Patient Comments: Aphasia - Causes


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Comment from: ann, 25-34 (Patient) Published: February 11

I had a stroke 2 years back. I was a nurse before. The stroke affected my left hemisphere including temporal and parietal lobe. This area affects my language and causes aphasia. Sometime I am not coherent. I try to find some words, but I found I get right sometimes and wrong sometimes. I correct my pronunciation but sometime I fail, sometime I get it right. I had stroke because of middle artery dissection in 2011.

Comment from: Gomes, 65-74 Female (Caregiver) Published: October 28

My mum suffered from a severe stroke attack in December 2011 and her right side is paralyzed. She cannot walk nor stand but she can sit on a chair with help and sits on her bed on her own. She can eat on her own, she can drink on her own. Speech is a problem till now. She can say her prayers in full sentence fluently, she can also sing but no proper interactive speech; she only says yes or no. She can identify a few of her belongings.

Comment from: Jubjack, 75 or over Female (Patient) Published: April 26

I was outside walking the dog and chatting with my husband when I suddenly was unable to produce the words to form a coherent sentence. It was very frightening. This state of affairs lasted for about 20 minutes before my normal speech function returned. I have spoken to my doctor, and am about to have tests to try to track down the reason.


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