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Comment from: Pushkar, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: August 06

I have a running nose with itching in the inner part of my nose and the upper part of my mouth. Every morning my allergies start. I take Montek-LC tablet, and then I feel relief up to 2 days. Otherwise sneezing and running nose is daily. I am 45 years old and have this problem since the last 8 years.

Comment from: Laura, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: July 02

I am 58 and I've been having anxiety and panic attacks and depression for the last 6 years. I've been diagnosed with depression but no doctor has told me that these symptoms are part of the menopause. I have hot flushes from time to time. I have seen several doctors but not one of them has mentioned the menopause, instead I was treated for depression. It would have been helpful if they had mentioned the menopause instead of just treating me for depression.

Comment from: Susie L, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: January 23

I am extremely allergic to mountain cedar and mold. It makes it very hard to breathe and my sinuses swell from high humidity and then it makes me feel very dizzy all day. I wonder if anyone else has this problem.

Comment from: TERRY, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: September 21

I am suffering pain in my entire body, diarrhea, constipation and numerous other allergy symptoms. I have seen numerous doctors and specialists plus made 10 to 15 trips to the emergency room but all scans, x-rays, blood testing, EKG, etc., came back normal. The doctors referred me to a psychiatrist, but it is not mental problem it is physical. Blood test in a lab in Arizona showed black mold plus chronic Lyme disease. I am afraid and no one will help in in my suffering.

Comment from: Rajender Babu Rajput, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: September 05

Every 4th or 5th day my allergy problems start. My entire body starts itching, and I have running nose and sneezing. I really don’t how to treat this. I am using cetirizine tablets but it is relieving me only temporarily.

Comment from: Karan S, 25-34 Male (Caregiver) Published: March 03

I was suffering through some skin allergies and it was a bad experience only or nothing else. I tried a lot of things to get rid of allergies but I got nothing solid.

Comment from: Daudi, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: April 17

Due to allergy big acne pimples that are very painful appear on my face, head and hands.

Comment from: Hina, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: April 09

I am 38 years old. I've been having skin allergy problem since a month ago. I am from Pakistan (Islamabad), married with two kids, and no past allergy issues ever.

Comment from: Davis, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: October 10

I've never had any allergies or any reactions until tonight. I don't know what caused it but I was suddenly very hot, very red on the arms, upper legs, head and neck, and had chills on the arms and legs. No other symptoms. Nothing obvious to cause it. No bites. I had a piece of zucchini bread a friend brought over but it seemed fine.

Comment from: Anita, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: October 06

I started having these terrible sneezing fits about 5 months ago. Tests revealed an allergy to dust mites, Aspergillus tamarii and Aspergillus fumigatus. Of late I have noticed I have a bad spell once a week and then I’m fine.

Comment from: Mary, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: June 17

I have only ever had hay fever in extreme heat. I succumbed to an allergy at work which caused my face to swell up. My skin also itched where my clothes were tight fitting, or if I sweated. The allergy was treated but I still suffer from dermatitis. I did not realize how major an allergy could be. I knew of people who have nut allergies or are allergic to bee stings but I had never experienced anything like that before.

Comment from: Sylvia, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: February 24

I had a dental repair done. I put the denture in my mouth at 4 pm and before midnight I was in the emergency room. I have suffered with swollen sore tongue, burned swollen lips, sore ripples in palate of mouth, swollen throat, diarrhea 4 to 5 times daily, metallic and soapy taste in mouth, fast heartrate and breaking out on arms. I have removed the denture on 1/29/15 and am still in intense pain. I have had blood work to rule out deficiencies and have taken medicine for thrush (had no effect). I am set for allergy testing for denture materials. I am afraid. My immediate reaction was so severe and the effects have remained. My mouth is on fire and raw. I am afraid the allergy tests will cause an even worse reaction.


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Comment from: pain in cold season, 25-34 Female (Caregiver) Published: February 24

My daughter of age 26, has been suffering from allergic symptoms since she was 1 month old. When she was born in the hospital, her face looked like a beautiful red apple. But, 1 month later, she had eczema on her face and head for two months, then recovered. When she was 13, early in June, she started to cough and sneeze, all of us thought she caught cold instead of allergy. It nearly took her the whole summer to recover from it. When the autumn came, in October, she started to sneeze again with running nose, she felt awful, and it was the beginning of her allergic symptoms. From then on, between the changes of two seasons, especially during chilly and cold weather in winter, she has to suffer a lot. The first year that she was in university, she had very tiny red spots on her feet, they were seriously itching, I took her to hospital for a check-up, and the result was allergic symptoms. After using some medicine, two months later, she recovered from it. In autumn of 2013, her skin showed round itchy lesion on her both legs. In 2014, she had less of them on the legs. This February, she went to hospital, the medicine in the infusion is supposed to avoid causing serious allergic symptoms, in case she risked danger, the price of it was very expensive. Now she feels much better. Anyway, most of time she is fine, plus her allergic symptoms are not contagious, and I tell her she needs to take good care of herself. Still, it seems like lifelong suffering.

Comment from: donski, 75 or over Male (Patient) Published: November 05

My allergies used to start in April and this year they started in February. I have a stuffy nose but my main problem is itchy eyes. Constant red eyes and the more I itch the more irritated and evidently they swell shut at night. I have to pry them apart with my hands every morning. I have used all types of eye drops and the relief is short lived. I have changed my furnace filter and have tried to keep my house clean. I am allergic to many foods and have many allergies, pollen, weeds, etc.

Comment from: EVONNE, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: June 20

I work in an industrial field and only seem to have allergy symptoms while at work. Within the first 30 minutes of entering the office, I begin to get a tickle in my throat, itchy eyes, congested nasals and immediate coughing. I do not seek medical help because as soon as I leave I am fine.

Comment from: Anamika, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: April 14

I am allergic to dust. I get frequent sneezes, running nose, irritation in nose, itching in upper palate of buccal cavity and itching in ears too. There is frequent sneezing in the morning and the condition worsens mostly in winter.

Comment from: khan, 13-18 Female (Caregiver) Published: March 31

I have allergic rhinitis as diagnosed by the doctor. Medicines prescribed are, for one month, tablet Myteka 10mg one every day, tablet Zatofen one per day and Ticovate nasal spray. My forehead remained heavy, nostrils remained blocked. Other effects, my hair became gray/white and I get a smell in mouth, and I don’t like breakfast at morning. This problem is with me for more than six years.

Comment from: Michele, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: March 19

My eyes itch and then swell overnight causing me to spend over an hour each morning with tea bags and ice on my eyes to leave the house. When the swelling shrinks I am left with bags and deep wrinkles. This happened last March but went away quickly. This year it started in February and is still going on. I had allergy testing which said I was allergic to mold and dust mites only. I have forced hot air heat with vents but have been in the house for 15 years without this occurrence.

Comment from: d. harh p., 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: March 30

I am a lady who is suffering from drug allergy. I consumed Norflox TZ and Metrogyl and one black spot appeared on my lips. I am feel very bad about that.

Comment from: arunian, 19-24 Male (Patient) Published: November 10

I have severe allergic reactions after working out. My eyes swell and there are small swellings on my face and other parts of my body too.

Comment from: Jhi, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: March 11

I have an eczema, and it"s really itchy especially around summer or mostly on hot days. My allergy is found on my hands. When I was in high school, I didn"t know that time that it was eczema, my left hand got too serious that I had to go to my doctor to have an injection. My hands was like coated with a flour then fried on the pan. I was injected 2 times with multiple shots. After that I took some prescribed medicine and cream to heal them.


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Comment from: vix, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: February 14

With allergies I get hive like hard, red rash; sometimes it stings. It is the size of a 25 cent, kind of blotchy-ish, on my chest, arm area, a single one on my rib, a few on my back and also the neck area as well. My upper arm had a cluster of 3 that was bright red.

Comment from: meg, 25-34 (Patient) Published: January 02

I had a time when I eat too much oily food like barbeque or grilled pork steak I started having rashes and its itchy same goes for the food that have preservatives.

Comment from: Ambereyes, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: December 05

Prior to my being taken into hospital, on 22 December 2010, I had never ever experienced any cold-like, flu or allergy symptoms. But now, I, continue to do so up to the present day, unexpected very loud spasms from deep-rooted sneezing episodes, which leave me feeling cold within and feeling very worried, and isolated. I have reason to believe I may have an allergy problem.

Comment from: bebs, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: October 24

My allergies cause me to all of a sudden have swollen lips, alternately bottom or top lip, never both at the same time. Also my eye would be swollen shut, again one at a time. I've always had sensitive skin when I was in my childhood. But after my high school days I have never had any allergies anymore including my asthma, which has gone. The swelling does not happen every day but usually when my body or face comes into contact with my husband’s body specially his chest that has hair. When my daughters and I had a 2 months vacation in the Philippines I never had a problem with it. Once I was home and my face was on his chest again all of a sudden I felt my upper lip blowing up to about 4 times its size! It feels like when the dentist numbs you.

Comment from: thinkwayne, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: October 24

My allergies cause me to have swollen lips. It seems to be happening more frequently of late. Before the current reaction, the last time was immediately after eating same spicy food. I assumed it was from one of the ingredients. Last night’s reaction was after being at the park but before eating dinner. It resulted in severe swelling of the lower lip. The last similar reaction was swelling in my upper lip which happened 3 to 4 months ago.

Comment from: scard, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: October 24

When I was young I was allergic to cake frosting. I’m 25 now and eating cake like it is going out of style. I was never allergic to seafood or any other food or medication before. Now I’m allergic to it and I’m scared of eating. After I eat a certain food type my body itches and I have a rash all over my body. The doctor says the rash that I get is hives or the eczema. I’m always on an allergy pill.

Comment from: Genie, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: January 22

I remember when I was about 18 years old, during my first job, I had skin allergies when I started operating on a xerox machine. From then on, allergies attack when I eat some seafood’s and when I wear accessories made of metal like earings, bracelet, etc. Then out of blues, allergy attacks stopped for so many years. Then late last year, my fingers on my right hand began to itch so much. I love scratching them until I realized it began to swell and wounded. It alarms me since my hand now looks ugly. I went to a dermatologist who told me that I had a fungal infection due to detergents and dish washing soap I was using. She prescribed fluocinonide cream which I am using right now. It helps but there were times it really itches especially at night when I'm asleep. I can't help it but to scratch it.

Comment from: careg1, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: January 22

I've always liked nuts, (walnuts, peanuts, pecans etc.) About 9 years ago I had some cashews which triggered a gallbladder attack. Once that was taken care of, I avoided cashews. Recently while at a friends house she offered a candy from her home in India. I asked what they were made from as they were very aromatic. She didn't know, but once I had a small bite, my inner ears began to itch and burn. That was followed quickly by the back of my tongue itching and burning. The entire episode lasted about 10 minutes. Just this morning I was having an apple cranberry muffin (purchased at a local grocery store) and the same symptoms started again. I read the ingredients, and sure enough-cashews are in the mix. Wish bakers would put a readable ingredient listing on anything that contains nuts!

Comment from: Headhives, 75 or over Female (Patient) Published: November 14

Female – 76. I broke out in hives starting with a red neck at the hairline. I then got itchy bumps which felt hot and hurt too. They moved up the back of my head to my forehead in 2 days. Nothing in my life changed prior to this except a great deal of stress and put me on edge. But I had started taking Viactiv glides for calcium 2 weeks prior. They have a poor website/telephone service so I failed to get any worthwhile info from them. Then I went to the doctor fearing that they might get into my eyes and ears. My doctor put me on steroids for 7 days and suggested Benadryl. I was disappointed because they floundered and said it "might be cellulitis", not shingles. But, I also told them that I had a tiny bulls eye a week before so they gave me a Lyme disease test too. I get the results next week. My husband had Lyme disease twice and was treated successfully. The hives were short lived with redness and no residual pain or itch either. Blood pressure was normal and still is. Puzzling and disturbing not knowing the cause.


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Comment from: Riatsalawhit, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: September 25

At Christmas while in Bangkok Thailand I was eating in a restaurant when out of the blue I had an allergic shock after eating fish my throat tightened up my limbs felt limp and by the time I reached Hospital my body was completely blue from head to toe. In fact I was all but dead. I believe the staff had to pump life back into me and I woke the following morning with tubes in my nose and I was unable to talk. I wouldn’t like to go through that experience ever again. Since having an allergy test I've now found that the cause is either fish (cod) or walnuts.

Published: July 28

I have developed an allergy to alcohol and find it very confusing and frustrating to get an answer on whether or not I can continue to have a glass or two once in a while or if I shouldn’t. My doctor advised that if I continue to drink alcohol, ever, it will make the symptoms become more severe and could lead to anaphylaxis, as I currently get shortness of breath and hives after drinking.

Comment from: Dilawar, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: March 20

I had 1100 IgE level with allergies. I used medicines and my level came down to 43 with no side effects.

Comment from: Waterworks, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: July 13

I keep having redness around my eyes and on my cheeks near my nose. I can't think what has caused the allergy.

Comment from: anxious, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: October 01

I have rash on neck and cheeks. It’s itching a bit all over.

Comment from: Ciriza, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: July 09

I have itchy eyes, nose, and back of neck, and sores on my back from scratching.

Comment from: Carla, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: June 13

I woke up this morning with swollen eyes, one nearly swollen shut, the other not too bad; but lips and cheeks are swollen as well.

Comment from: JR, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: June 12

I have runny nose, runny eyes, swollen eyes, sneezing, and itchy roof of mouth and lips.

Comment from: Montreal, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: May 21

My eyelids are puffy due to allergy, and under the eyes puffy. My face is red, I have itchy eyes and face and my face is warm.

Comment from: Sharon S, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: April 11

I have dark circles under my eyes because of allergy.

Comment from: Leeann, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: March 28

I have red itchy eyes with clear crust in my eyes in the morning.

Comment from: Nyob, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: March 13

Allergy has caused bumps all over my neck, face and back.

Comment from: layson, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: February 26

I have an allergy now in my pubic area. It’s like pimples and it’s so itchy. Now it’s getting more until it came down to my legs. The doctor gave me hydrocortisone but it hasn’t still gone and it is already a month.

Comment from: MrsMoore, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: January 27

Every day, when I go to work, after being there for an hour or so, I get a drippy nose and what feels like sinus pressure. I don't have this at home or anywhere else.

Comment from: coco, 7-12 Female (Caregiver) Published: December 30

She has a rash on the neck, chest and now the left cheek on her face.

Comment from: Tammy, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: November 01

I have intermittent left eye lid twitching, intermittent numbness, tingling of upper lip and intermittent flash of dizziness while standing or sitting.

Comment from: Helen, 3-6 Female (Caregiver) Published: October 28

I have swollen eyes and a type of eczema.

Comment from: mo, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: October 24

I have just started having shortness of breath with my allergies but only when in high humidity. I have never had any breathing problems before.

Comment from: Moonshiner, Male (Patient) Published: April 05

I suffer from chronic ear itchiness. An examination by my doctor showed no abnormalities or signs of infection, and I have no known allergies. Any ideas?

Comment from: jain, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: January 22

I'm 25yrs old female. I had a problem suddenly 5 years before. One afternoon my hands turned red and started itching. It kept spreading through out my body along with high fever. My whole body was burning with heat and itching continuously. My parents applied cold cream on my body. At that time my whole body had turned Red with rashes. Doctor told it was due to some allergy and prescribed levocetirizine 5mg tablet. It worked out well on me and I was alright next day morning with no marks or rashes on my body. This continued many times in my life after this incident and every time I carry this tablet without fail along with me. This has happened at least 8 times in past 5 years. I am very tense about it and want to find a solution for it. How can I find out the actual cause for it?

Comment from: Gretel, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: December 01

I never had any allergies until I turned 51. Now I have an itching throat and very itchy eyes every night after my shower, before bed, and through the night into the morning. I may be allergic to mornings! Sometimes my nose runs, then gets stuffed up, and my eyes water all morning long as I sneeze again and again. On most days, I seem a little better by about 10:30 a.m. when I am at work. I took all perfume soaps and any irritants out of my shower. I don't wear perfume or deodorant. I take Zyrtec every night before bed. Could I be allergic to Zyrtec? I tried to quit taking it, but that made me very sick. I couldn't breath and my eyes and throat itched much worse. It seems that when I wet my hair and wash may face, my throat immediately itches. I just don't know. Anyway, I am very miserable. This has been going on now for nearly two years.

Comment from: Ray Norman, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: November 14

I get flu like symptoms and sleep. I always sleep with muscle tiredness. The muscles are not sore. This goes on for 3 or 4 days and then goes away. This symptom does not get any worse. The 3 or 4 days are all the same. It is like the first day of flu but does not turn into flu.

Comment from: james, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: November 14

I am breaking out with hives from my neck down to my feet. But it only happens at night. I haven’t started any new medication or brought anything new in my house so i don’t know what it is.

Comment from: Lily, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: August 22

I suffer from repeated sinusitis, but I am beginning to think I must be allergic to something. My symptoms are pain, a blocked feeling to the right side of my face, general malaise, headaches and runny eyes. I am 52 years old, I have a dog and a cat, and I spend a lot of time in my garden and outdoors. I have seen the ENT consultant who has prescribed Nasonex spray and has stated surgery may help. I am thoroughly fed up with constantly feeling this awful.

Published: July 10

Itching all over the body, top to bottom, recently was affected by Typhoid fever for the second time in last six months, lack of sleep and stress.

Comment from: Cathy Mwina, 45-54 Female (Caregiver) Published: January 22

I am a 52 yr old lady and I started getting lip discoloration 2 year ago and it is getting worse especially when I come across something allergic to my system. I suffer from allergic rhinitis which has become worse with the age. The other day I was in a function hall where they were decorating with fresh flowers and out of the blue that evening I could not sleep and in the morning my lips were all sore, red and swollen and I cannot seem to find a cure. As I send this I'm in very bad state.

Comment from: patiogirl, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: January 22

I had been getting allergy shots for 2 years; I started to get nose bleeds really bad, after 8 months of using cremes and treatments nothing helped. A nose specialist found the allergies caused holes in both my septums in my nose; I had to be operated on to close the holes and cauterized the blood vessels. It had been 4 months and all I use now to help the allergies from affecting my nose is a salt water spray in my nose. Allergies cause so many problems and the doctors do not seem to look for allergy causes. I had to switch allergy doctors to find out.

Comment from: MrDubious, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: October 15

I have been diagnosed with food allergies to dairy proteins as well as almonds, red grapes, asparagus and chicken. When I eat these foods within a few hours to as little as 20 minutes I start to clear my throat. This condition continues for about 15-20 minutes. What can I do to enjoy so many foods that I can't eat?

Comment from: Swollen eye, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: October 15

I woke up with a mild pain on the upper lid of my left eye, I ignored it because I thought it was not something serious, but as the pain continued to increase by the day, my eye started swelling. After two weeks, I woke up and I almost could not open my eye that was when I knew that it needed attention.

Comment from: Red, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: August 22

I am 23 years old and I've never suffered with any of these ailments until now. My sense of smell lately is going from good to bad, and I believe it’s affecting my sense of taste. I have constant headaches. The doctor said it’s allergies. He gave me Claritin, and I got a little relief.

Published: July 30

My eyes are often teary, sometimes itchy (especially at night). Sometimes it's my eyeballs that seem to be itchy, other times it's my eyelids. One eye is often worse than the other. I've had eczema on my arms, legs, chest, neck, face, and hands, periodically, since childhood. It goes away for years, sometimes. But for the past two years, my eyes have been bothering me, and for the past year, I've had eczema on my arms, hands, and sometimes my face, pretty consistently. I've been using topical creams like 2% hydrocortisone on my skin, and Alrex for my eyes. I also take Claritin, and am grateful that at least my allergies haven't been bothering me as much this season.

Published: July 28

I am 52 yrs old and have had to take antibiotics all my life for various illnesses, but in the last few years I have started having allergic reactions to all antibiotics. Severe reactions like rash, redness, and all over and respiratory distress. Why would I start having these reactions now that the meds are the same that I took before? I have to take 75 mg of Benadryl 30 minutes before each dose.

Published: July 23

I have a baby bunny. I was fine until all of a sudden as the bunny got older, I found that I was having trouble breathing and my eyes would water. I ended up having to give the bunny away (to a relative so I could see him once in a while). I never realized that I was allergic to bunnies, but apparently I am. When I am around him for more than a few minutes, my throat would close up and I could hardly breathe. I find that taking an over-the-counter allergy pill before contact helps for a while. I am 61 years old and never knew I was allergic to anything, although I do have asthma.

Published: July 08

I believe I became allergic to Miralax after using it for two days. I developed a swollen upper lip and large hives on different areas of my body. I couldn't call my physician as it was the July 4 holiday. I took Benadryl and still have some symptoms, but it is much better.