Patient Comments: Diarrhea - Causes


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Comment from: Roger, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: March 18

I've lived with irritable bowel syndrome most my life but in the last month it's been off the chart. I got what seemed like food poisoning which lasted 2 days but since then the chronic watery diarrhea has stayed for the past month. My doctor, at week 3, ran a full blood count and feces test, and everything came back normal. After that he ran another feces test and blood was detected and my C-reactive protein came back at 32. Now at week 4 my CRP has dropped to 17 leading him to believe I had some sort of infection with the CRP level dropping.

Comment from: brenda, 75 or over Female (Patient) Published: December 06

After 2 years, my doctor found a tumor/mass (neuroendocrine) on the stomach wall near the small intestine. It is inoperable and has spread to the peritoneum and into the liver. This is a slow cancer and they are injecting shots of octreotide every 28 days to slow down the cancer.

Comment from: vinniec, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: February 26

I yoyo between "wet and dry" with the IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), although the latest round was one with diarrhea. I decided to take Citrucel caplets (two @ 3 times a day). It slowed the diarrhea, but to the point where it was a struggle to defecate. I cut it back to two @ 2 times a day; there was some improvement. Now, I"m just taking 1 after each meal, and it seems ideal (for the last month, anyway). Citrucel is supposed to be for constipation; so figure that out. Just want to pass it on to fellow IBS sufferers.

Comment from: julia, 55-64 Female Published: July 22

I have lived in Egypt for nearly nine months and have suffered from diarrhea at regular intervals. I recently ate a tuna and salad sandwich, and these ingredients had been in the fridge for five days. I suffered two days of diarrhea after eating the tuna filling twice in a day. I did not have diarrhea during the winter months here when it is very cold. I take tablets from a pharmacist I trust to settle the problem.


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