Patient Comments: Asperger's Syndrome - Symptoms


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Comment from: justanotherguy, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: July 05

I was shy as a kid. Lost in internal stimuli. Unfortunately I isolated myself and at 16 using a bad drug gave me some brain damage. Now later in life I have gotten a degree. I love people but I have to be careful as years of medications have left me somewhat impaired. Hardest thing for me was understanding extroversion and group dynamics. Not completely hopeless but I did test real high on IQ score. I think it was an auto immune reaction to a DPT vaccine at a younger age (I almost died). I had delayed social development but I can still socialize. I just lack leadership ability and have a hard time lying to and manipulating people. Therefore I can only say that while I feel desperation at being labeled as bi-polar along with knowing that I have always had Asperger’s symptoms I have not experienced some of the more serious things in life (i.e. war, starvation, etc.) so I cannot complain nor explain to anybody how it feels to have basic empathy but be impaired and make mistakes when judging another's intent. To me it is awful as I come from a very social family on one side and I can understand society and human nature, it is just hard to interact. I don't know how much longer my body can take the medicines, and I can't stop for fear of withdrawal. I don't want pity and I honestly know that unfortunately suffering is a part of life and not everyone is born equal. Just blurbing because it is frustrating being this way and I really wish I could have made better decisions and had a better experience of life. I guess I could try to take it up with the big man when I get there but I doubt he will listen after the situations of others in this world. Thanks for bearing with my rant!


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