Patient Comments: Cryptococcosis - Symptoms


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Comment from: TIRED OF THIS, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: September 29

Two years ago in September this itching of the face and scalp started for many people I know including myself. It seemed to only happen in the evening and got worse when I walked next to certain people, as other people seemed to get worse standing or walking by me at times. It lasted 2 months the first and second year. The second year it started exactly one year later in September the same week as the year prior. Doctor said there were no cooties. Even took dogs in to get checked and no mites or ring worm. But last December it started up again after only 2 months and hasn’t left since. This Cryptococcus fungi seems to be airborne and have a cycle where it affects many people at the same time then goes away. Many people at my work and people I see working at their jobs in stores and restaurants seem to be struggling with cryptococcosis and look as concerned as I have been. This is not a normal case of allergies. It is contagious and spreads and cannot be treated. Doctors and vets do not look for anything without a rash or ailment. I have never got a rash but get itchy skin that feels like it moves around. My hair follicles have blown open. Something is wrong and people need to get this out on the news. My work has been hit hard with this and my co-workers are looking for someone to blame.


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