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Comment from: peter, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: May 01

I have found it difficult to breathe through my nose since my early teenage years. During this time it became particularly noticeable during physical exercise, increased secretions during running, causing me to be unable to inhale through my nose. Now in my late 40s after significant periods of abuse using various narcotics taken through the nose I assume permanent damage has been done to my nose though my septum has mercifully remained intact. I have suffered from increasing problems with clear mucus drainage from my nose and constant swallowing of the same secretion causing me to have to keep blowing my nose, and bloating feeling in my stomach due to the swallowing reflex brought on by the same. These symptoms seem to have increased with age and are now brought on by things like going outside, which I assume is related to the change in temperature but is not related to allergies in any way. I have never suffered from hay fever or anything like that. Symptoms became that persistent that I went to see my doctor having got to the end of my last box of tissues as it were. He prescribed me mometasone furoate 50 mcg nasal spray which I have been using now for over a week. I take it in the mornings taking 4 sprays up each nostril. The results have been great and I can now walk down the street without a constant drip and having to blow my nose all the time. I have only been using this for a week and it is a steroid so I will post again if the problem returns or I note any rebound symptoms. The idea is that the dose is decreased until it is no longer needed.

Comment from: Kenny, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: January 13

I was diagnosed with polyps and had surgery and was told that would cure my nasal problems. It didn't so went to the best ENT specialist and he put me on budesonide mixing it with saline rinses morning and night and I am like a new man breathing for the last month and a half. I go tomorrow back to him to check sinuses and am real optimistic that this is it for me. Hope this helps someone out there because I didn't really need surgery.

Comment from: creative nest, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: December 16

I have suffered with waking at night for too many years to mention like I'm gasping for breath and coughing with excess mucus but I'm hoping finally that I have found the answer. My general physician has sent me for various tests over the last 18 months; endoscopy, barium swallow, acid monitoring. I have tried every tablet for possible GERD but those did nothing. But now I have started using steroid nasal drops called vistamethasone, I am on day 6 and last night I woke once instead of the usual 5 or 6 times. This medication can only be used for 7 days so I will have to see what my next step is with my general physician, but fingers crossed I am on my way to a full night’s sleep after many years of suffering.


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