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Comment from: PowerOn, 55-64 Female Published: July 02

Well, I had to add my symptoms here as it might help any others who have a hiatal hernia. I had mine for 6 years and mine constantly moves or gets stuck up in my chest. I can feel it when it moves, I can feel trapped air/gas bubble like a roller coaster ride; takes your breath away and startles you like there are heart problems. I have been checked out by a heart doctor. The gastrointestinal doctor says nothing you can do but surgery, but says since I have a physical job it would likely recur and I would just have to keep having to repeat doing this over.

Comment from: BD70, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: January 08

I was diagnosed in 1957 at the age of 5 for DI (diabetes insipidus) after a blow to my head. On admittance to the hospital I was severely dehydrated and suffered malnutrition due to drinking so much water I couldn't eat. I was put on the inhaler with the positive information from the doctors I could possibly outgrow it and return to normal. I was tested again at the age of 16 and was freed from that awful inhaler. I did outgrow it thankfully.

Comment from: DanniM, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: August 05

I have not actually been officially diagnosed with diabetes insipidus (DI). But it is the closest thing to what I have dealt with, that I have seen. As a child, and as a young adult, I have had intermittent episodes of either polyuria or polydipsia, not necessarily at the same time, and not related to dehydration or, (for the polyuria) that I have been drinking or how much. We're talking profuse urination (very dilute) every 10 to 15 minutes lasting for hours. But it would go away for a while. I also have Tourette's syndrome and, after being prescribed Risperdal for that (in my 30s), found that I was no longer having these episodes. Too much of a coincidence; if anyone is interested in this information for research purposes, hope it helps. The episodes now are quite rare; I am now on a very low dose of Risperdal.

Comment from: JessicaB, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: July 30

Hi everyone. I was diagnosed around the age of 2 (1973) and I was the first child text book case. I have Central Cranium DI and been taken DDAVP(first child to take) since I was 3 or 4. My doctor believes that a fall as a child may have caused the DI but my mother says a child I was always thirsty and crying for water, so who knows. I've used DDAVP squeeze spray or the hose spray and now the tablets. I was admitted into the hospital at 32 due to absentminded overdosing. Was not good experience at all. Mark all your doses so this does not happen to you. Parents with young children, don't worry so much. Your child will be fine, just make sure to always have a change of clothes in case of accidents and lots of water. Plus in case any of you lovely ladies are trying to get pregnant and having trouble, I had my child at 35 after years of trying, but do not get my period as I should or some without DI. Good luck and happy peeing :)


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