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Comment from: MomofCushings?, 13-18 Male (Caregiver) Published: August 12

My son is 18, asthmatic since 2 years. He is on and off corticosteroids to control asthma, and taking prednisone a week at a time during serious asthma attacks, which happened every month as a young child, lessening to 4 times a year to now, rarely. In spring he was very sick with flu, coughing which caused hemorrhaging in his eyes, bruising in the sockets, and black eyes. He required prednisone for his asthma, and has developed Cushing’s. He weighs 250 lb. with height 6 ft. 2. He has large stomach, and thick tissue along upper back and neck. Arms and legs are muscular, not flabby, face very round, and thick tissue under chin. He works afternoon shift, stays awake till 1 am, and gets up after 10 hours sleep feeling tired. He is too tired to walk to store or just go for walk; feels stressed, although lives in own apartment. He is in a stable situation with sibling (not me). He feels too stressed to go to college with his friends, regarded tests as easy in high school.

Comment from: Nihashirley, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: August 11

I'm a Cushing’s patient, I've been suffering from this sickness from 16 1/2 years. Now I'm 24. I was really thin, my menstruation was not regular, and then within a month’s time I started gaining weight (moon face, fat neck, buffalo hump, and obesity in the tummy). I underwent surgery for pituitary gland tumor in 2008 Jan, but my surgeon left 10% of the tumor because it's touching my eye nerves. So I had to take radiation therapy (January 2009) for a period of 1 month. I was under different drugs from time to time (ketoconazole, Metopirone, and many other). Now I have got fat in the liver (SGPT and SGOT levels are very high). I would like to know if there is any cure for this sickness.

Comment from: Tina, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: February 20

I have just been diagnosed with Cushing’s disease in the last month and am waiting to meet with a neurologist. My symptoms are textbook... diabetes, high blood pressure, weight gain, weakened bones, stretch marks, fatigue, muscle deterioration, mood swings, rosacea, bruising, facial hair, memory loss, etc. The endocrinologist I finally found thinks I probably have had it for 10 years or more; very frustrating.

Comment from: k, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: December 03

With Cushing’s syndrome I experience sweating at night and then being cold. I also experience super sensitive teeth, when cold or hot wind is touching them; dentist is stumped.

Comment from: Kate, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: October 15

I have Cushing’s syndrome. I had to have surgery to remove one of my adrenal glands. I had very bad menstrual issues with the discovery that I had an ovarian tumor the size of a grapefruit which destroyed my ovary and my fallopian tube. This was when they found the two tumors in the adrenal glands. I have been treated now for over 6 years. My one remaining adrenal gland seems to be functioning pretty well. However, I have also been diagnosed with hyperthyrodism. I am told that I will eventually lose my other adrenal gland. I have definitely gained weight, I never went over 140lbs earlier but now I weigh 218 lbs. My eyesight is poor and my body is just a mess.

Comment from: Wonz, 35-44 Female (Caregiver) Published: November 16

For 4 years, my wife had been struggling with high blood pressure, obesity (especially around neck and stomach), anxiety and many other things. Doctors were treating all these symptoms with different types of medication. She was even seeing specialists and they asked her to exercise more to lose the weight (she is actually a Physical Ed teacher and attend the gym 2 times a week). She always thought that there was something more sinister to these problems. It was not until she read an article in a magazine on cortisol levels that made her research Cushings disease and then had the strength to ask her doctors to test for Cushings. 7 days later she had the tumor removed and is now recovering - a very long recovery is ahead of her, but the positive is she will eventually get back to normal. I truly emphasize with all the people who have been affected or are close to someone with this awful disease and I encourage you all to be strong and look forward to the good times ahead. You will beat this disease.

Comment from: texasmom2, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: June 09

I started having Cushing's at the age of 16. My first symptoms were short term memory loss. I could not remember were my classes were or how to get home. My face started getting the moon face as they call it. I had the buffalo hump on the back of my neck. And I started to gain at least 4 pounds a week. I also started to have seizures anywhere from mild to moderate ones.

Comment from: 35-44 Female Published: May 01

I developed hypertension, 190/110, severe headaches, excessive tiredness, depression, terrible stretchmark’s, moon face, buffalo hump, excessive weight gain especially around stomach area, eyesight deteriorated, even hearing.


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