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Comment from: betty, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: October 27

My husband suffered from Crohn’s disease almost all his life and I can tell you that its really terrible. Watching him get lean and pale worried me the more, he lost appetite, he was always weak and was unable to go to work. He kept having sores in his mouth and the constant pain was making the situation worse. We kept going from one gastroenterologist to another, they were not helping the situation, they kept giving us different drugs and it was making it worse. They kept increasing the dosage.

Comment from: Ishah, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: March 23

My appendicitis symptoms was pain on the right side of my abdomen… constipation like stomach pain.

Comment from: Hollyhawkb, 19-24 Male (Caregiver) Published: September 03

Our emergency room is a joke, my 22 year old son went in with severe pain and said, ‘my mom thinks I ruptured my appendix.’ His blood was tested, and super elevated white count. They sent him home. Five hours later he went back and had to have emergency surgery. Appendix was split open. Five days later, he had severe pain, went to the doctor and they sent him home saying he is a whiner. Next day (today) he had to have emergency surgery after his drain spot burst and spewed infected material all over him and his car. They left the wound open, possibly more surgery needed.

Comment from: D, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: January 21

I have a question about everyone’s experience with appendicitis. For a few months I’ve been having a pain that is in the upper left quadrant of my abdomen and wraps around to my back. The pain is really sharp and localized and just to sit the back pain is horrible. They say appendix is on the right side but pain can occur on the left side. As of two days ago I’ve had nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Mind you, the nausea was so extreme. I have been taking Zofran to relieve that.

Comment from: Kamy, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: January 02

For several weeks I was experiencing a burning sensation across my upper abdomen. I ate dinner one evening, and when I went to bed that night, I noticed I was having a lot of bloating and discomfort in my upper abdomen. I never experienced any real pain, just bloat and discomfort. The next day, a CT scan revealed it was appendicitis.

Comment from: nette, 19-24 Female (Caregiver) Published: May 14

The patient is a 24-year-old Caucasian female who weighs 210 pounds (95.5 kg - BMI of 36.5) who presented to the emergency department with sudden onset of sharp pain in the right side of her lower back that radiates to the right side of her abdomen and into her groin. The pain started ten hours ago, but lasted only 15 minutes and then went away. She took ibuprofen 600 mg PO an hour ago but it has not helped, and the pain persists. She states that this pain is different from when she has epigastric pain, and thinks it could be appendicitis.

Comment from: SarahJane, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: September 05

I have been having the following symptoms of appendicitis for about 3 or 4 days, and they have gotten worse. I have had extreme nausea all day and all night and have lost all appetite. I’m very bloated. I have trouble burping, but I was able to burp a little last night, however it didn’t make me feel better. I feel really tired and I just want to sleep. I have discomfort in the center of my abdomen but not bad pain. No fever. I just don’t want to go to the hospital and deal with all that unless I absolutely have to.

Comment from: Seamus37, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: July 19

I’ve had lower back pain for several weeks and my doctor thought it was sciatica. On Monday 6/25 I was feeling bloated, tired and unable to pass gas. On Tuesday 6/26, I went to work at 7 with heart burn, then got extremely nauseous. By 9 I had pain in my upper abdomen and then it migrated to my lower right quadrant and knew I had to go to the emergency room. I had blood work and CT scan done which confirmed appendicitis. They started antibiotics and removed it the next day. Happy to say the back is better.

Comment from: ChrisFLA, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: July 17

I had gas like pain in my left upper abdomen for 2 1/2 days. I took laxatives and Motrin with no relief so I finally ended up in the emergency room. The CT scan confirmed appendicitis and I was sent right to the operation room. Apparently I had old scar tissue and my appendix was adhering to my intestine on the left side. There was some leaking but luckily it didn’t burst open. As a pediatric nurse, I see children with appendicitis all the time. Severe pain is the biggest sign but now I know that it doesn’t matter what the location is.


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Comment from: Andrew, 7-12 Male (Caregiver) Published: July 11

My 10 years old girl has just came out of the operation theatre 2 hours ago after appendectomy, Tuesday, 7 days after initial symptoms. She had her appendix burst. And now in HDU department sleeping under morphine. Last Wednesday she complained of being nauseous, but had some food as it was hot outside and she knows people need to have food to keep energy levels. Thursday evening first sign of sickness appeared. Same story with food. Today she had her surgery.

Comment from: Kyle, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: June 12

Stomach pain, shaking, gas, and fever were my symptoms of appendicitis.

Comment from: seanthardins, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: May 31

These comments likely saved me a lot of agony. They may have possibly saved my life. My appendicitis symptoms were vague. I had pain in the middle of my abdomen for about 22 hours; no fever, no nausea, no vomiting. The pain shifted to my right side and I went to the emergency room. I had surgery 3 hours later. I had mild stomach pain for 10 hours then slightly worse for another 10 hours. It was never what I’d consider unbearable. Please don’t ignore the pain if it shifts to your lower right. I am a 38 year old male with active lifestyle and not overweight.

Comment from: Susan, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: May 24

I have had right side dull pain for over two years. Doctors gave me antibiotics thinking it was right side diverticulitis. Many times throughout the past two years, I had the same pains and nausea. I had sharp pain two weeks ago. Finally I had a CT scan on Friday and it was appendicitis. I felt pretty bad for two years on and off, very dizzy and lightheaded. Surgery was Friday night and I got back home on Saturday. Doctors are baffled how I went so long without it bursting.

Comment from: Noah D, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: May 10

About a week ago, May 4, 2018 I started to feel like I had to go to the bathroom and my stomach was cramping and churning. I could neither ‘go’ nor pass gas to get relief. This went on for two hours when I'd had enough and told my girlfriend I was running to the emergency room. At the hospital they gave me pain medicines and took blood. Everything was normal. So CT scan with contrast was done which showed a maybe elongated appendix. The surgeon was notified and after he looked at the results I was informed to go home but return if symptoms got worse. When I got home I told my girlfriend that I was going to lie down for a bit as the medicines had me drowsy. Two hours later I awoke with the same pain with more pain in my bladder almost like I had to urinate badly and my stomach was severely bloated like I had drink of water till I was going to burst! I again returned to the hospital and was immediately taken to a room on a floor and checked in as a patient. There would be no going home this time. The surgeon was consulted again and it was agreed that even though my only signs where pain and bloating my appendix would need to be removed. My appendectomy was done in the morning and it was confirmed the culprit. I experienced little signs other than bloating and a need to go. Please don't ignore your body. I knew something was wrong with me and I was correct. It is now May 9 and I'm on my way to recovery post surgery happy and back at home.

Comment from: Mom of 11 year old, 7-12 Female (Caregiver) Published: February 08

I want other parents to be aware of how few symptoms a child can have. My 11 year old daughter had her appendix removed 3 days ago. She is doing well now after her appendectomy. Fortunately, we caught it before her appendix burst. The only appendicitis symptom she had was stomach pain, and when she wasn't moving around much she was able to tolerate the belly pain. My husband is a physician, and we knew to watch for the classic signs of appendicitis. She never had a fever or nausea. She had a mild loss of appetite. In retrospect, this biggest sign was her guarded walk; she hunched over a bit and refused to move fast. Even her sleep seemed normal. On day 2 of symptoms, we took her to the emergency room (ER) because she did not want to walk. Still, no fever or other symptoms. The triage nurse placed her on lowest priority because she didn't seem that ill. After sitting in the ER 3 hours, ‘Mama Bear’ took over and they finally took us seriously. Her appendix was 3 times the normal size on sonogram. IV antibiotics were started and her appendix was removed within hours. Bottom line, if a kid is walking strangely, take it seriously. We delayed longer than we should have because I expected other symptoms.

Comment from: Karen, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: June 21

Around 1 pm I lost my appetite. I ate a piece of fruit and went out for a few hours. I noticed I started getting an ache in my stomach, which felt more like it was in my pelvis and walking straight hurt. I had a persistent urge to go to the toilet. At 6 pm the pain got worse. Lifting my leg up towards me hurt. So I went to the emergency department. My white blood cell count was high. An ultrasound showed a very swollen appendix. I had an appendectomy the next morning and was on antibiotics. I never experienced fever or vomiting, only slight nausea 6 hours after the first symptoms began. Never ignore pain. All appendicitis symptoms are different for each person. My dad suffered appendix pain for 4 days before going to the hospital and he had a gangrenous appendix. Some people don't experience anything more than an ache or a pain in their stomach.


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Comment from: Kelsey, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: November 19

I am a 20 year female who experienced the worst pain in my entire life. On November 12th, (last Thursday), at around 2:00 PM I started feeling a little nauseous, but not so bad that I couldn't do anything. At 7:00 PM I rolled around and I decided to go to my usual Zumba class at the gym. I felt okay, and when I got home at 8:00 PM I had made some eggs. I still felt a little off and I tried to study for my test the next day and couldn't even deal looking at my papers. So I went and got in bed, and I couldn't sleep. I was so nauseous and at about 11:30 I went to my bathroom and started throwing up. I figured I would be somewhat relieved after throwing up a couple times, but no, the more I threw up, the more it started hurting and the more I got nauseous. So I threw up nonstop, and at 2:30 I had my roommate take me to the emergency room (ER). I got to the ER and did nothing but vomit in their bathroom. So in my head I was thinking I am being ridiculous, this is a stomach bug, so I didn't even stay at the ER. I left and went back home. I nearly passed out walking back to my apartment after parking the car. I was back in my bathroom vomiting for about 7 more hours straight. I am not joking, I didn't leave my bathroom. My parents weren't answering the phone (which never happens). So 9:30 AM the next morning, I had my family friend take me to the hospital. When I arrived I had a lot of blood work done, had to urinate in a cup, etc. Then they told me they were guessing it was more than likely my appendix, so I was sent to get a CAT scan done. After the CAT scan, it was immediately confirmed that it was appendicitis. I went into surgery one hour later. This is nothing to play around with. Don't be stubborn like I was. You know your body better than anyone else, when something isn't right, go to the doctor to be safe.

Comment from: Firefly, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: July 21

I have been to the hospital once already and I feel like it is a repeat of what my dad had to go through. I have lower right abdominal pain that is crippling, for three days now. Nausea on and off, if I eat anything I throw it up. I can barely walk without passing out and I am running a low grade fever of 99, mind you my normal is 97. I'm shaking, can’t get warm and have diarrhea. I was at the hospital two days ago and was told I am fine. I have a long family history of appendicitis, and am really scared. I can’t even go to work it hurts so bad. Did I mention that they did a CT on my dad to and he went back three times! Before they realized his appendix had ruptured.

Comment from: dee, 19-24 Female (Caregiver) Published: April 10

November 2013 my father got rushed to the hospital because he felt numbness on the right side of his body. When he got to the hospital they had told him that his appendix had popped. During his operation he had a stroke, and though there was no sign of damage to the brain, he lost full feeling on the whole right side of his body starting from his eyes, mouth, neck, shoulder, arm, hand, leg, knee, foot and toes. He had gained a bit of strength, he can walk (though he wobbles), and the most he can pick up is his phone and also he has trouble with his vision. The doctors haven't put a name onto what had happened to him. We don’t know if it was the appendicitis that had triggered the so called stroke or if it was something else, because like I said he had no damage to the brain.

Comment from: Jeni, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: October 14

My pain with appendicitis was not severe. I felt a sharp pain in the lower right side of my abdomen when I sat up/down, walked, moved from laying down to sitting position, etc. I had the chills from a fever and did not have much of an appetite for a day. I did not think it was appendicitis because I had always heard that the pain was unbearable but it wasn't for me. Always be cautious and check with your primary care doctor.

Comment from: Courtneybd, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: October 09

I woke up on a Sunday with flu-like symptoms. I had awful body aches, a fever, and was incredibly exhausted. It didn't get better until Friday evening, when I felt I could finally get out of bed. Later that same night, I got a horrible stomach ache, right near my belly button. It just didn’t feel right. It got worse and worse until I threw up. I thought I had the stomach bug or an ovarian cyst (which I get often). The next morning my stomach still hurt so I went to my gynecologist to see if it was indeed a cyst. They declared that it was not a cyst and to go to the emergency room (ER) and get my appendix checked. It was indeed my appendix, and I got operated on that same day. I felt much better afterwards.

Comment from: wtrboy, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: September 29

I hope my story helps someone who thinks they may have appendicitis. I had been feeling bloated for about a day prior to the onset of pain. The pain started in my chest/stomach area, about 3 inches below the lower tip of my sternum. The pain was dull at first, but increased in intensity over the course of about 5 hours. I was also experiencing a lot of pressure in my abdomen, like you might have after a heavy meal or gas. My stomach was also distended slightly. The pain was centralized to the area of my chest/stomach, but gradually started migrating downward and towards the right corner of my abdomen, right next to my hip bone. It took about 10 hours for the pain to move from the center of my chest to the right, lower corner of my abdomen. I started vomiting about 3 hours into the worst pain I've ever experienced, like knife jabs to the chest. Eventually I went to the emergency room (ER) where they ran bloodwork. My WBC count was high (over 12) indicating an infection. The next day (after about 15 hours since the onset of symptoms) an echo sound of my abdomen was conducted and they found the inflamed appendix. I had surgery the same evening. I think the key factors leading to the diagnosis was the description of symptoms (pain, especially localized to the lower right abdomen, vomiting) elevated white blood cell count and echo sound results. Also, I could definitely feel the appendix and it felt a lot like a pulled pelvic muscle. I believe I had had chronic appendicitis previously because these symptoms were familiar, but not as severe.


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Comment from: mrsgardea, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: April 29

It was a Tuesday, and I started the day out with frequent diarrhea till about 2 pm. Then I started feeling a pain in my right side, about the height of my belly button. I thought maybe I pulled a muscle, but I wasn"t doing anything active. A couple hours later I thought it must be gas pains so I took a double dose of Gasex. By 8 pm, nothing had changed and the pain was getting worse. I started to rule out gas. It was very tender to the touch and the area which it hurt got larger. By the middle of the night, the pain was radiating to my back. I started thinking it was appendicitis. But my husband was saying that usually people have a fever and vomiting if it"s that. Well, I wasn’t having those symptoms, but the pain was so bad I knew something wasn"t right. So we went to the emergency room in the morning. Sure enough, after a CT scan, they said it was my appendix and I had it removed that evening. So don"t ignore a pain on your right side that doesn"t go away. Once you"re vomiting and have a fever that just means that it"s ruptured already. Don"t wait for that!

Comment from: Steve L, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: April 01

On a Monday night around 7:30 I had an espresso after dinner, somewhat unusual for me. Around 9:00, some intestinal distress started. It felt like some routine indigestion, like I was a little gassy. I blamed it on the late coffee and went to bed. Tuesday all day was more of the same, kind of a nagging indigestion. I ate my normal diet, had some coffee and enjoyed a nice halibut dinner. Around 9:00, I tried chewing three Tums; didn"t help. Suddenly at 10:00, I was hit with severe abdominal pain. Dropped me right to the floor, crying out. I was also instantly nauseated, I literally crawled to the toilet. I was 100% certain I would vomit, with cold sweat and shaking. But after 3-4 minutes, the pain subsided and the nausea went away. I had heard enough previously about appendicitis that I suspected it immediately. We went to the emergency room (ER), got the CT scan confirmation, moved to the hospital, and had surgery at 6:30 AM Wednesday. It was laparoscopic and I was back in the room by 8:30. I read somewhere that antacids can accelerate the appendicitis, and perhaps taking the Tums was related to the pain attack. But if not for the pain, I wouldn"t have known it was urgent, for at least another couple days.

Comment from: Megmaeve, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: March 25

My appendicitis symptoms came on rapidly. I ate pizza about 2:00pm on Monday, started developing stomach cramps about 3:30pm. I thought it was the pizza. They progressed to the point that about 5:30pm I called a friend and asked her to drive me to the emergency room (ER). I was in her back seat, on my knees, screaming and panting. I felt like my insides were being torn to shreds. She ran red lights to get to the hospital, I scared her so badly. She said later that I sounded like I was giving birth. All I remember is asking her to drive safely, because at that point we were both still alive! In the ER the pain dulled down to a dull roar and it took almost 3 hours to see a doctor. Once I was in triage, the physician made a quick assessment and got me a CAT scan. I think it took only 30 minutes from that before I was on the operating table. I read all of these other stories of days and weeks before diagnosis. I must have had a very short onset because my pain was so severe I thought I wanted to die if I couldn"t get help immediately. In the end, I am 4 days post-surgery and recovering well at home. Though, if anyone ever says this is a "minor" surgery, I beg to differ. I definitely cannot get up and start running around anytime soon.

Comment from: bdsmith, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: March 20

I was very sick for a week, first I thought I had food poisoning, but the pain was only getting worse. Finally after a week I week to the emergency room and was rushed into surgery. I stayed 2 days in the hospital, and was in a lot of pain, not something I would wish on anyone. Throwing up, diarrhea and stomach cramps were severe.

Comment from: Stu, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: January 21

One night I was kept awake with severe abdominal pain, along with diarrhea and vomiting. I also had a severe fever and shakes. Eventually at around 4 am I went to the emergency room, doubled over in agony, thinking I had a severe case of food poisoning. I was placed on a drip and a blood test was taken. After 2 to 3 hours, I was informed I indeed had food poisoning, and was told to go home, hydrate and rest. Over the course of the next few days many of my symptoms gradually subsided, however I continued to lose weight at an extremely rapid rate, and felt constantly tired. I sought a second opinion from my local doctor, and after 5 minutes he told me it was very likely I had appendicitis and I should go straight to the hospital. This time (with my doctor's referral) they diagnosed me correctly and did the necessary scans. The scans revealed that my appendix had indeed burst (likely on that day I went in prior) and an abscess had formed around it to minimize the damage. By this point though, the abscess had begun to leak, with toxins beginning to spread. After reviewing the CAT scan data, my surgeon informed me that had I waited a couple of days more, I would've likely gone septic. The scan also revealed that my appendix had essentially disappeared into goop, and surgery was pointless. Instead, a tube was placed in me to pump out the pus and other materials (including what was left of my appendix) over the course of 5 to 6 days, while I was fed antibiotics through a drip. I'm now out of the hospital and (for now at least) have been given the all-clear. The moral of this story, don't put your head in the sand if things don't seem right, and don't be afraid to ask for a second opinion.

Comment from: OUCH!, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: October 15

On a Thursday, I felt extra gassy! By Saturday, I felt a little constipated, and still very gassy. I had bowel movements during this time, but were little and ineffective. By the following Tuesday, while at work, holding my right lower abdomen and feeling horrible, took tums to relieve what I thought was gas with some constipation. On Wednesday morning, after a miserable night of no sleep, hugging my pillow and gently tossing from side to side, knees to chest, I decided to go to the clinic first thing that morning. I saw the nurse practitioner and she gently pressed on my right side of abdomen (no fever) and I screamed and cried. "Hold still," she said to me, and had my husband rush me to the hospital where by 2 p.m. I was in the operating room having my appendix removed, laproscopically! Wow!

Comment from: tobii, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: October 15

My appendicitis pain started a few days ago. I kept having this congested feeling in my lower abdomen. I didn't do anything, and it went away but returned the next day. On the third day, I experienced excruciating pain in my lower abdomen, tummy very bloated and hardened. This pain went on for a few hours before it shifted to the right, and I began shivering, and I decided to go to a hospital. A CT scan was done there and confirmed appendicitis, and I was straight away admitted to hospital for keyhole surgery for the removal.

Published: June 18

I developed symptoms of upper abdominal pain after dinner one evening. It was a gnawing, burning feeling, but also similar to nausea, however antacids didn't help. It lasted till about 4 a.m., then subsided. Three days later (after eating a small lunch), I again developed upper abdominal pain that would not go away. I thought it was possibly an ulcer or gallbladder problem. It never once hurt on my lower right side, though it was a little achy around my lower back area. I went to the emergency room and the doctor was convinced at first that it was an ulcer. Blood work came back fine, but none of the emergency treatments for ulcers helped the pain, which was becoming more intense by the hour. It reminded me of labor pains, but higher up in the abdomen. Finally, I had a CT scan which showed an inflamed appendix. My appendix was located high up in my abdomen and not in the normal place. Emergency laparoscopic surgery was performed and I actually felt 100% better after waking up in the recovery room. The doctor said I had a very “angry looking” appendix, but luckily it hadn't ruptured.

Comment from: tueschyld123, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: July 19

Today, after reading all the comments I decided to seek medical attention for symptoms that seemed spot on for appendicitis. I share my story here as an additional information for similar symptoms. I ended up not having appendicitis despite having most of the similar symptoms of appendicitis. I did have a CT scan with contrast, ECG, lots of blood work, and IV fluids to rule out appendicitis. Stool cultures are pending. My symptoms came on over the course of 6 days. First episode symptoms involved sudden stomach pain in the lower quadrant, sweating, feeling faint, cold, shaky, urgent diarrhea, nausea, weak, bloated, and overall very scary. I thought I'd pass out before I recovered. I started to feel better after getting hydrated, cooled down and rest. That episode lasted about an hour or so. I didn't feel well since then feeling tired and loss of appetite. The second episode happened 4 days after the first, which came on suddenly while driving, with excruciating pain in lower abdomen bilaterally. The pain at first I thought was from the bladder but ten minutes in to the episode urinating did not relieve symptoms, I was doubled over and it hurt to walk. I had to lie down and the pain intensified with it moving around my abdomen and stomach. I had some nausea, radiating pain into my rectum and around to back. After several hours it landed in the right quadrant where the appendix is located. The area was painful and reactive to the touch. I had some nausea but no vomiting, along with bloating, gas, and constipation. Again, all symptoms that could be associated with appendicitis. The pain leveled out some but remained into the next day and I went to emergency department (ED) for work up. While at ED the diarrhea kicked in and was awful. Luckily I did not need emergency surgery. The culprit of my discomfort was pinpointed multiple ovarian cysts on the right ovary and/or a problem with my intestines; some abnormal functional aspects and possibly tumors/polyps seen on CT scan. Need to follow up with ultrasound to get a better look at ovary and additional testing and colonoscopy to rule out cancers. I want to mention that coincidentally I had an abdominal MRI to rule out adrenal masses, which did not pick up what the CT scan revealed. Bottom line, get checked out! Symptoms can overlap and good to not wait and don't blow them off.

Comment from: Rae, 35-44 Male (Caregiver) Published: June 19

My partner has currently had stomach pain since midnight. He said it comes and goes, more in the lower center area. I am not sure if it is appendicitis or bad enough to go to the hospital, but he is a little bit stubborn.

Comment from: joyce, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: January 12

My appendicitis symptoms are pain right under my rib cage, and the pain is stabbing, and I have no appetite.

Comment from: Sarasierra, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: January 03

With appendicitis I had bad cramping feeling around the belly button and to the right. Pushing on it made me feel like vomiting.

Published: July 22

I was awakened out of sleep at 3am on Saturday morning with terrible 'gas pains' and severe bloating. I tried Mylanta, Phazyme, Pepto Bismol and Tagamet without any relief. My entire abdomen was extremely tender. By Sunday, I was feeling a bit better; the tenderness was gone on the left side, but I dare touch my right lower quadrant. I still couldn't walk very fast without discomfort. Every time I took a deep breath I had pain, and I knew since it had been 48 hours I should seek medical attention. I am a registered nurse and thought about appendicitis, but I thought the pain would typically be localized to the right side. I never had a fever. I never had nausea and vomiting either. I sought the information on this web site, and read people's comments. On Monday morning, I went to the E.R., got a CAT scan which revealed appendicitis. After an open appendectomy, and 48hrs of antibiotics I was discharged.

Published: July 17

I am a 27 year old mother of three. I came down with appendicitis very rapidly. One minute I was sitting with my sister laughing and talking and the next I was doubled over in pain unable to stand. I had severe stomach cramps starting from below my diaphragm all around to my lower stomach. It was constant and nearly as bad as childbirth. I had only slight diarrhea and a little bit of vomiting so I assumed I had a very bad case of food poisoning. I became very pale and unable to move or talk and I really believed I was dying. Within a couple of hours I was in the hospital, although the pain had subsided by then and had now become localized to just the lower right side of my stomach. The pain felt like something was wrong with my ovaries as that’s how I explained it to the doctors. By the time the surgeon saw me it just felt like an ongoing stitch, and I felt like I could go home as I could walk around again and felt okay. An ultrasound revealed the problem and surgery was done the next day. My appendix was inflamed and now I have a small scar to remind me of that excruciating pain.

Published: July 15

I had intense stomach pains after eating that lasted several hours. It felt like I had swallowed broken glass. I also had nausea. I took antacids, etc. that did nothing. That stomach pain went away on its own, but it traveled to my lower right side. I had no appetite and started vomiting. I went to the ER. They performed a pelvic exam to rule out ovarian cysts; and a CT scan. The CT scan showed an inflamed appendix. I was sent to OR that night. It was removed laparoscopically. It was a lot worse than what the CT scan showed. Luckily, it hadn't ruptured, although there was some pus that had to be removed. I was able to leave the hospital the very next day. If I had waited a day longer it would have ruptured.

Published: July 15

I woke up at 2:30am on July 6th. The pain in my lower abdomen was severe and the vomiting was intense. At first I thought I had food poisoning. The vomiting lasted for 4 hours. I knew that something more serious was wrong with me. At 6am I quickly jumped into the shower and cleaned up. I then drove myself to the ER. My problems were addressed immediately and before I knew it, I was getting a CT scan. After reading the scans, I was informed that I had an enlarged appendix. Surgery soon followed. After I came out of the anesthesia, I knew that I felt better right then and there. I asked the DR. what my appendix looked like when he removed it and he said that it looked "ugly". I stayed in the hospital for only one day; however I'll be off work for 6 weeks.

Published: July 08

Initially, I experienced just a nagging backache which I attributed to sleeping in an awkward position. After a few days, my stomach became distended, and I realized that I was constipated. But after a few days of lots of fruits and vegetables, I had no relief. So I took a laxative and woke during the night in extreme pain. The next day, my stomach still distended and hurt, but I blamed it on the laxative. Finally on day 7, I went to ER and appendicitis was diagnosed. During surgery they found that a part of my colon had also become infected and had to be removed. It has now been 10 days since surgery and I am still recuperating! Earlier diagnosis would have greatly reduced the extent of surgery and recovery.

Comment from: Tek, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: December 05

I had operation on my appendix in August 2013, but last Sunday it has started to pain again. I wonder if it is possible for appendicitis to come again.

Comment from: Gautam , 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: July 17

I have had a slight pain in the lower right side abdomen since 25 years, wonder if it is appendicitis.

Comment from: Kandy, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: July 03

I'm experiencing pain under my belly button and over to the lower right. I feel sick to my stomach, a little gassy, feel bloated and have lost my appetite. I'm supposed to be leaving for NYC in a few hours! I am worried it is appendicitis.

Comment from: Dianes74, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: March 06

I have had pain for days in right lower abdomen and back. The pain is now in my upper abdomen. I had a lot of gas yesterday. All tests are normal. The pain is still there today. Not as much gas and not throwing up. I am nauseous. I have gained 10 lb in 2 weeks, not changed diet. I wonder if it is appendicitis; not sure if need to go to emergency room.

Comment from: R Ford, 13-18 Female (Caregiver) Published: February 09

My 13 year old daughter has been having stomach pain. It's in her upper abdomen. She has no fever or vomiting. I am worried if it is appendicitis.

Comment from: April Ragland, 35-44 Female (Caregiver) Published: September 10

I was sweating, blacked out, and can't go to the bathroom. I tried everything now take pills to go every 2 or 3 days. I’m trying to find a doctor soon.

Comment from: luvcountry22, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: December 30

I am scared I could have an appendicitis but am not 100% sure and don’t want to look like "a fool" if I go to the emergency room and it is nothing. I’ve had pain in my lower right abdomen on and off for about 4 days. I have a low grade fever, chills and diarrhea. My stomach feels very full and bloated. I read sites that say these symptoms are probably an appendicitis - but I don’t fit the "norm" for symptoms.

Comment from: cicconi81, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: April 12

I felt horrible for a few weeks. My lower back and hips felt gutted. I thought it was because I had an epidural four months earlier for the birth of my son. My arms and legs felt tingling and it hurt to sit or stand for long periods of time. I also felt lightheaded and dizzy when I walked. I did not lose my appetite during this time. I did not feel nauseated or pain in my stomach or side until like the third week. I woke up one day, but couldn’t finish my lunch and my hip hurt so much I could not walk up the stairs. The pain in my hip lasted for about an hour and subsided. I went to the ER because I felt weak, shaky and short of breath. The doctor said that I might have had a bladder infection since the pain was so low. After a CT scan, urinalysis, and blood work, they determined it was my appendix and I had surgery that night.

Published: July 18

I used to have mild pain on the right side and a feeling of liquid flowing adjacent to my naval now and then for the past 12 years and used to get severe headache pursuing for hours. When ever I take antibiotics the system will be alright for a few days and once again heavy feeling in the stomach and headache will come especially when spicy food is taken. I consulted doctors with views as amebioses, indigestion and inability to digest. Now my doctor says it may be appendicitis and asked me to take antibiotics but ruled out any surgery.

Published: July 15

26 year old female - I woke up at Sunday night at 11 with stomach pains and diarrhea. I went to the ER at 7:30 Monday morning, was given morphine and told it was gastroenteritis and sent home. Still didn't feel better on Wednesday, so I made an appointment with my regular doctor for Thursday. Went in on Thursday and she told me I had appendicitis and needed to be operated on immediately. The surgeon told me after the surgery that my appendix was perforated and dead and that all that was left in my appendix was air. Spent 3.5 days in the hospital, a week at home recouping and am now back to work half days for the next week before going back full time. Not fun.

Published: July 10

I was 5 months pregnant when I was hit in the stomach by my nephew, I thought I was fine, but then the next day I had this horrible pain in my stomach. I went to the hospital and they told me that it wasn't labor pains, and they "don't do regular pain" so they sent me home. This went on for the rest of my pregnancy. After I gave birth I couldn’t stand or walk for any real length of time. Then I started vomiting and I had this horrible pain in my stomach, about three months later, we went to the E.R. and they said it was food poisoning, gave me a bunch of morphine and sent me home. My appendix burst the next morning at home at around 10:30 am and I went back to the E.R. From there they left me in the waiting room for 2 hours, a hallway for 3 hours, and I was finally put into surgery at 8:00pm. I had periostitis and was in the hospital for a week. It was the worst experience of my life and even a year later, after months of doctor visits and physical therapy to help me recover from the surgeons shoddy work, I still have pain today.

Published: July 08

I starting having severe stomach cramping on a Monday morning and was out of town. By the time the 3 hour airplane ride commenced, I was on the floor in the back galley writhing in pain and very nauseous. I couldn't stand anything on my stomach. I drove myself to the emergency room, was given a CAT scan and then admitted to the hospital about midnight and had surgery at 6 AM. It had not ruptured but I was told it was "nasty" and gangrenous. Mine had to be surgically removed and the laparoscopy was not an option. The pain was not too bad but the anti-biotics and the hydrocodone they gave almost wiped me out. Couldn't eat anything and water tastes like metal. I took my last pill this morning and feel like a human being.

Published: July 08

My husband had groin pain that came and went over a period of a couple of days. He thought he pulled his groin muscle. Finally, pain was so bad he went to ER. Ruptured appendix. He was in the hospital 17 days. ICU 3 days. 9 days after his appendix was removed, he went back for a second surgery. They ended up removing 6 inches of his bowels and some abscesses. He NEVER once suspected it was his appendix causing his groin pain.

Published: June 30

I lost my appetite. I thought it was normal fever, but its so pain at my right abdomen. I went to clinic 2 times, but the doctor said nothing. Especially at night, I couldn’t sleep for a week. My stomach seems like have something sharp in there. Then, my father took me to the hospital. The doctor said I had appendicular abscess. I had been given antibiotic and after 2 days, I had to undergo surgery.

Published: June 30

I have had a severe case of appendicitis recently. My advice is not to wait for the classical symptoms like vomiting, loose motions, etc. Just go get an ultra sound done on doctor's advice if you feel pain in your lower abdomen. Especially this day and age with your career demands and travelling, you may never know when it might become serious. I was planning to travel at 5 pm the day I had my operation. I had minor pain around 1 pm, and on doctor's advice got ultrasound done. By 4 pm, I was rushed to the operation theater. It was a case of severe appendicitis though I didn’t show any sign but minor discomfort.

Published: June 24

I found out I was pregnant and was so happy. About 2 weeks later I started having a horrible stomach ache. The pain was never located in one spot my whole stomach ached very badly. I went to the ER because the pain kept getting worse. The doctors ran blood tests and urine tests. I also had an Ultrasound. Everything came back normal so then I was released from the hospital and told to make an appointment with my OB. I went to the OB several days later and they told me it was just normal pregnancy pains and that I could take Tylenol for the pain. That of course didn't work very well. A few days later as I was getting ready to go to bed I had a stabbing pain in the middle of my stomach that was so intense that I thought I was going to pass out. My husband rushed my back to the ER. There I was put in on Morphine and admitted to the hospital. They ran even more test and nothing came back abnormal. They believed that I had ovarian cysts and after 2 days decided to do surgery. After opening me they found abscesses in my abdomen so a specialist had to be called in to finish the surgery. I was in surgery for about 3 hours. When I came out I was in ICU for 3 days. After that I was moved to a normal room. I was having a lot of trouble getting my appetite back and was having fevers of 102 very frequently. About a week after my surgery they decided to do a CT scan to see if there was anything they missed. There was a massive amount of infection all over my abdomen and they had to do another surgery to clean it out because I was becoming sepsis and getting very sick. It has been 4 weeks since my last surgery and I am just getting back to normal. It was not a very nice experience and I hope that no one ever has to go through it.

Published: June 17

Experienced 'gas pain', occasional vomiting, loose bowel movements, no appetite, low grade fever, symptoms of what I first thought was a stomach virus, except it lasted more then 48 hours. The rebound pain (where pain is felt on the release of applied pressure upon the abdomen) is what actually got me to go the hospital, and at that point I was unable to stand up straight due to the intense pain. Turns out the appendix was gangrenous and had to be taken out immediately.

Published: June 17

For the first few days of having appendicitis, I thought I had the flu or some sort of stomach virus because I had been puking all of the first night I had it. After 2 days of no appetite, I had a sharp pain shooting in my abdominal area and waited for a while to see if it would go away. After a few hours, I tried getting up and I couldn’t stand up straight because of the excruciating pain. I had to crawl up my stairs to get a ride to the hospital. Worst night ever.

Published: June 10

Pain in lower abdomen on the left side going round to my back and down my left side but the main pain is in the lower abdomen.

Published: June 09

I woke up feeling very nauseated and started to vomit violently later in the day. I also got a fever of 104 around the same time, and my abdomen was very sensitive and irritable; I thought I had stomach flu. It felt like I had diarrhea and menstrual cramps at the same time that came in powerful, excruciating waves.

Published: June 09

I got operated for appendicitis. On the previous day my abdomen had severe pain. It was all over the abdomen. I also experienced backache. Fever was also there.

Published: June 05

My daughter came to my bed this morning and her stomach hurt and she had a fever and it is on and to the right of the belly button.

Published: June 04

It was like the worst stomach ache I’ve experienced. And like I had to go number 2 in the bathroom, but when i tried nothing came out.

Published: June 02

At first, I thought I had the flu. I was throwing up and couldn't even keep water down. I went to the hospital and they originally thought I had gastritis due to some other health problems I have. My appendix ruptured that night and I had to go back to the hospital. The pain was all over my lower abdomen kind of like menstrual cramping.

Published: May 29

At first it felt like an ulcer; burning and uncomfortable. After several hours of nausea, I had excruciating pain in the lower right side of my abdomen and a low grade fever.

Published: May 27

I thought I had the flu, at first. This lasted for two days, but I was never vomiting, just queasy,and not interested in eating. On day three the pain became so severe, I had a difficult time walking. I kept feeling the urge to vomit, but nothing would happen. I had a high fever, 103, and finally went to the emergency room after several hours of severe pain.