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Comment from: Ness, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: April 21

I am a female with an issue of post-nasal drip and halitosis and they started 7 years ago. I always have this mucus dripping at the back of my throat, especially in my right nose. It makes my breath smell really bad. I tried to go to different doctors but they would give me the same medications, which are antibiotics, nose sprays, and even Sinutab pills, but they didn't work. It stinks so bad though I brush my teeth. I have low self-esteem and depression because of this.

Comment from: Kevin M, 19-24 Male (Patient) Published: December 09

I usually get rhinitis once a year at least. This time, it is very bad. It started a week ago but I barely felt the mucus. Now, it's thickened so I have to swallow it constantly. Very, very annoying. My throat is irritated and it's difficult for me to talk. Will drink plenty of water and see what happens.

Comment from: Nikita, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: October 24

I suffered with bacterial vaginosis (BV) for several years. Anytime I had sex I will contract BV. I was always prescribed Flagyl and other medication for my partner and myself. But it always keeps coming back. The smell was awful. Until a couple months ago I was prescribed Zinnat and antibiotics. And the doctor told me to replace my water intake with cranberry water. That was in May 2019. We are in October 2019 and to date no BV.

Comment from: Jeff , 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: October 15

I have what my family calls a permanent post-nasal drip. It flares up when the weather changes. No OTC medicines have helped. Surgery may/may not help.

Comment from: Bobb, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: June 04

I have a severe itching throat and nose alongside sneezing from chronic rhinitis. These have been prolonged. If I take over-the-counter medications, it goes and in a few days is back. This has made life complicated. Any help will be greatly welcome.

Comment from: Gwendolyn, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: September 03

I have suffered post-nasal drip since childhood, it is getting worse every year, and it became unbearable. I tried grapefruit seed extract and I am so much better. I will never again take the awful stuff doctors push upon you. They don't work and have horrible side effects.

Comment from: Sara, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: May 29

I have constant post-nasal drip. Nothing comes out of my nose when I blow it but it will start dripping pure water. I just keep a tissue up my nose when driving, it gets so bad. Flonase caused my husband to get cataract on his eye, confirmed by eye surgeon so I threw mine away. I take Benadryl, Atarax, Zyrtec 24 hour every 12 hours, sinus wash sometimes 3 times a day, steam showers, cut back on dairy, drink a ton of water, and I am still taking 7 to 10 Benadryl a day. I give up.

Comment from: Amber , 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: March 12

I live with a runny nose, post-nasal drip constantly! I only have one nostril open at a time regardless of allergy pills! It’s horrible. I just want to live a normal life where I don’t have to carry a bunch of Kleenex and blow my nose a 100 times a day!

Comment from: seaburd, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: March 07

I have been trying various medicines for seizures for the past year and have had rhinitis symptoms perhaps due to these medicines. Watery eyes, clear nasal drip, ear pressure and pain, and now blisters around mouth and on hands and dry flaking facial skin. The neurologist doesn't seem to think much of my complaints and so I try to dose myself using a Neti pot, nasal sprays, cold medicines, and Bactrim on the sores. Maybe it is just allergies to something in the environment but I never had allergies before.

Comment from: Craig, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: December 11

I am a 60 year old male and I've been suffering with nasal blockage my entire life. I have had 3 nasal septum surgeries to improve breathing and none of them have worked. About 3 years ago severe post nasal drip started and my nose drips constantly. Night times are unbearable with the suffocating and chocking from the post nasal drip. I can probably live with the not breathing from the nose, but the post nasal drip is making it unbearable.

Comment from: Mrshutchy, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: November 08

I was diagnosed with post nasal drip over 2 years ago after having a persistent cough. Even using a steroid spray twice daily doesn't really help and lying down makes it worse. I was told it would last 6 months to 1 year.


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Comment from: Chrisdavid, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: October 23

First thing in the morning my nose just starts pouring out liquid and drains down my throat so fast that it chokes me. The post-nasal drip is constant and I wake up in the morning with pressure on my head until it starts to drain. This is constant from morning till night. I get no relief and I take 6 Benadryl tablets a day.

Comment from: LP, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: October 10

I have one side of my nose which is blocked, constant stuffiness, frequent headaches, and for 5 months, very little sense of smell, and also, strong post nasal drip. I take GERD medicines twice a day. I am also on 2 antihistamines I take daily and a steroid nose spray. I am so uncomfortable and feel so fatigued all the time.

Comment from: Rusty, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: August 29

I have been suffering from non-allergic rhinitis for 6 months. My nose is swollen throughout the day and I can hardly breathe out of my nose. My ENT said my turbinates were at a 4 out of 4. I got on omeprazole for a month and the turbinates reduced by 50 percent. The problem is the omeprazole was too strong, and my neck began to crack and spine was hurting. I also have GERD, yesterday my stomach acid seemed to reach my nose and burn, and I am thinking maybe I have got LPR (laryngopharyngeal reflux). Wish there was a cure out there.

Comment from: promediate, 75 or over Male (Patient) Published: August 07

I've had a runny nose for years. I am 79 and in good health. I blow my nose often throughout the day. At night, while I sleep, my nose does not run; does not run all night. In the morning, for the first hour or so, it's a gusher. I wonder how it is that my nose does not run while in bed at night! I can't find reference to this situation with chronic rhinitis anywhere.

Comment from: Annabell, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: June 21

I have suffered with chronic sinus infections practically my whole life, and they've gotten worse. In the early 80s I had surgery on my sinuses to drill holes under my eyes for them to drain. I was always clogged. In the late 90s I had surgery on my nose, it was broken in a car wreck. The doctor took out broken cartilage and reconstructed my nose. Today I suffer with only my right nostril pouring and clogging. But when post-nasal drip is really bad both nostrils clog and breathing through my nose is not an option. Allergy tests prove I am allergic to mold, cockroaches, oak trees, and couple more things growing outside. I have been on and off Claritin and Flonase for many years. And now the allergy doctor I just went to see wants me to stay on this another month, among other remedies. I am tired of this! I want to know why I suffer so much with the right side of my head. My ear is also clogged and itchy pretty much of the time. I would like a CT scan of my sinuses to see if anything is wrong. But she refuses now. I am so unhappy.

Comment from: Cbt allergy guy, 35-44 Male (Caregiver) Published: May 15

I’ve suffered from severe allergies all my life. Allergies so bad that I swell when spring comes around and when the seasons change I get sick. Just opening a window will cause itching and if it itched, that area will swell to absurd proportions. Funny to look at, not at all fun or funny to experience. For the longest time, nothing worked. Then a person from work gave me Allegra D. Cleared me up! I could breathe! And I can sleep! Only now I drained like there’s no tomorrow in the morning and I have to take the pill immediately. Also if I am off it for more than 24 hours, my allergies attack with every symptom and I feel as though I’m dying. I have become physically dependent on Allegra D. Thankfully there are no side effects or bad repercussions from taking it other than when you stop taking it, you find out how much your body and allergies really depend on it. So really my biggest issue now is my post-nasal drip in the morning or anytime I lie down for a length of time. Annoying. But I don’t swell anymore or get sick. That’s the other thing. I haven’t been sick from any illness or allergies in years so I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. Before I’d get sick and for a long time but I’d get used to it eventually and then be okay for the season until the change, then sick again. Now I never get sick but my body has to have the pill or I have severe allergic reactions. So there is a tradeoff. I don’t like that I’m dependent on the pill but I’m immune to the world that I was so allergic to before so I don’t know.

Comment from: episodic or ?, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: April 03

I have had intense allergies (ragweed, mold, mildew) for decades. In the last 10 years I have had 6 sinus infections a year and two that would take 12 to 20 weeks to resolve with regimens of antibiotic and prednisone for more months at a time. After a 20 week episode last year spring to summer, I had nasal surgery to hopefully reduce the intensity and term of an episode. I am now in the middle of an episode for 3 weeks and on my third round of prednisone. I am told that I should view the condition as chronic rhinitis, more like an autoimmune condition. Long term Biaxin use is the current direction for this viewpoint. I think the questions are if there are no medications that severely limit immune system overreaction. If this is an auto immune issue, years of antibiotic and steroids cannot be good, so it begs the question if this is a vicious cycle of episodic response when there might be something more long term that needs to be resolved (gut, inflammation, resistance, etc.). I have seen allergy doctors and ENT specialist for decades to treat the episodes, I wonder who one goes to see to integrate the big picture.


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Comment from: Shar, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: January 22

I started with what appeared to be a seasonal allergy last March. Seasons came and went and the rhinitis continued through the changes of the season and physical locales. Finally I tried Flonase and a different antihistamine (from Sudogest to loratadine) things got a little better for a while but then regressed. Finally I tried Benadryl so I could sleep at night. This has finally helped tremendously this past week. So now in January 2018, 9 months later I am able to stop coughing and blowing every 15 minutes. I hope that the relief will continue. I had not tried Benadryl as it makes me sleepy and induced depression in some that I know. But right now I am thrilled that it is working for me.

Comment from: SteveT, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: February 08

I suffered all my life from allergies. I used Sinex for 10 years plus constant every night so I could breathe and sleep. Now my nose feels permanently swollen and blocked. Last 10 years I have been on Flixonase and Beconase but have developed a cataract in my left eye and read this could be a cause. I stopped using all these steroid inhalers 2 weeks ago and just spray salt water. I can’t breathe at night, wake feeling I'm suffocating, so lie awake. My nose constantly runs but frontal not down throat. I blow my nose constantly especially at meal times (all the time) which is an embarrassment. I just bought a diffuser.

Comment from: cheryl, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: November 13

I just read all of your stories and it is quite scary and depressing. It seems no one gets better. I have post nasal drip that is very loose and I feel it all day and night. I cough so much and so hard that I throw up. I am seeing an ENT, I'm on inhaler, nasal spray, antibiotic Zyrtec, and nothing seems to work. He now prescribed prednisone which I haven't started taking. I have anxiety about going anywhere; I'm afraid of coughing and throwing up. It is 3 in the morning and I can't sleep from coughing. This has been going on for about 2 months, I wish someone knew what to do.

Comment from: theo, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: September 22

In May this 2015 I had a flu, after that I never stopped coughing. What’s new to me is that I rarely cough during the day and at night, especially early morning hours, I cough a lot. And I am experiencing noisy chest, and it is relieved by cough. Medical history, I had sinus since 2005 and it was relieved in 2010 because I relocated. In 2014 I came back to this place and it started again. I was so worried I checked tuberculosis but it was negative. But I have persistent cough and at times I feel like something is stuck in my throat.

Comment from: KATHRYN, 75 or over Female (Patient) Published: August 05

I have tried every spray on the shelf plus the prescription ones for chronic rhinitis. None of them work. I started this nasal drip 2 years ago. I constantly have the drip no matter where I am or what I'm doing. I am constantly snorting and blowing my nose. I don't have any allergies but I did break my nose years ago and had surgery to correct the deviated septum. I am sick of this constant dripping and having to have a Kleenex available at all times.

Comment from: ava, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: July 29

I have suffered from chronic rhinitis since before I was in the double digits. I had little to no sense of smell and couldn't breathe through my nose at all. This also caused loud snoring and meant I couldn't even lie down on my back without having to fight for breath. Only recently, after having suffered through 11 years of school sounding like I had a constant cold, was I diagnosed correctly and prescribed Beconase nasal spray. I'm not cured, but I do have a much better sense of smell (though it's not as good as it should be) and can breathe through my nose (albeit a little noisily). I still have to constantly carry a tissue around as I still have a runny nose but my tissue usage has decreased by at least 50 percent. Ask your doctor before trying anything.

Comment from: Ina, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: June 02

I have had a post-nasal drip for probably 10 years. It is with me even in other countries. It drips day and night so my sleeping pattern is erratic. I seem to be swallowing gobs of mucus all the time. Nothing seems to help, I drink a lot of water to clean up the throat and taste. I am desperate to find a solution, sinuses are clear according to ENT.

Comment from: Eric, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: May 27

Chronic rhinitis with snot, sneezing, swelling, worsening of asthma and misery, is making me so ill and low so often. I have considered suicide. I cannot breathe. I look and feel awful. I am on antihistamine, Seretide, Singulair, Ventolin and prednisolone; all ineffective. I can't sleep, can't socialize and struggle to hold my job down. Doctor referred me to the respiratory specialist as urgent. The specialist considers me not urgent. So a 9 month wait to meet a specialist who will look down on me and not understand how this is making my life fall apart.


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Comment from: John, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: May 15

I totally understand what you are going through. It is horrible. I live it every day. I have had chronic rhinitis for several years. Recently, I went to my ENT. He gave me a 6-day (6-5-4-3-2-1) dose of steroids and Nasonex. It did nothing for me. He sent me for ear tests and also a CAT scan. I saw my ENT last week for results and he said that my sinuses/nasal on the left of my face (above my eye and below my eye) were totally blocked. My right side was blocked a little (not much). Plus I have a deviated septum. I go in for surgery in about two weeks. The ENT will fix all of this. Also, I have tried all OTC medicines and they don't solve the problem. Go see an ENT and also wish me luck with my surgery (which lasts 1.5 hours for me). I truly wish that this helps everyone.

Comment from: sarcher, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: May 14

My symptoms vary from blocked nose, pressure in the ears to having to bung up the nostrils at night when having a bad runny nose. If I get carried away wiping the nose then this leads to nose infection. I have tried various tablets and sprays, but nothing works. Temperature and warm foods set my nose running. My medical examiner now says that my croaky voice is due to the chronic rhinitis. I have had this problem over 20 years. I do find contact lenses help stop watery eyes.

Comment from: BettyJ, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: March 03

I am not leading a happy life due to chronic rhinitis. I have constant runny nose, sore ears, itchy eyes, and rashes on my face. I was fine until 2 years ago when I got a lung infection, I have to cough for hours on end to clear mucus from back of throat. It is worse if I am driving. I have to pull in somewhere. I cannot go out without needing to constantly spit. Horrible! No medication nor nasal sprays, etc., have worked for me.

Comment from: ltj, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: October 21

It's been 3 days that I have post natal drips, sneezing, and watery eyes. I took Telfast 120 and it didn't seem to work out. I increased the dosage to 180 just now (about 2 hours ago) and that seemed not to work out either. I don't know what else to do. The mucus is clear and very thin, most of the time uncontrollable (it will drip down my nose by itself) and it gets worse when I'm awake.

Comment from: Annemarie, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: September 18

I have constant blocked nose on the left nostril and a back of throat drip. I keep clearing my throat, have a clear phlegm, sometimes itchy streaming eyes, and a harsh dry cough. I am a nonsmoker, and have had a clear chest x-ray. When I was about 11 I had my nose cauterized due to recurrent nose bleeds. I feel depressed and dreadful about this. I notice my left nostril is mostly blocked and the drip is more to the left side.

Comment from: sharon, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: October 24

I have had chronic non-allergic rhinitis with post-nasal drip and such bad cough. I use Flonase daily, saline flush, and keep my head elevated at night. I take Zyrtec daily. I mainly have this issue more mid-summer into early fall. Fans, air-conditioning and certain scents make me cough more. I have been tested for allergies by an allergist and I have none. He diagnosed me with non-allergic rhinitis. I have used Singulair and Atrovent nasal spray without much positive effect. Sometimes talking for a long time causes a lot of coughing. I also have watery eyes.

Comment from: Mel, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: October 15

Ever since I had a bad virus that lasted 10 weeks nearly 12 months ago, I’ve had a bad taste in my mouth with a dripping feeling at the back of my throat. Been to 4 doctors, dentist, oral surgeon, and a naturopath for 6 months to eliminate foods that might have caused it, now to the ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialist. The naturopath put me on a detox plan which has helped slightly but I still have the taste. The ENT guy recently put me on Maxor, Nasonex nasal spray and an oral thrush liquid as well as telling me to rinse my mouth with sea salt and bicarb soda at night. Halfway through the Maxor tablets, I still have the taste. Had a CT scan still to get the results. It is a constant pain and very depressing.

Comment from: Throatissues, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: May 10

I have s constant lump in throat, and a feeling of my throat closing in. Feels like a huge lump that rarely clears. It is painful and no mucus at all. I have tried everything for my rhinitis; going back to the ENT again.

Comment from: Hadenough, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: March 13

I have had chronic rhinitis, post nasal drip and goodness knows what else most of my life and it is usually well managed. Unfortunately I have had a flare up this past two or three weeks and it is making life terrible for me. I have had no sleep in more than a week, I have had to go on the sick from work again, so I will now lose my job. I'm knackered and the only way I see of dealing with it is to take myself off to the beach with some heavy weights.

Comment from: wayno2, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: January 31

I have to blow my nose at least 20 times a day, and no relief in sight from what I see others posting as well. I used to go to the bathroom when out in public, but that seemed worse than just turning my head to take care of it, no clue what to do for a cure for chronic rhinitis as it seems there is none.

Comment from: LuLu, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: June 30

I use grapefruit seed extract nasal spray (available at health food stores) for post nasal drip. Post nasal drip is caused by a fungus, usually. The grapefruit seed extract nasal spray is anti-fungal. Drinking 1 tsp apple cider vinegar (Bragg's) in a glass of water also helps. I have also done the Ayr saline irrigation. I need to do this now, as a matter of fact. I was weeding today and it is very moldy here from all of the rain we've had.

Comment from: disrupted, 75 or over Male (Patient) Published: September 12

I woke up one morning and jaw was out of joint and teeth were chalky sensitive. Nose plugged up and I was struggling to breath. I went to the dentist, got x-rayed and had my teeth examined. He could find nothing wrong. I went to an ENT. He stated that a deviated septum could cause all kinds of problems with teeth, hearing, throat and everything else in your head and breathing apparatus. There is no cure, only temporary relief. Every person’s results will be different. Wish I had better news.

Comment from: 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: December 17

I have a very sensitive nose that can't handle smoke, cologne, cut grass so many more. Then when the seasons change I go through severe sinus infection which generally turns into bronchitis and the worst headaches ever. Needless to say I have very short times during the year when I am not sick. My doctor gives me Levaquin and steroids.

Comment from: twonotrump, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: December 13

I have been coughing for a week and I have been using prescription pain pills for a week and Aleve for back pain. I then developed the post nasal drip, not a new thing for me. I have been using Mucinex DM and a saline nasal solution but neither is helping. I am also drinking more water. This really gives you a low quality of life. It is difficult to go any place because of the cough. I also have no sleep. I am not going to take Aleve any longer see if that helps.

Comment from: Violet, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: December 13

When faced with a nasal allergy, where my nose runs and nasal passages swell, I have a 6 oz. glass of red wine. It works, and it doesn't require to spend days suffering. My first choice is to remove the allergen trigger, but it is almost never possible. So a glass of wine and a short nap works no other medicine is required. More than 6oz. and you are overmedicating! I do not drink alcohol for recreation.

Comment from: Barbie, 75 or over Female (Patient) Published: October 15

I am suffering from postnasal drip. The ear, nose and throat doctor (ENT) told me this week that it is chronic and I'll probably not get rid of it. I'm on Allegra-D, fluticasone and Atrovent. I always have tickling at the back of my throat and gag when coughing. NOTHING is helping me. I am sleep-deprived and feel weak. I'm 81 years old. I’m taking Synthroid and lisonapril. It’s been over 4 weeks now and nothing is helping. I'm at my wits end from coughing, spitting, and gaging. I feel something in the back of my throat. Nothing is there, the doctor said. I plan to see an allergist.

Published: July 29

I am a 51 year old male, and have been dealing with PND and the resulting bad breath for years. I have had nasal surgery for a deviated septum, which didn't help in the least. I currently do not have any house pets and haven't noticed any improvement. The bad breath affects your personal and business life. I even have dreams about having bad breath.

Comment from: Sidra, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: August 29

Try this: Hold out your upper lip with your hand. See how you swallow. If your side of your tongue is pressing against your molars or making a vacuum sound, you probably have a tongue thrust (reverse swallow). Bite your teeth together, push your tongue up into the palate, and swallow your tongue back towards your throat. This is the correct way to swallow and will bring your phlegm/postnasal drip down each time. My theory is that most of the time, post nasal drip that doesn't resolve is not due to allergies, but due to people with narrow palates and airways swallowing incorrectly and breathing through their mouth. This causes a buildup of mucus.

Comment from: 75 or over Male (Patient) Published: August 15

Changes in barometric pressure cause rhinitis in me.

Comment from: Toulula, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: May 21

I have had post nasal drip for 6 years, had different nose sprays and tablets and nothing helps. I got rid of grass in garden and carpets in house, but nothing helps.

Comment from: ralph, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: March 19

As soon as I get up from my bed, my nose starts running and I start sneezing.

Comment from: intubation nasaldrip, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: December 13

Following nasal intubation, I have constant clear nasal drip.

Comment from: Petunia, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: August 08

I've been suffering from rhinitis, post-nasal drip and nose dripping(clear mucus,I guess), since early 2000. The allergist doctor prescribed Atrovent (Ipratropium nasal spray 0.06pc 15ml) to spray as needed and it's been working well for me. I carry it with me wherever I go. I had tried all the prescriptions available for allergies and none of them worked.

Comment from: Desert Rat, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: May 31

I was diagnosed with allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma, and COPD with mild emphysema. I took Advair, Spiriva, Symbicort, and Singulair at various times and nothing helped. Now I am taking budesonide by nebulizer and I feel great.

Comment from: dipsy doodle, 75 or over Female (Patient) Published: May 07

Every time I start to eat my nose runs like water. I have tried Zyrtec, Claritin and Allegra. I was also given a nose spray to be used 15 minutes before I eat, but it has not worked.

Comment from: Donnykins, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: April 10

I am female and 36 years old. I have been diagnosed with vasomotor rhinitis (non-allergenic) and have the associated postnasal drip. However, this started suddenly nine months ago, and no amount of nasal sprays or medications will eliminate it. I am currently being investigated for laryngo-pharyngeal reflux disease –a type of acid reflux that refluxes into the back of my throat, pooling there. I am on meds to stop my body from producing stomach acid, but the resulting bile still irritates my throat. I have noticed that the rhinitis is, indeed, a secondary symptom caused by the acid reflux. Hopefully, when that is remedied, so will the rhinitis and postnasal drip.

Comment from: jac, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: April 02

I’m 52 and have suffered with chronic rhinitis since I was a child. The post- nasal drip is ruining my life. I can’t sleep at night due to constantly coughing with thick clear mucus trickling down the back of my throat. Sometimes I just sit up when I sleep because both my husband and I work shifts. I sleep in another room so he can sleep. This upsets me – I’m constantly tired, and have tried many OTC remedies, along with prescription nasal sprays. Nothing seems to work. The cough is getting worse even during the day. I feel desperate.

Published: July 24

I am a 57-year-old male who has had a post nasal drip problem for years. These would eventually turn into migraines. I would then take Imitrex, which works very well. I noticed that it really dried me out, and I didn't want to take Imitrex all the time. So I started taking Sudafed. (The ones you have to sign for.) They only last five hours, so then I take Phenylephrine HCL, which you don't have to sign for. That might last me until bedtime, or I just take another pill. At least I can sleep on these pills (not the 12-hour ones). My throat clears up, and I don't get headaches. I'm going to try the nasal spray also because I don't really want to take these pills forever.

Published: July 23

There is almost constant drainage down the back of my throat. The past week it has been clear with occasional light green mucus. The past few days I have bloody mucus after I arise from bed in the morning. I was treated for a sinus infection about a month ago. I don't think the sinus infection was completely cleared.

Published: July 21

I am a 79-year-old male and have had post nasal drip for about three years. I have a hard time sleeping sometimes as my throat feels full of mucous. Coughing doesn't alleviate it all the time. What I have found helpful is a combination of cough expectorant and a prescription nasal spray called Nasonex.

Published: July 10

I am a lady of 31 years and suffer from chronic sinusitis. I have been hospitalized for upper respiratory infection and anti-biotics helped for a while. The infection is back again but this time I have a constant headache in one area that tends to pull and upon relaxation it spread across my skull. I am currently using a sinus spray daily and taking some anti-biotics together with anti-histamines. What else can I do to get rid of this unbearable headache?

Published: July 08

I think I have a chronic Allergic Rhinitis problem. I am 26 years old and live in capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu. Most often my nose gets blocked up and also a runny nose comes into play. My eyes become red, sometimes due to runny nose I get swallowing problem. Sneezing becomes common phenomenon early in the morning and when I am outdoors, especially in traffic areas. After sneezing, my nose fills up with the nasal liquid. I am facing this problem since six years and want to get rid all of this.

Published: July 08

I have allergic rhinitis for almost 2 years. I consulted a ENT specialist twice -suggested if problem is not controlled I need x rays to proceed for surgery. I am currently using a nasal spray with allergex.

Published: July 01

I am a 52-year-old female that has had allergies all my life. The most annoying symptom that seems to be getting worse is the constant dripping down my throat. I have to keep clearing my throat, which is also annoying to people around me. As a child, my doctor prescribed Actifed, and it was effective. Now, it is not so effective.

Published: June 25

This past Feb., I was hospitalized with a severe asthma attack, something which I never had before. I ended up with rhinitis which is characterized by frequent coughing in which I usually bring up small globs of thick yellow phlegm, post nasal drip, and a runny itchy nose. I've been prescribed a host of medications including prednisone, Allegra-D, Singulair, Claritin-D, and a host of others. Plus I use Advair 2x day. I have even been tested for allergies and the result was negative. My condition has not improved one bit. I am wondering if the Advair is the cause of my troubles. That is the only med. I've been on since my hospital discharge. What is going on with me?

Published: June 24

I've been suffering for the past two months with coughing up of a grey, greenish phlegm. Within that time I was twice diagnosed with strep, and treated effectively with antibiotics. However, my coughing up phlegm has persisted with congestion in addition my ears are blocked up impairing my hearing. I went to Ear, Nose, and throat specialist who diagnosed me with PND, prescribed for me Zinet (antibiotic), nose spray, and a dissolvable pill which thins out the phlegm. He told me in three days I should be cleared up. Well it is going on the fourth day of antibiotics, and I am still congested, although the phlegm is a more yellowish than green-grey color, my hearing is still impaired, and I felt slightly feverish. why is this continuning after the third day? Is it possible I am immune to antibiotic treatment since I've gotten such liberal treatments in the past, or what could you suggest. I'm feverishly waiting for an answer. Thanks, CDS

Published: June 24

I have been having this problem of clearing my throat for 3 years. I once visited an ENT specialist who just concluded that I'm suffering from acidity. What is acidity to do with mucus flow at the back of my throat? Nowadays I have an acute bad breath which is affecting my career very badly. What can I do to manage the mucus flow and also the bad breath?

Published: June 18

I have an itchy watery nose and eyes associated with a dry mouth due to one nostril being clogged up then draining then clogged up again. I have been drinking something with zinc in it and citrus blends it helps a little but not to good for taste. Of course my taste is affected right now too. It hurts in my nasal passages in my head above my eye where the sinal passage is clogged off and on.

Published: June 17

I have constant post nasal drip which causes me to clear my throat and cough. It keeps me awake at night and nothing I do can seem to clear this thick mucus that sits at the base of my throat. When I am up and moving around it is not as bad. The night and morning times are the worst. I am 70 years old and on many heart medications so I can't take medications for much of anything else. The pharmacist gave me Chlorpheniramine Maleate and even that didn't seem to work. I need help.

Published: June 17

I have had PND for over a year following a bout of bronchitis. I have had the cough in the past, which eventually went away but this time I cannot get rid of it. I have gone to every MD possible. Have been on at least 15 meds, sprays, inhalers, nasal wash. The only thing that gives me some relief is Hycodan and that now only gives me about 2 hours relief. The weirdest thing is that it does not interfere with my sleep or when I am quietly lying down and not talking. As soon as I wake up and start talking the drip is there. I am very self conscious of the cough and throat clearing. My self esteem is at its lowest. I wish I could find an MD who can think outside the box.

Published: June 12

I have no allergic symptoms, no itching or sneezing in the nose but this drip post my nasal is bugging me almost all the time for last 10 years continuously. I have bad taste and I can feel something extremely smelly is stuck in my throat. The worse thing is that i have a very bad breath, I am married and it embarrasses me the most! I have used Loratadine and Cetrizine with Mefanamic acid but with little effect. I’m 27 and I’m getting grey hair. They say greying of my hair is due to perpetual post nasal drip.

Published: June 11

My husband has chronic post nasal drippage which causes him to wake up with an awful taste in his mouth and constant dripping down the back of his throat. He has been seen by ENT specialists and had two sinus surgeries. His sinuses are okay but the post nasal drip persists and nobody can tell him why. Reflux has been suggested but the gastroenterologist says he is clear of that and on medication. What’s more interesting is that NOTHING comes out of his nose, even when he blows! What’s that all about? He is hoarse as well.

Published: June 11

I do not have any allergy symptoms. In the past I did have minor symptoms such as sneezing and itchy nose. Now I just have post nasal drip. It is worse in the afternoon. I have this gross taste in the back of my throat and it feels like there is something sticky stuck there. I feel run down all of the time. (I take Wellbutrin and Adderall which can be drying, so maybe this is a side effect.) This problem seems to have worsened since I added Adderall to my Wellbutrin regimen.

Published: June 11

After a bout with bronchitis, followed by a severe sinus infection with a great deal of drainage, I have trouble speaking without slurring my words. I have had two C-T scans and a stroke was ruled out and I have been told I have chronic sinusitis, but the ENT doctor has postponed surgery. I have to swallow a lot and still have drainage, especially at night.

Comment from: joy, 45-54 Female (Caregiver) Published: March 26

I have stuffy ears and occasionally a stuffy nose. Sometimes, I have to hold my nose and blow with my mouth shut to unplug my ears. It also makes me dizzy and I wonder if this is normal.

Comment from: crescentia, 55-64 Female (Caregiver) Published: August 15

Once I lay down for an hour or two, my have to constantly clear my throat as though phlegm is stuck there and I can't clear it even though I push my throat to do so. It wakes me up through out the night as though I would choke if I didn't wake up. Often, I cannot clear it

Published: August 01

I sat directly underneath the air conditioning vent at work for 9 months despite my requests to be moved. In addition, the outside weather was sub zero during the winter. I was told the humidifier at work did not work. Now I have permanent post nasal drip, and I sleep with my mouth open resulting in chapped lips and the tip of my tongue is irritated.

Published: July 30

My symptoms with chronic rhinitis are a constant blocked nose that is completely dry with swelling in the nose area, which I treat with a nasal spray each morning. Nose drops that contain saline and menthol help me breathe through the day and night. This is a natural remedy that can be used as often as possible.

Published: July 15

I have had post-nasal drip since I was 40. I am now 48. I have been to every doctor, including getting allergy shots for three years that did not work.

Published: June 27

I’m a 38-year-old female who has been suffering with post nasal drip for 17 years. I’ve been to many Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) doctors and nothing has worked. I’m always clearing my throat, and coughing constantly.

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