with high fever, pain and nausea. I was diagnosed in the emergency room after a cat scan. No problems for almost a year but recurred again with same cramp.

Published: June 20

The first recognized sign I had of acute diverticulitis was being awakened in the middle of the night thinking I was passing another kidney stone. A trip the next day to the doctor resulted in being sent to the emergency room and having emergency surgery. I later realized the sporadic diarrhea over the last four-five years was the first sign, but I had attributed it to ovarian cysts, even after a total hysterectomy.

Published: June 19

Pain and tenderness in the lower left abdomen that worsened towards evening, fever and chills, rapid pulse, loss of appetite, nausea.

Published: June 17

Extreme abdominal pain, increasing nausea, fatigue, slight fever, pain in left lower back.

Published: June 17

I was having pain in the lower right side of my stomach. The doctor said that was where my appendix was and didn't think it was diverticulitis. It took three days before they discovered what it was and by that time it had perforated. I went into the hospital by ambulance and almost didn't make it.

Published: June 17

I had a sharp pain in my lower abdomen - after a bowel movement I felt fine. Two days later, I doubled over in pain and got violent chills. I went to the ER and was hospitalized for 5 days with IV antibiotics and pain medication. After finally getting back on solid food I changed my diet to one with higher fiber. In October I again has sever pain but a CT scan showed no infection. I was given Levaquin and Flagyl. Those 2 drugs saw me through small attacks in February and April. In June I was hospitalized for 6 days with a perforated diverticulum - amazingly painful. I will have surgery in 6 to 8 weeks to cut it out.

Published: June 16

I found out I had diverticulosis when I had my "required 50yr old colonoscopy". But I had explained to the doc (also my gyno doc) of other pelvic pain. We decided on the high fiber diet thing (which I thought I was already eating pretty high fiber and I couldn’t imagine doing more) and I had a follow up 3 months later (2 weeks ago) and he and the other doc decided a ct scan was in order which I had the next day. The docs office called me today at 5:30pm (13 days after the scan to tell me I have diverticulitis and I need to be on antibiotics immediately and clear liquid diet to get the inflammation down. I have been in pain, and tolerating it at this point. I sure don’t want it to get worse. Just have to wait and see how this plays out.

Published: June 13

I first started with a nagging pain in my lower right side for 2-3 days. One night, the pain was so annoyed (but not severe pain) that I couldn't fell into sleep. Next day, I was send to kat scan and diagnose of diverticulitis. My doctor gave me the antibiotic and I had to stay in the hospital for 5 days.

Published: June 11

A dramatic change in bowel habits. A sense of blockage when defecating and stools that are about pencil diameter and relatively long.

Published: June 11

Lower left abdominal pain and cramping.

Published: June 09

I was 39 years old and I had been having night sweats for about a year or so. I thought that it was the beginning of menopause. However, after 6 months of stomach pain and nausea after eating, I finally found myself at the emergency room with severe pain. My diverticulitis was found on the right side, so my doctor has told me I am an anomaly.

Published: June 09

My first indications of Diverticulitis were a nagging pain on my left side, just below the waist. Within a few hours, the pain moved lower and became more acute. I had difficulty lifting my left leg due to the pain. I was later told the mild diarrhea I had for about 2 weeks before I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis.

Published: June 09

I had progressively worsening diarrhea and pain in my lower left side. I'd had an endometrial cyst which ended with removal of my right ovary and fallopian tube. I thought the same thing was happening with my left ovary. Finally got to the point of extremely intense pain, some fever and feeling like I was going to pass out. I went to the emergency room the gastroenterologist did a colonoscopy. Diverticulitis with an abscess. Now I try to eat high-fiber meals, but I have diarrhea almost constantly, with flare-ups of infection. I use Levaquin and Levsin when flare-ups occur. I was told I need surgery at some point.

Published: June 05

I have severe bloating, diarrhea and pain in my left lower intestines. I have been just drinking herbal (spearmint) tea to clean out my intestines but I am in extreme pain. Bloated up like I am 12 months pregnant and miserable.

Published: June 05

First I had bilateral back pain and thought it was kidney issues, then I was constipated, then I was nauseated and vomiting. Then I had diarrhea, and nausea, more back pain and vomiting, my temp only got to 99.7, but I could not sleep, could not get comfortable and had to pull over on the road for a lovely episode of "the puking poops". I went to my doctor and he was able to temporarily cure me without an expensive hospitalization, or $3000.00 CT scan. I am now on several antibiotics, and am feeling better, although I have some pan, and residual temp increase. I am taking it easy- to say the least. Get to your doctor right away 'cause peritonitis is very nasty.

Published: June 05

I had profuse bloody diarrhea, with a positive occult blood test at my primary doctor's office. He sent me to a gastro who would only do sigmoidoscopes. I saw this gastro in late April after two months of bleeding daily. He never told me I had diverticulosis. He said I was very inflamed and put me on 6,000mg of Sulfasalazine a day and Flagyl. Fed up with gastro #1, I went to someone else. He scheduled me for a colonoscopy in August, never told me I had diverticulosis and an adenomas polyp. Four years later I still have diarrhea with intermittent bleeding. My pain is in my right lower quadrant. I had a colonoscopy yesterday and was told of the diverticulosis-severe and two polyps were removed. I am currently on 3,200 mg. of Asacol a day with continued diarrhea. I see my new gastro again in July. I sure hope he can help me.

Published: June 03

I started with a pain in my lower left side. I felt very tired. The pain began to feel like someone had kicked me and it was difficult to move. Then came the chills and a low fever. I did not feel like I was going to vomit, but I did not want to eat and had to force liquids down. Later, I had urinary frequency, producing only small amounts. I felt very weak and passed out for a few moments. I went to the doctor on the second day because of severity of the pain - it did not seem like the flu - and had a CAT scan that confirmed diverticulosis.

Published: June 02

Just diagnosed today with Diverticulosis. Never had any symptoms. My annual medical showed blood in one stool sample so my GP ordered a screening colonoscopy. The doctor spotted the diverticula in my colon. Readings seem to say they are caused by the high pressure of a hard stool. So treatment/prevention is to maintain a fiber diet to keep stool soft! (Age 57)

Published: June 02

Pain is just something I have learned to live with, considering I have had low back pain from degenerative disc disease for years. My experience with Diverticulitis was not from any pain or I just didn't know that it was part of the pain I was feeling. Excessive gas and diarrhea was my symptoms. Very embarrassing. Diarrhea got so bad that if I did not take anti-diarrheal I was pooping uncontrollably all over the place without a moments notice. I felt like going all the time and felt too at times that it was stuck. Sometimes I actually dug it out of my rectum. I know this is blunt and gross, but some doctors passed it off as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, so what is that exactly anyway. I had a colonoscopy and they found the problem. Thank goodness antibiotics can take care of it. IBS bull. Don't let doctors blow you off.

Published: May 29

I had low pain across my lower abdomen with movement, somewhat like a slightly strained muscle. This started the first morning. Then, very intermittently (three times the first day, only once the second day), I had a strange traveling pain that seemed to start in the rectum as a sharp cramp and travel into the scrotum and finally into the penis/urinary tract. I almost lost urinary control and almost went to my knees. This lasted 10 seconds or less. It was this pain that convinced me that something more than just a strained muscle was going on. A CAT scan on the second day revealed diverticulitis.

Published: May 28

I had severe pain in my lower left side and my stomach was bloated and felt really hard. I didn't know what was wrong and was eating foods that made it worse.

Published: May 27

I had no symptoms for years, that I knew of. The only problem I had was not going to the bathroom on a regular basis, I thought that was normal because that was all I had ever done. Bowel movements were once a week or once every two weeks. My first pregnancy I maybe had three bowel movements, I begged for some form of laxative but was refused. Pain in my right side took me to the hospital at 50 and I was diagnosed with all the symptoms and hospitalized for 10 days. Take care of yourself and monitor your bowel movements they should be regular on a daily basis.

Published: May 27

I have severe constipation. Laxatives, enemas, euppositories did not help. Bloating, swelling, and abdominal pain came next, with fever and severe belly pain. Eventually, bloody stools, or just bleeding, painful urination, and bladder pain and infection.

Comment from: sandsearcher, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: June 21

I average a diverticular attack about every couple of years. Last year I had three attacks within 6 months. The doctor put me on different meds beside Flagyl and Cipro and any lingering infection cleared up and have been fine since.

Comment from: Rigbyhurts, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: June 02

I have just experienced my third bout of diverticulitis over the past 6 years. My first bout I spent 5 days in the hospital on IV antibiotics, and sent home with Cipro and Flagyl. I felt better in about 10 days. My second bout was 1 1/2 year later, and when the pain started, I quickly recognized it as diverticulitis, and went to my doctor who again prescribed Cipro and Flagyl with good results. Now 5 years later, I am experiencing another round of Diverticulits. I am again on Cipro and Flagyl and pain is improving. After my 2nd time with the disease, my Dr said to try to avoid constipation, as straining could worsen the diverticuli. I have been very careful to not get constipated, but the past week I have been doing some heavy cement work in the yard. (Lifting heavy cement blocks, and shoveling truckloads of gravel). I am wondering if this has not increased abdominal pressure to cause irritation to the diverticuli. I haven't heard of this being a cause, but it makes sense to me. I think I'll take it a little easier on myself now.

Comment from: Grobin, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: May 13

This is my 5th time I had this pain, it just won't go away. I’ve already seen a surgeon who said next time you have this we will have to cut that part out that was on my 3rd time in the hospital. I'm going to the doctors this morning to see what can be done to get better. Oh the pain! I can hardly stand straight up.

Comment from: 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: April 28

Several attacks with severe pain in lower left side with fever. Vomiting often. Had 12" of my colon removed in November 2010. Today is April 28, 2011. Still sick. Feel better with regard to pain, but still have low grade fevers often and problems with bowel movements, occasional vomiting. Take a ton of fiber and Miralax every night. Had Botox shot to my inner sphincter muscle to help with constipation. This is a chronic disease for me. I'm looking into a holistic approach. I'm about ready to give up.

Comment from: witeacher, 25-34 Male Published: April 20

A long time ago it started, with extreme bleeding whenever I would drink a lot (around age 30). It would act up only yearly or so, now that my diet is healthy (strict vegetarian, high vegetable and fresh fruit salads. yes alcohol, but not excessive). Now, after 2 years I’ve been bleeding a lot with every bowel movement for 3 days. No pain whatsoever. I am still doing yoga, weights and jogging.

Comment from: Douglas, 65-74 Male Published: March 18

I was diagnosed almost 45 years ago with diverticulosis. I was told that I had many diverticuli. It has, however never bothered me.

Comment from: Zigmoid, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: March 15

Don't fool around with diverticulitis. I had three attacks in 5 years and had to have a sigmoid colectomy. Removed about 10 inches of my sigmoid colon. It was laproscopic surgery, but was not easy for the surgeon. There were diverticula attached to abdominal wall. This is no disease to fool around with.

Comment from: chan, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: February 24

I have been dealing left and right pelvic pain for the last 5 years. Since I had a history of ovarian cysts I kept going to my obgyn and being told that nothing was there. I have had multiple ultrasounds and CT scans showing nothing. The pain is quite unbearable and is happening more frequently. Now family physician is sending me to see a colon and rectal doctor because he now thinks that I have diverticulitis. I just wish this could be figured out because the pain is unbearable at times. I have changed my diet since my family physician told me that he believes that this is the cause but I am still having the pain. Doctors just keep giving me pain pills but with my job I cannot take them when I need them so I am at a loss on what to do.

Comment from: Lulu, Published: February 24

If anybody could give me a good web site or the name of a good book on Diverticulosis, It would be extremely helpful. Right now I open one web site on the disease and it says eat green vegetables and natural fruits. You open another web site and it says with diverticulitis definitely avoid eating natural fruit and all types of green vegetables. I have the disease and have no idea where to get reliable information on its cure. Doctors are the same way, it depends on which one you talk to.

Comment from: HavaKat, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: February 24

Thought I had caught a bug, chills, upset stomach. Went to bed and nursed myself for seven days. Over this time symptoms increased, severe pain in shoulders and left side. Nausea, vomiting. Stopped having bowel movements although I was eating chicken noodle soup etc. I became so ill I went to the emergency room, it was misdiagnosed as the flu. I had a CT scan and then was in hospital 4 days. 3 days on IV only. Taking CIPRO and Flagyl. Still having issues with left area of buttock and side being in pain. Possibly a pocket of infection. I had been having pain in my left buttock and side for a long time. Doctors stated it was arthritis. Wrong!!! Be very aware of symptoms and push for a CT scan.

Comment from: Richard, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: February 24

I've had attacks on and off for 3 years. It typically starts with gas and pain on left side from ribs to just inside the pelvis. I did get a colonoscopy and sure enough, they counted several of them. A contrast CT found more. No one had ever told me that straining to defecate was a VERY bad idea. (yes, I have chronic 'roids, too). Now I get an attack every month or so. Usually mild, but sometimes with a fever. Yeah, I often seem to take antibiotics like candy. It's really hard to keep the 'good' bacteria alive because of this. So I take a variety of probiotics and eat the "special" yogurt almost daily. I take a little supplemental fiber, but not too much- as that is bad for you, too, in too much quantity. The hemorrhoids appreciate this, too. Oh, and up your fluids, but not dramatically. I also eat a lot more fruit, especially natural fiber ones.

Comment from: littlefrog, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: February 16

I found out last year from my doctor when I had to go to the hospital. I eat a lot of things and I have bad stomach pains and I don’t go to the bathroom but every two or three days. Sometimes it is longer than that.

Comment from: Rachel, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: February 07

I was diagnosed years ago and it has been pretty well under control. As I have aged I cannot seem to be able to lift anything heavy or I get the burning down in my groin area that is unbearable. Cipro or Flagyl have been able to knock the pain and burning with the first pill. I just have to remember NOT to try and carry something that would be too heavy for me, like a grandchild. Since 2008 I have had 3 bouts because of carelessness. But you can avoid those bouts if you think first.