Patient Comments: Bullying - Prevention


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Comment from: Bess, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: October 08

In my numerous experiences with bullying in the workplace, I have never found any benefit in notifying my supervisor, administrators, or Human Resources staff. Quite the contrary. I was fired once after detailing my experiences and having others who witnessed the bullying corroborate my claims. The day after I requested a form to report the bullies - which was written for students (I am a teacher) - I was fired. Notifying Human Resources has also led to additional bullying, not less.

Comment from: BROWN1227, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: June 26

I am a lady that have witnessed my sister bully Innocent kids for over 30 plus years, and since we have aged, our relatives that are grownups too now have voiced how they were afraid of my sister. My mom allowed her to raise my young brother than whom she was older by just 8 years, so other lazy adults thought it was ok for her to discipline my cousins also. I was away in college, and got married. But my sister went on to teach daycare and constantly bragged and boasted how she mistreated students that she disliked and allowed other kids to taunt them as she looked away. When I had my 2 sons I just did not trust her with them, she would play wrestling type games with them and whip them if they said or did things she didn’t like, and she would overstep every family boundaries and whip kids even when their parents were present. Recently I have noticed she has a really bad hatred towards my brother’s 6 year old daughter. My niece is a bright, attentive little girl that has a potential of being a leader, my sister say she hates the child. So recently my niece has begun to cling to me for safety, and my brother only leave her at mom’s house if I am there, because he says his daughter has told him how my sister is whipping her for little things like not liking her food, playing with other kids toys. So I confronted my sister and asked her what has giving her the right to discipline everyone else’s kids and be especially abusive of the ones that remind her of herself. This lady said she has 26 years of teaching kids and pushing some kids to a point helps encourages success. My point was why for so many years my aunts, uncles, mom and dad allowed her to takeover and bully kids, my mom acted as though she was afraid of her when we were kids. I was 3 years older and I never bossed, chastised, or even spanked no child that was not mine. Since intervening with my sister of her lifelong bullying I have decided to cut all ties with her.

Comment from: jelly8, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: November 05

I have been a victim of bullying for over nine years. When we first moved into this neighborhood, I was just trying to introduce myself and make some friends. I met a guy and then later on he would come by home so he told me where he stayed. But I noticed after he and I got close he would bully me.


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