Patient Comments: Abdominal Adhesions - Infertility


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Comment from: tarn, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: August 29

Well I started with endometriosis now I have no life. I am almost in bed all day. I have trouble getting up off a seat or the bed. My husband looks after me 24/7 and he has a bad back and is only partially sighted. Lucky we have been together since I was 13. The adhesions are so bad my surgeon said it is impossible to fix or do more. I live with pain over the scale and f I move the wrong way I have burning and tearing feeling inside that I scream in pain and drop into a ball. What to do! Nothing, just live with it till it chokes everything. And it’s already around my bowel, kidneys, liver, just everywhere. And there is no help.

Comment from: knaudin, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: February 27

I had adhesions removed about 10 years ago. When they went in to see what was causing my pain, they said that it was so bad that it had attached to my bladder and totally destroyed my left ovary and much more. I have in the last month been having pain in my left side that goes through to my back. My doctor thought it could be kidney stones. After testing and x-rays with dye, nothing showed. I am sure it is adhesions again and I am not sure where to start the process again to get this taken care of. I feel like people think you are making it up because nothing is found to show why you are hurting. So not fair.

Comment from: eyes wide shut, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: May 21

My first surgery at age 19 was partial hysterectomy. The possible symptoms were similar to endometriosis. Twenty-five years later I had three abdominal surgeries three weeks in a row, resulting in colostomy and 7 months later take down. Twelve years later needed gall bladder surgery and the surgeon diagnosed severe abdominal adhesions. My pain is internal, like severe abdominal cramping within the intestine.

Comment from: Jo, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: September 09

I had abdominal surgery at 5 days old. Sixty two years later I experienced 10 plus pain in my lower right side and thought it was appendicitis. A second CT scan in 2 days finally revealed a bowel obstruction caused by scar tissue from that surgery at 5 days old! After a week in the hospital I am home now and still waiting for my body to get back to normal and get my strength back. I am still having pain in abdomen, but it may just be gas that keeps getting trapped. Also, CT scan revealed my insides are inverted, which was probably discovered during that surgery and it was probably decided it would have been more trouble to put me right. Doctor said the only reason they did the first CT scan was concern I was having an appendicitis attack, continued pain prompted the 2nd CT scan. The doctor sure looked shocked at the blockage and inverted insides. Doctor says I was very lucky, bowel obstructions can be deadly!

Comment from: bkrispy, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: January 06

Adhesions ruined my fallopian tubes and have my uterus plastered to the back of my abdominal wall.


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