Patient Comments: Bulimia - Complications


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Comment from: raspberry, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: February 10

I've been bulimic for 10 years now. Here are my health complications all of which I began to feel around year 3: I lost my period for a year and a half. I have weak upper esophageal sphincter, very painful heartburn (I take medications for this), sensitive, yellowing teeth, cavities and my gums are receding. I have low potassium and electrolyte imbalance that led to multiple hospitalizations a few years ago because it caused heart problems (prolonged QT interval). I have chronic low mood and fatigue (I also take medications for this), swollen salivary glands and lymph nodes, delayed gastric emptying (and stomach aches, nausea, bloating and gas) and anemia.


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